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lunes, 11 de noviembre de 2013

Amazing experiences by a blind man

Elena Pérez (2º ESO A) has just sent these five short videos about a blind man and some amazing experiences he has had in life.

VIDEO 1    VIDEO 2        VIDEO 3        VIDEO 4       VIDEO 5

What do you reckon?  Have you got any other incredible story to tell me about a handicapped person?

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  1. These videos had impressed me a lot. Tommy Edison is the clear example of a man who superpass himself every day and he describes the blindness as a “little difference”. For me is a SUPERMAN.

    He doesn’t complain but there´s more, he enjoy his life by other way. He learned how to ride a bike, to play braille monopoly... He didn’t have any problem at studies, with the braille books he could study easily.

    Some that made me laugh is a phrase that Tommy saids: “It should be funny have a blind little brother” refering to his another brothers, who played with him when they were child. He also enjoyed the first time he sat at the co-pilot seat and when he was young he crashed against his car. But it told this story with hapiness because his family encouraged him always with the social problem of be blind.

    But we musn’t forget that the world has been made by people with sight and he has day by day some problems that he need to superpass. But with the people’s aid he lives his life almost as a sighter person.

    With the videos he hopes to explain to sighters and blind persons that we all aren’t as different as we think. I’ve seen comments in youtube replying him that they are fascinated about the work that Tommy Edison is doing and, personally, I think I’m included in the group of these persons who value the courage of this man.


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  3. Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, answers the question: "How did your folks tell you that you were blind?" He says that there wasn't a particular day when they sat him down and told him that he was blind. He gradually realised everyone around him could see things that he couldn't. Right now, Tommy is a famous youtuber who makes videos answering questions from people. He explains his perception of things that are difficult for him to understand, including the sun, sky, fog, the Great Wall of China, the Grand Canyon and space.

    His parents wanted him to have as normal life as possible. He went to a normal school, not to a special school for blind people and they encouraged him to do all the activities that sighted people did. He used to ride a bike, run, and play board games. Some of the games were adapted specially for blind people and his school books were translated into Braille.

    What most stands out to me is the fact that Tommy Eddison is not embittered by his incapacity, but maintains a cheerful and humorous outlook on life. He's always making jokes on his videos and he remembers with good humour the tricks that his sisters used to play on him when he was a boy. He shares with us how his sisters used to take him under the railway bridge and then shout at him 'Watch out, the train is coming!'. They also used to say to him 'Don't eat that, the cat has licked it!'.

    He reminds me of Nick Vujicic in his positive attitude towards life and it is notable that both men give a lot of credit to their parents and how they encouraged them to enjoy life. What is most interesting is Tommy's perception of how we see. It puzzles him that we can take in so much information at the same time and in such detail. He thinks our brains must be working very hard to process everything. When he was asked if he would like to see, he replied that it would be scary and his brain would become tired. It seems to me that blinded people must work very hard to interpret their surroundings by the senses of touch sound and smell.

    It makes me think that sighted people like you and I (if you're reading this you're probably sighted) take the gift of sight too much for granted.

    Elena 2ºA

  4. The video is awesome, like a blind man is able to ride a bicycle and play games you can not even see or explain what enterder school and much more, I believe that a blind person is very strange that you understand things can not see, unless you have some sort of gift.

    Irene 2ºB

  5. Video 3:
    Incredible! People who can see, can not imagine how is the life of a blind. My friends and I sometimes play to be blind and noticed at that time that our senses have to work to the fullest. How can we perceive the height, or drawing, or choose clothes? It's very difficult but not impossible, it's just a matter of being in the situation and the need to live not being dependent.

    Paola Ruiz 2º ESO A

  6. Is incredible a blind can ride bike,and plays games that has never see. Too a person who has never been to scool I think a blind person is very strange that you understand things can not see.

    Alberto Antequera González 2ºB

  7. Being a blind person must be a serious problem. I don't know how I would face my life, for example I think that I wouldn't be able to go shopping, drive, cook, etc. However, the man in the video is very optimistic because since he was a child, his parents have taught him to do everything on his own. We have to learn from him!

  8. I think that this video is intevsting because we see a blind man but he says that he does the same things as the other people . his parents helped him . I think it is fantastic !

    By : Raúl Díaz Rodríguez 2 ESO B

  9. Can you imagine how will be the life for a blind person?I think it must be different in each individual case.For example,Tommy Edison,who has been a blind person since birth,he describes the blindness as a"little diference".He has grown to being blind and so he has never seen the light of the sun,his parent's face or the coulours.He has learned to live in the dark.For this reason,his life hasn't been specialy difficult for him.In addition to this,he have been the lucky to have a wonderfull family which always helped he to overcome any problem.
    Personally,it seems to me that handicapped people are normal people who want to be treated the same way that the rest of people.But obviously there are some architectural barriers which must be eliminated so that people with disabilities can have really a normal life.
    Anyway,I reckon that Tommy Edison is an incredible person in order to give example of overcoming.

  10. It's awesome!These people are a positive example of overcoming. It is impressive! Because a blind man can paints, rides a bike, plays a games .... when he has never see. Perhaps imagine is difficult but not impossible.Fortune!
    Joaquin Alejandro España Sanchez 2B

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  12. I think handicapped people have a lot of problems with their disabilities. But they want to be treated like ordinary people because we know that a blind person can't see, but, for example, they smell better than us! With , that is to say, they can't do certain things, but they are better in others.

    I've just watched those videos and I find them very interesting. For example one of the videos talks abouthow a blind person can dream and the presenter says thay a blind person dreams noises and smells when he's sleeping but he can't imagine pictures which he has never seen. Another matter people think about is how can a one-armed person, if they´ve never seen anything, the presenter says that they try to imagine with the touch, but for them it's very difficult.

    I haven't got any handicapped friends, but in my school there are two of them who have a wheelchair because they had an accident, and they are as normal as us, and in the swimming pool there is an one-armed person and he swims well.

    In conclusion handicapped people should have the same opportunities as us and we should show respect for them.

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  14. Tommy edison today is an example to follow because despite being blind he never gave up and has managed to lead a life like anyone else could.

    Lately there are several people who have this disability but today there are also several methods or machines that make work easier for these people, although some things still need to be improved when it comes to employing these people, when it comes to transport and much more.
    All these people deserve great support since, at least for me it is the worst disability there is and I cannot imagine not being able to see anything, it is something very hard for a person but with effort it can be carried forward and have a normal life.

    Salvador pretel.