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jueves, 26 de marzo de 2020

Is the CORONA VIRUS really the solution to CLIMATE CHANGE?(QUARANTINE: DAY 11)


Well, I really don't know if this pandemia is the solution for climate change, but something is for sure, the pollution in our big cities has reduced to minimum levels!!! That would be the case of India. INCREDIBLE, BUT TRUE!!


As people quarantine themselves Rohit Sharma says air and noise pollution have dropped (India Today)

Trees are also said to help climate change, as you can see in the Lingohack section just below.



  • Episode 200325 / 25 March 2020    >>>  Can trees help climate change?  -    Language related to 'research'.  Need-to-know language: experiments, instrument, tracks, monitored & don't put all your eggs in one basket.

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 Thursday, 26th March

Solutions to some of yesterday's exercises.

Unit 5. Translate these sentences into English. 

  • You shouldn't have a big lunch before a football match.
  • You must wear your sandals in the swimming-pool. You mustn't wear shoes or sport shoes.
  • A fish can't walk, but some can jump very high out of the water.
  • Can you speak German? No, but I can speak French well.
  • The students should do the comic about Around the World in 80 Days quickly.
  • You can study hard during the school year and pass in June, or you can live happily without working. Then you must study during the summer for the September exams.
  • People can't play golf in Itrabo.

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>>>>  Read aloud the text on page 64 about the History of Basketball

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Another way to be eco-friendly.

News Review:  Can we make them repairable?   (BBC Learning English)



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  Unit 6  (page 72-73)


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Here are the solutions to the previous post B2 exercises:  

1. on; 2. for; 3. in, out of; 4. by; 5. on; 6. at; 7. by/at; 8. of; 9. on

China Begins To Ease Coronavirus Travel Restrictions As Cases Decrease | NBC Nightly News


Coronavirus: Italy virus deaths rise but infections slow again - BBC News


Coronavirus: sharp rise in UK death toll as hospitals prepare for a surge in cases - BBC News


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  2. If there is something positive to highlight about the situation we are going through
    it would be the improvement of climate change. These effects have been beneficial
    for our climate, since they have allowed us to reduce pollution in a matter of hours
    approximately 40%. After a few days without traffic, the air quality is already noticeably better.

    Dunia Arnedo Martin 1ºA

  3. In my opinion, I believe that the COVID-19 virus pandemic is causing small changes on the planet that favors the fight against climate change.
    But on the other hand it is causing quite a few deaths especially in old people.
    I think that this pandemic has been necessary for people to realize that we were contaminating each day more, because the pandemic has us at home, we help the mother earth to recover little by little.

    Adrián García Guardia 1ºA

  4. My opinion about the coronavirus I think that this has happened so that we realize what we are doing with the planet, this virus has caused and is causing many deaths, especially to vulnerable people, so I believe that this is giving us an lesson for us not to contaminate anymore


  5. My opinion about the coronavirus I think that this has happened so that we realize what we are doing with the planet, this virus has caused and is causing many deaths, especially to vulnerable people, so I believe that this is giving us an lesson for us not to contaminate anymore

    Judith marwuez martin 1 eso A

  6. The most important problem is climate change, but people do not give it too much importance, now there is another problem with the corona virus and everyone is waiting for this pandemic, since many people are dying, and climate change does not pay much attention anymore to what they do. nothing for them, we will destroy the planet, but there are other people who attach great importance to climate change.

    On the one hand, I think that the corona virus is good since there are not many cars that pollute, many factories have closed for a while and many other things and I think that now the products that pollute, such as lacquer, are used less, since Now people don't go out and they don't have to get dressed to go to dinners, parties since they are all day at home.

  7. Actually, climate change is one of the most important problems on the Earth, but people don't care so much this and make things worse all day, every day. The solution of this is simple, we need to take care about our decisions and what are we doing, simply. Is so difficult make thousands and thousands of persons to listen and don't follow this path so we need to change by ourselves.

    COVID-19, another dangerous situation, is killing lots of people, but in the case of climate change is helping us because stay in quarantine is making us don't contaminate streets and this is good. Maybe is a weapon of double edge and it's really nice anyway. If I'm helping the Earth staying at home I don't care to stay more time at home.

    In my opinion, this is good for our fight vs the climate change and, at this point, we are accustomed to this situation so.. Let's end these problems together!

