Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

martes, 24 de marzo de 2020

Strengthening your mind!!! (QUARANTINE: DAY 9)

Don't you feel we are getting stronger and stronger? Our minds are getting used to being enclosed and we are beginning to build up our own routines. This is going to work out well!!!  You'll see.

Five ways to improve your mental health in 2020 (CNN)


In spite of not doing any physical exercise outdoors:

Moving the body, boosting the mind: running your way to better mental health (The Guardian)

We cannot go jogging outdoors, but we can dance indoors!!!! Turn the volume at the highest!!!

Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)


 Tuesday, 24th March

  Tasks for today:

>>>  Revise page 65

MODAL VERBS  >>>  can/can't, must/mustn't, should/shouldn't

Unit 5. Translate these sentences into English. 

  • No debieras comerte un almuerzo grande antes de un partido de fútbol.

  • Debes llevar sandalias dentro de la piscina. No debes llevar zapatos o zapatillas de deporte.

  • Un pez no sabe andar, pero algunos pueden saltar muy alto  fuera del agua.

  • ¿Sabes hablar alemán? No, pero sé hablar francés bien.

  • Los alumnos debieran hacer el comic de la Vuelta al Mundo en 80 días rápido.

  • Tú puedes estudiar duro durante el curso y aprobar en junio, o tú puedes vivir felizmente sin trabajar. Entonces debes estudiar durante el verano para los exámenes de septiembre.

  • La gente no puede jugar al golf en Itrabo.

    >>>  Watch this video about SPORT

    English - Sport in the UK (A1 - A2 with subtitles)



These are the tasks for today:

  • Unit 7 (Smart Planet 4)    >>>   Revise the text on pages 73 and ask me any doubts you have.     

  • Do page 58 (workbook)  Smart Planet digital books

  • And finally.....

Here's a verb exam for you to do. Try to do it in 10 minutes. You just have to tell me how many mistakes you committed. Please, BE HONEST!!!


VERB EXAM 01. Write the past and past participle forms of each verb

1. ARISE     2. BEAR   3.  BEND     4.  BRING   5. SHOP     6. CATCH    

7.  CREEP  8. DIG  9. DRINK  10. FEED    11. CARRY     12. WIN    13. RING    

14. TAKE     15. SMELL   16. TEACH     17. THINK   18. WITHDRAW    

19. MEET   20. LIE (MENTIR)    21. LEARN    22. FORGIVE    23.GROW    

24. HEAR   25. WATCH  26. DWELL    27. FIT  28. MISREAD   29. OUTDO 

30. RIDE  31. STRIKE   32. BEGIN     33. GRIND     34. SPEAK    35. SIT      

36. THINK     37. WRITE  38. FORGET   39. SAY   40. SWEAR   41. SLEEP     

42. SEND    43. SELL    44. BORROW  45. SHOOT   46. DEAL   47. BLOW   

48. CHOOSE   49. KNOW 50. HIT

English in a Minute:  'ALL' vs 'EVERY' vs 'WHOLE'   (BBC Learning English)

Here's a listening exercise for you to do: How meditation changes the mind  (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)



Students must do the verb exam above and send me the mistakes committed >>>


Homework for today:

  Unit 6  (page 71) 


 Evolution of Television 1920-2020


Here's a post with some B2 exercises:  Emoji? An international language?  

BREAKING NEWS  >>>Coronavirus: Almost 800 more dead in Italy - BBC News




23 comentarios:

  1. The brain has to be well trained with study. Many people say that when you sleep the brain also sleeps, that is a lie. And the other myth that we use 10% of the brain is also a lie, we use 100%. Javier Rivas López 1°A

  2. The coronavirus is an infectious disease caused for a new virus.Because of it the state orders that stay at home during a month. We can't go out because we contagiamos us. Throughout the morning I'm doing homework. The teachers send us exercises. During the afternoon I study a little. The day becomes long. You can't play or meet yours friends. This is a roll. I hope this happens soon.

    Francisco José Prados Espinosa1ºA

  3. 1.You shouldn´t eat a big lunch before a football game.
    2. You must wear sandals in the pool.You shouldn´t wear shoes or trainers.
    3. A fish can´t walk, but some can jump very hight out of the water.
    4. Can you speak German? No, but I can speak French well.
    5. The students should make the Around the World in Eighty Days comic fast.
    6. You can study hard during the course and pass in June, or you can live happily without working. So you should study during the summer for the September exams.
    7. People can´t play golf in Itrabo.

