Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

jueves, 19 de marzo de 2020


Today it is the day to give a big hug to our fathers (if it is still possible). They, along with our mothers, are always ahead of the herd and in charge of everything. However, there is a time when our fathers can't keep the pace and are left behind. We find them place in a nursing home for elderly people and we forget about them.


Now they are at the top in the fatality rate ranking and many are passing away because they are so weak they can't cope with the Covid-19 pandemic.

An expert explains: how to help older people through the COVID-19 pandemic (World Economic Forum)

Why Covid-19 is so dangerous for older adults (Vox)

Eric Clapton-My father's eyes


 Thursday, 19th March

Solutions to some of yesterday's exercises.


1. The priests get angry. They take his shoes and Passepartout runs away.
2. He also finds an elephant to take them to Allahabad.
3. His young wife, the princess, must die with him in a big fire.
4. Suddenly, the priests see the prince's body on the fire.

The phonetic phenomenon is ASSIMILATION in HIS SHOES    (The final s  of the word 'his' is assimilated to the sound / ʃ / of  'shoes'). Listen to it again and you'll see how the s is not pronounced, but the word is linked to the word 'shoes' as if the two words were only one. Pay attention to the lengthening of the 'i'  /i:/ of 'his' .

And these are the 2 tasks for today:

>>> Do the activities on page 64.

Some questions to answer about the text:
1. What is 'a four-kilo ball'?
2. What is the 'winning team' and the 'losing team'?
3. Can you translate this bit into Spanish: "A few years later, someone makes a hole in the bottom of the basket and then the ball can fall down"
4. Listen to the whole text and read it aloud.


>>>   Extra exercise on ADJECTIVES & ADVERBS. I am giving you the adjectives in brackets, so fill in the gaps with the correspondent adverbs.

1. My brother can't throw or kick a ball ...... (hard), but he can run .... (quick)
2. Messi plays football ..... (good), but he speaks English ..... (bad).
3. A snail moves ...... (slow), but it can go .... (far).
4. Michael Jordan could jump ..... (high) and he could throw a basketball ..... (easy) into the basket.
5. Susan can dance ..... (beautiful) and she swims ..... (nice), too.


What happened???


Dictation for my 4º ESO students    >>>  Only 4 people sent me the number of mistakes they committed!!!

No homework for today because on Thursdays we haven't got any classes, but you can write a comment on this post about your fathers.



Learners' Questions:   Situation, position or condition?    (BBC Learning English)


Students should practise today the writing skill   >>>

  Unit 7 (Get Set 1) , pages 92-93      

Your composition can be about 'curfews' (which is what we have right now) or the proposed topic they give you in Exercise 6.


Comp07: Composition (Opinion essay) about: Write a composition giving your opinion about either of these two topics after doing all the activities on pages 92-93:

- Bearing in mind the quarantine (which is a kind of 'curfew') we have now in Spain because of the Coronavirus pandemic, "Are curfews a good idea?"

- "Are boot camps a good idea for teenagers?"


Definitions of: 'curfew' and 'boot camp'   

You can read about these two issues here:

And finally here's a dictation for my 1º Bachillerato students    >>>    DICTATION  01 

Here's a post with solutions to the previous post B2 exercises and some more activities to do:   Lunches are not the same everywhere  

18 comentarios:

  1. I think that's a real shame that we celebrate father's day staying at home. I think that's much better going out and have fun with our parents and go somewhere else.

    This father's day, I had a lot of fun at home with my dad. We made a special meal to celebrate it and after that, we saw a film all together. We bought him some presents before all this started, and he went really surprised. we had a lot of fun opening all the presents. We also played some games, also board games. I think they're really boring, but we had fun playing all together anyway.

    This quarantine is making me really bored, but I always find something new to do. I don't like playing too much video games, but I sometimes do. I also chat with my friends and with my family, but not for too much time. I prefer doing sport in my house or even watch TV.

    I don't like being at home, but I know that I can't go out or I'll be punished. It's a real shame, but I know that all this stuff will be right in a short period of time, before that happen, I'll stay at home doing boring things.

