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jueves, 13 de febrero de 2014

Boot camps, what are they?

Read this report about residential boot camps for teenagers and give me your opinion. It could also be the topic of your next composition. But first let's have a look at the definition.

Some serious cases to analyse about these boot camps:

Boot camp boy died under 'routine' control

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  1. This news is very interesting, but do not understand how doctors could think that Aaron was faking.

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  3. I think it's incredible how a teenager with drug problems who wants to leave them with some treatments could die in a boot camp suffering abuses of specialists. As Javi said, I don't understand how doctors could think that Aaron was faking either. I couldn't imagine what things they proposed to him.

  4. I think that it is so embarrassing because, these teenagers with drug problems will want change in this boot camp. However, these centers include untrained staff, abuse by staff prior to camper fatalities and negligent operating practices. So we can say that this camp is a '' boot camp of suffering '' where many teenagers die. It´s so embarrassing!

  5. Such events are a pity. Aaron's father and mother thought that residential boot camps would help his son but the terrible true was that residential boot camps wasn't the solution of his problems. After Aaron's death his family discovered this kind of events are currently happening around USA but what is really incredible is that residential boot camps aren't close. In my personal opinion if someone dies in a residential boots camps, the personal, who work in it, aren't the best for this type of jobs and the residential boots camps must close.

  6. I think that this success mustn´t pass nowadays because the legislation should close this places to don´t die more people.I think that is terrible that your son dies in a place where specialist should help them with his problems.I can´t imagine how a doctor can say that Aron was facking it and he dies later, a medicin profesional must cure the people and they musn´t left that someone die.

    Carmen Presenta 2ºA BACH.

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  8. I think that these places should help people with problems with appropriate activities to cure their illness and the personal of these centres shouldn´t por example forced to hike eight to 10 miles a day with little food.In conclusion that boot camps should be prohibited because a lot of youngs dies in these kind of centres.

    By: Almudena Pérez Puertas 1ºA BACH

  9. It's something I can't imagine. It seems amazing that in the middle of 21st century, in an important and big country like America, people still do things like that.
    It's not an underdeveloped country, there are a lot of different means to control it. We can't allow the existence of boot camps where children or teenagers aren't well cared by monitors or qualified people.
    I think people around the world should mobilize to finish with all these things, which should have dissapeared a long time ago.

    by Elisa Martín Cano (2º Bach A)

  10. I haven't got idea that this ocurred so often in America. It's true that America is a country when 'The Law of the Stronger' exists, but that don't excuse to the directors and responsibles who maked children to die. I hope they could never exit from prision, and that they curse their existence being mistreated as the poor children, as well, to the death. If the politicals would have already done that, there probably wouldn't exist cases like this no more.

    by Álvaro Rodríguez Rivas (1º Bach A)

  11. Boot camps are the best alternative compared to rehabilitation, but not all boot camp instructors are qualified, well trained or safe. If you plan to send your child to a boot camp, it is best to do some research about the camp you have chosen. Remember you are leaving your child in the care of the adults at the boot camp. You need to know as much as possible before your child enrolls.

  12. Boot camps is a terrible site where go bad people. This is led by ex military and sometimes cruel misfortunes happen as the death of children but sometimes there are good person here. For this reason it can have adventages and disadvantages.

    Firstly, this is a rehabilitation center for young people who misbehave. Consequently maybe they can change their behavior and have a better life away from drugs and jail.

    On the other hand, as I said before many people die due to the hardness's monitors. Some people can not stand the pace of work and poor living conditions that they must suffer. For example, They work all the day and if you do not eat well, you can not have all the strength you need, and you will die.

    In conclusion, It seem to me that many boot camps are very cruel sites however there are some boot camps where help you to change your life.

    David Fausto Fajardo Garcia 1º Bach B

  13. A boot camp is a centre for juvenile offenders with a strict disciplinary, hard physical exercise and community labor progammes that help people become much better. Personally, I think it is a good idea, but it has some disadvantages.

    Boot camps are a good idea because when teenagers commit crimes they don’t have to go to prison. Instead in these boot camps they have to work hard and learn what hard life is. Another reason why I think the boots camps are good idea is connected with the strict disciplinary they learn to respect the people and to live in community. In these boot camps difficult teenagers can change and become better people.

