Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2020


We are living days of SOLIDARITY. People helping elderly people, handicapped people, ill people... Teachers helping their students. We are all trying to help each other. But, above all, DOCTORS AND NURSES taking care of everybody in hospitals, POLICE OFFICERS taking care of all citizens, JOURNALISTS bringing latest news about the pandemia...

Thanks to everybody for their individual contributions to solve the problem!!!




Coronavirus a test of global solidarity, says WHO director

'Sing across rooftops': Bono writes coronavirus song dedicated to Italy (The Guardian)

Coronavirus: How bad is the situation in Europe? - BBC News

Coronavirus in Italy: Cuba, China and Russia send send medical aid | DW News

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Here's the example of the excellent student in 4º ESO A Lucía García, who has handed in the Control sheets on the three compulsary readers we have and she has also done the digital projects. Here are the links:


 Wednesday, 25th March

Solutions to some of yesterday's exercises.

Unit 5. Translate these sentences into English. 

  • You shouldn't have a big lunch before a football match.
  • You must wear your sandals in the swimming-pool. You mustn't wear shoes or sport shoes.
  • A fish can't walk, but some can jump very high out of the water.
  • Can you speak German? No, but I can speak French well.
  • The students should do the comic about Around the World in 80 Days quickly.
  • You can study hard during the school year and pass in June, or you can live happily without working. Then you must study during the summer for the September exams.
  • People can't play golf in Itrabo.

  Tasks for today:

>>>  Check your translation sentences

>>> Nobody has given me the mistakes they committed in the dictation (Nadie me ha dado todavía las faltas del dictado que hicimos el miércoles y recuerden que las soluciones las di en la entrada del jueves)

>>> Do exercises on pages 66-67


These are the tasks for today:

  • Unit 7 (Smart Planet 4)    >>>   pages 74-75  

  • Don't forget to send me the mistakes you committed in the verb exam

News Review:  Can we make them repairable?   (BBC Learning English)



Students must send me the mistakes committed in the verb exams (How many verb forms out of 100 did you get wrong?) >>>





Here's a post with solutions to the previous post B2 exercises and some more activities to do:  We cut our teeth five years ago going to Edinburgh five years ago!!!!

Legendary country singer Kenny Rogers dies at 81 (CNN)

Kenny Rogers - The Gambler

15 comentarios:

  1. Nowadays, we are living a extreme situation around the world caused by Covid-19. We do not still know where it has come from, and also we do not have specific treatments for this virus which is causing deaths in most countries around the world.

    This virus appeared first in Wuhan, China. 31st of December was the day when World Health Organization received an alert from the Chinese authorities about some unknown cases of pneumonia. Then, 7th of January, a new coronavirus is identified, and the first death caused by it, it was the 11st of January. From this moment, panic starts to grow in many countries. We did not think that this virus were going to be in all the world, like now, causing so many deaths and so many infections.

    All the people around the world, are in their houses, accomplishing the quarantine. We only can go out if we must to go to the supermarket or to the pharmacy. We can also go out if we have to throw away the garbage or to take the dog out, but this must be quickly and not too faraway. People who work in supermarkets, food warehouses or hospitals can go to their jobs, because they are meeting needs for the rest.

    It is great to know that as a consequence of the world stop, pollution has dropped considerably. When we are facing a big problem like this, we should search good things of all of this. However, we cannot deny all the deaths that are taking place, the serious consequences which are going to come and the possible recession that could came after, among others.

    In my opinion, if we rest at home, we are helping to stop the pandemic of Covid-19, because if we do not follow the restrictions, this will be much more difficult to stop. I think that in this moments, we should help as far as we can, resting at home, respect the authorities, and supporting those people who are contributing to eliminate this

  2. I am proud of how people are reacting to empathy with other less fortunate people. I think that if we continue like this, we can reduce the virus.

