Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

viernes, 20 de marzo de 2020

The future of humanity in our hands (QUARANTINE: DAY 5)


What will the future of humanity be like? It has always been, it is and it will be always the same. We will have to fight to survive. Pandemias, wars, natural disasters...


Humanity or humankind? They are almost synonyms (or, at least, near synonyms, as you can see in the wordhippo thesaurus)

As nouns the difference between humanity and humankind is that humanity is mankind; human beings as a group while humankind is the human race; mankind, humanity; homo sapiens.

A listening exercise for you to do: Will humans become extinct? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)


Cambridge University Press provides us with free access to textbooks of all levels in ESO (1º a 4º ESO):

Libros digitales Smart Planet






Friday, 20th March

Burlington nos ofrece la posibilidad de que todos los alumnos usuarios de nuestros cursos tengan acceso al Interactive Student

No homework for today because on Fridays we haven't got any classes. You can watch this episode about the book Around the World in 80 Days.

Willy Fog - 02 - Bon voyage | Full Episode |



Solutions to some of yesterday's exercises.

Some questions to answer about the text:
1. What is 'a four-kilo ball'?  A ball that weighs four kilos (una pelota que pesa 4 kg)
2. What is the 'winning team' and the 'losing team'? The winning team is the team that wins (el equipo ganador) and the losing team is the team that loses (el equipo perdedor)
3. Can you translate this bit into Spanish: "A few years later, someone makes a hole in the bottom of the basket and then the ball can fall down"   =  Unos cuantos años más tarde, alguien hace un agujero en el fondo de la cesta y después la pelota puede caer.
4. Listen to the whole text and read it aloud.


>>>   Extra exercise on ADJECTIVES & ADVERBS.

1. hard, quickly      2. well, badly   3. slowly, far    4. high, easily   5. beautifully, nicely


What happened???

Dictation for my 4º ESO students    >>>  Only 4 people sent me the number of mistakes they committed!!!


Using the link I have given you above for the digital books. Revise Unit 5 Workbook pages 40-42.

Bear in mind you can do the listening exercise by clicking on the sign. I'll give you the answers to this exercise on Monday. Let me know if you have any problems or doubts with any of the exercises.     


 News Review: Blue Whales return to the South Atlantic  (BBC Learning English)


No homework for today because on Fridays we haven't got any classes. 


You can either listen to it...


A Sherlock Holmes Novel: The Hound of the Baskervilles Audiobook 


.... or watch a film

The Hound of the Baskervilles (1988 movie)



  • Episode 200318 / 18 March 2020    >>>  How climate change is affecting Antarctica  -    Language related to 'survival'.  Need-to-know language: challenge, compensated, thrive, adapt & to their max.


  And don't forget!!!

30 comentarios:

  1. This is the fifth day of te quarantine and I am doing homework all day.The little time I have left, I play computer games with my friends. I hope the quarantine is over to go football and again my normal life.

    I am Francisco Toledo López 1ºA

  2. This quarantine thing is taking a long time. I am starting to get scared by the poor old men. This is very simple. Our grandparents asked them to go to war and they only ask us to stay at home. Javier Rivas López 1ºA

  3. This virus is all over the world, and has a mortality rate of 2% in most cases. This virus attacks a small percentage that has it in a very bad way.

    I am Francisco Toledo López 1ºA

  4. I stay home!
    The school is closed. We don’t go to class. My parents don’t go to meet friends and they don’t go to buy. We are staying at home because there is a virus un the air, the coronavirus.
    I don’t have English class, but I am doing my homework, because my teacher is online. My mother, my father and me are in my house, and we are happy because we are together. My father sometimes goes to work. He is a hero!
    We can win!!!

    Antonio Puentedura Prados de 1º ESO A

  5. Coronavirus is a disease that is making us all suffer. For this reason, adolescents and all peple are in a period caĺled quarentena which we are not going to school and homework is sent to us online. I recomend to all people that we continue fighting to cope with this disease.

    ManoloUtrabo Bejar 1A

  6. This actual quarantine is making me crazy! I have to do homework all day and it's really annoying. I can't even go out and go for a walk or meet my friends, or play tennis, which is the thing I most like in the world.