    However, boots camps aren’t a wonder because of their strict disciplinary. For example, boys and girls can’t call their parents and they suffer much. I imagine if I went to boot camp I wouldn’t stay there much time because I wouldn’t endure the guards and the rules! I couldn’t be locked in a boot camp without leaving.

    In conclusion and in my opinion, boot camps are good to change bad teenagers, although I think monitors should be less hard on them.

  14. To start with, I’m going to define what boot camps are. A boot camp is a disciplinary or programme in which young offenders are forced to participate in a rigidly structured routine. Actually, there are people who are not specific offenders, they are just rude teenagers.

    On the one hand, they are a good idea to re-educate young people. Some desperate parents send their children to the camp when they get into trouble, as well when they have a bad behaviour. It’s a good solution to guide teenagers, make them feel like different people and help them to change their attitude to life. This type of camps is too strict and cruel, though.

    On the other hand, I think that parents have the responsibility of guiding their children from their early childhood. They have to educate them and be the best example for them. If you do things well, I’m pretty sure that your children will do things the same as you. It is said that like father like son.

    All in all, if I was sent to a boot camp, I would feel very angry and miserable. I wouldn’t like that camp guards told me to give them all my personal possession. What’s more, I wouldn’t like the idea of being far from my family. At the moment, I think that my parents wouldn’t send me to one, because I’m a well-educated girl and a good student.

    Andrea Gutiérrez López 1BACH A


    Should we be sent to a boot camp? Would we learn how to behave correctly? Nowadays, teens and children are different from those from some years ago. What has caused this change in behaviour?

    Looking back to past times, about 30 or 40 years ago, people behaved in a different way. For instance, children always spoke to their parents politely, calling them “father”, “mother” and now, most of children are rude, they name their relatives as if they were their friends. Not only that, but also they were used to have fewer things and they didn't ask for as much as than now. Time has changed, and so have children.

    These boot camps were built mainly for teens that were criminals, while now, their use has became to correct and teach those who don't follow rules and break them. This kind of education has sevaral advantages: firstly, teenagers are away from their homes, so they don't have parents' security and they must defend themselves. Furthermore, they can meet new friends and learn to do things without any help. However, it is also known that boot camps are sometimes very strict and can causes physicologycal problems for teens.

    As I am concerned, I wouldn't like to be sent to a boot camp. people say that if we went to a boot camp we would be politer. Taking all into account, I'd like to point out that instead of being sent to that place, we should be brought to pysicologysts who treat us and can also change troubled people.

    María Béjar Rodríguez 1º Bach

  16. Today I’m going to talk about my opinion of bootcamps,I think it is a very interesant subjet.I think that it is a good idea because they make people more educated and correct.
    Firstly,I going to say what it is a boot camp. A boot camp is a disciplinary facility or program in which young people are forced to participate in a rigidly structured routine.There are some families that have problems with their children as they are out of control and they think about sending them to a boot camp, they send their children to boot camps for them to receive a strick discipline as they hope that this will make them better people. Normally, when parents send their children to a boot camp they can see a result and it solves the childs problems.
    Secondly,people in boot camps do things that they don’t do in their normal life because their parents do all the household chores. Young people in boot camp do the cleaning, they do the washing and they do their beds. This makes people more conscious of what life is and that theyand this will make them better people. when children go to boot camps they appreciate more the work their parents do for them and when they get home they start helping.
    Finally,I think that boot camps can transform young people whose behavior is not the correct into people more conscious of what life is and the objective. And if it helps them then I think that they are a good thing.

  17. before the children behaved better than now, in the past the children at school did not behave well, the teachers beat the children with a ruler, for those reasons they behaved better, now the children do not behave well, they spoof Before their children, they did not ask for as many things as they do today.
    the boot camps have been built especially for children who are very baddly educated and who do not pay attention, and who do not want to study, it is better because they do not follow the rules and can become an educated child.
    I do not want to be taken to a boot camp, because I could not see my family or friends, it will be harder for me, I could not leave at a time etc.
    In my opinion, it would be better to take a child than. He is not well educated to reformatory