Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

martes, 17 de marzo de 2020

Covid-19 strikes St Patrick's festivities!!! (QUARANTINE: DAY 2)


Happy St Patrick's Day!!!


Here are some articles for you to read about St Patrick's Day and the Coronavirus crisis:




And now a musical hint:

Seven Drunken Nights The Dubliners


    Original version   

Here are some other useful links to Cambridge sample exams to prepare for:

     A2-Key   B1-Preliminary      B2-First    

 C1-Advanced    C2- Proficiency 



Solutions to some of yesterday's exercises.

Unit 5 (New English in Use 1) , page 62     

Exercise 1

Think about other activities or sports you can do:

snorkling, ice-skating, judo, snowboarding, jogging, yoga, aerobics, handball, baseball, long jump, triple jump, high jump

Tuesday, 17th March

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Unit 5 (New English in Use 1) , page 63      SOME COMMENTS AND SOME EXTRA EXERCISES

Exercise 6

We will do a couple of sentences using these linkers: AND, BUT & OR (Haremos un par de frases utilizando estos conectores)

Exercise 7

Bear in mind that the adverb for the adjective HARD is the same. HARDLY means all the opposite: "APENAS".  (Hay que tener en cuenta que el adverbio para el adjetivo HARD no cambia. HARDLY significa todo lo contrario: "APENAS")

Exercises 10 & 11 (LISTENING)

In the listening exercise you will hear this sentence: "My teacher always wants me to be in the competitions.", which means "Mi profesor siempre quiere que yo esté en las competiciones."

Can you translate for tomorrow these sentences?

  1. Yo quiero que los perros de mis primos salten alto.
  2. Mi tío quiere que mis primos corran rápido.
  3. Tú quieres que te lance la pelota de tu hermana.


Here are two New That's English episodes to revise the EXCLAMATORY SENTENCES:   Unit 8A     Unit 8B   .

Unit 5 (Smart Planet 4) , page 58     




Students should practise today some oral skills   >>>

  Unit 7 (Get Set 1) , pages 90-91      Some comments and some extra exercises


Solution to Extra exercise on ADJECTIVES & ADVERBS (page 59). 

1. hard, quickly  2. well, badly   3. slowly , far    4. high , easily    5. beautifully , nicely

Here's a post with solutions to the previous post B2 exercises and some more activities to do: Six years ago.... 

A final musical hint in honour of St Patrick's Day:

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  1. I know, I had written a comment about St Patrick, but for this day I'm allowed to write about his adventures. Let's recapitulated!!!

    Patrick was taken far away from his family. He was in Ireland. Years later, he could escape from his kidnappers and return home. During his kidnapping, he prayed to God. Before his return, he preached the word of God. Every 17th March, the Irish go to the streets and celebrate his death.

    The streets are dressed in green. Normally, Ireland celebrates this day because he is their patron. But owing the Irish's immigration to other countries because of the Irish famine, countries like the United States or Argentina celebrate this day like Ireland, with green everywhere. Also, it's very characteristic of the leprechaun and the golden teapot.

    This year regrettably has had to be canceled a cause of, the COVID-19, around the world, for our health.

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  3. St. Patrick day is a celebration that is celebrated on 17th March, and it is most popular celebration in Ireland. The most important symbol of this celebration is the shamrock.

    I know about this celebration when my sister went to Dublin in 2016, she went on the English study school trip. Before I hadn´t heard anything about this celebration. When she returned from Dublin she brought some souvenir and all of them have a shamrock with them. I didn´t know why they all had a shamrock and I asked her, and she told me that shamrock is the national symbol of Ireland and, of course, of Dublin.

    This celebration is celebrated all the years, but this year it has been cancelled because of COVID-19, as many other celebrations as the Fallas of Valencia, or for the example the E3, the bigger conference of videogames in the world that is celebrated in Los Angeles.

    In my opinion, cancelling all these celebrations was the only thing that they could do, if we didn´t want to have more infected people and for this reason it had to be cancelled.
    Francisco González López 4ºA

  4. St. Patrick's day is the day when Patrick, a cleric in Ireland, died. He was a very important man because he set up the Christianity in Ireland, and now every 17th March, the Irish go to the streets and celebrate his death.

    This celebration is celebrated every year, but this year it isn't celebrated because of COVID-19, as many other celebrations as the Fallas of Valencia, or for example Roland Garros, one of the most important tennis tournaments played in France, it has been cancelled.

    On St Patrick's Day, people wear green clothes, eat special food, listen to Irish music, dancing, participate in parades and more. This special day, the people eat bean in grains and cabbage, Classic Irish soda bread, Shepherd's foot like lamb, mashed potatoes, butter and sweet sauce,etc. Irish fennel stew and they drink green beer.

    In my opinion, I think that St. Patrick's day is a very nice celebration and it's a real shame that this year it has been cancelled. Maybe next year people can go out and celebrate it with friends and family.

