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by Bruce Lee

lunes, 20 de agosto de 2018

How smart animals are!!!

Animals are really intelligent, but how intelligent they are. Probably more than what we think.


     Top ten smartest animals    

Here are some articles to read and amazing videos to watch:


A Crow named 007 - Intelligence of animals - BBC Episode 2

And... How does a chimp wash its hands?   &   CNN Amazing Animals Lemurs are incredibly intelligent 

What is for you the most intelligent animal?

Here's a listening exercise to do: How intelligent is the octopus? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

Here you can learn phrasal verbs made with GET.   (Exercise to do)


  • Episode 180815 / 15 August 2018    >>>  The AI that spots eye disease   -  Language related to 'surprising changes'.  Need-to-know language: on the brink off, jaw-dropping, gasp, game changer & the advent of.

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  1. Animals are really intelligence but we underestimate the intelligence of animals because people think that humans are the most intelligence and the other animals are stupid but the animals have a good intelligence.

    According to a new report, chickens appear to be much more intelligent than previously thought, with better numeracy and spatial awareness skills than young children. Also, We know that flies can remember their destination , even when a distraction is put in their path. Researchers have found that fish can be trained to associate a sound with feeding times, and even remember this when released into the wild.

    Sheep have been found to be far more intelligent than their unfair reputations suggest. In a series of tests involving learning how to get food from differently coloured buckets and recognising different shapes, carried out by researchers at Cambridge University, sheep performed as well as monkeys, and better than rodents. Sheep have also been found to recognise and remember the faces of 50 individual fellow sheep, as well as human faces.

    Some experiments of scientists and biologists have discovered that the octopus is one of earth´s smartest although it is a animal that people think that haven´t got intelligence. Octopuses are so smart they tip-toe around awkwardly on the ocean floor hoarding coconut shells to later build themselves a fort to defend themselves from predators, a new Australian study has found.

    Patricia Rodríguez Martín 2ºbach A

  2. I think the animals are very inteligent but sometimes they look silly. Sometimes even the most unusual animal can surprise you for example Some time ago I saw a video of young people training a bee to do simple excercises.The bee was tying to find te most eficient form to complete the excercises.That video was incredible and it shows us that all the animals are inteligents

  3. The human being is an animal, and what we call "animals" they think and they are intelligent, but in their own way and in their environment, whether hunting, looking for food, escaping, exploring, caring, etc.
    That is to say, that within their possibilities, not like humans, but they have their intelligence.
    There is no specific discipline that studies animal intelligence.
    Many have special abilities that allow them to function in their habitat.
    Elephants, dolphins, parrots, crows and other birds and non-human mammals, for example, solve problems much better than other animals.

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  5. We think that animals most stupids are pigs,chickens and sheeps but in this article they show us that it's not how we think.

    The article says that the chickens has sensory capacities, think, apply logic, etc.
    There are people that had been studying orangutans how apes build nests in trees.
    Sheeps are learning how to get food from buckets of colours and recognising diferent shapes and diferent faces
    People found pigs and some monkeys that could use a mirror to find a bowl of food

    I can´t give my opinion because i don´t watch this behaviors in the animals, but I think that it´s amazing

  6. I think that animals are human´s best friends. If you think about it, nearly everybody has an animal in his house. It's pretty cool having one with you, also if it's a dog! I have a little one.

    I love them, also when I was a child. I used to go to a friend's house only to play with his beautiful dog. Now it's not necessary because I have one. She doesen't eats a lot, but she runs! When we play, we make a race and she's always the winner.

    I used to have a little turtle and it also ran a lot, but it doesen't ran as fast as my dog. I also have lots of birds in my rooftop. I have a lots of cages with them in. There are all tipe of bird colours. Some are white, some are red, and there are a lot more.

    As you can see, nearly everyone love pets and animals. ALSO ME!

  7. I think that animals are the best friend of man, like for example the dog, it is an animal that is always there and although it does not look like it, it makes a lot of company.
    There are many types of animals and in my opinion there are some who are more intelligent than others such as, for example, the dog, the horse ... they are intelligent animals but the pig, the rooster ... they aren´t.

    Nuria Díaz Ruiz 3 ESO A

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  9. You can think that animals are stupid, but it is not correct
    For example the birds can remember their destination, fish can associate sound with feeding time, In the case of sheep we know fom test than they can find food from differently coloured buckets and recognise different shapes like monkeys or rodents, pigs are intelligents too they can find bowl of food that has been hidden.
    An article talks about how smart octopus are, sometimes We think that is a silly animal but is not true, Scientist were under water for two hours more or less and they could see how the octopus used its tentaclus and it was very interesting.
    Moreover animals are human's best friends. Almost everyone would like to have a pet in his house.