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by Bruce Lee

martes, 14 de abril de 2020


Exams are an important part of our lives. Believe or not. Every time we do something we also need to test it. I could give you millions of examples. Here are just two of them: for instance, when your mum or dad are cooking, every now and then they have to check how it tastes in case they have to add some more salt or sugar or oil; regarding our Coronavirus pandemic, although there are already some vaccines, they have to be fist tested on animals and later on  a sample of the population before they can be commercialised. 



Therefore, the more relevant the situation or the product that we want to get is, the more important the exams are. Have a look at all these articles and you'll see how dramatic is the situation elsewhere when important decisions depend on exams:

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 Tuesday, 14th April

1º ESO   exam    listening exercise    (<<<Click here)

4º ESO    exam    listening exercise    (<<<Click here)



1º Bach  


As we had our online classes yesterday and it was still holiday (Sorry for the mistake, but I noticed that later, once I had already arranged all the online classes), I will just ask you to read any of the articles at the beginning of this post and tell me your opinion about what you would do with some nationwide exams, like the Selectivity exam, taking into account that very important decisions are to be taken afterwards.


News Review:  CORONAVIRUS: UK unites in song   (BBC Learning English)




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  1. In my opinión, the exams are very important for our learning, I think that they are necesary for teachers because they need to know if we are learning the lessons, but I don’t like them. For me is very difficult to sit down and study to get a good mark, specially when there is a good weather and I want to go out with my friends and enjoy. But this year it is very different because we should be at home everyday and we mustn’t go out because the pandemic is very dangerous. I think it is the moment to stay home and study a lot.

    Alejandra Martín Guirado 1ºA

  2. I think they are very important, because since we are losing class due to the Coronavirus, it seems good to do them. If we did not have exams it would be more difficult to obtain the evaluation notes, and so we also have to study topics that have not been given in class

    Dunia Arnedo Martin 1ºA

  3. I think that, this year, nationwide exams like selectividad should be delayed until September, because many of the exam subjects are not finished yet and teachers haven't explained all the contents. That is a disadvantage for the students because the system is not prepared for doing online classes. In addition, if students take the exam face to face they could be at risk at getting the virus because maximal security can't be secured in the days they have said.

    Attending classes online is also more difficult to follow because teachers explain the contents, but it is difficult for students to understand because many have access to the materials, but others don't have access, and many students don't know how to use a computer and this can distract them and may be affecting all the students

    But if the exams are in July instead of in September, students won't be able to study more and they will be more nervous because they wouldn't have the same time to study than if the exam were in September. Students could get the virus and create a new wave of infected people, and it could end with all of us dying.

    José Miguel Albertus Béjar 1º BTO

  4. i think is a good idea do examns online beause you can see what we now new and
    what we remember to explain it and help us understand it in online classes, this is
    not like yhe really but is a good idea.

    angela rodriguez 1 eso a

  5. An exam is that test that we have to take to see how our level is after seeing a topic, before everything was normal until the pandemic arrived.

    This pandemic has changed even the way of taking the exams, as we used to be in class and then the teacher gave us the exam and we did it. Now it is digitally, the teacher sends us the document and we do it on time, he gives us an hour or an hour and a quarter.

    Depending on the subject it leaves us more or less time, in philosophy a normal exam takes twenty minutes, in math an hour and a half. The problem is that the teacher and his students agree, because some students are literature students and others are science students, so the arts students have the day more or less free and the science students have many things to do, and another problem is time. Because when you are taking an exam, you are thinking of doing it well and when you are focused and you look at the clock, you see that it goes very fast and that is when you get very nervous.

    I hope that instead of going to the institute every day, we just go to take the exam and that's it, we give the subject at home and we show up to take the exam. I think we would save ourselves a lot of trouble. Why is the teacher tested against covid and the students not? I hope everything is fixed.

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  7. Exams are tests aimed to determine the ability of a student. They are usually official written tests and have an important role in the process of learning on any educational career.

    On the one hand, exams are important because they improve our knowledge and make us more competitive. The spirit of competition is a way of promoting and developing new ideas as it pushes a person’s ability to do more and better. What’s more, good grades in exams bring scholarships and a great opportunity to get a better job in the future or go to a better university.

    On the other hand, there are some disadvantages, too. For example, exams are a source of stress and pressure which can lead to health problems, such as headaches, nausea, sleeping disorder or even vomiting. We can get stressed because we have to memorize a lot of information in a very short time.

    All in all, exams are a way to empower a person and prepare him for future challenges. Even if exams have good and bad sides, I think they can really improve a child’s thinking capability and create an innovative mind.