Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

lunes, 23 de marzo de 2020


I usually tell my students that I don't want them to hear me, but to listen to me! Have you got a minute? Here's a good quick explanation:

English in a Minute:  'HEAR' versus 'LISTEN' (BBC Learning English)


Yes, listen to me. After the first week of quarantine, and 3 more weeks of quarantine ahead, it is Good time to take stock of the situation!! and react:


Beyoncé - Listen



I have written 7 seven posts so far, corrected more than a hundred comments during these days, responded and sent hundreds of emails, sent hundreds of messages through PASEN... 




  • Just 5 students of 4º ESO have sent me the dictation mistakes, no student in 1º ESO or 1º Bachillerato has done it so far!!!!

  • Not more than 20 writing exercises have been sent to me

As well, our politicians, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and many others wouldn't listen to the warnings and now facts are just overwhelming!

How Fox News has shifted its Coronavirus rhetoric (The Washington Post - Democracy dies in darkness)


 Monday, 23rd March

  These are the 2 tasks for today:

>>> Send me the number of mistakes you committed in the dictation.

>>> Write a comment on this post about your routines and what you are doing now because of the Coronavirus pandemia and the quarantine (Escribir un comentario sobre sus rutinas y lo que están haciendo ahora a causa de la pandemia de Coronavirus y la cuarentena)
EXAMPLE   >>>   Albert:  I usually go to school every morning, but now because of the coronavirus I am staying at home working with my computer and correcting all the coments my students are sending me."

>>> Exercises on page 65. Recuerden que:
  • MUST se utiliza para obligaciones y significa DEBER

  • MUSTN'T se utiliza para prohibiciones y significa NO DEBER

  • CAN se utiliza para capacidad para hacer algo y significa PODER, aunque también en ocasiones se puede traducir por PODER (Por ejemplo, "Albert can speak English" se traduciría por "Alberto sabe hablar inglés")

  • CAN'T se utiliza para incapacidad y significa NO  PODER/NO SABER

  • SHOULD se utiliza para consejos/obligaciones y se puede traducir por DEBIERA

  • SHOULDN'T se utiliza para consejos/obligaciones y se puede traducir por NO DEBIERA


Here are two New That's English episodes to revise the Modal Verb CAN:   Unit 10A         Unit 10B   




Dictation for my 4º ESO students    >>>  Still only 5 people sent me the number of mistakes they committed!!!


Unit 7 (Smart Planet 4) , pages 72-73    

Here are two New That's English (Module 4) episodes:    Unit 8A            Unit 8B    



The English We Speak:   HATER  (BBC Learning English)

Friday phrase: PUSH YOUR LUCK  (BBC Learning English)



Students must send me the MISTAKES committed in the DICTATION   >>>


Homework for today:

  Unit 7 (Get Set 1) , page 94    and begin revising Unit 6 


Here are two New That's English (Module 7) episodes:     Unit 6A            Unit 6B   



17 comentarios:

  1. listening means "paying attention or applying the ear to hear". Therefore, the action of listening is voluntary and implication on the part of the subject, a difference in hearing, which simply means "perceiving by the ear [a sound] or what [someone] says".

    Javier Rivas López 1ºA

  2. I usually go to school every morning, but now no because of the coronavirus, I am staying at home working with my computer, I am exhauted, because the teachers sent us a lot of work and I stay all day doing homework, except a litle moment in the night that I advantage to stay with my family, play with my brother to the videogames, and football table, or I advantage to see my favourite series.

    I usually then of arrive to the school, have lunch, and do my homework and study, I go to training the athleticism, this is the best moment of the day to me, because here during a training I can relax and take my mind off the day to day, but now I can do this I any can do the homework that my teachers sent to me for this quarantine.

    I would like that this quarantine finish the most earlier possible, because I want to recupere my real life and I want to go training now.

    I think that this a very bad situation, but we must to keep good, and learn to cope with this situation.

  3. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  4. Today is the 8th day of quarantine I am bored, but I have a lot of many homework for do.
    I play video games with my friends and I play football with my brother in my uncle's garage because I am not stay at home because my parents are work.
    There is a long time to wait, hopefully it will pass quickly.

