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lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014

The future of our employments

It is clear that the labour world and its conditions is changing. What do you think of these changes?

Let's have a look at some of these changes:

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  1. Although I am too young to work , I know that the world of work has changed . Lots of people are unemployed and that I'm seeing in my own home .
    My father worked on something that doesn have any future , and three years ago he doesn have any job . Many people like him had to change jobs in order to keep earning money for his family . He has done some courses to learn a new profession . I think that many people are doing what they are learning by example using a computer.
    On the other hand, nowadays languages ​​are something that all people need to work out of our country because there is no work for young people and have to go out to work in countries like Germany, England and Ireland.
    For all these reasons , adolescents have to learn languages like English and know how to use the new technology we don't know where to work when we grow up . We have to study and prepare well for the future.

    Paola Ruiz Fernández 2 º ESO A

  2. I'm not old enough to work, and even if I did it would be difficult to find work even for a qualified person. Some people even leave the country to take their studies and to have a job. Many people try to get the job near home to be with the family.

    My mother trbaja, she stays at home, but if my father is out of hats but not Spain but sometimes run out of days to come and save my brother lock in a tunnel with night shift so I do not see much time.

    At least one person in the house should work so that others can eat.We are in crisis! Haha. And nop want to give us work.

    Cristina Bejar Lopez 2ºESO-B

  3. At the moment, nobody works thanks to politicians. Work has changed a lot. My parents work, but my mother hasn't got any degree and she works cleaning. But my father studied some more, and he works in a factory.
    I'm young, but I have been working in fields, and it is very very hard. I'm worried about the future. I think that it won't change, and the students must go to other countries to work.

    The young people don't care,if they pass their exams, but now you must study and then you should work to have money, and you will get a house.
    I know there are many people that can't eat, they haven't got any money, and nobody gives them a job. They need to pay bills, the food, the clothes, mortgage, water... and millions more!

    I think to change the situation in Spain people would have to make revolutions, so the politicians will be stressed and they will leave their jobs. For me this is the best solution. But However I am sure that I will work and live away to Spain, I don´t like this country, I wish I would live in France, Great- britain, Italy, Finland...

    Lucía Rodríguez Trujillo. 1BachB

  4. Nowadays, to find a job has become a problem in Spain and a lot of people are suffering the consequences: the yield and the wages go down so the taxations bump up. If this happens the population has less money, the money saving increases and the consumption decreases. This chain causes the Economy don´t reactivates. To this is added another mountain of problems...

    The Government doesn´t help us so much because they have a bad administrative policy, much corruption and less transparency... but high wages. Many people have got two jobs, work overtime or receive a salary under the minimum wage and this make things get worse. The people whose made that think that is good, but in the long run the Economy will get worse.

    The communication is very important and the people have to form a collective and axplain the problems we are living. Radio, nexspaper and TV are very useful but, in fact, they're controlled by the Government. But Internet is a powerful tool we have to use because we can create blogs, forums and chats. By internet we can teach and learn and this is very important for everybody.

    Clear, that this doesn't work anything if we have a less education. Is important to know minimum concepts about theorical policy, economics and more to not be deceived by the mass media. Well, we will stop thinking that employment and taxations (for example) are different things. As John said: is easy if you try.

    Álvaro García 1ºbach B

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  6. Nowadays, if you want to have a job (I'm not talking about the job of your life, I'm talking about a simple job), it's very difficult. That's the reason for the high rate of unemployment in Spain. However, are people searching for a job or are they watching TV at home? Has the Spanish government done anything to solve this problem since the beginning of the crisis?

    Firstly I'm going to talk about all the people that are searching for a job and they don't find one. I think that if you search, you'll find it but the big problem I think that is the conditions that they are looking for. They can get a job, but for example if you earn 1000€, and you work very hard all the week, you have children, you have to pay for the house, the food, the car..., you won't accept this job.

    Secondly, our government, in my opinion, thinks that unemployment isn’t an important factor to solve the crisis. At the beginning, the Spanish government did a lot reforms without taking care about layoffs that companies were doing. Nowadays, a lot of young people, and even people who are not so young, are jobless.

    All in all, we have to think that one day we aren’t going to be in crisis and there won't be so many jobs as we expect.