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sábado, 18 de enero de 2014

Pink Lake in Senegal (How interesting!!!)

Patricia has just sent me this story about a pink lake:


Retba Lake is a pink lake that is in Senegal (northwest of Africa). Its name is Pink Lake because the colour of its water is pink, especially in the dry season. It happens because of a cianobacteria that produces a red pigment that lives with much salt concentration. In the lake people can float because of the high level of salt. The lake is quite big, but not very deep.

Have you got any other interesting stories to tell us?

Why is  THE DEAD SEA (by Clara Prados) so salty, for example?

Aisha's hints:

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  1. I have researched this and it looks awesome!! I've never seen anything like. I would like to go there and see it but it is only possible in a time year. The lake is very nice but if you stick your head under water will suffer a great eye irritation and you'll have to leave the lake quickly. It is said that if you bath in this lake usually it can cause you illness and local people laugh and say: '' we work here every day and we have good health. ''.

    Another awesome history for me, is The hidden beach, which is situated in the Marietas Island (Mexico), is protected by UNESCO. It is an archipleago of two small and uninhabited islands where isn't allowed allowed access to be a protected area, but can be accessed with special permission. It is one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting the region but the Mexican government allows a sightseeing tour a few tourism companies, only occasionally for the best natural paradise is preserved.

  2. I've just seen this picture and I'm very impressed. I had never heard about this lake, and I've found very interesting to know what causes its pink colour.
    From my point of view, it's a very strange natural phenomenon, and swim in it should be fabulous. I would like to visit it in the future to take some good photos.

    Otherwise, I think that something similar to this lake is the Dead Sea, a very small sea which is located between Jordan and Israel. It receives this name because it's very salty. This fact can occur because it's located in a very dry area where the water evaporates quickly, leaving the salt in the rest of the water.
    Therefore, in the Dead Sea there aren't any fishes or algaes, because they die as soon as they are in this water. However, there are some bacterias living in it.

    Finally, people can swim easily in the Dead Sea, because the salinity in the water allows you to float. And in addition, I've read that the salt of this sea is very beneficial for our skin. To learn more about the Dead Sea, you can visit this webpage that I've found:

    Clara Prados. 1ºBACH B.

  3. I have never heard about ‘The pink lake’, I think it’s amazing and interesting.
    It would be great to go there in the future. If I would go to ‘The pink lake’, I would like to swim in the lake, and see how I can float.

    This makes me remember about the ‘Red tides’ which are produced by weed, it happens in the month of may every year, however in Asia it happens suddenly without any prediction.
    The most part of the ‘Red tides’ are not toxic, but there are some that maybe can be toxic.
    Even if these tides look pretty beautiful there are some negative aspects about them, for example the people cannot swin in them because as we have said before they can be toxic, another reason is that the fish which belong of theses tides cannot be consumed.
    We also should say that they can produce some injures in the ecosystem.

    Finally this is a natural phenomenon which can be dangerous, and we should find a solution for this problem because is something which affects to all the world.

    Lucía Rodríguez Trujillo 1ºBACH B.

  4. I didn't know the lake with pink water, is amazing all that can happen in the nature. Do you know the Uluru?

    The Uluru, also called Ayers Rock is a large sandstone rock formation in central Australia, in the North. It is a sacred place for indigenous Australians.

    It changes color depending on the angle of the sun, during the day and in different seasons. Particularly famous image of Uluru at sunset, when it becomes a bright red color. Although rainfall isn't common in this semiarid area, during wet periods the rock acquires a silvery gray color, with black bands for the water courses.

    By: Paola Ruiz Fernández 2 º ESO A

  5. The Pink Lake (known locally as Lac Retba ) is located north of Senegal Cape Verde Peninsula , northeastern African country. It is 35 kilometers from Dakar.1 covers an area of ​​3 km2.1
    The adjective "white" comes from the color of its waters , which become especially pinkish during the dry season . This is because a cyanobacterium that produces a red pigment to withstand the salt concentration . The very high salinity allows , as happens in the Dead Sea , people float easily. Around the lake are small salt mining operations began in the 70s. The men , with the water up to his chest , break sticks salt deposited on the bottom before filling with shovels and pick a paddle up to one ton capacity . Women Unloading salt accumulate paddle over the lake to dry and whiten in the sun. Both men and women are protected from the corrosive salt smearing with shea butter . Salt is intended for canned fish or export .

    Juan Ortiz Bejar 2-A-ESO

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  8. The Pink Lake is located north of Senegal Cape Verde Peninsula , northeastern African country.
    I find this very interesting because it is a beautiful lake and I would go. It would be wonderful to swim in it. The bad thing you burn your eyes because of the big amount of salt it has in your eyes It must have a lot of tourism, and going there must be very expensive.

    There is another lake called Lake Hiller pink.
    The Hillier Lake is a lake located in Middle Island in Western Australia.
    Water is always pink. The length of the lake is about six hundred meters. The lake is surrounded by a border of sand and woods. The forest separates Lake Hiller Antarctic Ocean.

    I leavea a yotube video on Lake Rose and Lake Hiller pink:

    Lake Hiller pink:

    Lake Rose:

  9. I had never seen anything like that. I know that there is a lake in Europe that is called the Black Sea. but it isn´t black, it is blue, When I saw the lake at first I thought that it was a painting. In my opinion this pink lake is awesome. But that's not all, there is a pink lake in Australia called Lake Hillier, and another one in Africa which is called Lake Retba.

    On the one hand, the Australian pink lake is permanently rose even if you add water in it, Its size is nearly 1 km2, and is in an island called Middle. It consists of bacteria and a lot of salt, The first time mapped was in 1802 by Flinders.

    On the other hand, the African pink lake takes its color when there is dry season. It's as salty as the Dead Sea and it also has bacterias. African people use this salt to trade and to conserve fish and meat. It's really easy to obtain salt.

    In conclusion if I saw a pink lake but I would say just: I wouldn't be surprised. There are very common, and very salty. Salt is good for your skin, but not too much.