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miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2016

Traditional rural Ireland (Connemara & Galway) and The Quiet Man

LATEST NEWS!!!! Well, ladies and gentlemen, we nailed it!!!! because I asked the Spanish agency if we could go to the little village of Cong, and they have just confirmed that we will probably be stopping at Cong (Click on the link and check it yourselves!!!) and have a look at the price as we have a 10€ reduction on the price that we have paid.

When we go on our trip to Galway (Study trip to Dublin, Easter 2016) we will have the opportunity to learn about the rural Ireland, the genuine Ireland!!!

I'm going to present the issue along with some scenes from the film The Quiet Man (film directed by John Ford and starred by John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara, who was actually from Ireland and who represents the typical Irish woman, that is, red-haired and with pale freckled skin).

So to begin with, this is the trailer of the film, which is about an American boxer, who was originally from Ireland. This is the typichal story of many American citizens of Irish origin.

Irish people are said to be very similar to us, Spaniards. Well, here are two scenes from the film:
  • The arrival scene >>> here you will see how different Irish people used to be from English. Pay attention to the expression: "Do you happen to know the way to ...?" What does it mean? 
  • The pub scene  >>> this used to be another typical situation in the local pub of an Irish village, full of men and someone buying a round for everybody.
Actually, Irish have the bad reputation of drinking too much >>>  The stereotype of the drunk Irishman  (another example)

Everything used to be very traditional in rural Ireland, especially to everything related with dating, marriages and so on.  (funny scene after the wedding night, pay attention to the way Michaleen pronounce the words IMPETUOUS & HOMERIC: Michaleen Oge Fynn - Impetuous! )  

You can even listen to a bit of Irish: IRISH BIT  

And here's a bit of music:

A couple of documentaries on the film with scenes from the film and locations nowadays:   The Quiet Man - Inisfree This Way   &     The Quiet Man Film Locations in Ireland May 2011   

We must put an end to this post by enjoying The Quiet Man soundtrack and remember how important it is music for the Irish.

Before saying goodbye you can read about John Ford (the director) and the main actors John Wayne (something to watch about him) and Maureen O'Hara, who died last year (Maureen O'Hara's obituary, CNN).

Maureen O'Hara, Irish-born star of The Quiet Man and more, dies aged 95 (The Guardian)

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