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martes, 7 de mayo de 2013

House of horrors: outrageous story in Cleveland

Read and watch about this outrageous story in Cleveland

Can it be possible? Is it real or just a story taken from a horror film? You can either make a comment or send me another story (link to the article) you have heard about.


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  1. How is it possible than in our era it happens this kind of things? A woman was being held for ten years, like says the title of the news, it look like a horror film, we can't think that somebody do this thing, ten years are more than some people have lived, it's a very long time, only a very crazy person can think about doing it. Although you hate other person, although the person deserves to be killed, it's absolutely incredible, if somebody tell you this story, the most usual it would be that you won't believe him because it's more a fiction than a reality. The more you think about it, the less you believe in the goodness of the people, I only ask a little of empathy, if you have a bit of it, you don't make someone suffer this way, I only hope that the responsible pay for their action.

  2. My first reaction is, 'This is absolutely incredible. It can't be true.' However having read the background information, it seems that cases like this are becoming less infrequent. One of the questions that comes to mind is 'why did none of the neighbours notice anything unusual?'.

    Society has changed so much in the last two centuries, that the former close-knit communities have disintegrated. Neighbours often live next door to each other, without knowing anything about each other's lives. One of the parents of the rescued girls called on the neighbourhood to 'watch out for our children'.

    Areas where there is a strong sense of neighbourhood, may seem stifling at times, but they offer a more protective environment for the most vulnerable. Children and the elderly are safer. With the loss of these communities we've lost an important part of humanity.

    ELENA 1ºA

  3. What an incredible story! In my view, this kind of criminals should undoubtedly be sent to jail and condemned to life sentence. Not only are they kidnappers, but they are also torturers. Moreover I can imagine parents' victims without knowing for years where their daughters are, that is not life at all!
    What surprises me most is how kidnappers could have a "normal life" without being discovered. It's true that nowadays we don't barely know anything about neighbours' life. However,the first time I saw criminals pictures, I was surprised by their awful appearance.
    I am absolutely convinced that if they had lived near my house I would have suspected of them. What is more I would have investigated and spied on them to find evidences of my suspicion.