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martes, 1 de mayo de 2012

1st May, Labour Day

Today is 1st May, a bank holiday to celebrate the Labour Day (the Workers' Day).
Here are some articles to read about the issue:   1   2 

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  1. I think that this day, 1st May or labour day, is very important because on this day we conmemorate that working people defended their rights, such as working eight hours a day.But nowadays there are countries that don´t celebrate this day as Unites States,Canada and South Africa.I think that this day meant a change in the lives of the workers because this made that workers were not exploited and had a reasonable number of working hours.
    In my village, Molvízar, this day is celebrated by everybody.But this day is celebrated in different places because the socialist party makes a barbecue in the ravine of Itrabo while the Conservative Party makes a paella in the walk of the sad.But for me the important thing of this day isn´t eating with either of the two parties, but the celebration itself.
    In conclusion if few years ago working people had not struggled, now workers wouldn´t profit of all these advantages advantages.

    By: Carmen Presenta Prados Ramón 2º Bach A

  2. I didn't know about the origin of this day and why this day is an annual holiday. After read the links, I understood and now I know how important is this day for many countries around the world! In the past this fact must be really important to workers around the world so it's understandable that this day is celebrating around the world since May 1 of 1886. But in my opinion is really rare that countries like EEUU, Canada and South Africa don't have this day for workers when the movement started in Chicago so at least this day must stay in the United State because there are harsh working conditions.

  3. I think it's well that there's one day to represent workers. Everyone who works has a responsibility, is important to evaluate all jobs.
    Everyone can work on something, even some people with some problems that they can also work, but all must respect his situation and help them to improve it.
    When everyone works with their work in society, they can feel satisfaction.
    I think it's okey to remember one day all people who works, but there are people who also work to care for their family or friends when they are ill, for example. This is a job too, this is a physical and emotial work that we should too value.

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  5. To be honest, I´d say that this day isn´t being celebrated where is really needed, for example in Africa or China where workers work fourteen hours a day for example. However, what I really want to say is that there are many countries where are the children who are the workers because it is thought in these societies that "the sooner you start to work, the better you will work" and looks that nobody notice that.
    Although I think we must stop child labor, the truth is that in our own country worker's rights are less and less nowadays. That´s because It's becoming harder and harder to find a job, so for example if I didn't have a job but someone offered me one but without too many rights, it's probably that I would accept. That’s a pity, we are the next workers and we must take the hint and fight for the rights that our parents reached.
    By: María González

  6. The 1st of May or Labor Day is a very important day because is in this day when we celebrate that our workers have rights, rights which have cost them to get.
    I feel very bad when I find that in some conuntries like South Africa this day is not celebrated, because I think that this kind of rights should be esencial to all workers in the world without any exception, and too, I feel good because I live in a country where we celebrate labour day.

    Lorena Gutiérrez Paqué 1ºB Bach.

  7. I agree with Lorena, 1 May this day is very important for those people who have been getting their rights. I don't understand why some countries like the United States don't celebrate this important day for workers in South Africa I can understand but not United States. I think that this right had to have the whole world that the rights of individuals are everyone.

    Jesús Guirado 1ºBach-c

  8. I think this is one of the most important days of holidays in the world.
    This day is used for fight for the rights of the people who work, for fight for our future rights, for fight for our families rights. It's easy to understand, if we don't celebrate this day, maybe we will lose our rights, bit a bit, and in a future, the labor life can be true hard, harder than now.

  9. Labour Day is an annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers. Labour Day has its origins in the labour union movement, specifically the eight-hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest. For many countries, Labour Day is synonymous with International Workers' Day, For other countries, Labour Day is celebrated on a different date. I think that it is a day which all the people need for rest. In my village made food for all the people. On 1st May, in 1890 begins in Spain the first manifestation ant it was banned for two years. From 1923 to 1930 the Labour Day was celebrated without manifestations. From 1931 to 1936, during the Republic, it was commemorated in the most important cities of Spain. Now it's celebrated every year in 1st, May.