    Alejandro Venegas 1ºA

  4. Today is 9th day of quarantine. I am already happier but I have a lot of homework to do.
    I am at my aunt's house because my parents are working but I am having a great time with my brother and my cousin .I cannot complain the quarantine.

    Manolo Utrabo Bejar 1A

  5. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  6. I think that quarantine is very boring because you can`t go to schhool , run outdoors , ride a bike , ...etc. But when there is a new disease , citizens need stay at home because if you have a bad time or die.
    You need stay at home It is the most important . I can tell you some tips to get through these bored days , very fast.For example you can do homerwork in the morning , can see classes on TV . If you like cook you can make easy recipes with your parents . Also you can play boardgames with your family , play video games with you friends to hang out . I like play saxophone , do sport , paint a picture , listen english , clean the bedroom ,... etc.
    Finally say please don`t go out these days . I hope that soon we will be with our routine .

    Jose Carlos Escribano 1 ESO A

  7. It´s been ten days since quarantine started and it is now starting to become our new lifestyle. We know that this is not holidays, however, some people that are getting used to wake up at 12 am, wear their pijamas all day long, and go to bed really late at night... (I have to include myself in some of those mistakes) but we shouldn´t.

    We have to take advantage of all this free time and build up new healthy habits such as practicing sport ,that is extremely important right now due to that we are having a really sedentary lifestyle, and it could be risky for our overal health. Also it is great for start reading that book you left because you were too busy or getting used to do brain training exercises like puzzles, crosswords or whatever that keep your brain active and improve your mental agility.

    It is important doing those kind of things while we are isolated because it is vital to preserve a good mental and physic health. Moreover, a thing I find curious and interesting is that those subjects that are the least valued at school; physic education, music and art, are now what scientist and tv are recommending us to do to in this difficult stage we are living

    To put it in a nut shell, We have to use this free time to create new strong healthy habits. And stay positive looking for the good side of everything.

  8. Today is the ninth day of the quarantine. I'm also doing a routine all day.
    1- I wake up at 11 o'clock in the morning.
    2- I have breakfast and I do my homework.
    3- Before lunch, I continue doing my homework.
    4- When it's 7 or 8 o'clock I go to play console games.
    5- And next day, I start over again.

    Francisco Toledo López 1ºESO A

  9. The quarantine is very important for stop this virus there's many infers and that is bat, but to be strong. I don't like coronavirus because dead people and scary at the people of Spain.

    Rubén Sabio Prados 1°Eso A

  10. No get out of our house is very important for this situation. If us not stopping the coronavirus right now, then can it to be very bad for all. We have got therty-nine thousands infects.

    Jose Antonio Sabio Prados 1°Eso A

  11. The coronavirus is affecting many people, mainly the most vulnerable, we have been locked up in our homes for a long time doing tasks ... We do not get bored and do things, we have never done it, now we can kill time by making comments writing homework .... I hope this ends soon and let's get back to normal

    Judith marquez martin 1 eso A

  12. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  13. Nowadays in a lot of countries, the students have a very big enemy, no this doesnt called Alberto. This is CORONAVIRUS which has caused a one big problem with their educations. But how? Well, this virus have forced governments to close all the schools in our country, Spain.

    First, This created at the begining of MARCH a big problem for the school year and the students brains. The governament and our teacher are trying to solution this probles toguether with online classes. Also they are giving a lot of homeworks for his students to try not loss the school year. In my opinion they give more than homeworks if we will be in school in a normal month.

    My days of Quarentine are very special because for the day i go with my parents to collect nispolas. this has been very hard for my because when i arrived for the work i must do all the homeworks that have given my teachers.

    In my opinion we wont go back this year for the school, i am waiting to see what happend.


  14. The quarantine is being long. Coronavirus has been affecting many people and to keep us safe and not to make matters worse we must stay at home and don´t go aout for anything that it is not strictly necessary.

    For this reason everyone have to stay at home and schools, shops, gyms and libraries are closed. These measures were taken in mid-march and it has not know yet when it is going to end and we back to normal.
    For the moment, teachers are preparing their classes online. Some teachers do video conferences, other have a blog where post the activities every day and other give us the activities by gmail or educational platforms. This is a way to not lose the course.

