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domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2018

Gen Z to take over

What do the terms: 'Gen Z' and 'take over' mean? Do you think you belong to this Generation Z? What are the main differences between Generation Z teenagers and teenagers of previous generations? How different did your parents used to be from you?

Here's a listening exercise to do: Describing Generation Z (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)


These are some articles you can read about the issue:

News Review: 60% drop in global wildlife (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)



MAKING SUGGESTIONS (Analyse different ways how to suggest first)

YOU: "I don't know what to do at Easter"    

ALBERT:     - "Why don't we go to York?"

                           - "Let's go to York"     "Let's not go to York"

                            - "Shall we go to York?"

                            - "How about going to York?

                            - "What about going to York?"

YOU:     "Great. I'd love to"      "That's a great idea!"    "Fantastic!"

                "I'm afraid I can't."      "I'm sorry, but I have to take care of my little sister."

                "All right, but you'll have to lend me some money."   "OK, but can you help me with my English homework?"    

1. YOU: "There is nothing on TV tonight."

2. YOU: "I am going on holiday to the north of Spain."

3. YOU: "I'm afraid I'm going to fail English."

4. Víctor: "10 kg of baggage is not enough for me."

5. YOU: "We would like to give a surprise birthday party for our History teacher."

6. YOU: "I don't know which kind of present we could give him."

7.  YOU: "We've still got 2 T-shirts and 3 sweaters left to sell. What can we do?"

8. YOU: "It's raining. We can't go out."

9. YOU: "I'm starving."

10. YOU: "The classroom is really untidy and messy. Albert is going to get really furious with us when he comes."      


  • Episode 181031 / 31 October 2018    >>>  Dogs could help detect malaria -  Language related to 'dogs'.  Need-to-know language: four-legged friends, on the scent, pooches,  & sniff out something/someone.

What do they mean by saying: "four-legged friends"? What is the word for young dogs?


A four-legged friend obviously makes reference to dogs. How would say in English: 'tuerto'?

Answer these questions using the same pattern:   How do you call...

1 ..... a man that looks strange?
2 ..... a young girl that has got fair hair?
3 ..... a lady that dresses badly?
4 ...... some furniture that has been made well?

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    1. After reading the articles, I am from Generation Z, although I do not feel represented by this generation.

      Although the technologies are so important for the generation Z, I do not think the same. It is true that technology is important but you cannot be addicted to them.

      My mother tells me how they had fun in her X generation, and I find it funnier to play on the streets with friends than on the internet.

      It is interesting that there are generations that explain today, but not generalize.

      On the television news I have seen that in Japan they are going to limit the hours of video games, only one hour of game a day, I think it is important to do the same here.

      Susana P. Bosch
      3ºESO Grupo B

  3. Nowadays the technologies have more and more influence on society.

    Teenagers or "Generation Z" as they are called in the article, they have very different attitudes to older age groups. They are boring and screen-addicted.

    Statistics show that the Generation Z-er drink less and do not take drugs. This is because they prefer staying at home with their mobiles phones and not going out. In addition experts say that young people will have a longer and healthier life.

    In my opinion the techologies are good but sometimes they make us disconnect from the outer world
    Moreover they can bring serious health problems.

    Lucía Guirado Ruiz 4ºA.

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  5. Generation Z begins from the mid-1990s to mid-2000s and it is defined as a generation of people who have used the Internet from a young age and are comfortable with technology and social media. Nowadays, nearly 77% of young people with ages between 12 and 17 years old, have a smartphone.

    Generation Z is constantly online. They use Internet to search or share any kind of information or to socialize. Therefore, it´s a screen-addicted generation!

    In my opinion, being part of the Generation Z has lots of advantages because statistics show that teenagers drink less alcohol, take fewer drugs and are more mentally prepared for life after school.

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  7. In Generation Z (if you are born after 1996) they prefer juice bar to pub crawls, have quality family time ahead of sex and prioritise good grades to friendship.
    We are characterizes as boring, sensible and screen addicted.
    Some people don´t think so.
    Demi Babalola, a 19-year-old philosophy and sociology student says that we have so much more to do than drinking and taking drugs.
    We spend a lot of time on social media.
    After seeing this article I think most of us are from the generation z.
    In my opinion we shouldn´t spend our time in these activities but even if we don´t realize we keep doing them instead of studying or doing other activities

    Mari Trini Ortiz 4ºA

  8. Generation Z is the name of the generation of the people who were born from 1995 to nowadays. It´s special because the people who belong to this generation were born with technologies, and they know how to use them. People think that Generation Z only are only at parties and drinking, or with the mobile phone or playing video games, but they dont´only do these things, there are a lot of intelligent people of this Generation, and other people do many things with phones,even so there are people that work with their phone, because there are many different kinds of new jobs, like Influencers, that upload photos on their accounts, and they are paid for that, or YouTuber, that upload videos to YouTube and it pay them. There are also works with videogames, like professional players or streamers, that make a stream of a video game. Generation Z is very different from the others, because we live in a technological world, but you dont have to forget that we are the future of the planet, and we aren´t as bad as people say.