    Álvaro Martín Moliz 4º ESO A


  2. I couldn’t give my father a present because he wouldn’t let me leave the house,But I cooked a yogurt cake, I had a hard time making it, but the cake was good.That day I gave him that surprise, but my father really liked it. We all played Parcheesi and it was really fun.

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    The father day is in 19th of March. That day I give my father something and we eat together as a family but this year we have not been able to celebrate due the diseases that exist. Although we cannot celebrate it, I still love my father more than anyone else in life.
    I love you!

    Manolo Utrabo Bejar 1A

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  6. The Fathers' Day
    Everybody loves Father’s Day. It is an important day for fathers and their chidren because you give presents to your father and it is good fun. On this day people celebrate and do things together in family, and we remember that our fathers are very important in our life because they teach us a lot of things. But today with the pandemic it is not a happy and funny day because everybody is worried. A lot of people are dying, specially old people and a lot of them are fathers, grandparents. It is very sad. Fathers take care of their children and now we need to take care of them. Stay at home!!

    Alejandra Martín Guirado 1ºA

  7. It's a shame that we are at home for the quarantine because we, all years, celebrate father's day outside doing something special to make a special day for my father, like a second birthday for him because his birthday is on 13rd of May, nearby dates.

    In our conditions, we passed this day in home, of course, but we manage at home to make that day very nice to my father. We started at the morning playing some table games and video games on the TV. At the evening, we ate the special mum's chocolate cake and we play cards and more video games at last. At the end of the day, we see lots of films in family and we don't know how we end the day, but all of us, we got sleep.

    Is very good that even if we are in quarantine we enjoy so much this day and enjoying a day under this conditions is weird because there isn't many things to do when you are some days only on your house.

    I still getting bored nowadays, but what can we do?

    The father's day is a very special day in my family because we also celebrate St. José's Day. This is the day of my aunt María José and my uncle and my cousin, whose name is José Antonio.
    This year was different because we are in quarantine and we didn't spend the day together. We bought a bottle of wine for my father. We ate some delicious food and my mother prepared a chocolate cake in the afternoon.
    We played Trivial Pursuit in the Wii too. What a fantastic day!

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  10. In my family, Father's Day is a special and important day for my father, my brother and I buy a gift for our father and my mother cooks something special, generally for a snack she cooks a chocolate cake, this year we could celebrate it with a cake but we could not go out to buy anything or eat because they put us in quarantine and confined us but next year we will celebrate as always.

    I want to congratulate all the parents because this year was different, we cannot go out and we could not spend the day with the family

    Paula González Blanco 4B

  11. Father's day is a very important day for them and also for the children.

    This year, Father's Day is going to be very different, since we have to stay at home because of the Coronavirus.

    My parents are divorced and my sister and I live with our mother.
    My mother could not take us with our father since we cannot go outside, so this day we could not celebrate it with our father. We called him and we were talking to him by video call so we could see him, at least.

    He was very sad for not being able to spend this day with us, not even at home, but as we were talking he became more and more cheerful. We were talking for a long time and we agreed that when the quarantine ends we would go out and enjoy this important day.

    I wish congratulations to all the parents in the world and I hope that the children take care of them as they are, because nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, but we must not forget that they will almost always be there to support us so let's enjoy this day with them.

  12. Father's day is an important date in our country. The 19th of March is an important day for every family in the world. Most of families go out for celebrate this day in family, but this year is a bit different. We must celebrate this day in our houses because of coronavirus, anyone can be out and we have to pass this situation in the best way possible.

    In many families children give their parents a gift for celebrate this day, in other families this day go out to a restaurant, and in other families when their parents are divorciated children spend the day with their parents.

    Every year I spend this day in my grandmother's house with all my family because is my father's saint. We eat togethers and then we spend the rest of the afternon together talking and playing table games.
    When I was younger and I was at school every year we did a craft for our fathers and when they came to pick us we gave their gifts. But now, in my family we don't do gifts. We eat in family togethers and then a big cake.

