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viernes, 25 de octubre de 2019

PERMAFROST: another victim of climate change

Every day you can learn something. For instance, the other day I learned about this motivational cartoon from our student in 4º ESO Susana, who used on the cover of her folder (great idea!!! Thanks!!!):


This is the right attitude to face challenges in life, especially at school.


But not long ago (actually, it was yesterday), I also learned about something from our Geography and History teacher Mr Jiménez: 'permafrost' and how climate change is affecting it. This could have disastrous consequences in certain regions in the world and could even be a threat to our lives.


Some articles for you to read about the issue:


And some videos:


Inside the permafrost 'time tunnel' - BBC News


Global warming causing Canada's permafrost to release ancient bacteria (CBC)


Climate change thawing permafrost in Northern Canada (CBC)


Siberia: The Melting Permafrost | ARTE Documentary (a very interesting multilingual documentary in English, French and even in Russian!!!)



Listening exercise for you to do:

6 Minute English: Is it a good idea to have a tattoo?   (BBC Learning English)



And here's a quiz to do: JUST , ALREADY or YET  ??  (BBC Learning English)

Nature is speaking. So listen!!!


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  2. Climate change is one of the worst disasters in our world nowadays. People aren't still really conscious of what's happening with the climate change, but it is actually a very serious problem.

    Cars are one of the main factors that provokes climate change. Every family has one, two or even three cars! These machines are very pollutant. Now, they're making electric cars that work with electricity and they're not pollutant at all, but they're too expensive for people to buy them. In a few years their prices will be lower and people will start to buy them.

    Factories and plastic also affect the climate change. When we make products, even healthy ones, factories expel toxic gases that affect the ozone layer. If this happens, bad sun rays will pass through it and this will produce climate change.

    We can stop this by recycling, using public transport, using electric cars, not throwing plastic into the sea or somewhere else and many more things. It's really important to take care of our planet ore we'll have terrible consequences.

    Álvaro Martín Moliz 4º ESO A

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  4. Climate change is nowadays one of the most serious problems that are happening on Earth. If you don´t give any importance to it , our planet will change. So, an only action from you can destroy the Earth.

    Do you know what the permafrost is ? Well, it is the layer of the Earth which is permanently frozen by natural causes, not because of an accident. It is found in very cold areas like Canada , Alaska or Siberia. This layer contains full of toxic gases like methane and carbon dioxide which are being released because of the thawing of this part of the earth. This is because of global warming.

    In addition, on top of this layer, there is life ,so if it is thawing, this life can be destroyed and disappear and it can also affect the forests, the ecosystem and the environment. Although the thaw can take lots of years , we should do everything possible to save the planet.

    I think we can contribute and stop this by recycling , using less plastic , using public transport...

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    2. We have not taken much care of the planet where we live in recent years.

      Many bad actions of the people on the Earth have carried out so many bad actions such as uncontrolled carbon emissions of the Earth, destruction of forests, uncontrolled buildings ...

      This has caused the warming of the earth and the ice of the glaciers called permafrost, is melting.

      This is very serious, many people are changing places in which to live safer, they leave the glacier areas, and the number of people in the warmest places is increasing.

      The sea level are rising, so the land to inhabit decreases and in addition, many parasites and bacteria that can cause serious diseases to the population are free of ice, since the remains of animals and plants that were in the permafrost, are defrosting.

      Susana P. Bosch

      4º ESO Grupo A

  6. Climate change is today one of the most serious problems that are occurring on Earth. If you don't realize, you can gradually destroy it, because maybe it's silly for you, but not for the rest of the people. For example, high temperatures are causing a thaw in the Arctic, and as it continues, it can cause the ice and the animals that live there to disappear forever.
    Other causes are pollution by people, such as many families have three or four cars so they contaminate a lot. Other causes are recycling as many people or even families put everything in the same bag instead of putting each container or trash in their bag and corresponding container.
    In my opinion, I think that one of the ways there is for cars to pollute less is by taking public transportation because more people can be accommodated in a single vehicle such as the subway or the bus and only be contaminated as a vehicle.

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  8. Many people take this climate change as a joke, but it is something very serious and that we should all consider. As we do not begin to change our behavior, thinking and materials, we will end up destroying our planet and ourselves, because if we start thinking if the planet is destroyed we will die, because it is our house and it is the only one we have, it is say, there is no other planet we can go to.

    And we already know that it is the only planet on which we can live since, no other planet has an ozone layer, this one but we are destroying it with some gases that we are using, it is the only one that has the necessary temperature for the human being can live, we are also breaking those temperature limits with the greenhouse effect, and this rise in temperatures is causing the poles to melt and the sea then rises. I could write many more things than we are destroying and there is only on this planet.

    All this could be avoided if we followed a series of rules against climate change. And thus protect the nature of our planet.

  9. Most people take the issue of climate change as a joke and it is very serious since our lives are in danger, because if we do not take care of the planet at the end we will die, what we have to do is not to pollute the planet as much and take this issue more seriously since it is not something we should take as a joke.
    What people do not think is that if we destroy the planet there is no other place to live.

    I think that this issue should be taken more seriously and look not only for ourselves but also for our family and also for the planet.

  10. Michel Joardan is the best basketball player ever in basketball history . He is tall, dark, and handsome. He played for the Chicago Bolls and Washington Wizards.
    He is incredibly!

    Manolo Utrabo Bejar 1A

  11. Basketball was created in 1891. The Canadian teacher James Naisimith at a Springfield University was its creator. 5 players per team play on the field and 10 players can be on the bench. Basketball is one of the most played sports. Its objective is to throw the ball into the basket. The team with the most baskets is the winner.

    Franciso José Prados Espinosa 1ºA

  12. Bad actions and bad behavior on our planet earth are causing climate change, and what is climate change? It is one of the worst disasters and one of the serious problems that is occurring in our day to day on our planet earth.

    Some causes are the use of the car very often, it is very polluting and is a main factor in climate change.
    To avoid contamination, we should use public transport more or buy an electric car.

    Another factor that pollutes a lot is the factories, since they expel toxic gases, which affect the ozone layer.

    Plastic also affects climate change.

    We are also breaking those temperature limits with the greenhouse effect, and this rise in temperatures is causing the poles to melt.

    To solve and stop this we should recycle, use more public transport or an electric car since it is a way to less pollute our planet, not throw plastic or other things (garbage) into the sea or anywhere, recycle and above all the plastic.
    If you don't follow these rules the planet will destroy the planet and ourselves.