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sábado, 8 de junio de 2019

Night shoppers, the new trend

Another variable affecting our sleep!!!  Not long ago we were talking about having problems to fall asleep ( Sleep disorders ). Well, now it has been discovered that people even go shopping in the middle of the night!!!

Here's an interesting article to read a listening exercise to do about the issue:

Online shopping sees 30% rise between midnight and 6am, study says (The Guardian)


Here's a listening exercise to do: Are you a vampire shopper? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English).




And later you need a coffee break. Here's the coffee break proposed by Jonah Nilsson.




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  1. Nowadays people spend many hours shopping online. It has many advantages, for example, the same shirt can be cheaper online than in the shop near your house. Another advantage of buying things online is that you can buy thing anytime so you don't need to worry because the shop is going to close. But it can be also a disadvantage.

    Many people has problems to fall asleep, and when they find it hard to sleep, they grab their phone or their tablet and start shopping online. In the latest years online shopping has seen a raise of 30% between midnight and 6am. These people are usually glued to their phones all night, and the things they buy are often predictables: videogames, legos and pillows. When you are tired you find it hard to resist not to buy something and you finish buying many things you don't need.

    In my opinion people shouldn't buy at that time. People who have sleep disorders should try to sleep at night because if they start shopping online they may buy things they don't need and they may regret.

  2. An online store (also known as an online store, virtual store or electronic store) refers to a type of commerce that uses a website or an application connected to the Internet as its main means of conducting transactions. In Latin American countries it is common to use Anglicism "e-shop".

    The sellers of products and services put at the disposal of their clients a web page (or computer application) in which they can observe images of the products, read their specifications and finally, acquire them. This service gives the customer speed in the purchase, the possibility of doing it from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day. Some online stores include user manuals within the product page so that the customer can give an idea in advance of what they are purchasing. Likewise, many online stores offer buyers the ability to rate and evaluate the product. These assessments can be carried out through the website itself or through third-party applications, being always visible to any visitor to the website.

    Typically these products are paid by credit card, payment services such as PayPal and most recently bitcoin, to send them to the customer by mail or transport agency, although depending on the country and the store there may be other options, such as picking up at the store, bank transfer or cash on delivery (payment at destination upon receipt of the order). The latter usually has associated a commission in most of the online stores that offer it. They also tend to offer more current alternative payment methods such as the direct bank transfer offered by the Sofort or Trustly solutions, as well as the systems that allow payment in installments such as Pagamastarde or Aplázame.

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  5. Nowadays many people buy online because it is very easy and has many advantages but this is causing serious problems. Do you think that online shopping could be dangerous?

    On the one hand, buying online has many advantages, especially when you do not have enough time, you can buy online at any time and place so you do not have to worry because the store is going to close. In addition, you can find better deals online than in the physical store.

    On the other hand, a study says that in recent years, online purchases increase 30% between midnight and 6 a.m. This is a big problem because a lot of people who can´t sleep well and they make the mistake of taking their computers, tablets and mobile phones and spending their time and money buying things, most of which aren't

    In my opinion, if you do it properly, buying online has many advantages such as finding better deals and not having to queue.

    Desirée Rodríguez Arias

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  7. Sleeping is an essential thing in our lives. If we don´t sleep well, we´ll have problems during all the day, so that´s why we should try to sleep well, keeping a schedule and trying to avoid things that can let us not fall asleep.
    Nowadays, one of the things we use everyday and every time, and that causes us insomnia is the mobile phone and other technologies. The light of its screens makes us be in alert, so our brain decides that we shouldn´t go to sleep yet. It is a problem, because work or doing homework before going to sleep, won´t let us sleep as well as we should do.
    Many people don´t know or don´t care about this, so they stay with their mobile phones until very late in the night, and with this, they sleep badly.
    Other people even buy at night, because at that time, few people are buying, and so you have more offers and products to choose in some pages, without the nerves of losing the offer. It can be good to save money, but with this, you are damaging your health, and you may have problems in your daily routine.
    In summary, mobile phones and computers help us in a lot of things, even in saving or earning money, but if with this you are losing other things like your own health, you shouldn´t use them during the night.

  8. Online stores are stores that are online, they are the same as physical stores but with some advantages and disadvantages depending on the person who will use them.
    The good part is that there are people who live in places that do not have physical stores, for example I live in Ítrabo and I usually hare to take the bus or drive to Motril to go shopping, so for me online shops are good. In addition, online stores never close, and that is good. You do not have to worry about the time you want to look at them as it happens with physical stores. Another good point is that online stores have much more variety of products than physical stores, but there are more.
    The bad part is that there are people who abuse online stores, that is, they are hooked to buy since they are so comfortable and do not leave their homes or spend a lot of money on them.
    In my opinion, online stores are more comfortable than physical stores but you have to make good use of them, without abusing of them and being careful with the money we spend.

  9. Nowadays, thanks to new technologies we can travel through the internet and make all the online purchases we want. However, online shopping is not as good as we think.

    On the one hand, online shopping has improved our lives a lot. It allow us to compare prices and shop in a more relaxed way without leaving home. In addition, the store sends the product to our home and we can spend as much time as we want watching and trying the product on. Besides, we can shop at the supermarket, look at clothes, electronics and whatever we want at any time of day because the online stores never close!

    On the other hand, shopping online has disadvantages like we can get ripped off or we can end up being addicted to them. Normally, people have more free time at night because at that time we have finished doing our work and many people often travel trougth the internet at night. Moreover, according to statistics online shopping increases a lot at night. Besides, this is bad for us because we cannot rest properly.

    To put it in a nutshell, online shopping at night is fine but we must keep in mind that we have to rest at least 8 hours every night. In my opinion, online shopping is very good but we must be careful with it.

    Ana Isabel Prados Rodríguez 1º Bach

  10. All day, we are waiting for bedtime. But really we were waiting for a peaceful time to use the smartphone or the tablet. This causes that we go to sleep late. And the next day we are very tired and angry. Over time it causes a disorder in the dream.

    Only some people know if you do a mental activity like do the homework or use the phone will you don’t sleep correctly. Other people say that the best time for shop online is at night. Few people are buying and they can find the best offers only for them without having stress about losing the chosen item.

    For a lot of years, I have been in bed between midnight. And always I have done the homework very late. This year I will be trying to go to bed more early, but every night I see in the clock midnight.

    We must be in bed only to repose. With the night entirely sleeping, the next day we are more active.