    We have to thank to our parents all that they do for us, They work for us. They think in us and they do everything to improve our lives.

    We should celebrate this day while we can because there are children that haven't got fathers and they spend this day thinking about that they can not spend this day with their fathers. It's a pity that children can not spend this day. We should enjoy this year a lot.

    María Prados Espinosa

  13. The father's Day is a great day. I love my father and I did a present for him. He loves my present, and I am very happy because he likes my present. At fathers day, I buy a cake for celebrate this day, and we have fun. Our fathers are very important for our life. They give everything they can to make us happy. Love your father because a day, he will not be. Enjoy with him.

    Rocio Avellanedas Nocete 1°ESO A

  14. Father's Day is a very important day that is known all over the world and is highly appreciated by any parent. This holiday is celebrated on March 19 and families gather to spend time with the people they love the most.

    This day, children usually spend with their parents eating, playing, doing different activities, etc., but there are also children all over the world who have no father and this day is very sad for them. Despite that, many people try to make this day also a wonderful memory for those who have no father and I really admire him.

    My father's day is a little different, since not everyone has two parents. I try to divide my time so that I can spend this day with my two parents. My biological father likes to cook and we generally spend this day cooking since we like cakes and we also like to eat. On the other hand, my adoptive father likes to go out, have fun, swim and have a good day camping. Although they are different, I like to spend time with them.

    This year I couldn't do much for Father's Day, since with COVID-19 it is impossible for us to go out. I live with my adoptive father and this day, despite the quarantine we have spent together, it is difficult not to see the people you love, but I know we do it to protect them. I could only congratulate my biological father, but in return I promised him that when this quarantine disappeared, I would spend an entire day with him.

    I think Father's Day is important since that day is the one we say the most to our parents "I love you". I think it is important to support those who do not have a father so that they know that despite this, they have us. Love can be transmitted in various ways, even in these dangerous circumstances. How did you convey your feelings to your father?


  15. Father's Day is a celebration or tribute dedicated to parents. In general, the European Catholic tradition commemorates him on March 19, Saint Joseph's Day, since he is the adoptive father of Jesus.
    In my house he lived with great enthusiasm, because my father means a lot to me and he is a great pillar in my life, although every day they live to remember him and thank him for everything.
    This year has been something strange to be confined but it has not stopped being special for us.
    In my opinion this year I think it has been better, since I have been able to spend the whole day with him and he has not had to be away for work and has been able to be with his family.

    Nuria Díaz Ruiz 4 ESO A


  16. Father's Day is a very special day for all those parents in the world, although the children should not only show their love for him that day, but every day of the year because they do everything possible to make us happy.
    This year Father's Day has been a bit more special, because it has been different. Instead of buying her something in a store we have organized the perfect day with her daughters, because although they scold us and those things they love us very much.

  17. One day as special as it is the day of the father, this year we have had to conclude otherwise because of this pandemic, but hey it is what it is.

    I at least I celebrated with him at home, because we could not leave the house by the rules, was an atypical day, as you could not go outside because we set up the party, with drinks, sweets etc. We got to watch your favorite movies, Ghostbusters, The Goonies and superman.

    Later we got to see the best moments of football Real Madrid, but was angry with me because I was leaving Cristiano Ronaldo and I said put something else that makes me sad he's gone and I had no other to put another video.

    I hope next year can celebrate big day father with the family all together.

  18. This year we had to celebrate Father's Day at home and this is a shame since my family and I go to eat at a restaurant every year to celebrate it but this year has been different because we had to celebrate it at home, we were playing many things like pool games, board games, and at night we would watch a movie that my father liked a lot. This year, although it was different and we could not go anywhere, the important thing was that we were all together, I hope that by next year everything is more controlled and we can celebrate it as we did other years and I hope we can celebrate all the family parties . everyone is fine.

    During this quarantine I have been quite bored because almost all the birthdays, parties that I had were during the quarantine and the parties that I had during this summer we have not been able to do either, but next year it will be better and we will be able to celebrate all the parties with our family and with our friends.