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lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011

Christmas is coming!!

Maria Navas has just reminded me that Christmas is coming. Tell us what Christmas means for you. Remember that our main goal is to write in English, so write whatever you feel like about this holiday.
 Listen, as well, to our new soundtrack song and check the lyrics in my site (it was one of the first songs I uploaded at the very beginning of the year).


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  1. Christmas is for me the best holiday. I think is time to spent with the family. On this time everyone is happy, you can see your family and diner with them. Children are also happy because spent much present, everybody get present but children are more happy because they think that their present brings by Santa. It´s a perfect time but there have much cold.
    BY: Ana Béjar Sánchez 2ºBACH B

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  3. Well, on the one hand I don't like Christmas because I think it's a time where people buy too much. In my opinion Christmas it's just a trade and people behave very selfish.. and they only think about their self.
    On the other hand I like Christmas because I can go to ski, this year I'll go with a English friends, and I also like Christmas because it's holidays! and I have a lot of time to do whatever I wish, what happiness!

  4. I think that Christmas is the best time of year. You can see gifts in stores, spend time with your family, visit some friends who live far , stroll through the illuminated streets of the city..
    I've always dreamed to travel to New York at Christmas. I think that New York is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in winter. Christmas day can be very beautiful for some people, but there are also people in the world who can not receive gifts or spending time with loved ones.

  5. Christmas is the perfect holiday, when everybody is usually happy. This happens because an environment of hope is created.
    The family is closer because they meet after a long time without being together , they have dinner, they speak, they laugh and they give each other presents.
    But, above all, Christmas is a time in which children are happy, as there are presents for them from Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men.
    In addition, we mustn't forget that is holiday time, and we have to relax and to enjoy. The only inconvenient is the cold weather so we should put on warm sweaters and coats.
    By: Laura De La O Sánchez. 1ºBach A

  6. Christmas is comming! yeah!

    Christmas is the holiday for stay with family in our house eating, playing, smiling and taking photos in Christmas dinner or in New Year.

    I think New year is incredible! Millions of people in the square (Like Times Square in NewYork) waiting for the hour that we enter in a new year.

    The snow is another beautifull thing that is indispensable in christmas because a white holiday is really beautifull!

    So i like so much christmas because is a really incredible holiday

    By: JuanJosé Rovira Medina 1ºA Bach

  7. Christmas is the best festivity of the year! We are on hollyday, everydobody is happy and the family is united to spend together the last days of the year.
    For me Christmas is a magic time, I love see the Christmas adornments in the street.
    However, Christmas is a few sad time for some people because don't have money or they are alone.
    Lorena Gutiérrez Paqué 1ºB Bach.

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  9. For me Christmas are a very special holliday because I meet with all my family.

    For me specially Chrismas are a very nice days because I see all my cousins and uncles that only I can see them in navidad.
    Me and my family have a special day on December 27th we celebrate " The big Hinojada " a holiday that we celebrate in my farmhouse and I together with all my family eat soup of fennels. We spend it very well and in the evening we sit down all together to counting jokes or to playing the ''trivial'' in the chimney

    Though I like more the hollidays of summer, Christmas are a very nice , and lovely hollidays because The kings magicians and Santa Claus come to our houses jajaja (:

    I have listened to your song Albert and it's very nice and is the perfect song for these hollidays! Jajaja

    Marina Jódar Navas 1º Bach C

  10. First of all, I would like to say, I like Christmas very much. This year my family will be with our grandma. She is going to visit us for christmas holidays. I hope, that she also will bring lots of presents, hehehe...
    The only thing I miss in holiday is see snowing, because if I want to see snow in Salobreña, I have to go to SIERRA NEVADA... -.-"
    With reference to the song: I didn´t know it before, so I asked my mother, and she told me that she heard it the first time, when she was 12 yaers old. So: Now you can calculate the age of my mother... xD
    The name of the song is: DO THEY KNOW ITS CHRISTMAS. Its made for help the poor children in Africa.
    By Juan Carlos.Correia 1º de Bachillerato "A"

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  12. for me the christmas are my favorite second holidays, because i think that the summer are the best holidays. on the one hand i love the chirstmas because I can spent time with my family and I can visit cousins who live in San Sebastian and also I can go out at night with my friends to make amazing parties.
    in christmas the streets, homes and shops are decorated with garlands and christmas lights, it's so beautiful. on the other hand I think that in christmas the shopping centers will advantage of people, selling a lot of Christmas products.
    Alba Pineda Montoro

  13. I don't like so much Christmas... I don't like it because it is cold and bored. Christmas has lost her real mean, and nowadays, it is just a deception, too commercial. I think it should be more familiar and less commercial. It should be time to be with familly, sing, and have a good time. It shouldn't be time to be worry about what to buy, wath not and things like that... When you are a child, it better than now, because you have the illusion of the Kings and Santa, but now...even that... The only thing I like about Christmas is to follow the game to my little sister

  14. For me, the true meaning of Christmas is meet with the family and have good time. I think also that they are a good holidays, but they don't exceed the summer holidays because this are so long than Christmas holidays.In this holidays I always go to my parent's city for see my family and sometimes go out with my cousins and their friends. The Christmas have other good things like the presents, the sweet Christmas, all of the decorated streets and of course the Christmas carols. I think that all the people of the world should enjoy Christmas with all this and their families and friends.


