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viernes, 4 de septiembre de 2020

Influencers in our society




Who is an influencer? What is their role in our society? Not long ago it was a word I had never heard of before, but it's incredible how relevant they may be among our teenagers and, therefore, for the future generations.




First, let's do a Selectivity exam for you to do  related with the topic   >>  Are today's influencers living their best lives?  

And here are some articles for you to read about the issue:



Some activities for you to do: 


Today we'll be revising HOW TO EXPRESS INTEREST with our 1º ESO students:

                                                            SPORTS TIME

(Cambridge University Press)  You will do the exercises  on pages 89-90.




Project about A Foreigner in New York by Sofía Morea (2º Bach A)




Solutions to USE OF ENGLISH exercise in the previous post:

21.  a   22.23. a   24. c   25. a   26. d b d   35.  a   36.  c   37.  b   38.  a   39. c   40. c

"All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl"

George and Mildred - The Bad Penny (Part 1) 

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  2. Nowadays, many people are influenced by others who share their “perfect” lives through social networks.They are called “influencers” and each day there are more of them on the internet. But, what is their job really in social networks?

    Their job consists of posting photos promoting the trademarks which pay them to do it. The prestige of each one depends on the number of followers and the influence that they have in their photos according to the likes. Brands contact them to share a post with their products in exchange of money and having their products for free. This is so in most cases.

    Nevertheless, not only there are brands that have and offer products. Travel companies and other brands which are dedicated to that or something related, also pay them to promote them. Influencers only have to share the trip by a photo or a video where they appear in fantastic places.

    This job has a lot of criticism on society for several things. For instante, looking at their social networks can result bad for us because it seems that they have the perfect lives. Most of their followers are teenagers, and they can think that if they don’t wear, buy or do the same as them, they won’t be as good as them, and so on. Whereas there are people who take it as a good thing, because they can turn to them to find a product or a garment.

    On the whole, there are good and bad thoughts regarding them. In my opinion, there are a job like any other, because it is also difficult to reach the level of influence that many have, get the perfect photo, or get along well be known.

  3. Influencers are people who can influence the decisions of their followers as they have the power to persuade us to buy things they advertise in different areas, such as fashion, beauty, gaming, technology, travel, cooking, etc. Social media influencers are very popular among teenagers nowadays.

    To begin with, it is estimated that about 40% of the world’s population uses social media. Teenagers spend a large part of their time watching, liking and commenting on influencers’ posts. One of the biggest platforms is Instagram and influencers use it to post about their everyday life, stay connected with their followers, or promote different kinds of products. Teenagers choose to follow the influencers for entertainment, information or advice. Depending on how many posts they make and how many likes they get, influencers can win a lot of money.

    On the other hand, the impact of social media influencers on teenagers may have negative consequences, too. There are lots of influencers who practice bad habits, such as smoking, drinking or using inappropriate language. What’s more, influencers’ content may also affect teenagers’ psychological well-being.

    All in all, it is shown that influencers are very popular among teenagers and that they make a good profit out of it. The more they post, the more followers they get. Being an easy way to make money, it is no surprise that more and more people are keen to become influencers nowadays.

  4. If you have a social network like Instagram or Facebook , you have probably heard the word "influencer" but, what is the real meaning of that word ? and what is their job in the digital community?

    An influencer is a person who stands out in a social network and expresses opinions about a specific topic that has a great influence on many people who know or follow him/her. Besides, the influencers make recomendations about products , lifestyles or services to their digital community but , they are not in charge of selling them directly , but they use the power of social networks to viralize them.

    An influencer is therefore , a person who has many followers (more than 10.000 or 100.000) on social networks . For that reason they are an inspiration for many teenagers but also for that , there can be consequences . Sometimes , the life of an influencer is not perfect but most of teenagers think so and that is the problem. Teenagers start to compare their life with the life of an influencer and that can create some anxiety.

    Maybe, one of the "safest" platforms is Youtube , which is a website where people can upload videos about their lifestyle , fashion , games to share them with other people. I use Youtube a lot and I really like it because also it is so useful to learn about something.