    Álvaro Martín Moliz 4º A

  5. I don't know so much at St. Patrick's day, but I know the basic because when I was in Ireland the family, that I was had, they are from Ireland so they told me about some things thta people do in this day.

    In this day some people wear green clothes, eat some special food like corned beef and cabbage, listen some Irish music and in some cases, they also dressed streets with green colour. It's really amazing what have they do for only one day.
    I hope that one day I'll celebrate this day for seeing what they do and enjoy it from myself.

    It's a shame that COVID-19 strike this day with the quarantine, but like St. Patrick's day, lots of parties and special days are being cancelled, for example 'Semana Santa' because the goverment add two weeks more for this quarantine.

    In my opinion, with the minus information that you have for this day you want to enjoy it.
    This day is very nice!

  6. St. Patrick's Day is a holiday of Christian origin that is celebrated annually on March 17 to commemorate the death of St. Patrick of Ireland, patron saint of the island of Ireland located in north-western continental Europe.

    so the country dresses in green and toasts with beer to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day.

    My English teacher organizes trips to England, and a few years ago some of my classmates were able to enjoy this holiday, they dressed in green hats and had a great time.

    But this year after the terrible situation in which we are, this holiday has been canceled, because of the virus, the covid19 has not only been canceled on St. Patrick's Day, but also more important events and festivities have been canceled, for example, suspended Easter, the Rolland Garros has been delayed, many concerts by famous artists have been canceled ...

    But you have to be strong and conscious, and heed the indications of the health services, to stop this epidemic.

    #I stay at home


  7. I didn’t know anything about Saint Patrick, apparently it’s celebrated on March 17. And people also have to wear green to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.

    But this party was canceled because of the coronavirus and Easter was also canceled.I like Holy Week a lot and my mother but it’s canceled.

    I’d like to see him next year.

  8. I want my cousin´s dogs to jump high.
    My uncle want my cousins to run quickly.
    You want me to throw your sister´s ball at you.

    Alejandro Venegas 1ºA

  9. It seems normal to me that it is postponed in New York, but the truth is that in Ireland, instead of canceling everything, they could postpone it in New York and thus recover a little the losses that this pandemic entails, the truth is that this will have a very negative impact on the economy around the world, but everything bad has a good side and that is that covid-19 is not an excessively fatal disease unless you are a certain age or you are a risk patient what I mean is that As it is the first time that the countries have passed, they have not been completely coordinated and for this reason it can serve as training because this will not be the last time it happens, at least the next time the countries will already know how to act in these cases.

    Another positive side of all this is the issue of pollution in all senses, the entire world has been paralyzed, that is, practically no pollution is being sent to the atmosphere, nor is waste being dumped into the ground or the sea. In almost all the world!
    And that can only have a positive impact.

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  11. I know next to nothing about this celebration, but from what I have seen, I know that it is celebrated annually on March 17 to remember the death of Saint Patrick of Ireland and that it is a holiday, people also have to wear green.

    It's terrible because
    they had to cancel it this year and it is only celebrated once, in order to avoid large groups of people and other events and festivities have also been canceled

    Paula González Blanco 4B

  12. I do not know much about Saint Patrick, but I know that it is a religious festival that is celebrated on 17th March would have had to be a very festive to commemorate the death of Saint Patrick.

    As many people say, Saint Patrick taught and explained the Holy Trinity using a three-leaf clover. That is why we represent Saint Patrick in green.

    Saint Patrick is a very celebrated holiday in Ireland and is also celebrated in other countries such as the United States or Argentina.
    In Spain we also know Saint Patrick as ''San Patricio'', but it is not such a great festival and it is not celebrated as much as in Ireland.

    March 17 would have to be a very festive day for Ireland, but because of the coronavirus the parade had to be cancelled, since people's health and lives are more important than, celebrating this festival.
    All celebrations have also been cancelled New York and Toronto because of this virus.

    I hope that this virus will pass soon and next year the Irish will be able to celebrate this festival twice as much and with more enthusiasm.

  13. St Patrick's Day is a major religious celebration that is celebrated on March 17 in Ireland. The color of this celebration is green and its symbol is clover.

    It is a festival that lasts about a week or more where parades are held, people wear green clothes, make special food, friends and family gather, dance, have fun, etc.

    St Patrick's Day despite the fact that it is celebrated every year, this year was canceled due to COVID-19. St Patrick is not the only one that is canceled, also the other religious celebrations and the Olympic games that will be held in Japan this year are canceled.

    I think that you cancel St Patrick and other celebrations is the best since the most important thing is your health. Although I hope that next year things are better to celebrate these important celebrations for us.


  14. I do not know much about this celebration, but from what I have searched, I know that it is celebrated every year on March 17 to remember the death of Saint Patrick of Ireland and that it is a holiday, all people have to wear green.
    This year has been a great shame because, due to the coronavirus, this year it has been suspended because if there is an agglomeration of people there may be many infected.