Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee




Stay alert for the clues and keep tracking...



Lunes 3 de abril
Martes 4 de abril
Miércoles 5 de abril
Jueves 6 de abril
Viernes 7 de abril
Sábado 8 de abril
Domingo 9 de abril
Salida 12:05
Llegada 14:25

Clases (4h)
(Placement Test & Induction)

Clases (4h)
(Scottish Traditions)

Clases (4h)
(Crime and Social Problems)

Clases (3h)

(Visita al castillo)

Tiempo libre para últimas compras

Vuelta a España
Salida 16:40
Llegada 21:00


Visita al centro de la ciudad para familiarizarse

Actividad interactiva: “Get to know Edinburgh”

Calton Hill
Royal Mile (Castillo hasta Palacio)
People´s Story Museum

National Museum of Scottland
Cementerio Greyfriars

Sendero Dean Village

Resto a pagar antes del 15 de febrero:
255€ + 196€ (vuelo) = 451€
Opcional: maleta de 15 kg. (72€ - ida y vuelta). A abonar con el importe anterior.


Possible activity to do (most recocommended by Spanish agency Active Global English House) >>>> Dean Village   , in the same site you can look up other places to visit.

HAM LEGS' RAFFLE   ;-))))) Numbers ending in 46  will get their tastiest ham leg from Pórtugos!!!!

You can check it here:  ONCE  

Stay alert for the clues and keep tracking...



VI STUDY TRIP TO THE BRITISH-IRISH ISLES: Edinburgh 2017 (IES Mediterráneo, Salobreña)



V STUDY TRIP TO THE BRITISH-IRISH ISLES: Dublin 2016 (IES Mediterráneo, Salobreña)

         Hi! In this fifth study trip to the British Isles this year we are visiting Dublin in their greatest week (St Patrick's Day)
. We left Salobreña at 8.30 with some problems concerning Gallardo's boarding card, which were later solved. No problems with the coach trip to Malaga airport or the flight, although we also had some problems with the check in of certain pieces of luggage also solved in the end.
       We went to a shopping centre parking area where the families came to pick students up. So far we don't know any problems, to the  exception of some misunderstanding about Juan's gluten allergy, which also ended well and which we will try to clarify tomorrow.
         Ireland has welcomed us with a splendid weather and with the warmth of every host family. The most important thing is that we have all arrived safe and sound and ready for a great experience. It has been a long exhausting day, but we have great expectations. Good night to everybody and further news about all we do will be posted tomorrow.

              Pay attention to the wonderful piece of art our 2º ESO student made. By the way, on the flight they congratulated our students for being so well behaved. Impressive start.

Day 2 >>> Tuesday, 15th March

          Fantastic news from Ireland!!!! No problems at all with the families. It is just incredible. The weather is a cloudy and chilly with some sunny spells. This morning some students got lost, but in the end we could start our walking tour with Julia (the Irish Expresso). She was really fast in her explanations, but had the patience to make herself understood and to wait for those students who arrived late. Thank you very much for your help  and all the information provided.

         Then the group scattered around Grafton Street to go shopping and have some lunch before the classes started. Again 5 girls got lost and arrived half an hour later at the Spire, so I waited for them and we joined the rest of the group at the Gresham hotel, where the classes are being held at the moment. At the moment I am at ISI school premises, where I have just had a meeting with Aoife (it is pronounced 'ifa'), our coordinator at the school. She was really helpful and can speak Spanish fluently so our Maths teacher could understand everything. Again wonderful job!!! So thanks to the ISI school for the organisation and the choice of host families.

     In a couple of hours we'll join our students to see how everything is going on and what the classes are like. I have already uploaded some more photos, so check our album. Cheerio!

      By the way, our English teacher and our Maths teacher are ready for St Patrick's Day, aren't they? (look for the photo of the Maths teacher in our album). 

    We have talked to the students during the break and there are certain details to correct. So we have talked to the person in charge at the school and we have arranged that tomorrow everything will be settled and we do hope that every student is happier. Classes have finished at 6.45 and everybody has returned home really exhausted- Tomorrow will be a new brand day and we will be ready for  new adventures. Good night.

Day 3  >>> Wednesday, 16th March

      We still keep on having from good news from Dublin, as the weather conditions are really suitable for all the activities we had to do and the adjustments done in the groups have enabled our students to make the most of the classes.

         With regard to the activities we did today, we have visited Natural History Museum, where we could have a look at the skeleton of the biggest deer ever discovered on Earth. Next we have been to a nearby park where there was a statue of the writer Oscar Wilde. There we had our packed lunch and most of the students scattered around the city to go on with their shoppings and discoveries of the most important sites and monuments.

    At 13.30 students have come back to the Gresham Hotel, where the classes are held with renewed energy. During the first break teachers have come to check that everything was going alright and the changes of students to other groups have proved to be a success. During the second break we have been talking about all the information they need for the next few days.

    Once the classes have finished the students have gone to the different bus stops to take the buses they needed to go home and the teachers have stayed in the city as we had a meeting with Mariola (monitor from Active Global English House) to talk about how everything is going on, the activities to do and the flight home. Days are long and exhausting, so we arrive home extremely tired, but a good long night of sleep gives enough strength to face the challenges of the next day. And the next day is St Patrick's Day, so it is not going to be any other ordinary day.

Day 4  >>>> Thursday, 17th March

          Another sunny day with mild temperatures, that is, the perfect day for St Patrick's. Our group works so far as a clock machine and they are really causing no problems at all, being on time all the time, without complaining and obeying the rules and commitments agreed

       When we got to the city centre of Dublin, we have come across a green tide walking towards  O´Connell Street. We had arranged to meet near the Spire at a Starbucks coffee bar and we have seen how well everything was organized, in spite of all the crowd. However, the civility showed by people has amazed the group. Then our kids have gone through a metamorphosis and start becoming little green creatures using all sorts of paints, all the gadgets they had bought and dressing up for the occasion. Anyway, and in order to avoid any kind of dangers, at about 13.30 we have gathered and walked to our meeting point at Connelly Station with our guide Julia to take the Dart as we wanted to go to Howth.

      Once there we have walked up the hill to see the gorgeous cliffs. We were having a spectacular day, sunny and warm, so we have really enjoyed the sightseeing: the lighthouse, the sea, the cliffs... Going on with our walking tour we have gone done to a bus stop where we have taken the bus to go back to the harbour, where we have seen huge seals that swam around inside the harbour. We have enjoyed an incredible afternoon. Again my congratulations to the group for their excellent behaviour and the way they have participated in the activities proposed.

     Finally we have taken the Dart to the Howth Junction with some kind of problem when we were getting on the bus as most students are not used to taking this kind of means of transport, so they should know that before getting on they must let people get off. Then another walk, another bus and back home literally dead with no energy left at all. This is coming to an end and students can feel that. Therefore, they are either anxious because they want to go home or sad as we have very little time left in this beautiful city. Good night to everybody. 


Day 5  >>>>  Friday, 17th March

          We have woken up with an overcast sky and quite low temperatures for us, but again with no rain
. Today, we will be visiting Dublinia, a museum where the history of the city is explained. Everybody was again in time and before we went into the museum we have seen Christchurch, one of the two cathedrals in town, and part of the old city wall.