    Summing up , I think that being influencer is not bad but you don´t always have to let yourself be influenced by them .

  5. Being an Influencer is nowadays one of the most dreamed jobs among young people and teenagers. They are people who post regularly on their social media about their life and interests, and get paid for that. Also, they often are asked to collaborate with trademarks; they recommend the product to their followers and in exchange they might earn money or get the items for free.
    However, this arising job has been a trending topic since its origin and there are people who support them and others that still don't believe it is a valid profession.

    On the one hand, an influencer gains its followers by being relatable, this means that a regular person sees itself reflected in them. It could be due to that they have a goal in common -like traveling-, they have a lifestyle they are trying to achieve ,or they teach abilities that are useful for their public -like gaming- all in all, they are very useful as a source of inspiration and to keep you motivated.
    Also, many times influencers get in contact with their followers and act like their friends, which is helpful for many people who need support and find it in them.
    Furthermore, a simple post on their platforms can bust the popularity of local or not-well-known brands, so they are a new form of marketing which in fact, is very effective.

    On the other hand, there is nothing that guarantees you that the products they recommend are good, you can just trust them, but at the end of the day, they are strangers to you and the more products they sell the more money they get. So that could lead to dishonest reviews.
    Moreover, as their name indicates, they "influence" people, not just to buy things but to act in certain way. Many young people look at them as role models and that could be dangerous if the influencers show on their social media bad habits such as smoking and excessive drinking.

    From my point of view, it is a job as any other and it has its difficulties (as maintaining your social networks and being constantly thinking about your image) and its good aspects (as being famous and getting free things). So we ought to respect them ,but at the same time to avoid getting too attached and idolizing them.

  6. Nowadays internet is used by everyone and many people work on it. Internet is very useful for us and is necessary in our lives. There are many social networks and everyone have an account in each one. Thanks to internet, many people have become famous and have a job where they usually earn a lot of money. A clear example are the influencers. They work with a mobile phone or with a computer and they don't have to leave home.

    Influencers usually use the instagram platform to show us different products and promote them. There are all kind of influecers, some are realted to make-up, other with videogames, other with sport and other with music.
    They have millions of followers and they treat them as if they were friends. Influencers show us their perfect life, their travels and their perfect family. However, it could be a problem because they could complex the young people who see them. People think that they have a wonderful life and they don't have problems but it is not true, they have the same problems than the rest of people, but they only show the good things.

    Being influencer has become the dream of many teenagers. Many influencers that we known and that are very famous like Dulceida started with youtube, She updated videos because she enjoyed filming and editing them. Over time she has gained millions of followers on instagram, she has her own festival and her own clothing brand. She is an example to follow.

    However, not everything is good in the world of social networks. Influencers receive many comments that not are good enough. They have to support bad comments about their body or even their beauty. Haters draw defects out of anything and are waiting for something to go wrong to comment it. They rejoice in the misfortunes of others and do not like to see them happy.

    From my point of view, being influencer is a good job but you have to take care with bad comments and don't pay too much attention to them. I follow many influencers and I follow their advices. Nevertheless, there are many influencers that only want the followers to earn money and they show and promote us products that are not beneficiaries for our health. We have to be careful with the influencers we follow.

  7. Internet has brought lots of things, which includes influencers. The word influencer means someone who affects in people opinion or actions. But, are these influencers qualified to influence our opinion? It´s what they say always true? Do they know what are they talking about? Some parents could wonder if the people his child is trusting and watching is teaching him good things, and this could be really dangerous.

    First of all, let´s talk about the job. An influencer could be everyone who usually post content on the Internet, so as you could think, everyone can be an influencer. There are lots of influencers, most of them love their audience and take care of them, but others only care about money, so they´ll do what is best for them. We should try to identify what is the person´s objective, and knowing that, we´ll decide to trust him or not.