  8. Actually, people don´t give much importance to climate change ,we should give it importance because it is a very important and serious problem,Besides the epidemic that we are having by the virus called corona virus these days the people or the majority of the people are giving it a lot of importance since it is causing many deaths and it is spreading more and more in a short time there are more infected and dead. We have to take into account that this pandemic is cleaning up the soil and the air as there is less traffic and people don’t leave their homes so there is less pollution. We must also give importance to climate change as it will also affect us.

    I think we have to give the same importance to climate change. Since the earth is being cleansed at this time, we should pollute less. When this pandemic ends, we should give importance to climate change. I think on the bad side that the coronavirus a virus that is causing many deaths and a virus, and on the good side there is less contamination.

  9. The coronavirus is a virus that expands very easily. If someone have the virus, he won't know that he has the virus until two weeks later, when he start to have symptoms. So, If someone has the virus, this person won't know that he has the virus for two weeks. In this period of time this person will infect more people, and this people will infect more and more people.

    Because of this many governments of different countries have told people they have to stay home. In some countries they have to stay home for two weeks and in other countries they have to stay four weeks, usually because these countries have more cases of coronavirus.

    Now, there aren't people in the streets, so lately we have been finding animals walking in the streets, like bears or goats, and there is less pollution in the streets. In venice, the water is also as clear as it was 60 years ago!

    In my opinion pollution is reducing because many factories are closed and there is less traffic. I think we can learn something and change our lifestyle when this quarantine ends. I think that people will like to see their cities less polluted and the water so clear and they'll probably try to walk to different places and not to use the car.

  10. Coronavirus is a virus that originated in China, and that spreads very easily. I arrive in Italy and Spain in less than two months. Being so far away we believed that Spain was not going to arrive, and when it arrived we were not prepared and that is why right now we are as we are.
    Coronavirus is a very bad virus, because you can have it in your body and you don't know it. The symptoms of coronavirus appear within two weeks of having it, even if you have no symptoms in those two weeks you can spread it and that is why there are so many infections.
    To recover from this virus we have to be locked up for 15 days.
    Besides avoiding contagion, quarantine is causing much less contamination, and therefore the ozone layer is closing.
    In my opinion, quarantine has its good part and bad part. On the one hand, we are fixing the ecosystem and preventing many people from dying, but on the other hand, there is going to be a very big economic crisis.
    Alicia Ortega Prados 4ºA

  11. At the present time we are living an extremely difficult time all over the world because of the coronavirus. This virus is very bad for health, especially for the elderly or people with very few defenses. In addition, the coronavirus is very infectious, so it is transmitted very easily between people and, if you have the coronavirus, you can get very sick and even die. For all this, people have to stay at home. We are not going to work or to school and that has had repercussions in nature.

    On the one hand, coronavirus hasn't affected the whole world. There are some small parts of the world where there are no coronarovirus yet, so these people continue their lives and jobs as normal. Besides, there are many jobs that are still going on today and maybe even more than before like truckers, who have to transport all the food and essentials that we need. Moreover, because of this virus, objects such as masks, disinfectant gels or gloves are in high demand all over the world so the factories that make these products are working very fast. This means that those factories are polluting more, because the more the machines work, the more pollution goes to the air.

    On the other hand, pollution in general has decreased a lot. According to the experts, these 15 days of quarantine (where almost everything has stopped) the planet earth has recovered 30 years. Factories stopped, less cars on the road, almost no planes flying are some of the measures that have been taken to try to stop this virus. At this moment is when we realise that by changing our lifestyle we can improve our planet a lot. Besides, nowadays and especially before the appearance of the coronavirus, one of the most important and talked about problems is global warming. Fortunately, the best thing about this virus is that it is forcing us to stay at home, and as a consequence nature is returning to what it was before.

    To sum up, coronavirus is very bad for people so we must be careful, stay at home and follow the instructions that are given to us. Nevertheless, although many people are dying because of the coronavirus, the fact that people are at home is helping a lot to decrease the contamination, and that is very good. In my opinion, the quarantine is not as bad as it seems and I think it would be a good idea if everyone did it to help both the planet and other people.

  12. The climate change is the biggest problem that we have in the world, but this quarantine is making that the pollution levels reduces because nobody is in the streets. Also, with this problem, the air quality is better than the last month.
    I wish that this virus could make change in our planet to fight against the coronavirus

    But the COVID-19 isn’t good at all, is also killing lots of old people and people of our age.
    Nowadays, the real problem is the people who is death and is dying for this virus

    Daniel del Pozo Quesada 4º ESO A

  13. Nowadays, climate change is the biggest problem that we have in the world, even though we are having an epidemic of corona virus, and all the people are giving a lot of importance to this epidemic, and they forget the biggest problem that the world has. And when this epidemic disappears, they won´t give the same importance to the climate change as they give to this epidemic, because they think that it won´t affect them, they think that it will affect the future generation.