         The museum has turned out to be most interesting for our students since there were many interactive parts for them to partipate and manipulate. They could handle tools and weapons from the Viking times, and get dressed with costumes warriors and people of those times used to wear. Shields, axes, swords, helmets, shoes, plates...

       After our visit the group has had some time to sit down and eat their packed lunch. Then we arranged with them that anyone interested in visiting ISI Learning Dublin School would meet in front of the Gresham Hotel and we would walk there before the start of the classes. There they have see what the classrooms and the canteen are like. They have been working some of the computers the school provides the students with and they have rushed back to the hotel for their classes.

        During the breaks we have informed the students about all the necessary details they needed for the next two days. Then some of them have given us some postcards to post them home (here the post boxes are green). At the end of the classes, the teachers have wished our students the best and they have given us the certificates so that we keep them till we go back to Spain. Good night to everybody. I guess tomorrow will be a long day, but intense and full of emotions going sightseeing around the Irish lands of Cong, Connemara and Galway on the western coast of the island

Day 6  >>>> Saturday, 19th March


         What a delightful journey around the western coast of Ireland. Everybody was again on time for the coach, so we had plenty of time to do all we had planned. We went on one of the PADDYWAGON coaches. Our guide was Tomás, who could speak a bit of Spanish and whose ancestors came from the region we were visitor,  and the driver Aidan. Both of them were really friendly and always helpful. So we set off without any delays having our first stop after a couple of hours to have something to eat and go to the toilet.

      Then we stopped at Cong, which was the scenery where The Quiet Man was filmed. This film was directed by John Ford and starred by John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. After a couple of hours wandering about the cemetery, the forest, the hotel... we went back to the coach, but two of the students were late as they had got lost in the forest. Finally they joined the rest of the group and we went on with our trip around the lands of Connemara. The landscape was stunningly beautiful and so different from the one we are used to.

      Finally we got to Galway, where our former student Luz Fernández was waiting for us. She is studying here at university with her Erasmus grant. The visit to the city was short, but again intense and with a bright sunshine. How lucky we have been with the weather! Not a single raindrop! 

      Both the guide and driver were so charming that not only did they make the trip longer, but also took us to Clarehall, that is, the area in Dublin where most of the host families are located. There again the group walked either to their homes  to have dinner or just to a restaurant, as they had already asked for permission to do so.

Day >>>> Sunday, 20th March

         The end to our adventure has come. It is time to do the packing, to say goodbye, re-encounters and the time to carry out an evaluation of this fifth experience. I'm sure there are things that could have been better, or things that could have been another way and we would have personally liked any other way, but before we go any further, just take a moment and have a look at the photos we have done and the faces of our students in them. Only after that, we will be ready to give a proper value judgement of our V Study trip to the British Isles: Dublin 2016.

      Going back to the series of events that happened today, I will tell you that we met our monitor Aoife at the Spire, who led as to the Luas (which is pronounced exactly the same as 'Lewis'), a kind of tram that took us to Phoenix Park. Two of the oldest students decided to stay in the city centre and when we got to the park, most of them hired a bike and a small group decided to walk around the park. First we saw the zoo in the distance, then the residence of the Irish President, a flock of deer, the American Embassy... and again enjoying a wonderful weather.

      Back to the city centre, which was crammed with people celebrating the Easter Uprising, we took our buses home, finished packing, had something to eat and said goodbye to our host families (Irish mummies are really much alike our Spanish mummies), who drove us to the meeting point. This was the parking area of a shopping centre and the coach was already there waiting for us. Finally, it took us to the airport and the second part of our story began

      Again, my personal of opinion (similar to the one of the other teacher and which you can read about in the report we have made) is that it has all been a great success and that gives us strength to begin thinking about our next adventure, that is, VI Study trip to the British Isles. The choice given to the students is either Cambridge (with the possibility to go to Ely and London) or Edinburgh (with the possibility to go to Stirling and its castle).


Good news!!!

V Study trip to the British Isles

I have just received the list of host families and some other relevant information. Check your email account!!!


The school we are going to:   ISI LEARNING DUBLIN



Weather forecast for Dublin next 14 days.

 Here you've got a link to see last year's weather in Dublin:  Around 11ºC during the day.



From Monday, 14th March to Sunday, 20th March

Everyday you will write down expressions or vocabulary learned that day.

Monday.- Our flight & first impressions about the family. What is our host family like? What is our room & house like?

Tuesday.- First experiences with the school, public transport and the orientation tour around Dublin.

Wednesday.- What are the classes like? Write about the school, the teachers and the entry test. Write about the city of Dublin, the Natural History Museum and shopping. Ask your family about the expression: “Irish paddy” and the symbolism of the three colours in the Irish flag.

Thursday.- Write about your routines, meals at home and packed lunch at the school. Write about the weather we are having. Write about Howth and the harbour, St Patrick’s day, the parade, Temple Bar and the atmosphere in the streets.

Friday.- Your free time in Dublin & your experience of the classes at the school. Did you like Dublinia? Write about other places visited in Dublin.

Saturday.- Write about our trip to Galway and Connemara, and the village of Cong. What can you say about the Irish accent of the people? Write about the city, the landscape and places visited.

Sunday.- Write about Phoenix Park and what you did this last day. For those of you who have participated in our previous study trips, write the differences you have found between Britain and Ireland. For those of you whose experience in these study trips is the first, write about your expectations and the real experience. Shopping: what have you bought and how much have you spent? Did you like Dublin in general? Our flight & journey back home. Best memories. Any souvenirs bought? Would you go back to Dublin? Would you repeat the experience?

TOP 10 ATTRACTIONS IN DUBLIN (Our Philosophy teacher's hint) 


Our trip to Galway and Connemara (all the details are in this entry and even the actual tour we will be doing)

15-kg suitcases to check in: 25€ return for those students who are under 16 and 50€ for those over 16


Things to think about the activities proposed and some replies by the agency 

Here's the original email:

Activities proposed to do during our stay in Dublin:

Horario aprox.
 Lunes 14 Marzo
Martes 15 Marzo
Miércoles 16 Marzo
Jueves 17 Marzo
Viernes 18 Marzo
Sábado 19 Marzo
Domingo 20 Marzo
Traslado al aeropuerto y vuelo hacia Dublín.
Recogida y traslado al punto de encuentro con familias
Walking Tour por Dublín
Merrion Square Park Natural History Museum
St. Patrick’s Day
Dublinia (entrada incluida)
Excursión día completo a GALWAY
Walking Tour Howth Seaside Village
Phoenix Park
(alquiler bicis opcional)
Traslado aeropuerto a las 15.45h
Llegada a Málaga a las 22.30h


Cena y tiempo con la familia
Cena y tiempo con la familia
Cena y tiempo con la familia
Cena y tiempo con la familia
Cena y tiempo con la familia
Cena y tiempo con la familia

ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS (18/01/2016)   
La Agencia me informa que no se pague la facturación de maletas todavía porque Ryanair no tiene precios fijos y en otros vuelos que ellos tienen están cobrando cada maleta facturada de una manera, inclusive con precios diferentes a la ida y a la vuelta.

De cara a la reunión del lunes, me gustaría concretar lo siguiente (y que se lo comentaran a sus padres):
1.- Recuerdenles a sus padres los 3 sitios donde pueden ver información del viaje y donde pueden ver las fotos, esto es: site- study trip to the British Isles, blog- Study trip to the British Isles y en español Viaje de estudios-Información para padres.
2.- El vuelo se queda finalmente en 249€ por alumno.
3.- Si se quiere facturar maleta, el alumno pagará adicionalmente 40€ por maleta de 15kg ida y vuelta, o 60€ por maleta de 20kg. 
4. Con lo cual para finales de mes se debe haber hecho el ingreso del 2º pago, que sería (155€ de lo queda por pagar del curso + 249€  del vuelo, es decir: 404€) + la facturación de la maleta de los alumnos que la quieran...
Por cierto, hay que tener en cuenta que en el precio del curso va incluida la excursión a Galway (25€).
5.- Por último, quedaría el autobús, que estamos negociando y que va aparte de la agencia. Si nos mantienen el precio de otros años, sería unos14€ y pico incluido la ida como la vuelta. De todas formas, estamos preguntando por si hubiera otra compañía que nos saliera más económica, pero me extraña.
6.- Como apunte final, recuerdo que le digan a sus padres que si tienen cualquier tipo de duda que se pongan en contacto conmigo bien por correo electrónico o bien concertando una cita.
Por cierto, los alumnos pendientes de entregarme el DNI renovado o el pasaporte, haganlo lo antes posible.


Equipaje de mano  >>  Cada pasajero puede subir a bordo una maleta de mano cuyo peso no sobrepase los 10 kg, con unas dimensiones máximas de 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm, y 1 bolsa pequeña no mayor de 35 x 20 x 20 cm*.
Facturar maletas:
Con respecto a la facturación de maletas, el precio varía dependiendo del peso. La de 15 kg. ahora mismo estaría en 40€ ida y vuelta; y la de 20 kg. en 60€ ida y vuelta. Se supone que ése es el precio, esperemos que no suba conforme se llene el avión!!!


HAM LEGS' RAFFLE   >>> Numbers ending in 21  will get their tastiest ham leg from Pórtugos!!!!

You can check it here:  ONCE  

All the information about the flight:

IDA: Vuelo 7045 de Ryanair   14 mar.  Málaga T2 AGP  12:10   Dublín T1 DUB  14:25

VUELTA:  Vuelo 7054 de Ryanair  20 mar. Dublín T1 DUB   18:30  Málaga T2 AGP  22:30

Con respecto a la facturación de maletas, el precio varía dependiendo del peso. La de 15 kg. ahora mismo estaría en 40€ ida y vuelta; y la de 20 kg. en 60€ ida y vuelta. Se supone que ése es el precio, esperemos que no suba conforme se llene el avión!!!

8th meeting on Monday, 9th November in the Language Department.

Aspects to talk about:

  • Changes in dates and flights (total price)
  • Photos & Pascuelos
  • Forms to hand in
  • Identity card, passport, health card and police permission
  • Hand luggage to check in
  • Ham raffle 

Lunes 14  Ryanair   12:10 AGP   3 h 15 min  Directo  14:25 DUB    
Domingo 20  Ryanair  18:30 DUB  3 h    Directo   22:30 AGP

Martes 15 Ryanair   12:10 AGP   3 h 15 min    Directo  14:25 DUB
Lunes Ryanair  15:30 DUB    3 h    Directo    19:30 AGP

6th meeting on Monday, 26th October in the Language Department.

Aspects to talk about:

  • First payment and DNIs
  • Forms to hand in
  • Identity card, passport, health card and police permission
  • Hand luggage to check in
  • Ham raffle


5th meeting on Monday, 19th October in the Language Department.

Aspects to talk about:

  • Information to parents
  • Forms to hand in
  • Identity card, passport, health card and police permission
  • Hand luggage to check in

Fourth meeting on Tuesday, 13th October in the Language Department.

Aspects to talk about:
  • Dates and cost of the trip
  • Forms to fill in
  • First payment to do

V Study Trip to the British Isles to Dublin (Easter 2016). 


Esperanza, Patricia, Mª José, Irene, Alberto Pineda, Alba, Cristina, Mª José, Lucía, Álvaro Ruíz, María, Lucía Pérez, Lucía Torres, Lara, Erika, Nicolás, Beatriz, Joaquín, Juan, Gonzalo, Helena, Mª Carmen, Estela, Natalie, Valeria, Miguel Ángel Glez., Sara, Alex, Andrea, Laura, Miguel Ángel Rguez., Francisco, Julia, Alberto & Guille.



And remember: YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE!!! because Albert and J. Luis will always be there.


Third meeting on Monday, 5th October in the Language Department




Have a look at the information about DUBLIN 2016 below and in my blog. Then, if you are interested, fill in this form as soon as you can because we need to do everything very quickly to buy our flights cheaper. By the way, those of you who are interested to go on your own, let me know. I have been told that you will have to pay 30€ extra.

Why Ireland split into the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland

Click here to watch:


IV STUDY TRIP TO UK: Chester 2015 (IES Mediterráneo, Salobreña)

Day 1  >>> Sunday, 22nd  March

         Hello! Here we are in our fourth study trip to UK, this time to Chester. We left Salobreña at 16.00 and the trip on the coach to the airport was perfect. The flight was a bit too long and finally our journey finished by taking the coach to the train station in Chester, where the host families were patiently waiting for us after midnight to take us home. Sorry for the time of the arrival and thanks for such a warm welcome in a cold night.
         The important thing is that we have all arrived safe and sound and ready for a great experience. It has been a long exhausting day, but we have great expectations.  Good night to everybody and further news will  be posted tomorrow.

Day 2  >>>> Monday, 23rd March

         Early in the morning it was pretty cold, humid and overcast, although it has got better and sunnier as the day has passed with a complete absence of rain. All the students have been arriving with excellent news about their host families reporting no problems at all.

         To begin with, they have done the entry test so as to establish the two groups. Then, during the first break they have begun eating their packed lunch prepared by the families before the next session of classes. Meanwhile, the teachers have walked to the train station to get all the necessary information to prepare our trips to Liverpool and the north of Wales.
         After lunch time Kelly and Jessica have taken us on our guided tour of the city of Chester visiting the racecourse, sites and tracks of the presence of the Romans in Chester (remember that 'Chester' comes from the Latin 'castra, castrorum', that is to say, fortress), The Rows (a typichal shopping area in the city centre), the cathedral and other places of interest. I have just uploaded photos of everything.
        Finally we have taken the buses home all exhausted and willing to arrive home, have dinner and have a pleasant rest. Actually, the teachers were already in bed by 8 p.m. I promise to post further news tomorrow morning at school. Good night.

Day 3  >>> Tuesday, 24th March

         A brand new day and we've got a bit of everything: sunny spells, rain, some hail... All the students have arrived safe and sound and already used to the public transport in Chester. There was only a little problem with two of the students who misunderstood the directions given by the host family to find the correct bus stop.

            Anyway, two groups have already been established according to their level, although two students have changed their group after the first break trying to find the most suitable group.
          Everybody is quite happy with their host families and with the food provided by them, so there is a complete absence of problem. We can say the same about the school and the staff working here. They are really helpful. For instance, today they have contacted for a coach for our trip on Saturday around the north of Wales at a very convenient price.
         Therefore, our trips to Liverpool by train on Friday and to Conwy and Caernarfon by coach on Saturday have been arranged for just £20!!!!
         Well, I leave you right now as I have some diaries to correct, and don't forget I have posted new photos.

Day 4  >>> Wednesday, 25th March

What a sunny day we have got today!!!! All the students have arrived in time for classes reporting no problems at all. Fantastic!!! This afternoon we are visiting the Cathedral.

Once classes have finished,we have walked towards the city centre and have had our packed lunches. Then at 14.15 we have met Jessica and Kelly for our guided visit to the cathedral. What an incredible site full of history and where students have been able to analyse different types of architecture. Finally at the refectory we have met a Spaniard from Murcia studying for his B2 and working as a waiter who has explained the students how important it is to make the most of our visit to Chester and study English so as to achieve a good command of the language.

Eventually the group has scattered around the city as they had some spare time before taking the bus home for dinner. Well, we haven't got much time left!!!! Time really flies!

 Day 5  >>> Thursday, 26th March

          We are already in the second part of our trip and today is the very last day our students have classes, but what a long day! I hope families in Spain really appreciate the effort their children are doing, the diary that most of them are handing in every day, the homework they do and the good reports given about them by the two teachers who have been teaching them. They have congratulated us for it. As well, today they have received their certificates and there have been some disappointments, but this must mean an encouragement to keep on working, get better and achieve the goals they had in mind when they decided to participate in this study trip.
        Today we have also had a meeting to give all the necessary information for the two trips we have got ahead and Sunday, when we fly back home, and which is not so far.
       We are still very lucky with the weather despite the freezing wind as we have not had any rain when we were wandering about in Chester. And tomorrow at last, we have our visit to Liverpool, which our students will surely enjoy.
        Well, good night and I hope everybody understands that we will not be able to upload any more photos or update our diary till tomorrow night or Saturday morning.

Day 6  >>>> Friday, 27th March (link to special entry in this blog)

         Today we've had an incredible weather, warm and sunny. We met at the bus station and then some of us walked to the train station and the rest took a bus as their bus pass was valid for that route.

         We got onto the train with no problems as they run every 15 minutes. We arrived at Lime Street Station and it took us some time to get the hang of the city. We visited the brand new Metropolitan Church, which is not older than 50 years old, the Anglican Church and another cathedral, whose only remains are the external walls. Then we went into the city centre and from there we walked to the Albert Docks. Back into the centre we went to the Cavern, the pub where the Beatles started their career. After that the students scattered around the city centre to go shopping.
        Finally we all met and took the train home without any problems.

Day 7  >>>> Saturday, 28th March (link to special entry in this blog)


Today we began the day with bad news: it was raining with overcast skies and the day really looked miserable, but we were lucky because it was also windy and that means the weather can change. And it really did because as we were driving to Conwy, the skies began to become clearer and clearer, and the rain stopped. By the time we got to Conwy, it was a sunny day.
       It was only when we were finishing our visit to Caernarfon, where we visited the fabulous castle, that we had a scattered shower. However, we were just ready to get on the coach and returned to our beloved Chester, where the group went for their last shoppings.

Day 8  >>>>  Sunday, 29th March

         Today was the last day of our students in Chester. The weather was awful, raining quite heavily. Everyone arrived with their suitcases in time and with no problems at school at midday. The time changed last night and later with the difference of time with Spain, we'll all have a hard day as we'll lose two hours of sleep.

      Anyway we were BACK HOME SAFE AND SOUND by 19.30, so we took the coach to Salobreña, where we arrived at around 21.00 p.m. All the families and the school headmaster were waiting anxiously for their children coming from this wonderful adventure.

We still have to make a report of this fourth experience and we will see what the families say to come to more profound conclusions, but the absence of problems with the host families, school, the weather... makes us believe that we must be really satisfied how everything went on and teachers and families must be really proud of our students.

on Sunday, 22nd March, 2015 at 20:25-22:30 from Malaga Airport to Manchester (Flight ZB 661)

on Sunday, 29th March, 2015 at 15:25- 19:25 from Manchester to Malaga (Flight ZB 660)

Latest information on the weather conditions:


Partly sunny
10° Lo


Some sun with a stray shower
10° Lo


Clouds and sun with a shower


10° Lo


Cloudy with a touch of rain


A shower in the morning


Cloudy with showers


Mostly cloudy with a shower
11° Lo
 free gif


From Sunday, 22nd March to Sunday, 29th March

Everyday you will write down expressions or vocabulary learned that day.
Sunday.- Our flight & first impressions about the family. What is our host family like? What is our room & house like?
Monday.- First experiences with school, public transport and the orientation tour around Chester.
Tuesday.- What are the classes like? Write about the school, the teachers and the entry test. Write about the city of Chester and shopping.
Wednesday.- Write about your routines, meals at home and packed lunch at the school. Write about the weather we are having.
Thursday.- Your free time in Bath & your experience of the classes at the school. Did you like the cathedral? Write about other places visited in Chester.
Friday.- Write about our first outing to Liverpool and the accent of the people (write about the city and places visited).
Saturday.- Write about our second outing to the North of Wales  (Caernafon & Conwy). With regard to Chester and England in general, what are the main differences you found in Wales. And if you went to Cardiff last year, could you appreciate any differences with the north of Wales.
Sunday.- Shopping: what have you bought and how much have you spent? What can you tell me about Manchester? Did you like Chester? Our flight; journey back home. Best memories. Any souvenirs bought? Would you go back to Chester? Would you repeat the experience?

Here's the updated plan of activities proposed for our stay in Chester.

Some videos to watch

City of Liverpool

Beautiful Caernafon castle

Conwy castle

Caernafon castle

HAM LEGS' RAFFLE   >>>> Numbers ending in 08  will get their tastiest ham leg from Pórtugos!!!!
You can check it here:  ONCE  

IMPORTANT!!!   It seems flights are already being bought

We are travelling with Monarch

on Sunday, 22nd March, 2015 at 20:25-22:30 from Malaga Airport to Manchester (Flight ZB 661)

on Sunday, 29th March, 2015 at 15:25- 19:25 from Manchester to Malaga (Flight ZB 660)

We were flying on Monday, but as we were missing one day and we would not be able to do the trips already planned, ACTIVE ENGLISH GLOBAL HOUSE managed to have us on a flight the previous day, so we will be staying there 7 nights!!!   GOOD JOB AND BETTER DEAL!!!!

Start thinking about who is going to check in his luggage. Here are the HAND LUGGAGE CONDITIONS IN MONARCH



First meeting on Wednesday, 24th September in the Language Department.                      

Have a look at the information about CHESTER 2015 in the link below and if you are interested, fill in this form as soon as you can because we need to do everything very quickly to buy our flights cheaper. By the way, those of you who are interested to go on your own, let me know. I have been told that you will have to pay 30€ extra.

By the way, the school we will probably be going to is: ENGLISH IN CHESTER and some initial information about the possible IV STUDY TRIP TO UK: CHESTER 2015.



(You can download the originals from the attached files in my SITE)


Day 1  >>>> Tuesday, 8th April

         Hello! Here we are in our third study trip to UK, this time to Bath. We left Salobreña at 7.45 and the trip on the coach was perfect. Bath is just half an hour from the airport.
         When we arrived we were given a packed lunch and then we went for a walk before the entry test they are taking right now.
         It has been a long exhausting day, but fortunately we haven’t had hardly any problems. So far, so good. We'll see how lucky our students are with their host families. 
         They have just finished their exams and two groups have been set up: an advanced one with 12 students and an elementary one for our 6 students in 2nd of ESO. Later the host families have been arriving in order to collect our students. There has been a change in Guillermo's host family, but it seems that he is going to be very lucky because the landlady is an excellent cook and he will be able to walk to school. 