    We don't have to go to school and that's great, but we still are in the second term and we haven't finished yet, so we have to do a lot of homework at home everyday. I think is better working at home than working at school because you can get up later in the morning and you can do homework more quiet.

    I don't like staying at home too much time because I want to go out and do sport. I make my own exercise training at home, but it isn't the same. I talk with my friends on the mobile phone and I have fun talking with them. There isn't too much to talk, but's amusing anyway.

    We must satay at home and don't go out. We also must wash our hands frequently and don't sneeze without putting our arm in front of our face instead of our hand.

    In conclusion, I think that this quarantine is very boring, but we should stay at home and do all the homework that our teachers send us.

    Álvaro Martín Moliz 4º ESO A

  7. I haven't gone out for a week because of the quarantine and I am starting to get tired of it. I haven't got a dog, so I can't walk it. And my parents only go out once a week to a shop near my house to buy food.

    I'm trying to stay positive and I'm doing all the things I usually can't do because I don't have enough time. I'm still getting up early in the morning, but a bit later than when I have to go to school. In the morning I do the homework our teachers send us. Luckily I have the email of most of them and if I want I can send them an email to ask them something I don't understand.

    In the afternoon I do many things! My house is big compared to other houses, we have a little gym and two rooftops, so I can do exercise and go 'out' if I want. I also have a room where I study alone and we have two living rooms so I can watch series while my parents are watching TV.

    But there's one thing that is making me crazy. My mum is really scared and she doesn't want anyone to go out. I'm washing my hands so many times: before I eat, after I eat, or before I study or draw. I think she's a bit obsessed! She also doesn't like the fact that I am doing sport almost every day.

    I think the quarantine can be a bit boring but I am trying to stay positive and I am doing all the things I can't usually do and also I am trying to do all the comments and writings.

  8. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  9. I already spend seven days in quarantine, and I’m already getting bored, because I was always going to visit my dog because my parents won’t let me out.

    And they send a lot of homework for us to do at home. And he couldn’t go running with my brothers and I can’t go swimming either.But the most important is that everyone can improve, to make the coronavirus disappear.


  10. I have been unable to go out for more than a week because of the coronavirus issue as they have said that you cannot go out and if you do go out you will be fined. their houses to power for the Coronavirus. Many people ignore and go out, I have friends who sometimes go out and I tell them not to save for the good of everyone since if they continue to go out there will be more infected people and there are not as many means.
    The problem in hospitals is that there are not enough places or means for everyone and doctors ask that you do not go to hospitals because you have some symptoms, because if you go for that you can get it if you go there.
    I think we should listen to the doctors, because what they say is for our good.

    My parents go to work but when they go out they wear gloves and masks so they don't get caught and every time they arrive they take showers, and before we all eat we wash our hands and also when we finish and we have disinfectant.

    In the mornings I keep getting up early and when I get up I do some things around the house since my parents are not there and in the afternoon I do the homework that the teachers send which are many and if I have time left I talk to my friends or sometimes I usually do exercise.

    If we listen to the doctors, everything will be better and it will end sooner!

  11. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  12. These days are very difficult, because there is a virus in the world , and it causes many people to die. It has been created in Asia, in China,
    to stop it , you have to stay at home, all the jobs have stopped, and shops ...
    please, we all stop it. help us.
    I am Carlos 1 ESO A

  13. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

    We don’t go to the high School for one week, because there is a new pandemic called Coronavirus, this virus is causing fear. It doesn’t affect children, but it can kill old people with respiratory problems. It’ started in China, and now it is in Spain. Our country is stop and people are in their houses, they can’t go out.
    Some things we can do to prevent the virus are, for example: washing our hands when we have to go out for food and at home, wear a mask, touch our elbows and thats things. China are sending help for Spain and Italy and we need to trust in our sanitary service.

    Alejandra Martín Guirado 1ºA

  15. These days are very dificult for the people, because we are going a difficult stage. When I satay at home I am borred because I have nothing to do .
    We have to face it as a challenge for humanity.
    We can stop it!

    Manolo Utrabo Bejar 1A

  16. Quarentaine, the meaning of this word is, people or animals must be rest in our houses or in a especific place for fourty days a pandemic, for example. Nowadays this word is producing a terrible problem. But this coin have two sides.