  16. For me the Christmas is a greats holidays but the summer is much better because it is much longer than Christmas, although I think that Christmas is to meet with my family making a big Christmas Eve dinner.
    that day I have a great time because I am with all my family.
    On New Year's Eve I pass the moment more fun time of all year because when We are eating the grapes my brother, my sister and me starting to laugh and before when my grandmother was alive was much worse because she always laughed.

    Enrique Garcia Prados 2º de Bachiller

  17. For my, Christmas' holiday are very special.
    I like this date because I can spend it with all my family. I can see these friends and familys who live so far away.
    I think is brilliant can see my little sister when she is very excited waiting for Santa's gifts.
    I love the cold of winter and decorate the tree and my house with lights!

    I hope spend it very good this Christmas! :)

    By: Vanessa Castaño Romnán 1ºA Bach.

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  19. Christmas is not very special to me, it's just another holidays more. I mean, it's so boring to me, I have nothing to do, at least when it's not Cristmas, I can entertain with and in the school... but I like it because the whole family can be together that days, for example in the Christmas Eve or even in New Year's Day.
    Of course, the best of it is that we don't have school! (it's a little contradictory) And the Cristmas gifts, too.

  20. I like Christmas because I meet all my relatives and we have great evenings having dinner, singing, or just talking.But I also like the time before Christmas when I decorate the Chrismas tree and the house or when my mother and I bake many biscuits, it smells so good! I've been in Germany for Christmas only twice and I liked it so much that in my family
    we mix many German traditions with the spanish ones.
    By: Anna Rodríguez 1ºBach A

  21. Christmas is a time off for us, because we can relaxing and forget a bit the high school. Actually I prefer the summer holidays to rest, but Christmas is a great time to go out with my friends,decorate home, to go shopping,to make gifts ... but the best part of Christmas is Santa Claus. I really enjoy when I wake up and see the gifts under the Christmas tree and see how my dog ​​opens his presents. I also love Christmas sweets and spend time with my relatives. The only inconvenient is the cold weather but this is resolved with a chimney.

  22. For me Christmas is the best holiday on the year.I think that this time is very beautiful and that the important of Christmas aren´t the presents. I think that this holiday are to meet with your family and to go out with your friends.In this time all looks like better and nice, I don´t know why but it is true.
    It´s so beautiful when you walk for the streets in Christmas because the environement is different, the street has got beautiful lights and there are many people in there because they buy the present and the food for this holiday.
    In conclusion for me this holidays are the best in all of the year and you can sing carol in this time whit your family and friends.

    By:Carmen Presenta Prados Ramón 2ºA BACH

  23. For me, christmas means money, and more money! It's true that for many people christmas means something more spiritual and much less materialistic. But it is an irrefutable fact that the companies have made of christmas a time of the year where we only spend money and where we don't pay attention to the really important things that christmas reminds us.
    So by means of posting a comment here I want to ask you to be more friendly, and spend less money and more smiles.

    Javier Pulido Álvarez 2ºA BACH

  24. I don´t think that Christmas is just a way for companies to send more and not mean only money, money and money. Christmas is for some people the time for be happy, but for other people is a very bad time because there are so many people who can´t go with their families and who live out. But I also think that it´s time when the child are more happy and is easy to do someone happy.
    BY: Ana Béjar Sánchez 2ºBach B.

  25. On the one hand Christmas it's the best holiday of the year because I love decorating the Christmas tree, singing carols, the snow, the cold and the chocolate nougat. I play with my clarinet in the church of my town and all the people go to listen us, and the band go to play to some villages where are the festivities at Christmas. Besides all the families eat together.
    But other hand at Christmas I remember my loved ones who are no longer and I am sad because the Christmas isn't the same without them.
    By: Noelia Fernández Béjar 2º Bach A

  26. For me Christmas is very special.
    I enjoy with my family and my friends the Christmas holidays.
    I like to buy gifts for my family.
    The new year is the best night of all, because it starts a new year to enjoy.
    The only thing I don´t like about Christmas is the cold and the spending money.

  27. In 12 days ... will be Christmas!!
    Christmas is one of the few celebrations that we have and almost everyone celebrates it. For me it's very important because all the people that you want comes to you to remind you. I like to celebrate with my family and my friends, and be happy to stay another year with them. It's the only day that people are in peace and forget their problems, because they want to be happy with the family.
    I also like Christmas because you have time to rest of work and school, and have time to do other things.