Day 2  >>>> Wednesday, 9th April

         Our first normal day in Bath and all our students have been incredibly on time for class  (only two of them arrived 20 minutes late, but that's nothing) and they are all very happy with their host families, so there will not be any further changes. Even some of the host families have driven our students to school. As well, the weather is fantastic: sunny and reasonably warm.

          So far it is such an enriching experience for our students not only because of this first contact with British families and their customs, but also because they are interacting with different teachers and people speaking in English, and all that will improve their learning of the language and their confidence. We have to bear in mind that classes are 100% in English and the groups are small, so they all have a chance to participate.
          Therefore, what more can I say with no problems ahead to solve? The staff in BEST IN BATH school have been really nice, welcoming and helpful.
      Today they have classes until 12.30, then we will be having our packed lunch and finally we will be having our walking tour of Bath, plus some free time to explore this most beautiful city, which has been declared UNESCO world heritage site,  by ourselves.
       Well, tomorrow I'll be updating this diary, probably at the same time. By the way, we have just decided that we are going to visit Cardiff on Saturday and Bristol on Sunday, and as it is so cheap we may be going to Bristol on Friday afternoon.


Day 3  >>> Thursday, 10th April

         Another sunny day, perhaps a bit chilly in the morning. Yesterday afternoon after the classes, Dominic, who is teaching our younger group, gave us a fantastic tour of the city with very clear explanations of all the places (The Crescent, The Circus, the rugby pitch...) we visited. The tour lasted about two hours and I think we all got a rough idea of the city and what to visit.

          This morning all of our students were in time for class with excellent news about their going back home by bus yesterday, their dinner and their coming to school today. Two of the older girls were again a bit late today as they still don't control the best times to take the bus, but in general everything is coming out super!!!
           Today, after the classes, we will be visiting the Roman Baths. Then our students, as yesterday, will continue with their discovery of the city and their shoppings.

The visit to the Roman Baths has been spectacular and the group has enjoyed this wonder of the world. The visit has taken us more than an hour. By the way Mari Carmen from English House has arrived from London to check that everything is already and to lend us a hand with all the organization of activities. Once the visit has finished the students has scattered around the narrow alleys of this beautiful city.

See you tomorrow!!!!

Day 4  >>>> Friday, 11th April

Another sunny day!!!  So far we have been so lucky with the weather and it seems it is going to be like this for the next days. 
Today everybody was in time for school and most of them have handed in their diarites. All of them have reported good news from their host families, but they are beginning to get impatient as the town is becoming too small for them, so this afternoon we may go to Bristol by train when the classes finish, as it is so close to Bath (just 10 minutes by train) and it is only £3.
Tomorrow we will be visiting Cardiff and on Sunday we will be spending the whole day in Bristol. I won't be able to update this diary until Monday as we don't come to school at the weekend. Therefore, nobody should be worried because I'll be back on Monday.

Day 5  >>>> Saturday, 12th April
wales.gif         What an amazing experience our students had in Cardiff!!! Again we have been lucky with the weather because it has not rained,although it has been cloudy, windy and a bit chilly. 
The morning began with a little excitment because we had some problems with the clerk at the ticket office to make ourselves understood of what we really wanted and how. Fortunately we knew how to do it and everything ended happily. Then two of our younger students misunderstood the instructions and went to school when they got off the bus instead of going straight away to the railway station. We were just in time for the train to Cardiff, but it was already leaving. No problem! I just stayed with them and the rest of the group left for Cardiff. We only waited an hour for the next train.
Once in Cardiff, we phoned the rest of the group, who were waiting for us in front of the entrance to the castle. We walked around the castle and then visited the City Hall and the National Museum Cardiff, which was really impressive for the students. There were some exhibitions of prehistoric animals, art, geologic transformations... The students even asked for some extra time to visit some of the exhibitions. Then we just strolled around the city centre, which was crowded with people shopping. We also saw the Millenium Stadium in the distance. The students could also appreciate the differences between Wales and England (flag, language, accent...). We even saw a marriage and how people dressed for the occasion and some old cars (Rolls Royce) waiting for the married couple.
Finally there was some free time for our students to do some shopping and I looked for the card shop M. Luisa's friend owns.
We were all in time to take the train home (a big round of applause for our students and their punctuality!!! They are just incredible!!!).

What an outing full of excitement and experiences, which we will never forget!!!

Day 6  >>>> Sunday, 13th April

        The weather had been good so far, but today it is just gorgeous, so sunny and warm. The best day in day of the whole week so far!!!  The perfect day for our walk to Clifton Suspension Bridge. And again how lucky we feel to have such a nice bunch of students!!!! They are so well-behaved and so attentive to all the instructions we give them.

      Today we haven't had any problems buying our train tickets and taking the train to Bristol, where we changed our train to go to Clifton Down. There we met such a helpful and friendly lady who gave us some directions for a shortcut to the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Actually, this experience must be a wonderful example of how to behave when a tourist needs help. The walk to the Clifton Suspension was really nice in the sunshine.
    Back to the station we took the train to Bristol, whose railway station is most beautiful. This city, which is in the mouth of the River Avon, was completely devastated during the Second World War and now is a modern city full of excitement, people, shops.. We had our packed lunchs in a park, we visited the canals (where we saw some old ships in the distance) and then we had a walk around the city. We saw the Town Hall, the Cathedral, some graffitti, beautiful parks... Finally we gave our students some time to do some shopping.
Again everybody was in time at check-in point, went back to train station and to Bath. Well, it is time to do all the packing getting ready for our flight home.

Day 7  >>>>> Monday/Tuesday, 14th/15th April

         Today is the last day our students have classes. The weather again is wonderful. Everyone has arrived with their suitcases in time and with no problems. They will be having class till 12.30, when they will be having their packed lunchs and some time for late shoppings. We will be coming back to school at 16 to get our coach for the transfer to Bristol airport, where we will be taking our flight home hopefully at 19.40. Therefore the estimated arrival time at Malaga airport will be at 23.15 (Spanish time) and I think we will be back home by 1 a.m.

BACK HOME SAFE AND SOUND!!!! We just had some problems checking in our baggage, but in the end we sorted out and flew home without problems. Then we took the coach to Salobreña, where we arrived at around 1.15 a.m. All the families were waiting anxiously for their children coming from this wonderful adventure.

We still have to make a report of this third experience and we will see what the families say to come to more profound conclusions, but the absence of problems with the host families, school, the weather... makes us believe that we must be really satisfied how everything went on and teachers and families must be really proud of our students.

    Weather in Bath  

Our philosophy teacher has sent me this guide for Bristol and the guide for Cardiff.


Here's my proposal for the project the students participating in the experience will have to do during their stay in Bath. Teachers will take it into account when evaluating the students and we are studying the possibility of a little prize for the best projects handed in. 
IMPORTANT: If you want to download the document, here's the LINK.