  9. The people who was borned from the 2000 to nowadays forms part of the Generation Z. Generation Z is particular because the people have mobile phones and laptops, and they had borned with them. There are many new things in this generation, like robots or Internet, and the people of ir had borned with them and know how to use them. This Generation is the future of the planet, and the generation of before must teach them how to take care of the planet.


  10. Generation Z starts from 1990 until today, this time is so called because all the young people who were born in those years have been born with technologies. Today, almost all young people between 11 and 17 years old have a telephone .
    They use the Internet to find information, to talk with their friends or send homework.
    I believe that Generation Z is better because many children no longer drink alcohol and are more mentally prepared for life after high school.

  11. Techonoly is something very present in our day. It is probably one of the things necessary in our day a day, for many things, like comunícate with another people.

    Generation Z started in 1995 and finished in 2010. People who have born in this years belong tho this group and this means that they were born with technology around them.

    Is suppossed that all the people that are included in this group know how to use the technology. This is necessary in our days, because most of the works that exist today, will finish with robots and we should how to use it and we should accustomm to them.

    This can also use to many careers, for example, engineering, or people that like videogames will can be video games creators or related things. So, this is a very interesting fact.


  12. I'm from the z generation and I think we do some things that say the articles, but I think that not all people are like that, for example:

    I play video games but it does not mean that we all play it.

    there are also some who smoke, take drugs, drink a lot, but it does not mean that we all take drugs etc ...

    In my opinion I think that is according to the person you ask.


  13. the generation Z were born in 1995 people say that they only spend partying or drinking or being with the phone everywhere, it is not so since some people like youtubers are usually all day with the phone and if so but what they do not know is that echos are working to upload a videote give money or be influenzer that you upload a photo and you pay also companies of games that pay professional players and with that you earn the generation Z life and that echos are the future of new technologie

  14. Generation Z begins from 1990 to 2000, it is said that it was a generation where people used the Internet a lot since an early age. Nowadays children have mobile phones with so little age.
    In my opinion I think that on the one hand being in Generation Z is good because that means that you are more time with the phone than doing other things like smoking, drinking, etc.
    But on the other hand I think that being with the mobiles for so long is not good because you do not interact with many people and can cause damage to the eyes.

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  19. What do the terms: 'Gen Z' and 'take over' mean?

    Generation Z begins from 1990 to nowdays, so Gen Z means it was a generation where people use the Internet or play video games a lot with a early age.
    Take over means begin to have the control of something.

    Do you think you belong to this Generation Z?

    I think I belong to the "G-Z" because I am playing video games or visiting internet all time and I was born in 2004.

    Also I think the G-Z is better because the most of children don't drink alcoholic drinks or smoke any longer and tecnology can prepare you to the future.
    But it doesn't mean there are teenagers or childrens who smokes or drinks alcohol

    Daniel del Pozo Quesada 3º ESO B

  20. Nowadays the people use a lot of tecnology.

    Teenagers that belong to Generation Z are the ones who use new technologies the most. From a very early age they are used to computers, mobile phones, etc and because they use theme too much they isolate themselves from society. But also this generation is the one who drink, smokes, consume drugs.... the less than previous ones.

    I think technology helps but also bring us problems.

    Gabriela Daiana Creta 4ºA

  21. The generation Z is the name of the generation of the people who were born them from 1995 to nowadays.
    The people of the generation Z know how to use the technologies because they born with them.
    Today all the teenagers are from the generation Z and know how to surf the Internet, how to use a mobile phone etc...
    They don't talk face to face to their friends and they don't play in the streets with their friends and for this the people think that the generation Z are the worst generation.
    Many teenagers don't study, they smoke, they drink... But in my opinion all of this isn't because of the new technologies I think it is their parents´ fault.

  22. Generation Z is a generation of young people who have been born since 1990. They are called like that because these people have been born surrounded by technologies.
    Most people know how to use a cell phone from age 8 and even younger.
    Many people say that Generation Z is the worst generation there has ever been, since most of the young people do not study enough, but they don't smoke, drink alcoholic drinks or take drugs so much. However, they are all day long in social networks.
    Also in this generation there are very messy people because using mobile phones and technologies since childhood have offered great economic support as there are many people who work for mobile. Technologies are advancing and you should know how to control them because you need to have a good job in the future.

  23. Generation Z. What is Generation Z like? Generation Z goes from 1995 to now. It's called like this because the boys and girls were born in the digital era with the technologies. We are more than just going to parties and getting high, we are the best generation for the future. But the worst thing about this generation born with tecnologies is that are addicted to them from a very early age. For example, my little cousin Daniela is three years old and now she makes photos of herself and uploads videos on Youtube. They don't fancy playing with other children in the streets or talk face to face without a phone in their hands. Children are isolating themselves to play the computer games. How will all this end up?

  24. In the articles they express who the Generation Z-ers grow with a lot of technological appliances, but so many of us do not how use apropiattly a pc computer because we ussually use smartphones or tablets
    In one of the articles they took the topic of American school shotting and the increase of it in other web-sites I has read about it, and some people blame his causes of videogames or violent movies, but in my opinion the fault is the actual overinformation we have now, its causes a alonned case in to a national catastrofy, retransmitted in TV or social networks, and so many teenagers don't filter the information they have because they grow with It and anyone teech him to think the consecuences of that they read and can influes him and they don't know It.