    We can see these persons talking about different topics, for example, a few months ago, we saw that everyone was talking about coronavirus, giving tips and adverts about it. Most people didn´t know anything about the virus, but their main objective was to earn money
    so they decided to lie about the virus and put everyone at a high risk. We shouldn´t trust anything on the Internet, unless we could prove that he is telling the truth. We should be really careful about it.

    Most parents don´t know what their childs do on the net, and you could think that they are going to be ok, nothing can happen to them if they are safe at home. But maybe they are wrong. Your kid is watching people all the day, people that can be teaching him things that aren´t right, and people that will affect their personality. I think that every parent must know what their sons do on Internet and be interested on what Influencers do they trust, so they can be sure their childs are safe.

    Finally, I think being an influencer isn´t easy. You must be very careful with what you say. There will always be someone pointing at you when you fail, someone who critices you when you say someone that they don´t agree, someone who trust you, when you say something that thay isn´t true. So, they have a lot of responsability and we must be more comprehensive with them, because, at least, they are entertaining us.

    David Bacas Posadas

  8. Thanks to the Internet, many people have become famous and have a job that usually makes a lot of money. A clear example are influencers. Influencer is a person who has an important presence on Social Networks with many followers who work with a mobile phone or with a computer.
    The presence and influence of an influencer on social networks can become the image of a specific brand, be it clothing, beauty or health.
    Influencers often use the instagram or youtube platform to show us different products and promote them. There are all kinds of influencers, some give us information about makeup, others about food, others about sports ...
    Influencers show us their perfect life, their travels, their perfect family, and their everyday life.

    There are good and bad thoughts about them. A positive aspect would be that they provide us with information about various brands or products and keep us informed, and a negative aspect would be that many influencers who practice bad habits, such as smoking, drinking or using inappropriate language.

    I think that being an influencer is not easy, from my point of view there are influencers who are a great source of current information and can help many people, but you have to be careful with the influencers that we follow.

  9. Nowadays, there are a lot of influencers on instagram. An influencer is a person who has many followers. Therefore, these persons have an important presence in social networks because they influence their followers to do certain things or buy certain products. So, Have you ever thought about the work of influencers?

    On the one hand, if you follow an influencer they will bring you good things but others not so good. First, they inform you of some news and products that they supposedly use. However, most of them advise you to use a certain product without them having tried it before or even thinking that it is not as good a product as they tell you. Due to this, they can charge large amounts of money to advertise certain brands.

    In addition, they can help you with a lot of choses. For example, there are children who are sick and the only thing that distracts us is seeing their idol or talking to him or children who have other problems. Although this is not always good because there are many teenagers who compare their lifestyle to that of influencers and their self-esteem lowers. Due to the influencers travel a lot and have a lot of brand clothes which are most of the time given by the brand itself.

    To put all in a nutshell, I think that the work of influencers is like any other because there are people who really do it with love and others who do it for money.

  10. I'm sure that many people, especially teenagers, have heard the word 'influencer' at some point in their lives. But, what is being an influencer on Instagram? Is that something good or harmful in our society?

    Influencers are the key word in Social Media. An influencer is a person who has an important presence in social networks with many followers. They are important people by the fact that their opinions and updates are shared and commented by many people. Besides, due to their presence and influence on social networks, they can become the image of a specific brand, either clothing, beauty or health.

    On the other hand, there are positive and negative aspects to following an influencer. They provide us with information about several brands and keep us informed. Moreover, many of these influencers worry about their followers and advise them about specific themes. These are all positive aspects, but the truth is that sometimes influencers can be harm the self-esteem of the adolescents. For example, when they promote products it's normal to start to do a comparison between her lifestyle and the one you have in your real life.

    However, not all influencers accept every deal they're offered. Many of them don't care about money or the number of followers. The only thing they want is generate a positive impact on their followers and talk about issues that could make a difference in someone's life.

    To put it in a nutshell, influencer is the 'new mode' on social networks. Sometimes they are a great stream source of current affairs and they can help a lot of people. In my opinion, you don't have to be an 'influencer' to reach other people.