From Tuesday, 8th April to Monday, 14th April

Everyday you will write down expressions or vocabulary learned that day.
Tuesday.- Our flight & first impressions about school and family.
Wednesday.- What is our host family like? What is our room & house like? First experiences with public transport and the city of Bath.
Thursday.- What are the classes like? Write about the school, the teachers and the entry test. Write about Bath and the visit to the Roman Baths.
Friday.- Write about your routines, meals at home and packed lunch at the school. Write about the weather we are having.
Saturday.- Your free time in Bath & first outing to Bristol or Cardiff (write about the city and the main differences you found in Wales).
Sunday.- Shopping: what have you bought and how much have you spent? & second trip to Bristol or Cardiff (write about the city and the main differences you found in Wales).
Monday.- Our last day in Bath. Our flight & journey back home. Best memories. Any souvenirs bought? Would you go back to Bath? Would you repeat the experience?

HAM LEGS' RAFFLE   >>>>   Numbers ending in 07  will get their tastiest ham leg from Pórtugos!!!!
You can check it here:  ONCE   

Taking a bath
We have already been sent a proposal for the activities programmed during our stay in Bath. I think we will only have time left to visit Bristol and Cardiff at the weekend. In my opinion, the classes scheduled look quite suitable for the goals of our study trip, especially for the elder students who want to enter the B1 exam when we come back. We will be visiting the city of Bath during the little spare time left and, of course you will have time to get lost in the local markets or shopping centres.

Our school in Bath: BEST IN BATH Language School  


Some information about the cities of Bath and Cardiff you may like to have a look at:

Bath  >>>   Here's something that Mª José has sent me:

Here you are two pages of Bath and some places to visit there:

Here, there are a lot of places of Bath, I hope that will help.
See you tomorrow! J






IMPORTANT    >>>   We already have the flight tickets and dates:

Tuesday, 8th April from Malaga airport to Bristol: departure time 10.30 a.m
Mondauy, 14th April from Bristol to Malaga: departure time 19.40 p.m
The price of the flight tickets is 145 € without checking in any baggage (just hand baggage)
BAGGAGE: normas equipaje con EASYJET   (medidas del equipaje de mano que se puede subir al avión: 56x45x25 cm   





Watch this masterpiece by our great José Luis:

You can also visit José Luis' blog:  Ned Flanders.


Day 1  >>>> Tuesday, 19th March

         Hello again! Here we are in our second study trip to UK, this time to Cambridge. We left Salobreña at 7.45 and the trip on the coach almost perfect, as one of the students left her wallet at home (she only had her passport). She phoned home and her father managed to drive to Malaga Airport just in time for us to take the plane. No problems with the flight and when we arrived at Gatwick Airport Raphael from ABC Languages School was already there waiting for us. Then the group from Almeria came and altogether we took the coach to Cambridge.
         On the coach we were given papers, plans and some other useful things for our stay in Cambridge. We arrived quite early and taxis took all the students to their different host families. It has been a long exhausting day, but fortunately we haven’t had hardly any problems.

Day 2  >>>>> Wednesday, 20th March

         The weather is pretty cold and humid. Anyway, as any other first day, students reported the first problems they have had with their host families. Actually, and unlike last year in Edinburgh, they were only two problems, which ABC Languages staff quickly found solutions to along the day. As well, some of the students had problems finding the school and taking the buses, or not understanding the directions they were given at home, which is the normal thing to happen.
We are having our classes at a secondary school (the Chesterton Community Centre), so it is going to be a great opportunity for them to see how English students behave, what the classrooms and schools are like in Britain, and certain rules they must respect, among other things. What an experience for our students, who are usually so loud! Anyway, our students are very happy with the classes and the teachers.
After our packed lunch, which consists of a sandwich (baguette), some fruit, a big cookie and a bottle of mineral water or some juice, we have split the group into smaller ones for our guided tour of Cambridge. I must admit that it has not changed much after 31 years (you know, the first time I ever came to Cambridge as a student). Then everybody has taken the bus home.
Day 3  >>>>> Thursday, 21st March

         Another cold day, although it looks as if it were going to be sunnier today. We’ll see. By the way, today some of our female students arrived late. We have talked to them and we hope this won’t happen again. We have solved today our last problem with the host families relocating Marina, Flor y Carmen again thanks to ABC Languages staff.
         Our students are getting used to taking the public transport and as Cambridge is so handy they are quickly taking the hang of it. This afternoon we have taken the bus to the city centre and we have visited the centre, the Backs (of the colleges), the River, the Round Church… By the way I happened to come across my landlord’s twin brother at Market Place and we were talking about the good old days when we went to see a Cambridge United football match and about Mr Flory’s family.
         Finally, and before letting the group some free time, we have confirmed the time when the taxis will be picking up the girls to take them to their new host families.
Day 4  >>>>   Friday, 22nd March

         Another cold and humid day and it seems that we are going to have snow in the next few days, according to the weather forecast. Now everybody is happy with their host families, but still today some boys have not been in time for classes. Then the teachers, we have met to prepare our visit to London tomorrow splitting the group in 4 in order to have a better control of the students. We have gone through the itinerary, too. However, we are really worried about the weather. We’ll see.
After lunch we have taken the bus to the railway station, where we have taken the train to Ely. We have seen its beautiful long cathedral and we have been very fortunate to attend a service thanks to the dean, who has let us in through the back door. The King’s Chapel was singing!!! so all of us were really excited. Then we have all had the chance to see what a typical English village is like (at least the village centre).
Back in Cambridge we have reminded the students the times for tomorrow. TOMORROW LONDON, WHAT AN ADVENTURE!
Day 5  >>>>> Saturday, 23rd March
         BEFORE STARTING I MUST SAY THAT WE WERE ALL BACK IN CAMBRIDGE SAFE AND SOUND (our 30 students + the two teachers from our school and the 10 students + 2 teachers from Almeria).
         When I woke up and looked out of the window all the streets were already full of snow as it had been snowing all the night. In spite of all the disadvantages snow may have and as we cannot do anything, I must admit I am eager to see London in the snow since it would be the first time ever for me.
The students had some difficulties in getting to the railway station on time because of the snow and because the buses weren’t running with the same frequency as on weekdays. Anyhow, we were very lucky to catch the 8.45 train, which was a fast one, on the last minute. We succeeded in our first test. Fifty minutes by train and we would be in London, the capital city of Britain.
Before I go on, I must say that all our students behaved superbly, but I must make a special reference to our intrepid philosophy teacher as we saved our lives in several occasions, as you will see in a few seconds. When we arrived at King’s Cross Railway Station we went to see the 9¾ platform, where one of the scenes of the Harry Potter film was filmed. The students were so excited that one of the them lost the ticket which we had to use for the train and the tube. Just imagine how she felt. Fortunately our D’Artagnan was there to save her and get her through all the tube barriers and gates
         From King’s Cross we took the underground to Buckingham Palace (just imagine what an adventure it was every time the 45 of us took it), where it began to snow again. That is why the Change of the Guards was cancelled. Then we walked to Westminster Bridge and we took pictures of the London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey... and from there we saw Trafalgar Square just in the distance. It was snowing so heavily that we decided to change our plans. Instead we took the tube to Covent Garden, where the pictures we took were really unique because of the snow. There we gave the students some time to have lunch and go shopping.
         As the weather conditions weren’t any better, we decided to take the tube again to go to the British Museum, where our courageous Indiana Jones went bananas going from one room to another and telling the students stories about Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, mummies, sculptures and so on. We were all so impressed of the knowledge this man has (he can’t have spent much time watching telly or playing computer games, I am sure). THE LEGEND CONTINUES. WHAT WILL BE THE NEXT ADVENTURE OF OUR BRAVE MUSKETEER??? THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, MY DEAR FRIEND!!!
         We finally took the train back to Cambridge as we were all exhausted, but full of incredible memories and stories to tell. What an amazing experience our students had!!!

