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by Bruce Lee

domingo, 6 de enero de 2019

Good handwriting may be the clue to success!!!

Did you write your letter to The Three Wise Men? Did you get all the presents you asked for? If you did, congratulations!!! But if you didn't, it might be because you didn't do too well or... because your handwriting was not good enough!! 

Here are some articles for you to read about the importance of having a good handwriting:

Video to watch: "Does good handwriting lead to good grades?"


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  1. When I was little I always wanted Christmas to come because in the Christmas I could see my family because my family is very big,I could travel a lot of places,I could go shopping with my family my favourite day is January 5th because this day come the tree kings and they bring many presents for me an d for my brother and sister.This year the tree king brought many presents for me,they have brought clothes,a mobile phone and money.This year has been the best for me

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  5. Nowadays, handwriting is less usefull that some years ago because we write much more in computers and mobile phones than in the past so, do children in a keyboard world need to learn old-fashioned handwriting?

    On the one hand, learning to write is one of the most basic things that you have to learn in school and a lot of people refuse to stop teaching it. Besides, according to experts, children who have good handwriting and can write very fast do better exams because they use less time to complete the exam and, as a result, they have more time to think about the answer.

    On the other hand, nowadays we only write a bit on paper, so in some years it is really probably that exams will be with a computer. Moreover, writing with an electronic thing like a tablet or a computer is much better than with a pencil and a paper because when you are reading it, it sometimes can be difficult because there are people who have bad handwriting and it is very difficult to understand what is written, with a computer we will never have this problem!

    In my opinion, children have to learn how to write well with a paper because it´s necessary in life, but personaly i prefer to write on my mobile phone.

  6. I used to write letters for the Three Wise Men when I was 8 years old or less. In my opinion Chritsmas is a very good time of the year to be with the family and friends.
    when I wrote letters to the Three Wise Men, They always brought me what I wanted and I always got a surprise because I thought that they were real but nowadays I haven't got many presents and i know the truth.
    Now I do not write letters and I buy my own present and presents for my brother and my parents.
    On 5th January I always play my clarinet on the Three Wise Men parade and when I see all the children with presents I feel really happy to see children enjoying themselves. The next day I receive presents and I usually go with my friends and my family to a restaurant

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  8. Nowadays, both keyboards and computers or mobiles are present in our live, and in the last few years, this has grown because we use new technologies for many things.
    The speed that we have with the Internet, we can not compare for example, with letters. So, in a loto f situations, this is a favorable point. When we want to know the news, if we search in a digital newspaper, we can know the most recent news, or if we have a emergency. Besides, in almost of schools, technology can be more important and more use than pen and paper
    However, it is true that the traditions of write letters or write many things by hand, are losting. Fromm y point of view I think that this should not dissapear because technology cannot replace everything and we can use both of them in our live.

  9. Nowadays, computers, tablets, mobile phones and other technologies are very present in our lives, but is the pen still mightier than the keyboard? It dependes on how you see it.

    On the one hand, technologies are so fast that handwriting is dissapearing,especially in many work places. Email and texting have replaced snail mail and in many schools they use computers instead of pen and sheet of paper. In addition, experts say that using a keyboard is easier than learning to write.

    On the other hand, paper allows you to write anywhere and keep to set margins or not. And it has three dimensions too, so you can cut out, stapled or glued. Nevertheless when you write with pen and a sheet of paper, you can see words crossed out or corrected, things that don´t happen when you write with a keyboard.

    In my opinion, keyboard is a excellent tool to work fast and easily and it allows you to rectify, but I think that pen and paper is something that we should not ever forget. Definitely I prefer handwriting because it´s what we use every day, especially at school.

    Lucía Guirado Ruiz 4ºA.

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  11. Actually, I don´t write letters to The Three Wise Men or to Santa Claus, but when I was younger, I did. This Christmas I have received a lot of presents, even more than I asked for. My parents buy my presents, so some time they buy more things than I asked them, and that makes me very happy. This Christmas I spend a lot of time with my family, and my cousins were very excited with the presents, and they were impressed when they opened all the things. This moment is very beautiful, because you see their happy faces and it makes you smile, I think the best present for a parent is that moment, when they see that face in their kid.
    Changing the subject, I like writing things sometimes, but I know that my handwritting isn´t the best. Knowing this, sometimes I try to do another type of handwritting but is hard for me to get used to it and I finish keeping mine. One day, I want to finally change my handwritting, but for now I will keep the one I have.

  12. Nowadays technology is very present in our lives. This has many positive things but also negative ones. For example they are losing the tradition of writing letters.

    More and more people are leaving handwriting because it is more comfortable and faster to write on mobile phones and computers. Is it necessary for children to learn to write by hand at school? There are many people who think that it is a thing that children should learn and others that think that this is not necessary for the future.

    On the one hand, it is very important to know how to write by hand and it is one of the most basic things that we should learn in school.

    On the other hand, today we write very little with pencil and paper, this method is used to use more when computers, mobile phones did not exist yet ...
    In addition, experts say that learning to use a keyboard is easier than learning to write.

    In summary, new technologies have convenient and inconvenient. but I think they bring more advantages than inconveniences and children should learn to write on the computer because they will use it in their future.

