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lunes, 7 de enero de 2013

Violence against women in Asia

Here are some articles about violence against women in India, Pakistan... Read also the related articles you can find each of them.
Write comments about the situation women live in certain countries around the world and the solutions you propose. Is death penalty a solution as they suggest in India?



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  3. In my opinon I think that in some countries women are regarded as inferior to men and that is unfair.

    Nowadays, in India there are some cases of Indian women such as the case of some passengers and the bus driver who raped a woman and the police did nothing. I think in Spain it isn't the same as India but we also have some cases of husbands that hit and kill their wives or girlfriends because they have had and argument and that is also unfair. However, in our country the government takes some measures against men who are involved in cases of violence against women.

    All in all, I think that women are really discriminated in many parts of the world. Fortunately the situation is not so serious.

  4. Unfortunately, violence against women is a theme that is very present today. In my country there are many cases of domestic violence every day – although it is true that more and more measures are being taken in order to avoid these cases- but other countries like India, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan… are inhospitable territories and degrading to the integrity of women. In fact, in these countries it is thought that if a woman has been raped, she is the guilty and she receives a punishment (like mutilations…) by his family or the neighborhood. I think that blame for this treatment of women in these countries are religion and economic conditions.

    From my point of view all opinions should be respected as long as these opinions respect the human rights. It seems incredible that we are in the XXI century and there are people who think and act like this… Therefore these people should receive a severe punishment, for example go to prison.

    Elena de la O López 2ºA Bach.

  5. Throughout life there have always been cases of violence against women all around the world. The man was considered superior to women and they often control their lives. But not only in this area, formerly the women not let them vote, and even did not have the same rights as men, because they are considered inferior.
    Fortunately, in general, today's men and women have the same rights and opportunities, but why do I say in general? Because actually there are still cases of violence against women in all parts of the world, but especially in the east, where women are still living in a state of inferiority to man.
    From my point of view, I think that we should change it, and take some tough measures to not happen. I think it's a great human mistake to think that there are better and worse people, when everyone should be treated fairly.

  6. Unfortunately, violence against women is still a current issue. There are many men in the world who think they are upper beings than women and they can do everything they want with them. In many cultures this is something very usual even in the twenty first century. We hear about such cases of violence against women like deadly rapes again and again and we have to be conscious that there are much more cases like that which doesn’t come out to light. Yet, it is good to know that people are taking action. Women are starting to protest and claim their rights. In my opinion, there is still a lot to do because poor and underdeveloped countries are not the only ones where these problems take place, but it’s a big step to face this issue.

  7. It’s a pity that in the 21st century there are still people who are believed superior than other people. Women should be considered as any person in the world, not as objects or animals that only serve for washing, cooking or childcare. In India or Pakistan, women are inferior to men and they are abused by them and even killed if they don’t do what they demand.
    Some time ago I saw in China a case of a girl who was run over. People were walking by his side and didn’t react. They not picked up her, or withdrew her from the road or look for help. It impacted me and the following days in the news they explained that it happened because the victim was a girl.
    The solution that I see to this is very simple: respect the rights of people. Killing someone is an unforgivable thing and I personally think that someone who has killed not deserve to live.

    María Rodríguez Martín 2º Bach. A

  8. That's incredible that in the 21st century happen this kind of things, people should be conscious about the discrimination because it send us to the 15th century, inequality time, a world where women were afraid of go out the street, to live like a person deserves.

    There are a lot of people that have died for the other people, who have worked for the progress of the world and the society, if we don't remediate it,those persons will have died for anything.

    The worst is that occidental people not try to help disfavored people, they need our help, united people will never be defeated. Although they haven't got any education, although in those countries people weren't be taught about discrimination, it's incredible that they not stop to think: ''it's this all right?, if she doesn't like it, it could be because it's not good?'' But egoist people don't think about it, their brain doesn't run good.

  9. I think that many casses of violence against women occur in my country. Every year many death are caused by violence against women. In my country from 2003 to 2013 have died more than 700 women for violence against women.
    I think that violence against women is a big problem.
    By: Joaquin Garcia 2ºB