    The corona virus is a very bad incident, becasue it is killing a lot of pepole in the world, but it is doing a good thing, it is reducing our emissions a lot. And it is clearing the air in some places where there was a lot of pollution, like some places in China or India.

    In my opinion, it shows how we can fight against the climate change, and we can weaken this big problem, and I say weaken, because in the point that we are now, we can´t make that the climate change disappear at all. The pollution decreases because of the corona virus because we use a lot less the vehicles, we must stay at home, and a lot of factories have closed because the peoplecam´t work.

    Francisco González López 4ºA

  14. Coronavirus, a serius problem which is affecting almost all the world.
    This virus appeared in China on December. Covid-19 has extended and millions of people has been infected. It is finishing with the life of many people mainly with old people or people with respiratory or cardiac problems. Nevertheless young people without any problems have dead.
    Coronavirus is very infections, and without know if we have the virus we can transmit it to 3 or 4 persons approximately. Because of this situation everyone must be at home except doctors and nurses needed at hospital and other works.

    On the one hand, coronavirus has killed many people and continues doing it. It's a very serius situation and we should get out in the best way possible. Many people will be without work after this problem, other people won't be able to pay their taxes, there will be no work...
    Other problem which is affecting us is the education. This problem has not solved yet, both students and teachers are doing everything possible to continue learning in this period doing videoconferences or working through apps like classroom of pasen. But the most serius problem is on students of 2º Bach because of selectivity.
    The problem is increasing with the time, people with mental diseases are not holding on well the confinement and their disease are worse.

    On the other hand, we are passing more time with our families and we can do things that we couldn't do before for lack of time. We can enjoy the time in family and do activities together. When we finish the quarentine we will appreciate the little things such as a kiss or hug, which is now prohibited. And the most change is about climate change, we are reduced a lot the pollution.
    Some alternatives to pass the time are: watching a Tv serie or films that you like, playing table games with your family, doing video call with friends and family that lives far away, doing exercise to keep your shape and finally listening to music because especialists say that it is very good in this moments.

    From my point of view, coronavirus will have bad consequences in the future but it will teach us to appreciate the little thing and enjoy it. For me it is a teaching that will help me in the future.

    María Prados Espinosa

  15. The main problem of the pandemic is the contamination that people generate with gasoline, plastic, waste from factories and the gas of aerosols.
    The north and south poles are melting due to the rise in temperature and ships are using that as a money saver and as a shortcut and this causes more pollution, this has created a hole in the ozone layer.
    People can help the planet by avoiding this contamination and thanks to the covid-19 that has opened the quarantine, we are all avoiding all that contamination and the planet and animals are regenerating.
    A few days ago, I saw a documentary where they taught dolphins that had returned to their habitat.
    Paula González Blanco 4B

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  17. COVID-19 is being devastating against us, especially for elderly people. It is killing many persons not just in Spain but in the whole world, the cypher of deaths is too high and we don´t even know the real world ´s cypher due that the misinformation of some governments and the inability to know the effect in underdeveloped countries. A measure that has been taken is the quarantine, which has reduced the number of infected people and it´s helping to slow down and decrease the curve of the pandemic.

    This quarantine is key for the solution of this problem and we have to respect it and be solidary, and if we are given freedom to go outside we must be sensible and be aware of the risk that it is for us and for other people.

    This quarantine is being as I said good for ourself, but also for our planet. While we are being quarantined the global pollution has decreased dramatically due that people are not using cars and staying at home. Not using the car has reduce a lot the amount of CO2 that is released to the atmosphere and has made the air quality in the cities much better, it has also cleared the sky of big cities providing photographs that show a shocking difference. Also, the factories have slowed down their production because of the people staying at home and most flyings have been cancelled.

    Many animals have returned to their habitats now that human action has stoped and we can even see them in urbane areas. Furthermore, water quality has improved.

    This improvement on our environment in just one month has made a big difference. And we are hoping some of these new habits will remain when COVID-19´s quarantine finishes. We must learn something from this tough experience and maybe some people will keep in mind this progress and use less their cars, recycle and do the shopping conscientiously.

    To put it in a nut shell, the quarantine is helping us and our planet. We mustn´t be childish and respect it staying at home. Moreover we should use this time to think about the planet and how can we stop climate change.

