Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 1 de abril de 2020


I know it is no time to play any tricks on anybody, but we can at least get a good laugh.


Breaking news   >>>>   These are no fake news!!!   The Official Language School has cancelled the period of registration for the freelance students for the B1 and B2 exams!!!! I'll let you know when the registration time is open.


APRIL FOOLS' DAY  Be careful today!

Read about April Fool's Day and write about any tricks you played on someone.


April Fools' Day 2019: the best jokes and pranks in one place  (The Guardian)


What's The Story Behind April Fools' Day?



Some other videos to watch:


When and what is April Fool’s Day? (LearnEnglish Teens, British Council)

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 Wednesday, 1st April

Solutions to exercises on page 150.

Exercises on page 150 (Unit 5)

4. badly , hard , beautifully , fast , slowly ,  nicely , happily , high , terribly
5  1. well  2. beautifully   3. high   4. easily     5. quickly
6  Kate and James can swim far  //   Paul and Sandra can't swim far  //  Kate  can't kick hard  //  Kate can walk quickly.   //  Kate and James can't dance nicely.   //   Paul can't kick hard.     //  Paul can walk quickly.    //  Sandra can kick hard.     //    Sandra can't walk quickly.    //  James can kick hard.   //   James can't walk quickly.
7. 1. must  2. mustn't   3. must  4. must  5. mustn't
8  1. can    2. must    3. mustn't    4. can't    5. can
9  1. should    2. shouldn't    3. should    4. should    5. shouldn't
10  1. Should people wear shoes in a swimming pool?    2. Should students do sport during the week?
   3. Should a school have a computer room?       4. Should parents help their children do homework?
   5. Should you study before a test?      6. Should teenagers meet their friends every night?


Tasks for today:

  • Revising GIVING DIRECTIONS. Watch these episodes again from the OLD THAT'S ENGLISH ( Here's the page in my site OLD THAT'S ENGLISH COURSE  and some Notes):  Unit 4   >>   Programmes   1    010   2   011   3   012     (MODULE 1)

  • Do exercises on page 70 (Unit 5) and then write a similar dialogue giving directions (Exercise 4)

Wr11: Diálogo basado en lo visto en la página 70 y en los episodios del OLD THAT'S ENGLISH ( He aquí la página en mi site OLD THAT'S ENGLISH COURSE  y los correspondientes apuntes: Notes):  Unit 4   >>   Programmes   1    010   2   011   3   012     (MODULE 1) :  GIVING DIRECTIONS TO A TOURIST IN YOUR HOMETOWN/VILLAGE.



Smart Planet Digital books

These are the tasks for today: 

  • Watch this video about the difference between TOO & ENOUGH:

How To Use TOO & ENOUGH | English Grammar Lesson   (mmmEnglish)

  • Unit 7 (Smart Planet 4)    >>>   page 79

  • Writing exercise for you to do    >>>>>  

Wr12: Diálogo basado en las funciones vistas para la expresión de las POLITE OFFERS & REQUESTS, aparte de lo visto en la página 78, sobre el tema: "Organising an activity".



English with Lucy  >>>  WE MOVED TO THE FARM - spend the day with me!




No homework for today as we have no classes on Wednesdays.

Some recommendations by the British Council: Covid-19 learning support   

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  2. April Fools is a very famous day on the Internet, it is like The Innocents Day in Spain, a day where everybody pranks others. It is celebrated on 1st April every year. It all originated when New Year was moved to 1st January. Years ago, New Year was the 25th of March, so as a protest, they celebrated a festive day on 1st April.
    Personally, I know this day because every year, everyone on the Internet is joking about everything, some people say they will quit working, some brands announce fake products, there are a lot of fake news, etc. One thing I like about this day is that a lot of companies publish fake updates to their games, and most of them are very funny and very interesting, some of them make clothes to your character, others make events, etc.
    Nowadays, I think this will be an important day, we are always talking about problems related to coronavirus and quarantine, so joking a bit won´t be bad and can make some people happy, especially now that we are having such bad days.

    David Bacas 4ºA

  3. This Monday is April 1, it is a day that in many places on the planet should not be taken very seriously.

    It is April Fool's Day, whose translation would be 'April Fool's Day', and is mainly celebrated in the United States, Great Britain and Australia, although it has now been extended to other countries such as France, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil or Japan.

    What has been April Fool's Day in Spain, which is celebrated on December 28, is a day to have a good time based on jokes and half-truths that are well seen in order to laugh.

    There are several theories about why this date to make innocents.

    One of the most widespread has to do with the establishment of the Gregorian calendar in 1582. Until that date, the New Year party was celebrated from March 25, with the beginning of spring, until April 1. But the 'new' calendar would end up shifting the celebration to January 1.

    There were many who did not know about the change in the date of celebration of the New Year or were staunch traditionalists. Those people were called 'April Fools' and were victims of jokes and ridicule. To ridicule them, non-existent party invitations were sent to them and they were targeted for popular jokes. In addition, the practice of hanging a fish-shaped piece of paper on someone's back was also spread as a synonym for prank.

    This custom was maintained for decades in France and, in the 18th century, made the leap to Great Britain and Scotland, which in turn exported it to the American colonies.

    Another theory is that this day simply commemorates the change of seasons. Pranks are played to celebrate the arrival of spring and the end of the long, dark winter.


  4. This is a day dedicated to jokes on April 1, which is celebrated in the countries of Europe and other countries of America.
    It is like the day of the Holy Innocents, which is celebrated on December 28 in Spain. This day is originated in the middle of the 16th century, the New Year celebrations began on March 25 and ended a week later. On January 3, 1565, the king established that the New Year be moved to January 1.
    Legend suggests that the French and other American colonies were slow to adopt Pope Gregory XIII's calendar and continued to celebrate the New Year from March 25 to April 1. So they called the Americans fools.
    This day is famous on the internet and this day they make jokes of all kinds.
    Paula González Blanco 4B

  5. April 1 is the day dedicated to making jokes in some countries of Europe and America in the 16th century. This day is similar to the day of the Holy Innocents in Spain that is celebrated on December 28.

    Legend suggests that the French and other American colonies were slow to adopt Pope Gregory XIII's calendar and continued to celebrate the New Year from March 25 to April 1. So they called the Americans fools.
    This day is famous on the internet and this day they make jokes of all kinds.

    Alicia Ortega Prados 4ºA