  28. In my opinion the Christmas is the best time of year because it's holidays and you can spending time with loved ones , friends , etc ... I love that the streets are decorated with pretty lights ..
    Every Christmas I'm going to Granada to be with my family and friends, since I'm from there.
    Merry Christmas to all ! :D

    By : Eva Pérez , 1ºBach A

  29. For me the Christmas is very important because my uncles live in an other contry and in the christmas they come to my house. At christmas the joung people will not go to school. I love christmas and I don't want it to end.
    BY:Nuria gonzalez ferrer 1ºBachA

  30. Christmas is the best holiday for me because I can make a beautiful Nativity scene and Christmas tree, because we can see illuminated cities with lots ofornaments, and obviously because it´s time to smile, to sing, and to have our best nights with our family.
    I thing that in Christmas, people are nicer, happier and forget many sorrows.
    I love Christmas!

  31. Christmas is for me the best time of year, is a time to spend with the family, put the Christmas tree and nativity scene at home and buy gifts.
    But the best of the christmas is the christmas dinner of the day 25 when all the family is together.

    By Carlos Sánchez Arnedo 1ºA

  32. I like so much the Christmas because I can be wiht my family and after with my friends. I feel so happiness when I'm with my cousins and my grandparents and I see they're happy. Much the people don't see it's date for feel happy and do gifts at important persons for you. Although sometimes it's cold I love the Christmas.

    By: Laura González 1ºA Bach.

  33. I like the Christmas because is holiday,I like Christmas the same as other holiday like summer and holy week. But Christmas has something special, the family joins, but not in other holiday. There are two days when the family joins: Christmas Eve and new years Eve.
    I usually celebrate it with my close family and the best is the food!

  34. For my, although summer is longer, the Christmas is the best holidays.
    At Christmas, people are always in the family. I like Christmas because I visit my family who live far away, too, because there are two important party nights and because I like to buy gifts for my parents and my cousins, but what I like most is that I fine-tuned things.
    In Christmas stores, clothing, toys, and supermarkets, are always full of people. The streets are very nice decorated with colored lights.
    for me, night more beautiful of Christmas is on January 5, in which children disguise themselves to jump on the floats of the Kings magicians and are very excited to see who they will lead the gifts.

    By: Almudena Pérez Puertas 1ºA Bach

  35. For me christmas it is very important and very nice because it is when we met the whole family to enjoy the holidays together. I think that the gifts it is it of less and that the important thing is to be in family and to spend it very well with the friends. HAPPY CHRISTMAS!:D

  36. Christmas is a good holidays, there are good vibes and the snow are really cool, and people get very happy when recive presents from their family and friends, but, i like too much summer and the bonfire of "Saint Jhon"..

    Merry Christmas!

    PD: Send me the correction at

  37. In christmas I do everthing: I play tennis, I go cycling, I do my homework...I like this days because I have presents and we get happy. In my opinion Chirstmas is a good time to have fun and be happy.I say for you: HAPPY CHRISTMAS :)
    By: William

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  39. For me Christmas has an especial meaning because you can spend the most part of the time with your family when you go to dinnner together on Christmas and New Year Eve and also you can spend a great time going to parties, it's not all about the presents.
    By: Mari Gloria Lozano Prados 1º Bach A

  40. And now, Mr Alberto, you can make a post in your blog titled: Christmas is Over!
    It's time to cry, time of depression, time to finish our tourist brochure, time to go to bed early...
    Now is when we have to meet our New Year's resolutions and also improve our marks and study a little more.
    I hope you've spent a wonderful Christmas holiday with your family and friends!
    I wish you a quick second term!

  41. Like Cristopher says, Christmas is over and unfortunately we should back to our rutine. We have to leave behind our presents, all that we have eaten and…let´s work! We aren´t in Honolulu, we´re in Bachillerato and we have to work I think that´s is difficult but we must do it because this term is shorter than the first and we can´t forgive our obligations. Also ,I think that this term we have to give the best of us because in the next holidays, we´re going to Edinburg. And we want our parents give us money to spend there, so we have to get good marks this term.
    By: María GonzálezVidal 1ºBach A

  42. I think Christmas is an important day because we meet the family and we have a big dinner with turkey, croquettes, pig... And we are happy that it is very important. Tomorrow it is Christmas so HAPPY CHRISTMAS! (:D)

  43. For me, Christmas is the best holiday after the summer holidays; most people are happy and spend more time with families. Children are the happiest because they think Santa Claus give then gifts or the Three Kings. At this time you have to rest and enjoy.

    María Béjar Rodríguez 2º ESO A

  44. For me, Christmas is the best holiday after the summer holidays; most people are happy and spend more time with families. Children are the happiest because they think Santa Claus will bring them gifts or the Three Wise Men. It is a time to rest and enjoy.
    María Béjar Rodríguez 2º ESO A

  45. I think after the summer christmas is the best holiday . All Years of france are my cousins ​​and we are all family On Christmas Eve dinner at my house on New Years Eve together and ate everyone in the house of my cousin and we eat grapes . My parents bought me gifts and I put them under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve and a few other kings day . The holidays are to be enjoyed!