Day 6  >>>> Sunday, 24th March

         A new day has come and it is still snowing in Cambridge, but the scenes are really gorgeous, real postcards!! Today is a free day for everybody, but since shops are open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., we have told the students that they can meet us at 11, 13 and 17 at the Market Place in case they have any problems or anything to tell us. Anyway, they also have my mobile phone number. We actually came across them in the shopping centres or just walking around the city, but they told me this morning that most of them were back home early because it was so cold in the streets.
Day 7 >>>> Monday, 25th March

         Today is the last day our students have classes. At midday they are having a quiz and the teachers have been invited to it. The 40 students have been divided into groups of 4 or 5 students and they have been asked a set of questions about what they have learned this week. They have had a great time and later they have been given their certificates by the Principal and the teachers they have had all these days. Once the act has finished, we have had our packed lunch and we have been left on our own with the students in order to organize the afternoon and our final day in Cambridge.
In the afternoon we have visited St. John’s College, which consists of 7 yards and where you can have a look at the famous  Bridge of Sighs. Furthermore, we have been to the Natural History Museum, where there were interesting displays of dinosaur skeletons, minerals, etc We have agreed to spend in the museum as much time as we would  like and to leave whenever each student wanted. However, we have strongly recommended them to go to the Fitzwilliam Museum. Unfortunately, we have learned today that on Mondays it is closed.
Day 8  >>>> Tuesday, 26th March

         Our last day in Cambridge. The students have been arriving in their taxis with their baggage. Then we have walked to Grafton Shopping Centre, where we have spent a couple of hours. Before letting them go on their own we have arranged to meet at the entrance hall at 10.45, when we have walked back to ABC Languages School. As soon as we have arrived we have got on the coach and said goodbye to all the staff who has been helping us during our stay.
Once at Gatwick airport we have eaten our filling packed lunch befote checking in (again we have been very lucky because they have allowed us to check in free our hand luggage. Some of our students were really anxious as their suitcases were really heavy because of all the presents they were taking home). Then in the duty-free shopping area we have rested for a while before taking our flight home.
As usual, the flight and journey seem so long. At Malaga Airport the coach was already waiting for us and on the way home we had the great opportunity to listen to the radio and listen how Spain has defeated France in France.
At 22.45 we have arrived a tour school, where familias and our headmaster (Mr Olegario Ranea) were waiting for us. Well, back home, safe and sound.


CAMBRIDGE, from 19th to 26th MARCH, 2013

Weather forecast for Cambridge during our stay (updated on Sunday, 17th March, at 09:30)   Remember that the temperatures are for Cambridge airport.

Light rain early. Mostly cloudy. Chilly.
Hi: 5 °C
Lo: 1 °C
More clouds than sun. Chilly.
Hi: 4 °C
Lo: -2 °C
More sun than clouds. Chilly.
Hi: 7 °C
Lo: -3 °C
Decreasing cloudiness. Chilly.
Hi: 6 °C
Lo: 0 °C
More sun than clouds. Chilly.
Hi: 6 °C
Lo: 1 °C
More clouds than sun. Cool.
Hi: 7 °C
Lo: 2 °C
Mostly cloudy. Cool.
Hi: 8 °C
Lo: 2 °C
Mostly cloudy. Cool.
Hi: 8 °C
Lo: 2 °C

English House Host List    >>>  these are the families the students are going to stay at.


Ver Cambridge 2013 en un mapa más grande


IMPORTANT >>> Have a look at this: borrador programa de actividades

We will be attending classes at ABC LANGUAGES in Cambridge. Here are some links:

Ver mapa más grande
BAGGAGE: normas equipaje con EASYJET   (medidas del equipaje de mano que se puede subir al avión: 56x45x25 cm    

Guía de viaje de Cambridge

Look at the WEATHER FORECAST for Cambridge here.

CAMBRIDGE, from 19th to 26th MARCH, 2013

As you know, this year we have decided to visit Cambridge and I'd like to remind you all the things that are included in the price of the trip:
  • 7 nights: accomodation with a family and all meals included,
  • 20 classes
  • guided tour around Cambridge
  • half-day trip to visit the Cathedral of Ely
  • visit to the University of St Jones
  • train to London (+ Pass for the public transport in London), 
  • insurance
  • Bus pass for Cambridge (7 days)
  • and bus from Stansted to Cambridge and from Cambridge to Stansted.
What is not included in the price?: 
  • Bus from Salobreña to Málaga airport and from Málaga airport to Salobreña. There are two possibilities to do this: either we hire the bus or we take the Agency's offer of a bus for 20€ per student.
  • Flight tickets from Málaga to London (Stansted), which we are going to buy ourselves in order to get them at the lowest prices.
IMPORTANT: We want to leave on Tuesday afternoon, 19th March, so that you don't miss hardly any classes at school.

Day 1   >>>>  Monday, 26th March
Arrival day.

Day 2   >>>>  Tuesday, 27th March
We arrived safe and sound in Edinburgh. A bit tiring and long, but it was reasonably ok and the welcoming was excellent with the taxis distributing everybody to their places. The weather today has been sunny and warm. They say we have brought the sunshine from Spain.
Apart from some accomodation problems, everything seems to go alright. The students have just taken their placement tests, listen to a presentation of Scotland and the course, and are now in class.
By the way the packed lunch was reasonably tasty.

Day 3   >>>>  Tuesday, 27th March

Our second day in Scotland and there are more and more stories and experiences that we will keep in our memories for ever, and the good thing is that they always have a happy ending and that they will surely be very positive for the future lives of our students. They are really appreciating the importance of being able to speak English in order to make themselves understood. Something that also helps a lot is how friendly and helpful the people are here. 
In spite of a few spoilt children, food is not a big problem with our delicious packed lunches, families' homecooking and, in case of emergency, the TESCO supermarket we have nearby or some other fast food restaurants. The staff here at Mackenzie School are really helpful and understanding and are always eager to please us, so accomodation problems, pupils getting lost, placing students in the right classes... are being solved quite fast.
What can I say about the weather when we had record temperatures for March yesterday? Just incredible!!! You can see everybody in the parks having lunch and sunbathing in shorts and T-shirts.
And tonight we are having a party!!!! so our students will have the opportunity to mix with students from other countries.

Day 4  >>>>  Wednesday, 28th March

4th day in Edinburgh and everything is going super. Today it was quite warm and the weather conditions, in general are fantastic.
Some stomach problems because some of our students do not follow our pieces of advice, but in general we must admit they are a fantastic bunch of students who are gettting the most out of this wonderful experience. As I said, breakfast at home, tasty pack lunch and dinner at 6 o'clock in their host families don't seem to be enough food for some and they decide to try any of the fast food restaurants in the area or just get into the nearest supermarket to get some junk food.
Yesterday we went up Calton Hill, where you have an excellent view of the whole city, the city, the harbour and all the surrroundings. Later we went back to Mackenzie School, had our pack lunch and went to classes.
Last night was a glorious one for them as they had the disco with some other groups coming from Austria, Italy, Spain... and again the staff at the school showed a wonderful organisation not only for all the arrangements they made at the venue, but also for hiring taxis to take the students home. Cheers, great job!