    The bad side, have a lot of problems, some of them are worse than others,for example: thw fall of the economy, many problems for the school year, this creates in people boredom and despair.
    The good side: this have produced a reduction in pollution.
    In my opinion this have to ways to look the new way to live in this days, but we are very bored.

  17. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  18. This actual situation that we are passing for fault of the coronavirus is making me crazy! I do homework every day all the day and it's really annoying. I take advantage one moment for the night to play videogames , see the TV or see some series.

    I can't go out of my house except to for throw away the trash during a litle minutes. I can't even go out and go for a walk or meet with my friends, or go to training, to go running, which is the thing I most like in the world. We don't go to the school and this I like but we haven't finished the second term still, and we have a lot of homework of the different subjets. The more bad is that every of the teachers want that the homework are finished for the same day, and some teachers they send us a lot of homework and it's hard to finish theirs more of the other subjects. My house it's big but is a one floor and you don't have a lot of space. I in some moments I stay Overwhelmed when I see every of that I must to do of homework.

    My family and I think to go for ours cottage and pass here the quarantine, because there we can go "out" and do exercise and play football or other things, but the Gobernment say that we must stay in our houses, and that prohibite to change to the seconds houses of one family, and finally we couldn't go.

    I think the quarantine can be a bit boring but I am trying to stay positive and I am doing all the things I can't usually do and also I am trying to do all the comments and writings.

  19. Nowadays we are in quarantine, and we don´t go to the school and we can´t even go out for a walk, or to meet my friends, and we must stay all day at home, doing homework that the teachers send us.

    I am trying to do all the things that I should do if we were in class, I´m doing the exercises, and I´m trying to study all the subjects. Doing all the exercises at home isn´t easy, because there isn´t anyone to teach us how to do these exercises, but luckily we have the e-mail of some teachers and we can ask them if we have any question.

    As they say, we have the future in our hands, and for this reason we mustn´t to go out, because if we go out, more people will get infectedand they don´t want to have many infected people in hospitals because they haven´t enough beds for everybody.

    This isn´t the first pandemic of the history, for example in the 1918 there was the pandemic of the Spanish Flu, and as this pandemic the people could see the growth of the illness, but they didn´t take measures about this illness and it transformed in a pandemic.

    In my opinion, the only thing that we can do is stay in our homes, and listen to the doctors and pay attention to the doctors and everything will be fine

    Francisco Manuel González López 4ºA

  20. COVID-19 isn't only a virus, is a health problem or an epidemic we are facing today. It is a fear of the future. It's sure and we don't have this situation under control in Spain to don't be worried. We still investigate to a cure of this virus.

    In a future, we'll end the quarantine of course (we won't stay at home all life), and when it happen we'll can go outside, but with some conditions because the end of quaratine doesn't mean that COVID-19 disappear so we'll have lots of months being worried with this virus. It doesn't matter because all of us want to go out so we'll do anything to can leave ours home.

    In all these comments I explain lots of things about the COVID-19 so I start to lose all my ideas to continue doing more comments, but I'll improvise, I think...

  21. It is true that the world is in our hands. We will stop coronavirus if we stay at home. There are people that go out because they don't know that coronavirus is dangerous. I haven't seen my grandma for two weeks because she could get ill.
    A lot of people have died in Spain and 39,700 people are infected with the virus. Coronavirus has changed our normal life, but this quarantine is the solution.
    We can do a lot of things at home: watch films, play video games, study, do sport...
    So, we must be positive and stay at home!

  22. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.


  23. The government has said that for fifteen days you can not go out on the street and neither go to work or school, you can only go out to walk the dog and to buy but people are going every day and large groups of people are forming. people in supermarkets, the danger is that they can all be spread by having so many people in the same place, I honestly think that we should not worry so much because supermarkets have confined that they will not close and that there will be no lack of food.

    It is also a problem at work because our fathers and mothers cannot go out to work as they normally do and the country is unemployed at work.

    Paula González Blanco 4B

  24. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  25. We are all aware that the future of the planet is in our hands.

    The decisions we make every day can affect us or our family members. It is very important that we all fight together and that we always support each other so that we are well and healthy and, above all, we have to take care of our grandparents and the people most sensitive to this virus.

    We have to follow a series of rules that are not so difficult. We have to stay at home even if we don't like it, because only then we can be safe. It is very boring and very tiring to stay at home. We have been here for many days and staying longer is very difficult, but we have to endure because it depends on us to stop this spread. We also have to continually wash our hands, since this virus can also spread through the air.

