Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

viernes, 27 de marzo de 2020

The long way... home? NO, to a final solution (QUARANTINE: DAY 12)

It is a long way to a final solution to the health crisis we are dealing with. There is again a polarisation between those who are stronger and those who are weaker since the stronger are working better and better, and the weaker ARE NOT WORKING AT ALL!!!!

HALF OF OUR STUDENTS, at the end of this second week, have done NOTHING AT ALL, which means they will be in worse conditions than two weeks ago. It's so sad!!



All around the world many teams of scientists are working on a vaccine:

'It’s a razor’s edge we’re walking': inside the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine (the long read, The Guardian)

How coronavirus took just weeks to overwhelm Spain (The Guardian)

Quarantine Scoreboard

Posts uploaded:  11

Students participating:  about 55 out of 110 (50%)

Comments written and corrected: 200

Emails exchanged: about 600

PASEN announcements & messages: more than 700

Things handed in and corrected: almost 200

Visits to blog and site during quarantine: more than 2,600 (Average of 300 visits per day)

Supertramp Take The Long Way Home (lyrics)


Here's Albert, your English teacher, to give you a lift!!!


 Friday, 27th March

No tasks for today because we don't have class on Fridays, but 2 little things for the weekend:

>>>  Listen to the reader Around the World in 80 Days and then, read aloud

>>> Watch this:


Willy Fog - 04 - The Temple of Doom | Full Episode




First of all, I have to apologize as I forgot to give you the solutions on Monday to pages 40-42 in the workbook.

So here are the solutions:

1.  insect bite, sprained ankle, stomachache, temperature, rash, wart, cough, verruca, ear infection, cold
2  2. sprained ankle   3. insect bite, rash   4. temperature     5. verruca     6. infections
    7. stomach ache    8. cold, cough
3  2. ear infection   3. stomach ache    4. insect bite     5. sprained ankle    6. cold

Grammar 1
1  1. impossible    2. possible    3. highly probable      4. possible, but not certain
2. might/may/could     3. might/may/could    4. can't    5. must    6. might/may/could
3  2. can't    3. must   4. can't    5. might   6. may
2. must be horrible     3. might be good for a cold    4. too much orange juice could be bad for you    5. can be bad for you
5  1. Pudiera ser que ellos jugaran al tenis más tarde hoy.
    2. Tanto chocolate no puede ser bueno para ti.
    3. Mi instituto puede que ponga yoga antes de clase.
    4. Debes estar realmente en forma si vas a correr todos los días.
    5. Ella podría tener fiebre porque ella tiene una infección.
    6. Los veganos pueden tener problemas con el tema de comer suficientes proteinas.
6. Being ill a lot must be really annoying.
    Doing exercise before class can be a good idea.
    Only eating raw food can't be good for your health.
    Using alternative medicine, like acupuncture, could be the solution for your pains in the back.
    Making sure you have a balanced diet might solve your ankle problems.

1  1. in good shape, in bad, out of, get in
    2. put on, have (a weight) problem, lose, go on
    3. is on, well-balanced
2  2. get in shape/lose weight       3. well-balanced diet     4. in good shape     5. a weight problem
    6. put on (so much) weight     7. go on a diet    8. lose weight

3   No, she doesn't
4   2 T   3T   4F    5F    6F   7T   8T   9F     10T

Smart Planet Digital books

And now we continue revising Unit 5 in the Workbook, you have to do pages 43-44


As well, and as a preparation for the exam after Easter, you'll do from exercise 49 to 59 in this section in my site>>>>   MOCK EXAMS (4º ESO)


So, this is homework for today and the whole weekend.     

News Review:  How smart is artificial intelligence?   (BBC Learning English)


Learners' Questions:  what is the difference between these 4 verbs: REMEMBER, REMIND, RECOLLECT & RECALL?   (BBC Learning English)




NO HOMEWORK FOR TODAY AS WE HAVEN'T GOT ANY CLASSES ON FRIDAYS, but remember you have to finish the two readers we have for the second and third term, and you have to send me your digital projects and anything else you do.


English with Lucy   >>>   THINK in English - STOP translating in your head! ACHIEVE in 5 STEPS!

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  1. I think that because of the coronavirus people become very weak and do nothing. There are also strong people who do things, but very important things, such as helping people in need.

    Dunia Arnedo Martin 1ºA

  2. There are people who become weaker and therefore do nothing, there are other stronger people who do more things.

    Judith marquez martin 1eso A

  3. COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a new virus that has not been detected in humans to date.
    The virus causes a disease like the flu with symptoms like cough and fever, in severe cases it can cause pneumonia. To protect yourself, you can wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face.
    The new coronavirus is spread by direct contact of 1 meter of distance with an infected person when coughing or sneezing, or by contact with their respiratory droplets such as saliva or nasal secretions, although no solution has yet been found that ends the coronavirus.
    Paula González Blanco 4B.


  4. This new disease called COVID-19 comes from China, although it is not known exactly why this virus has been produced, they say it has arisen from some types of food.

    This disease has not occurred in animals for now, people think that they are and they are abandoning them.

    The symptoms of covid-19 are cough, fever, stomach pain and headache, people who have a cardiac-respiratory disease affect them more. To avoid getting this disease, we must wash our hands very frequently, use gloves and a mask when we go out of the house and do not touch our faces

    Alicia Ortega Prados 4ºA