Day 5   >>>>  Thursday, 29th March

Day number 5 didn't end so well because some of the last students to be moved to their host families had some problems that we could not solve last night and that I am sure they will in the morning. Probably the problem was this second start. If we had just had one start, the problems would have been solved long time ago, like the ones we had at the beginning. Anyway, this is it.
Today we visited Holyrood Palace, the Royal Mile and went shopping for a while. The temperatures were today a bit less warm (which was good for us), but still we have a wonderful weather.
Ah! By the way we had a coffee at the Elephant Coffee Shop, where J.K.Rowling used to go (Harry Potter's writer).

Day 6  >>>  Friday, 30th March

On our 6th Day here in Edinburgh and again Mackenzie School has solved the accomodation problems early in the morning once again. Then we went to the city centre to visit the National Museum of Scotland, which was free and with really interesting exhibitions. The students have enjoyed it a lot, although some of them missed the bus or took the wrong one and arrived really late straight into the museum (which is really a positive experience for them, especially for Javier and Joaquin, who visited a little village by the sea.
We have already had our pack lunch and they are in class now. By the way, EXCELLENT NEWS because we went to the railway station to get our tickets for tomorrow's visit to Stirling we had super-positive surprises. An ordinary one-way ticket to Stirling is  £9, but we've got some discounts as it is an off-peak day, it is a day-return ticket and for every adult 2 under-16 students go free, that is, we will have to pay   just £4.70 per person!!!!!
Last night, after dinner we went into the city centre to visit the Greyfriars Cemetery and had one of the greatest performances of our teacher J. Luis as a Walking Dead. We also saw the Bobby's burial place (the dog which stood by the grave of his owner for 17 years till he died). Then we went back home safe and sound.

Day 7   >>  Saturday, 31st April

On our 7th Day here in Edinburgh

FANTASTIC NEWS ABOUT THE WEATHER.This is the weather forecast for our 8-day stay in Edinburgh, can you believe it?
More sun than clouds. Mild.

Hi: 17 °C
Lo: 5 °C
Sunny. Mild.

Hi: 16 °C
Lo: 4 °C
High level clouds. Mild.

Hi: 16 °C
Lo: 5 °C
Sunny. Mild.

Hi: 13 °C
Lo: 4 °C
Sunny. Cool.

Hi: 13 °C
Lo: 4 °C
More sun than clouds. Mild.

Hi: 12 °C
Lo: 4 °C
Mostly sunny. Mild.

Hi: 13 °C
Lo: 5 °C
More sun than clouds. Mild.

Hi: 13 °C
Lo: 5 °C

GUIDELINES FOR EDUCATION VISIT TO STIRLING CASTLE  >> Please read this and make any comments about it.

Making our luggage: Here you've got a document where we can all write our contributions.


MY LUGGAGE                    

The weather in Edinburgh
Click on here and you will find out about the probable weather in Edinburgh at Easter (it will not be certainly as cold as in Granada in winter, for example). The temperatures will be around 10º C and as you can see from the sunrise and sunset times we will have light from 6 in the morning till at least 9 in the evening (in normal conditions). However, you must always remember the indoors conditions.
Other links:  1   2   3

Logo designed by Mr Utrabo (Joaquín for his closest friends). Thanks!!!

Interesting links for our visit to Scotland:
  2. Edimburgo literario (in Spanish)
  3. Where did JK Rowling write Harry Potter? The Elephant House

2nd February, 2012  >>>>  MEETING
  • Going to Stirling on our own. I think we should take the 9.14 train and so we would be arriving in Stirling at 9.55. Check train timetables here.
  • Then we would be doing this walk, which is about 4 km. That means that we would be in the castle in less than an hour, but as we are in no hurry we could arrange our visit to the castle by midday.
  • Then we would have to decide if we are going to Loch Lomond or not.

26th January, 2012  >>>>   MEETING
  • We will be checking that everybody has paid and that everybody has got his identity card and passport.
  • We will decide who is going to sell T-shirts and sweaters to raise money for the trip.
  • We will deal with the issue of exchanging money all together. Remember that the exchange rate is:
         1 EUR               =          0.836117 GBP
1.00 GBP =1.19600 EUR
British Pound

19th January, 2012  >>>   MEETING
Today we decided that we wouldn't go on the organized trip to Stirling. Instead, we will try to do it on our own.
Trip to Stirling Castle and visit to the monument of William Wallace. Have a look at these two articles, please.

BREAKING NEWS >>> Today (11th Jan) the Agency have sent me two emails with very important information about our trip:
  1. We will have to pay the rest of the trip by 22nd January. I have sent you the email and the grid with the exact amount of money you will have to deposit in CAJAMAR. We will do the same as before: you pay and bring me the receipt, which I scan and send to the Agency, and give you back the original.
  2. They have also sent me a dossier for you and your parents to read carefully because it contains very important information for our trip. We will go through it in our meetings. Here is the link: DOSSIER.
11th January, 2012  >>  MEETING
In our meeting today during the break, we were talking about these issues:
  1. There are still 10 people who haven't given me the two documents I have to send to the English House Agency.
  2. In the future our meetings will be on Thursdays during the breaks (and even sometimes on Fridays).
  3. It is not compulsory to attend the meetings, but you have to check your email every week before Thursday and this page in my blog for relevant information I may give you. And then you will have to check here for all the aspects that we have dealt with in the meeting.
  4. We were also talking about DROPBOX (some of you have already installed the programme) to share interesting and relevant files about the trip. Later we will be able to share photos and videos, too.
  5. Finally we talked about the plugs they have in the UK and the adaptor you will need to buy. Here is a photo of the plug.   


Christmas is coming and you know what??
And now seriously speaking:

Have a look at some interesting material about Braveheart and Scotland at the site of my colleague's Victoria (teacher at Julio Rodríguez Secondary School).


You can also visit José Luis' website, where he is inserting all the activities organized at our school.

My Study Trip to Edinburgh (Easter 2012)
Day one
Date _____________________________________ Season ___________________
What was the weather like today? It was rainy, but warm.
What time is it now? It is half past nine in the evening.

Everyday you’ll write about what you have done at school and in the afternoon.
You’ll finish about any problems at home and about what things were like at home (food, host family…).

We have just arrived from the airport. The flight was ok, but we had to wait very long hours to board because our plane had been delayed. When we arrived in Edinburgh, it was a bit cold, but it wasn’t raining. I hope tomorrow it will be sunny.
The family was very nice with me (I’m staying with Angelina Jolie), although dinner was already cold because we arrived so late. I didn’t like the fish, although the pasta was alright.
Tomorrow it’s our first day at school. We have an exam. I hope everything is fine and that I’m in the same class as Angelina Jolie.

Baggage meeting

The travel agency said that every passenger has the right to carry  10 kg as hand luggage with these measures: 55x40x20 cm. The baggage that you check in mustn't exceed 15kg of weight and you will have to pay 30€ per piece of baggage.
Read this document for further details about your luggage.

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