    So everything depends on us, it is in our hands to save or harm the planet.

  26. We don't go at school, because we need to stop this virus staying at home. I want go to the school because I miss my friends, and I have more homework now than at the school. I want to go to the street but I can't. If everyone stay at home, we can't stop this virus. Please, do it.

    Rocio Avellanedas Nocete 1°ESO A

  27. Coronavirus is changing our lives. This virus is affecting in many parts of the world. In Spain we are passing a difficult situation, everyday the number of infections increase, and the number of died too. This virus affected mostly to elderly people. No one can go outside and this is bad for the mental health. After that many people could be crazy to stay too long at home.

    People with dog can go out for walk it. I haven´t got dog and I can go out for anything. Other problem is about vitamin D provided by the sun. It is very important to be in the sun for 20 minutes per day at least. It prevents diseases and provides you vitamin D. In my case I haven´t got dog and I don't go out for anything, in my house the only person who go out is my mother. She goes every week to buy the food necessary for all the week and don't need to go out for anything. She wears mask and gloves to prevent the virus.

    We are not totally bored, we have to do every day too much exercises and classroom works. We have to do it, our marks depend on them. We probably don't come back to school and we have to endeavour the most possible. Teachers are doing the most possible for us, they don't want that we lose classes and we have video conferences, but in many cases they don't understand that we have a lot of subjects and we need time to rest.
    An activity that can help you is doing sport for an hour every day. We don't go out and we do less sport than usually. We have to keep fit. Moreover, it helps you to clear the mind and don't think about coronavirus and problems that are happening all over the world.

    We have to follow all the rules given by the govermnment and everything will return to normaity as soon as possible. Well, many people can thing that it is not necessary or that it is very boring but we must to continue staying at home for the good of all. I try to stay positive at all times and don't thing about the bad things that are happening.

    María Prados Espinosa

  28. The future is very essential and nobody knows what will happen. We cannot avoid many things, but there are others that we can avoid, such as the expansion of COVID-19 and not only that; We can also help the earth.

    It is true that with COVID-19 the planet seems to have been rejuvenated since the polluting factories stopped, people no longer spend as much, cars are not used much, garbage is not thrown onto the street since we are all in quarantine, etc. We have begun to recycle more and respect the environment more and that is something that we can do and help the earth every day. Everything we do for the earth now can serve us in the future, because if we continue like this, we and the earth will be able to live longer and have a healthier life.

    Our future is in our hands now. We can be irresponsible and end our lives and that of others or we can be responsible and save them. We have to respect the conditions they told us so that we could live because, otherwise, humanity could become extinct. We have to take care of ourselves and others and, most importantly, we have to end this virus. Although right now we do not know how I am sure that in the very near future we will be able to discover it.

    I think that the way we are now is beneficial because we protect ourselves and others (including the earth) but it is also wrong since we cannot be locked up all the time. We also need a break since all this quarantine makes us hysterical since between being waxed, children, homework, work ... one can go crazy. I hope this will end very soon and I also hope that we will continue to be so responsible when this is all over.


  29. the world needed a breather, and this virus has made the world a little better. Thanks to being closed there is less contamination and therefore the hole in the ozone layer is recovering.
    But this virus has brought a lot of bad things, millions of people have died and there are still people so selfish that they go out of control without knowing that it is something bad for all of us. Let's stay home and we'll fix it together.

  30. Right now the planet is sick, because we humans are polluting and damaging its ecosystem.

    Before he changed the way of life of humans, it was us that we had to adapt to the climate and now we are the ones who are making the world change as temperatures rise, the level of the sea has risen about feet Moreover, all this is due to global pollution.

    We only see and notice that the temperature has risen, that on the road you see the landscape and it looks gray. All this is because we do not recycle, we do not use urban transport, trains and buses, and we use our car. All these little things the animals notice and a small part of them die. that we do not recycle and throw everything in the same garbage, that affects the flora and fauna.

    People who spend the day in the rivers, when it is time to eat, do not get to clean the area and leave the bsaura or on the land or in the water and that gesture can cause forest fires or water pollution.

    I hope that we solve this great problem together and take care of our planet.