    Desirée Rodríguez Arias 4ºA

  13. When I was younger I used to write letters to the Three Wise Men and to Santa Claus, but now I don't write letters to them anymore.
    When I wrote letters, I used to ask for many presents and I didn't used to get all the presents that I asked for.
    This Christmas I have got many presents from family, and my parents and I bought many presents for my little cousin and my aunt.
    This year my family couldn't meet all because some of my uncles were travelling outside Spain.
    In my opinion I have a good handwriting, but when I was younger I have a bad handwriting and lately I have improved it, I still want to improve it more.

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  15. Did you write your letter to The Three Wise Men? Did you get all the presents you asked for?
    When I was younger I wrote letters to Santa Claus and to The Three Wise Men, but actually i don't do it anymore, and also I get all I wish and more than that, and also sometimes I recived some pocket money. In this year I did spend time with all my family, like all the years, but allways I have to travel to Madrid and to Granada. I think my hand writing isn't good enough but it was worst than now in the past.

    Daniel del Pozo Quesada 3ºESO B

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    1. Every day we students have to write a lot, and I think we waste our time copying our class notes on our notebooks.
      It is very important to make a good handwriting so that our teachers can understand what we write, although it does not make you a better or worse student, because doctors have a horrible handwriting as they usually have to take notes very fast, and they have been great students.

      Susana P. Bosch
      3ºESO Grupo B

  17. Technologies are very present in our life because a lot of people have them and use them to work , but is handwriting better than keyboard ? .

    In United States students take notes with a keyboard and they think that it is better for them because it is easier and faster to learn to write .

    On the other hand writing with a pen is still important for students because they can develop their skills and with piece of paper you can write anywhere . When you write by hand you can make mistakes that sometimes are more difficult to happend than when you write with a keyboard , when you only need to press a key .

    In my opinion it´s okay that you can write with keyboard but we should´t forget the pen.

  18. When you were 8 years old at school we wrote the letter to the wise men and we all went together and threw it into the mailbox, and they always brought me what I asked, I was very surprised to see that they brought me what I asked for. I do not write a letter or Santa Claus or the wise men because I know the truth, now my parents buy the gifts that I ask. At Christmas I received many gifts.
    On January 5, I play the clarinet in the parade of floats of the wise men, that day the children receive the gifts they ask for

  19. Nowadays there is a lots of technologies in our live and we write more in computer and mobile phone than handwritting.

    On the one hand, people use keyboard to write because it´s faster than handwritting and letters are disapearing because you can send an email faster than a letter.

    On the other hand, learn to write by hand is an esencial thing of school but if people write a lots of in paper, someday we haven´t got trees and we will die.

    In my opinion I prefer write by keyboard because it´s faster and economy than buy a paper all months but write by hand is a thing that we shouldn´t ever forget.


  20. I believe that Christmas is one of the most important days because it is that day that gives back to those relatives that you have not seen since last Christmas and you are with the whole family. I also like it on February 5 because they are the wise men and I They bring more gifts than Christmas and I love it when someone touches the bean in the cake of kings

  21. The christmas is two weeks to stay with the family and we do diferent things for example go to the cinema.

    There are many things but I don,t like it.
    I never won,t like is go to shop if it is days of party or not .

    But there is one thing I like so much is get present or money, all of the people like that.

    In conclussion I lke christmas for the present but for me it is another party day.

    Ivan Bustos Jiménez


  22. Nowadays, both keyboards and computers or mobiles are present in our live, and in the last few years, this has grown because we use new technologies for many things.
    In United States students take notes with a keyboard and they think that it is better for them because it is easier and faster to learn to write.
    Now we use keyboard to write because an email is faster than a letter.
    In my opinion i like more write by keyboard because it’s faster and economy than buy paper all weeks but write by hand is a thing that we shouldn’t ever forget.

    Natalia López 3ºA

  23. Technology is designed to make our lives as easy and comfortable as possible.Thus, we use it for the most basic things such as writing. It seems that we have left hand writing behind and that having a beautiful letter is not a useful skill anymore. But is that true though?

    On the one hand, we are used to see university students carrying their laptops around and typing very fast pages and pages of notes. First of all, a clear advantage from typing is that it is the fastest method. Not only that but it is also more understandable and easy to read than handwriting.
    Besides, some people might say that it gives the impression that you are more professional, implicated and even "updated" with technologies, and I agree with that, because, for instance, when you are submitting a CV, a project or any important document you type it, no matter how nice your handwriting is.

    On the other hand, there are also many pros in having a good looking handwriting, especially in school, where sometimes laptops are not allowed and you must write down everything. In that case, handwriting is useful and should be practiced, due to that it is important to write as fast as possible while keeping in mind that you have to reread it later, not an easy task! Also the way you write may influence your mark in an exam because the teacher alway takes into consideration how the test is structured and if it is visually appealing, which are factors where your handwriting influences.

    To sum up, I firmly believe that both methods can coexist together and that handwriting will never die. Even if school decides to allow the use of new technologies in their classes many people would still rather use paper and pen, and there's nothing wrong with that because typing doesn't have to be for everybody.