    This situation is affecting our mental health. We should keep a routine and don't stay all the in pijama. It is said by many specialist in the theme. To keep our mental health we should do activities such as doing sport, we are not going out and we move less than usual. Moreover we should do it to clear the main and not think about the problems or about coronavirrus. Other activitie that you can do is listening to music and relax, in my case I play my instrument and practice to improve. It is said that read a new book this quarantine is very important because we are not all the time with technologies and damaging our eyes.

    From my point of view, coronavirus is affecting our mental health and we should be more strong than it. We should be optimist and see the good things of all. In my case I like stay at home and watching series, playing my clarinet, listening music or even doing craft.

    María Prados Espinosa

  15. We all know that the situation in our country and in Europe is now critical because of the coronavirus. This virus is bringing many economic , industrial consequences, but it is also bringing mental problems.

    We are all in time of confinement and it means that we can´t go out , we just have to stay at home and only go out if it is necessary. Students and also other people must work at home through internet and web pages and have their own workout. But what about our mental health ?

    Staying all the time at home is not good for you , this can cause stress , as well as depression and anxiety , and even increase your pessimism. So , what can you do to improve your mental health? You should try to be optimistic and see the good side of things , allowing you to learn and grow. We can´t go out to do excercise but we can do it at home and this is a good idea to protect you against mental illness.

    To sump up , this is time to think about , to take advantage to do the things that we wanted to do like reading or doing exercise and, above all, be happy with yourself.

  16. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  17. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  18. For me, quarantine is boring because you can't go out to meet friends, but the best way I've found for it to happen quickly is to do homework, read, listen to music, or draw.

    We know that this is a problem, many people are seriously or infected, but quarantine is the best way to end this in Spain and because we cannot out, we have taken a totally different lifestyle than we had.

    Now, usually, I just stay in my pijama and get out of bed at ten o'clock to do my homework, then I to be on social networks or listen for new music, before doing many more things from very early.

    Paula González Blanco 4B

  19. We need to stop it now. If we don't stop this, we never go to the street, have fun, enjoy with our friends... It's a shame for that virus we can't be happy. But, we can be happy in our homes, studying, playing with our pets, parents, sisters... There are a lots of things for to be very good. I think, if there were no demonstration at the day of the women, the virus, not be here.

    Rocio Avellanedas Nocete 1°ESO A

  20. Staying at home is very difficult, but well we are all doing very well. We are taking care of ourselves and others, and that is very important. I think that all of us are trying to be strong with this situation and we do it very well, especially with the kids and teenagers, since it is more difficult for them, and they really miss those moments when they go out, have fun, play with friends. ..But don't worry, all this makes us stronger!

    We are used to following a series of habits and carrying out tasks that we cannot do at the moment. But all this makes us stronger, day after day, not physically, but mentally stronger. We are learning to fight a virus and this is very good, because maybe in the future I will return or we will find more difficult situations and we will not be able to go outside, and we, as we have already been through this, will find it easier.

    Learning is essential in our lives and we are on a journey of learning that will not stop. Every day we are going to learn something new that will help us in the future. Everything works, nothing is unnecessary, and we are improving psychically with this negative situation.

  21. my routine in quarentine

    at 10 o clock y get up
    i have brekfast and i conecyed on my clas online
    later i use the mobilphone
    i have lunch
    i wacht the tv
    at four o clock i do my homerwork
    i chat online with my friends
    i have a shower
    i brush my teeth
    i go to bed

    angela rodriguez eso a

  22. This quarantine is very boring for everyone, but we have to find some task that we like a lot and that we didn't do before because we preferred to be on the street.

    At first I did not know what to do, but little by little I found hobbies that I had and that I had neglected a little, such as drawing, playing board games, reading, playing with my sister ...

    I get up at 9 in the morning, I have breakfast with my sister and I do my homework until class time comes. When I finish the classes I help my mother in the things of the house and I amuse myself a little before eating watching my social networks or some program on TV.

    Alicia Ortega Prados 4ºA

  23. Every day that passes and we locked up at home, our mind is getting stronger and we learn more about ourselves.

    These first two weeks have been the hardest for me, because I no longer knew what to do, homework days later, it was like a giant wave that caught us all by surprise. The following week I had planned to exercise, so that the time passes faster. And I spent the day exercising, doing homework, and helping my brother with his homework as well.

    Every time time passes you realize how little value we place on the word freedom. A few days ago we were on the street and now look, fighting against a global pandemic.
    I have learned that every day we spend at home you discover the limits of your mind and the goals you are setting each day.

    I think that if we are locked up again, the days will be more bearable and not so heavy.