Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2020

DICTATIONS for our students (QUARANTINE: DAY 3)


My motto is RESILIENCE, so must it be for the Chinese authorities. I have found out the way to make dictations for my students and they are on the way to develop the solution to the Coronovirus pandemic. Read the article below.


Breaking news  >>>>>

Coronavirus vaccine developed by China's top military bio-warfare expert begins clinical trial  (Daily Mail)


 Wednesday, 18th March

Solutions to some of yesterday's exercises.

Exercise 6

Example: Albert cannot run or cycle very fast, but he can dance really well.

Exercises 10 & 11 (LISTENING)

Can you translate for tomorrow these sentences?

  1. I want my cousins' dogs to jump high.
  2. My uncle wants my cousins to run fast.
  3. You want me to throw the ball at your sister.

And today you will do just 2 things:

  • Dictation for my 1º ESO students    >>>    DICTATION  01 
  • Read the text on page 64 about the History of Basketball. Use your dictionaries (almond-crackers) to look up all the words you don't understand.   (Se leen el texto y usando el diccionario, buscan todas las palabras que desconozcan. Es muy importante que usen un diccionario de papel o los que se les ofrecen online en internet)


Today's homework:


Dictation for my 4º ESO students    >>>    DICTATION  01


Unit 4-6 (Smart Planet 4) , pages 69-70     




Here's a post with solutions to the previous post B2 exercises and some more activities to do:   Happy St Patrick's Day!!!!  

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10 comentarios:

  1. I think that Coronavirus is the most important problem nowadays. Every person in China is safe now, because they've made a vaccine against this desease and they've no people infected in that country right now.

    In Spain, there are a lot of infections nowadays, and experts says that it will increase. That's why we need to stay at home and don't go out. Andalucía is the place in Spain with less people infected. I think this would't be like that for too much time because this virus spreads very quickly and easily.

    I think that if we stay at home we won't infect other people and much more people will be safe, also old people or people with health or respiratory problems. We must respect other people and carry on with the quarantine, even if it's boring and we want to go out.

    In fact, I think that if we stay at home a lot of more people will be safe and we'll reduce the number of people infected, we should be patience and respect other people.

    Álvaro Martín Moliz 4º ESO A

  2. 1. The priets get angry. They take his shoes and runs away.
    Los sacerdotes se enfadan. Ellos cogen sus zapatos y huyen.
    2. He also finds an elephants to take them to Allahabad.
    Él también encuentra unos elefantes que les lleva a Allahabad.
    3. His Young wife, the princess, must die with him in a big fire.
    Su joven esposa, la princesa, debe morir con él en un gran fuego.
    4. Suddenly the prince sees the princess body on the fire.
    De repente el príncipe ve el cuerpo de la princesa en el fuego.

    Alejandro Venegas 1ºA

  3. Actually, COVID-19 is our worst problem because lots of people is getting infected from the people that leave to other place and propagate to more persons, and this, make things worse, trust me, we are in problems.

    In China, the finally control this situation and there are't cases or few, but in other countries like Italy or us in Spain we are in problems because we have COVID-19 recently and we didn't have so much time to think how we can prevent thisvirus. Now in quarantine, we are controlling this, but we have more and more cases that can make things worse.

    I think that, in a beginning, people should have stayed in their houses and not propagate the virus. We don't really have the fault because we don't start this pandemic, but we would stay safe at home if we didn't propagate the virus to more people in this country.

    Well, we'll see these days. Stay at home! Don't make things worse please!

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  5. In countries like China, which was where everything started, they have found a way to control this situation and there are hardly any cases, but in Spain it is in trouble because we did not know how to act quickly but there were ways to prevent this virus such as:

    Going out on the street as necessary, avoiding contact with other people and protecting yourself when going out but went out of control and being in quarantine has been the best way to control this, but even so the numbers of cases are increasing and can make matters worse. country

    Paula González Blanco 4B

  6. In Spain the first case of Coronavirus was detected at the end of January, specifically on January 31st.

    The politicians and the government did not think that it would be so risky or that everything would be contaminated so quickly, so they did not act quickly.

    The alarm state was established just on 16th March, and there were already many cases of Coronavirus.

    In China they are no longer affected since they all followed the rules, wore gloves and masks to avoid infection and stayed at home. They went out only when they needed to buy food or needed to go to the pharmacy.The Chinese have already found a vaccine for this virus and hopefully it will work.
    What we have to do is follow the example of the Chinese and stay home.

    So let's hope this happens.

  7. Today the most important thing I think is the coronavirus since it kills many people. Although its origin comes from China, it has crossed many countries until reaching Spain.

    I believe that the situation would not be so critical if the government had acted earlier. Thinking that this virus would not be a problem, they left things as they are and only took action when there were already a percentage of deaths.

    Although there is still no cure, in China and in other countries, including Spain, vaccines are being developed to prevent a person from getting it. China has the best chance of finding this vaccine because the situation in China is now safe since everyone respected the rules and conditions that the government had imposed.

    I believe that the most important thing is to respect others and to abide by the rules and conditions that were imposed on us since the lives of other people are at stake.

  8. The coronavirus is a big problem. A lot of people are dying every day, and everyday people are getting infected. It is a circle that we must stop.

    The virus was registered more or less since December, and nowadays are fewer cases of Coronavirus. But in countries like Italy or Spain, this is just starting. We have not medical resources like other countries, and this is making the situation worse.

    In the beginning, when it was only in the country of China, we have not thought about it, we supposed that it stayed in China, and we laugh about the situation. But now, it is like the plague in the medieval age.

    I think that in the future, kids will study 2020 as the year of a new epidemic.

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  10. In the countries, the coronavirus affected first as in the case of China, they have the virus already controlled and there are hardly any cases, but we in Spain, Italy or the United States were caught off guard and it has affected us greatly, which day Today we still do not have control but little by little we will achieve it.