    Manolo Utrabo Bejar 1A


  5. I normally have fun playing soccer on the street, but these days we can not go out, because there is a new virus in the world, which is dangerous, and my daily routines have changed, in the morning I study and I do homework before I went to school, and in the afternoon I play on the playstation or I play with my brothers.
    I want this to end.

  6. The days are very different a few weeks ago before I went to school and saw my friends. Now the days are eternal for me without being able to go out on the street and play with my friends. I spend all day doing homework, watching TV and playing with my sister.

    Oliver Lozano Martín 1ºA
    Oliver Lozano Martín 1ºA

  7. My life during the first week of quaratine has changed radically. I usually get up at half past seven in the morning but now I´m getting up later. On a normal day I am at school from quarter past eight until quarter to three but currently after breakfast I am doing the homework that the teacherssend me for that day. Normally in the afternoon I did my homework now I a playing console for an hour and then I am doing homework.
    At the moment adapting myself to this new situation. I hope that soon can be going to class with my friends.

    Alejandro Venegas 1ºA

  8. We are many days closed because the coronavirus. Stay your at home! Is very important now for stop the contagious in world and in Spain.

    Rubén Sabio Prados 1°Eso A

  9. Stay you at home now! Is our must how Spanish of stay at home. Must us stay in our houses for get out on the feature. Be careful at out the street! Sanitaries need more masks and EPIs right now.

    Jose Antonio Sabio Prados 1°Eso A

  10. Stay you at home now! Is our must how Spanish of stay at home. Must us stay in our houses for get out on the feature. Be careful at out the street! Sanitaries need more masks and EPIs right now.

    Jose Antonio Sabio Prados 1°Eso A

  11. My life has affected for the Coronavirus, whith the lifes of my friends. But it's depend for the Pearson. How this virus can change my life? For know this we have to meet my all routine.

    I usually go to school from monday to fryday, I started the classes at quarter past eight in the morning, I have a rest of a half of hour, and finished the day at quarter to three. When I arrive at home, I eat, do my homework, study and go to all my classes in the afternoon. Monday, Wednesday, and fryday y go to my class of karate and the rest of the days of the week I go to the gym.

    Nowadays my life have changed a lot. Now I get up at 6 o'clock in the morning, I go whith my mom and my dad to work. And when I arrive at home do all my homework from school.

    In my opinion I hope my life doesn't change more.

  12. Listen to the sanitaries and authorities because is very important for stop the coronavirus and save the lives. There aren't many beds. Stay you at home and listen to authorities now!

    Rubén Sabio Prados 1°ESO A

  13. Now, listen to sanitaries, authorities and politics, because is very important listen them in this situation. There are many contagious and the hospitals has got many work.

    Jose Antonio Sabio Prados 1°Eso A


  14. I usually wake up at seven o'clock and go to school Monday through Friday at quarter past eight in the morning, I have a half hour break at quarter past eleven and end the day at quarter to three. When I get home the first thing I do is eat and take a one-hour break and when I'm done I do my homework or study all afternoon until half past eight, because at that time I have dinner and then I take a break to watch movies, series, call on the phone, play video games with my brother or to be on social networks.

    Sometimes I have few homework and I do it for two hours alone and then I go out with my friends but nowadays my life has changed and I am always at home doing my homework and taking breaks to snack, to make calls with the people who I miss or to play video games with my brother.

    Paula González Blanco 4B

  15. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  16. Listening is very important in our lives.

    It is very important to remain silent when a person speaks to you, and especially if he is older. We have to have respect for each other and listen to them. They have already gone through what we are going through now, and they know more things and we must listen to what they tell us and listen to them.

    Teachers always want us to prosper and that in the future we can go to the university we want and have the work we want and that is why we have to listen to them.They are like our parents, who take care of us and want the best for us.

    Quarantine is very hard and it affects us all. It is very difficult to be locked down for so many days and without being able to go out or be with your friends. Before, I didn't like going to high school because I had to get up early, but now, I miss high school, being with my classmates, talking and laughing in class and teacher getting mad at us and scolding us, eating on the sly, leaving the school, class and taking walks to waste time, etc.I hope to see my colleagues and friends soon and have fun as long as we can.

  17. Before quarantine I had a very entertaining routine, I was always doing things like going to school, going out with my friends, we went on excursions ...
    But with the coronavirus I do nothing, just do homework, eat, rest and do homework again, it is a bit boring but we will return to normal