Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

martes, 7 de enero de 2020

Give it a go!!!

Are you ready? We are back to the trenches and the front line and this is THE TERM, the most decisive term this year. Why? Because it is the longest and after Easter we will just have a few weeks left before the end of the school year.

So, it is high time you find solutions for the mistakes you committed in the first term or those unsolved problems you can face with a good attitude and loads of effort from you. 

We all hope you, at least, will try studying more and try keeping the right path so as to pass all your subjects. I don't want to hear from you that you tried to study, work, pass... but you didn't manage to get your goals. 

GIVE IT A GO!!!!   (give it a go  = try something)


It is time for....

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS (Have a look at this post and think about the appropriate tense to use)

English in a Minute: TRY + V-ing or TRY + to-V   (BBC Learning English)

News Review: Joker leads Bafta film nominations (BBC Learning English) What is the most para

English with Lucy: 15 Smart and Polite Ways to Say 'I DON'T LIKE' - Do NOT be RUDE in English!


Here's an exercise for you to do after watching the video. You will have to replace 'DON'T LIKE' by any suitable option you learned.

1. I don't like the behaviour of the students in 4º ESO at all, and I'm going to be tougher on them if they don't behave properly.

2. I don't really like heavy meals for dinner, but I'll go to your birthday party if you insist.

3. I don't like big cities at all, especially if I'm the one driving.

4. I don't really like travelling on my own. I prefer going with my family.

5. After my last experience at a disco, I think I don't like going again to that party with you.


This exercise is very important because this term in 1º Bachillerato we are going to work a lot rewriting sentences using different structures. Here are two interesting links for you:

Rewriting and other exercises        Other REWRITE exercises.


Some English Listening Practice for you:

Learn English Through Story Rich Man Poor man  

Football:  Football’s Greatest  Teams .. AC Milan   


7 comentarios:

  1. Milan is a good team from Italy by Calcio A. His stadium is called San Siro, the city's surival is Inter Milan, although the two are good at derbies, most usually win Inter. The inter now has a good colt called Donnarumma the goalkeeper is Italian

    Oliver Lozano Martín 1ºA

  2. Milan in the early 80s was a team in decline until Silvio Berlusconi bought it in 1986. Brougt great Dutch like: Gullit, Rijkaard and Van Basten. During the 90s it won three Champions League. In 1994 it played the final against Barcelona in Athens, won by 4-0; goals from Massaro, Savicevic and Desailly. Milan is currently a team what tries to be what it was.

    Alejandro Venegas 1ºA

  3. I like football ,because it my favorite sport and my favorite club is atlético of Madrid, my favorite player is Joao felix. I play with my friends.
    I like to watch football with my dad
    I am Abel Martinez Padilla 1 * A

  4. I like gymnastic ritmic because in it, makes a beautifuls dances. In 2017 I was in it, but I don't want to do more gymnastic ritmic, because I don't have friends In it
    Rocio Avellanedas Nocete 1°A

  5. One of the better football teams:
    La Associazione Calcio Milan ( AC Milan) is a great Italian football team. They have better results than most of the European football teams, because they have 18 league cups ( Serie A TIM A) and 7 UEFA Champions League cups. Its players are the best of Italy, like Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Ante Rebic. There is another team in Milan, Football Club Internazionale Milan, Fooball Internazionale Milano, ( Inter Milan). It is as good as AC Milan in national leagues, because they also 18 cups, but Inter is worse in European cups, with only 3 UEFA Champions League cups. Anyway, they are very good teams! Some people say that AC Milan is better than Real Madrid is the most incredible team! The played once the UEFA Champions League finale and Real Madrid won (1957-1958). Real Madrid has also 13 UEFA Champions League cups, and the player faster and stronger. I want to watch a match between them!

    Antonio Puentedura Prados de 1º ESO A.

  6. Ciao! Ho trovato un prezioso video dipartie di calico.
    AC Milan contro Juventus FC nel 1995.
    Famoso giocatore Baggio,Weah,Deschamps.

  7. AC Milan is one of the best teams in Serie A and in Europe, it has won 7 champions league, it is the second team with so many champions, only Real Madrid is ahead of it. He has also won national titles such as Italian Cups, Super Cups and Leagues.

    In the same city is his great rival Inter Milan, with whom he shares a stadium, but their rivalry is maximum.
    AC Milan have had a very bad few years, as they do not qualify for the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, nor do they win the titles they won before.

    I think that if AC Milan wants to go back to being the team it was and win titles like the ones it won before, it should make good signings, like the one it has done this year with the return of its best striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic.