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by Bruce Lee

sábado, 10 de mayo de 2014


III STUDY TRIP TO UK   (2014) : 


And here's our experience in images:


What did Albert Einstein really mean when he said this??

Write your opinion about this experiences either if you have participated in one of them or not.


What would you recommend someone visiting the UK?   Here's an article to read. 

One phrase to learn: BUSY BEE   


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  1. In my opinion the study trip to UK was fantastic. This year we went to Bath, the students were younger this year. Bath is a little city near Bristol and near Wales. This year we were less students, but the teacher says that next year will increase the number of students.

    Bath it is a beautiful city, with have got a lot of old buildings. The building that I really liked was the Circus, which has got the same size as the stoneage.I also liked the Royal Crecent, which has got all the door in white and one yellow.

    In Bath I lived in a flat with a cook, which cooks very well. My home and my room was little, but I had the PS2 and I played after dinner. The shower wasn't very good, but was OK. We also visited Bristol and Cardiff. In Bristol we went to a huge shopping center call Primar, I didn't like a lot this shopping center.

    Next year, I think the next year we are going to Chester near Liverpool. I hope next year more people will come.

    By: WILLIAM :)

  2. What a great experience all of you have had!!! Amazing photos! Fantastic weather! Very good comments about their experiences!!
    Congratulations everybody: the teachers and the students, especially the students.The only thing I'd like to write to conclude is :TO BE CONTINUED...

  3. Bath is a city that in spite of being small has a lot of places to visit and it's very cultural. Because of this, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are tourists from all over the world, and a lots of shops where you can buy souvenirs.

    The People there is very friendly and nice. Whenever I'd needed help, they have helped me, for example, when I was lost. Moreover, my family was very cheerful and talkative, I stayed in a large room with plenty of storage and natural light. However, I wish my family had cooked more typical English food.

    Taking all this into account, if we compare this experience with the experience I had in Edimburgh two years ago, I liked this more. There haven't been any problems, and we were less students, so it has been easier to organize us. Besides, the city was smaller and we've been able to move easily by public transport.
    Next year I would like to go to Chester, but I probably can't because I had to study a lot because of selectivity.

    Clara Prados Rodríguez. 1BACH B.

  4. I have really liked the study trip to Bath!!!

    I went to Cambridge last year and people were so serious and I didn't like it, but this year people of Bath were very friendly. We could ask everybody for Primark or about an Italian restaurant.

    In Cambridge I ate better than this year. Last week I didn't eat a lot because I didn't like the food so I went everyday to the supermarket and I bought something to eat. In fact, Nerea and I felt sick and we think that it was because of the water because in our house, we had to drink water from the trap!!

    On the other hand, my house this year has been fantastic!! In my house Nerea, Clara and I lived with our host family (Jon, Jules, two little boys and Alphie). The house was so big and beautiful. Our bedroom was so cute,it was blue and we only had two beds and one of us should have slept in anoother bedroom but Jon gave us other mattress and we could sleep together. We had where there was a toboggan!!! It was fantastic.

    In Cambridge my house was too little and Ana and me hadn't enough space for us, it was horrible because the house was so dirty!! But we lived with a beautiful little boy (3 years old, I think) and he was so friendly!!

    I want to go again next year but I can't because I'll be in 2ºBach and I can't lose any time!! :(

    Mireia González Rodríguez. 1ºBACH B

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  7. I've only made the trip to Bath. It was fantastic! The students say that this trip was different from the others. In this year the students were younger, as I, and we were fewer.

    Everything was perfect.Bath is beautiful village near Bristol. It's very quiet and comfortable and it has lots of old buildings and shops in the centre. My favourite monuments in Bath were the Royal Crecent and the Roman Baths. They are very cool. I like a lot its beautiful parks. My favourite park there was Victoria park. In Bath, the people were very kind. Our family was very good. They were friendly and cheerful, and they were retired English teachers. They also have a daughter and a Belgian student called Elisabeth. The house was very big and the food was ok.

    One day, we ate at Mc Donald's. We bought a lot of things in Bath. For example, I bought a lot of junk food in Poundland, some shirts, presents for my parents... And we always took the bus number 5 of Whiteway at the bus station in the afternoon. In Bath, I learned a lot of new words, I learned to use public transport, lots of things... The school was very funny and we played every day.

    In this trip, we went to Bristol, Cliffton and Cardiff. They are beautiful cities, but very different, because Cardiff is the capital of Wales, and they have another language and some other languages, in Bath or Bristol the houses are very similar, but in Cardiif, the houses are different, In these cities and villages we saw a lot of important monuments, museums, shops, shopping centres... I really liked them!

    I'd like to repeat this experience, I think the next year we are going to Chester, near Liverpool.

    María José García 2A

  8. I have gone to the three strips we have done to the UK: Edinburgh (Scotland), Cambridge (England) and the last Bath (England). This year, the trip was fantastic, because of the size of Bath that was very good, the weather, the monuments... In this study trip we were fewer and younger.

    Bath was a fantastic city, because it was small and beautifull. It has got a lot of huge monuments. The only thing I didn't liked from Bath that there were shops with old-fashion clothes. But, in general all was perfect.

    My host family was perfect. The woman was cook and of course she cooked fantastic. My room was a bit small, but it had got a small TV with a PS2. All the nights before going to bed I spent one or two hours playing a game, Stars Wars Episode III The revenge of the Sith. It was a very good game. Another good thing was that I was near my house (15 mín). The only thing I didn't like was the shower.

    This year, we have visited the Roman Baths, which waters taste like iron, it wasn't bad at all; the Circus, the Royal Crecent, the Suspension Brigde in Clifton, Primark, which I didn't like a lot... In summary, we visited a lot of beautifull and amazing monuments.

    The next year I'm sure that next I'm going to go to Chester near Liverpool.

    By: WILLIAM :)))

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  10. Bath is a city, in my opinion, very beautiful. This has been the first time that I have gone to England and I love it. I didn't want to come back to Spain, I wanted to stayed there one week more!

    Bath is a city with much history and with beautiful places. One of the best places has been The Roman Bath. I enjoyed the visit very much because we learned much and saw very beautiful things like the swimming pool where the romans had the baths. We drank water that tasted bad because it was warm! I also liked the tour of the city which we did on the second day in Bath. We could see many places of Bath and discovered its history!

    The experience of living a week with a family is great! When I arrived Bath I was very nervous because I didn't know the family and how was they. Then when I met them I changed my opinion because they were very friendly. this week has helped me to learn and practise my English because you have to speak English all the time, if you don't speak English with an English family, they won't understand you because they don't know all languages of all girls and boys that stay with them.

    For my point of view this trip was fantastic because I have learned English, I have enjoyed with my friends and I have visited new places. We also went to Bristol and Cardiff and they are c very beautiful cities, although I've liked Bath more. I recommend if you go to England, you visit Bath.