    Dunia Arnedo Martin 1ºA

  3. We are all doing very well we are providing a lot of solidarity people stay home they just go out and go out to need like going to the supermarket to the pharmacy ... Other people make respirators and doctors in hospitals and deaths hopefully this will end soon Greeting

    Judith marquez martin 1 eso A

  4. Coronavirus is a virus that have appeared on 31st in Wuhan, China. This virus has had or has caused serious respiratory problems. The symptoms of this virus are cough, fever or headache and respiratory distress.

    It has expanded for a different counties, the most has affected in this days are Italia and Spain, but there are many more infected countries. The solution has given the OMS and the countries has QUARENTINE.

    This solution has caused a lot of problems for the countries and the people. Ones that is the most difficult for the teenagers are their education, because they and their teachers have to do class on internet or videochat. This don't have one good thing except the pollution in many countries have been reduced for example China have reduced his pollution a twenty five por cent.

    In my opinion everybody have to put their small grain of sand to pass this pandemic. Many people have to have rest in their house but the people how police, nurses, farmers, and people who have this essentials jobs have to do more things the most important is they have to risk their life's.


  5. Right now we are living in a very extreme situation since many people are dying from a virus that originated in China, it is still unknown where it came from and there is no vaccine for this virus either. In China there are hardly any cases anymore since they have managed to overcome it, but now the virus is in the rest of the world, the most infected places are Italy and Spain.
    In Spain it is getting worse since there are not enough resources for everyone.

    This virus is going to change things, for example, before the Government had spent years without giving money to healthcare and now it is investing a lot of money, and this will make it realize that before they invested money in things that were not very important and did not invest just in healthcare and It is the most important thing, and it will also affect us because we are going to think about it before hugging and kissing.

  6. We have to be supportive by staying home because we do not go out and spread the virus. The virus can kill the elderly or possibly those with respiratory problems, etc.
    Oliver Lozano 1ºA

  7. Many people in quarantine when they have free time often help doctors, police and firefighters. In my case, my family is making masks to donate. And facilitate the work of the toilets

  8. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  9. I in quarantine in my spare time have been making masks and disinfectant for all those who are working to take care of us. It doesn't seem right to me that footballers who have a lot of money don't donate anything to be able to fight against them. Abel Martínez Padilla 1A

  10. Many people are having acts in solidarity with the health or the police to help the sick to end the covid-19 soon, but with everyone being home we are already helping and helping this to happen soon.
    We at eight o'clock went out the window to applaud the restrooms and the Civil Guard.

    Paula González Blanco 4B

  11. We have to stay at our house because if we go out, it is most likely that we will get it or someone else. The virus is becoming more and more dangerous, but people do not care and it continues to come out.

    Alejandro Márquez González 4ºB

  12. at quarentime there are a lot of people have got diseases or old people that go out, so people who can do it because they are at less risk help these people and buy them food, medicine and other things and take them home, so there is less risk that these people can have it.

    angela rodriguez 1 eso a

  13. All the people of the countries affected by the Covid-19 are helping with solidarity acts to all those nurses, police and caregivers of elderly people who are helping us all to end this pandemic.

    We citizens are also helping by staying at home even if there is someone else who is very irresponsible

    Alicia Ortega Prados 4ºA

  14. When this pandemic caught us and we couldn't get out of the house, I was just playing life for others, the police, the nurses, the supermarket workers and the truckers. They are our heroes, being able to help the country to go ahead, without them I don't know what they could do for us.

    But one day it was proposed that at 8 o'clock in the afternoon people go out to their balconies to applaud the health and sick people who are fighting day by day against this virus, then the help of the police came by bringing hot food and drinks for the toilets, since they did not stop working and did not have time.

    And a day came when people showed their kindness and began to help the truckers who had stopped in the service areas, and that the owners of the bars that were next to the gas stations, offered him in a small van all kinds of hot food, sweets, water...

    Also came the help of the military to help anything. Without all these people who have risked their lives to move our country forward, and the help of all the health and state forces, we would not be here.