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miércoles, 11 de marzo de 2020

CORONAVIRUS: Critical global issue to tackle!


 It must be really hard to live now in Italy and not be able to move around. Are we going to have the same problems in Spain? So far at school many activities have already been cancelled!!! However, it seems in China there are fewer and fewer cases, and things are getting better and better slowly.

Here are some articles for you to read about the Coronavirus outbreak:

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  1. The coronavirus is very dangerous because is very contagious. The trade mortal is 3% in Spain for the all, but we have got precaution for protection at poblation elderly. This is terrible.

    Rubén Sabio Prados 1°Eso A

  2. The new coronavirus is a virus that cause respiratory problems. This virus has symptoms like temperature, cough and shortness of breath, but it depends on the person that gets the virus.

    This virus was discovered in December but the first patient with this coronavirus had it in November. Scientist hadn't realized they were fighting a new virus until December, when they had many patients with pneumonia and they didn't know where did it come from.

    The virus epidemic started in China and now affects to more than 100 countries. Because of this, more and more countries are cancelling many events and many people can't even get out of their homes!

    Currently in Spain we can't get out of our homes unless we are going to buy ailments ot medicines for two weeks. Many important events have been cancelled and many people can't work, so they don't earn any money. Students can't go to school,so many teacher are sending them by email some homework to do.

    I think it is very important to saty these two weeks at home because it is the best way to fight the virus. Teenagers can't die because of the virus but can make elderly people and people with health problems get the virus. If you can't stay at home there are some advices to prevent getting the virus like washing your hands and if your had symptoms avoid going to the hospital.

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  4. Coronavirus is a very dangerous virus that started in China and after that, is expanded to a lot of more countries. We noticed it in December, but scientists didn't notice it yet.

    This virus also affects people with health ore respiratory problems. It can cause you temperature, cough and shortness of breath, but it can be worst if old people or people with respiratory problems get it.

    Right now, we must stay in our homes and we shouldn't go out ore will be punished. It's very important to stay in our homes because we can spread the virus to someone else and this can be very dangerous for us and for other people. We can only go out if you need to buy essential things to survive like medicines or food. You can also go to throw away rubbish or walk your dog if you have one.

    We should also do all the homework that our teachers told us to do because despite we can't go to school because the quarantine, we are still in the second term and we must continue doing homework. We can do other things like playing video games or do sport in our homes, but it ins't as fun as going out and meeting your friends or playing tennis.

    I wish all this ends soon and we can go to school and go out of our homes again like it was two weeks ago. I want to do sport outside and I want to meet my friends again, but for now, I must stay at home.

    Álvaro Martín Moliz 4º ESO A

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  6. This new virus the coronavirus is very dangerous, for more than people and Gobernment say that it's similar as one "Gripe", because no, we know that this virus is more dangerous, because now experts of this subject have come out saying that it's more mortifero and spreads much faster.

    This virus start in China and then this virus expanded for more countries, as Italy, Spain, England... but that I can't to finish of understand is if the Gobernment know that this virus expanded very fast, as the Gobernment i don't take this measures of precautions before that this virus arrive to Spain.

    But good this isn't the moment of protest, this is the moment of act all citizens of Spain and follow the instructions that say the Gobernment, we can't go out of our houses for a lot of of we want, we can't change of house, we can't travel... only can go to buy to the supermarket one person of the family nor all the family or two or three, the big person can't go out of his houses, if they need some of medicament, food, they must to say to his family, sons, daughters-in-law, grandsons... and they bring that they need.

    But the Spanish people have one problem or something because that can't pass is that one mayority of the Spanish people I think that don't understand the world "confinamiento" nor the rules that have told us to follow, as I has say before, because I see from my window the people walking, all the family going to the supermarket, big person go to the supermarket...

    Finally, I think that we can finish with this situation late more or less, but depend of us taht this situation finish. We must to follow the rules taht had said the Gobernment.

    I wish that this situation finish the more fast possible.

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  8. At present, Spain, Italy and many other countries are suffering from the consequences of a virus that first appeared in China. It is commonly called coronavirus, but its scientific name is Covid-19.

    Covid-19 is a virus very similar to the common flu, but much more dangerous because of its high propagation. We know that the virus is transmitted from person to person through the airways and its most common symptoms are fever,dry cough and the lack of oxygen, although these symptoms may change depending on the person. The symptoms can go from mild to strict and in many cases cause pneumonia.

    As the statistics show, the elders belong to the population group with the highest risk of coronavirus. On the contrary, teenagers and children seem less likely to become seriously ill. Moreover, people with pathological diseases can get sick quickly.

    To end,the government has introduced a series of preventive measures to avoid the propagation of coronavirus. All people must stay at home for a long time. In my opinion, the best we can do is stay at home and try to wash our hands all the time and to avoid touching our faces. We can stop this virus together!!

    Lucía Guirado Ruiz 1ºA bachillerato.

  9. Coronavirus is a new virus that started in China, it`s very rare according to the scientist. This is a "kind of gripe" but it is more agressive. The principal symptoms are: dry cough, problem to breathe and mucus. If you started to feel bad you must call to the emergency number because we all help by staying in home. Now we are in quarentine time, and we have to stay at home making a great effort because we can´t see our familiars, among other things.

  10. The coronavirus is from China, the first case of coronavirus was recorded in December, here in Spain it was in early January. but there are already many infected, the symptoms are: fever, cough and shortness of breath.
    Oliver Lozano 1ºA

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  12. Coronavirus is a disease caused by a new virus which has not been detected in humans before. It has caused many health problems in people of many countries because it is very easy to transmit it from person. Therefore, more than 156,000 people have already been infected in more than 80 countries. In addition, according to some reports there have been more than 5,800 deaths worldwide and more than 73,000 people have recovered.

    On the one hand, coronavirus epidemic started in China, where the sale and breeding of wild animals has been banned, experts believe the virus started in a wildlife market in Wuhan. This virus was discovered in December, however the first patient with this coronavirus had it in November. Although, they are not clear which animal transferred the virus to humans, but they think of some like bats, snakes, and pangolins. Other experts also say that danger occurs when many exotic animals from different environments are kept close. Other people believe that China created the virus to make money.

    On the other hand, some people say that the coronavirus is the same as the flu, but this is false for many reasons. Firstly, the flu death rate is 1 percent, but the rate of coronavirus is 10 percent. Secondly, another difference is that there is a vaccine for the flu but there isn’t a vaccine for the coronavirus. Although, many people think that the Chinese have made a vaccine and that is why there are fewer deaths in China than in other countries.

    Finally, the main symptoms are cough, fever and respiratory difficulties. To avoid the contagion you must wash your hands many times for 40 seconds, disinfect your hands and your house several times a day, do not leave your house and keep a meter away from other people. To sum up, I think that if all the people stay in our homes, we will help all old people who can die from the coronavirus.

  13. The coronavirus is a disease that has come out new, it is said to come from a bat but it is not known, this disease has caused health problems because it is easily transmitted.
    This disease arose in Wuhan (China) and they say they have the symptoms of common fever, although I don't think so because of how easy it is transmitted.
    People with some type of respiratory problem or the elderly must take great care of themselves because it can affect them much more and many people have recovered but many have also died.
    There is no vaccine yet, but they say they are working hard to find it.
    Paula González Blanco 4ºB