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by Bruce Lee

viernes, 6 de abril de 2018

"How!", said the Native American chief.

We have learnt so many fake stories all along our lives. Some may be true, some may be false. Here are some fascinating stories of the Native Americans and how the White men came into scene.

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Activities for my 2º ESO students:  What can you tell me about the Native Americans? What did you know? and what have you learned in this post?   Why shouldn't we call the Native Americans 'Indians'? Watch the video about the differences between American and English food and tell me which you prefer. 


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War of 1812 in the Old Northwest

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Here's a listening exercise to do: Hello, hello (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

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  1. What can you tell me about the Indians?
    The Indians are the inhabitants of India but they can also be natives of America called Indians by the Europeans thinking that America was Asia.
    the Indians are 40,000 individuals that lives mostly in the state of Mexico
    That you know?
    I knew that the Indians are the inhabitants of India but they can also be natives of America

    What have you learned in this publication?
    I did not know that the Indians were so few and that they lived mostly in Mexico and that in America they called them that because they thought it was Asia, and so now I know.

  2. With the term "indian" you can refer to two things, you can refer to everyone who live in India or you can refer to indigenous people who live in America, in the second case, Europeans called then indians because they confused America with Asia.
    I knew that Indians are people who live in India and they usually speak Indi and English, among others languages.
    I prefer the English food because the pronunciation sounds like French pronunciation and for me it's easier to memorize it.

  3. Our Native American inhabitants were incorrectly called Indians by the first European explorers who by mistake believed they were in India.
    Many Native Americans today do not like to be called Indians but prefer to say "We are Lakota people, they usually call us the Sioux".

    By the 19th century, European invaders began to migrate westward and press American Tribes to move out of their traditional lands.

     Many of the tribes do not share the same language or culture. In fact, some of the tribes were constantly fighting in wars between them.

    The survivors to the numerous people and new technologies were forcibly restrained to settle in small areas known as Indian reservations. There are many diverse tribes and not all Native Americans live on Indian reservations. Also Only Some of the reservations admit visitors.

    Some tribes have found ways to make a living at the expense of natural resources on their land and the inhabitants have become solvent.

    Cristina Victoria 2ºBach

  4. Many tribes of America have other customs, for example:
    - Their dances and rituals praying to their gods
    - Their food
    - Your clothes
    - His way of seeing the world
    Every part of the world, however small, has its own customs and beliefs.
    For example, the Indians speak Indian and English.


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  6. With the Indian word you can refer to an inhabitant of India or an Indian of America.
    Indian in science refers to a chemical element and Indius refers to a constellation.
    Two cities also receive the name of Indio one in Riverside County, California; and another in a town in Pirenópolis, Brasil.
    In summary the word Indio can refer to many things.

    Nuria Díaz Ruiz 3 ESO A