  18. not everything is bad from the coronavirus, thanks to the fact that we are leaving less, we are polluting less, we take less the car, we do not throw gum on the ground ... this makes the climate change better and the earth in general also

    angela rodriguez 1 eso a

  19. The main cause of pollution is the human being.

    People are the main reason that the planet is so polluted and so damaged. We are like machines that do not stop all day. Just going to work or going to school we pollute, since the gasoline that is obtained from oil is one of the products that most damages the planet. Many times it is necessary to use the car since where you need to go is very far, but there are people who take them only for a walk or to go to accomplish anything that is very close. The constant use of vehicles,either cars or buses or airplanes or ships, is very harmful to the Earth and people know it. However, they have never decided to stop this, although currently it is not affecting us in any way.

    Staying at home means that you use the car less and thus we pollute less. There is also less garbage in the streets or on the beaches since we cannot go out or walk and thus we avoid that the streets are always dirty and full of dirt.

    It seems silly, but it is true, being at home helps the planet recover and be healthy. But this is not going to last long, because when you can go out people will continue to pollute.

  20. Definitely the coronavirus has been a rest for the planet since lately humanity has been hitting it with a lot of pollution from factories, cars, fires ... it is as if the planet had taken revenge on humans with this global pandemic to take a break and for this part I see it well because I think that with the rhythm that we were carrying the planet would be destroyed in a few years

  21. Currently, coronavirus is a very serious problem that is affecting almost all countries. This virus first appeared in China in December, since this date more than 156,000 people have already been infected in more than 80 countries. Furthermore, according to some reports, there have been more than 5,800 deaths worldwide and more than 73,000 people have recovered. Coronavirus is more dangerous for older people, people with low defenses or people with respiratory or heart problems.

    On the one hand, this virus has affected many people around the world because it is very easy to transmit from one person to another person. In addition, if a person has the virus, this person can pass it to 3 or persons. Due to this serious situation we must stay at home so the virus will not be transmitted to anyone else. However, there are some people who have to leave their homes to go to work like doctors, pharmacists, truckers and other works.
    In addition, due to this situation, many people are not working and do not have enough money to buy food or pay the house bills. Besides, education is also being affected because classes were canceled from the beginning of the quarantine. Both teachers and students are making a great effort to continue with our tasks from our homes.

    On the other hand, coronavirus has decreased pollution across the planet. According to experts, during the quarantine our planet has recovered more than 30 years. During this time many people are changing the way that they see life, like appreciating the little things, which they can’t do now. Besides, during this time locked up at home everyone is spending more time with our families. In addition, we can now do things which we couldn't do before due to lack of time like watching series or films, cooking new recipes, doing exercise, listening to music, reading books ...

    To sum up, actually the coronavirus is a big problem that has caused the death of many people, the closure of many businesses, the cancellation of many futbol matches, concerts and fairs. Although, the coronavirus has also caused good things like decreased contamination. In my opinion, everyone should go out to the streets the least possible for that this terrible situation ends soon and everyone can continue with our lives.

  22. Due to the coronavirus the contamination has been reduced, because the coronavirus is a virus that spreads very easily and for this reason we have been confined at home for weeks, without being able to leave, for the good of all.
    You could not even take the car if it was not to go to work, many factories have been closed and with this the contamination, which was really needed, has been stopped. And animals have been seen in the cities, as for example in Granada many squirrels have been seen, goats have been seen, or horses in Sierra Nevada ...
    In my opinion, I think that thanks to this we have realized how badly we did it and it helps us to improve as people and be more responsible.
    Nuria Díaz Ruiz 4 ESO A

  23. This pandemic has made us all stop, not being able to go to work and not being able to move from one place to another with the car, but one good thing about this pandemic is that the big cities are cleaning up and the cities are being cleaner, and pretty.

    This is the case of Madrid, Madrid is the city where there is more pollution in Spain, because this confinement has made the air clean and incredible views could be offered. I saw a very curious photo, in the image you can see the mountains of Madrid in December and you can hardly see it, you can see a horrible black cloud, and in the other image you can see the same mountain range during confinement, and I must say that it is one of the most beautiful mountains that I have seen and because I saw it in a photo.

    If the population were more responsible when taking instead of a car, take a train or the bus, if people recycle everything, nature will thank us and we will not endanger our planet.

    This confinement is being hard on the one hand, those doctors and bodies of the State risking their lives for that of others, but on the other hand it is good because you can see the flora and fauna in its purest form. When they let us out is the first thing I will do, go to a mountain, breathe fresh air and enjoy those little moments that life gives us.