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jueves, 16 de abril de 2020

FACE MASKS: yes or no??? (QUARANTINE: DAY 32)

There is still a big controversy about wearing face masks. Should we wear them or not? Let's read this article first:

Coronavirus: should everyone be wearing face masks? (The Guardian)

What is your opinion about the issue?

Quarantine Scoreboard

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Students participating:  about 80 out of 110 (73%)

Comments written and corrected: 400

Emails exchanged: about 1300

PASEN announcements & messages: more than 1500

Things handed in and corrected: almost 700


Visits to blog and site during quarantine: about 7,000 (Average of 300 visits per day)

Video lectures (ONLINE CLASSES):    3



 Thursday, 16th April

Tasks for today:

  • Unit 6 (page 75)
  • Watch these videos about the comparatives:    Unit 6A           Unit 6B    

  • And remember to hand in the dialogue (writing 11) by Friday.


Revising Modal Verbs in English 💪🏼 with Emma in mmmEnglish




Homework for today:

  •   Prepare exercises from site concerning the Passive Voice and the Conditional sentences

  • Watch the video above on MODAL VERBS



The English We Speak: What does 'fire' mean? (BBC Learning English)


  • Episode 200415 / 15 April 2020    >>>  Creating African comic superheroes -    Language related to 'new creativity'.  Need-to-know language: movement, put (something) on the map, perspective, talents & entreteneurship.


SHERLOCK HOLMES | THE SCARLET CLAW (1944) full movie | Basil Rathbone | the best classic movies


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  4. Covid-19 is a disease caused by the coronavirus and the first case appeared in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. Since then, it has spread around the whole world and lots of people have died because of it. Covid-19 symptoms include cough, fever, breathing difficulty, loss of smell and taste, headache and muscle aches. In March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic. This new virus can spread from person to person and one of the indications of the specialists is to wear masks. But, should everyone be wearing masks?

    Coronavirus is spread by the drops that remain into the air when infected people talk, cough and sneeze. These can enter the body directly through the eyes, nose and mouth. That is why, recently, face masks have become so common among us. People wear them at work, in public transport and in all public places such as pharmacies, supermarkets, banks, or any other place where it's difficult to avoid close contact with others. Using masks in public may help reduce the spread from people who don't have symptoms.

    Some people suggest that masks should be worn, but scientists say that they are not necessary as there is no protection against coronavirus. It is recommended to be worn by doctors and nurses who are treating people with Covid-19. The N95 masks are the most recommended ones for them. In France, the use of a ¨general public¨mask is recommended. Doctors and nurses recommend to wear them in order to differentiate them from the masks used by healthcare workers. Infected people should definitely wear masks, as a measure to avoid infecting other people. Masks should be used, not for personal protection, but to protect others from Covid-19.

    To end up, I believe we should all take steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and not to get infected ourselves. It is extremely important that we all practice good hygiene, wear masks and keep a distance of at least one meter between people.

  5. I think that masks are very beneficial for us and for other people not to get infected. We can make beneficial use of putting them, such as when we go out on the street for something important or to go shopping. Many people from here and abroad are the ones who carry it out and thanks to them we can protect ourselves from the Coronavirus due to their great effort working on the masks.

    Dunia Arnedo Martin 1ºA

  6. Coronavirus is a disease caused by a new virus which has not been detected in humans before. This virus first appeared in China in December 2019. The main symptoms are cough, fever, respiratory difficulties, loss of smell and taste, headache and muscle aches. It has caused many health problems in people of many countries because it is very easy to transmit it from person. However, there are some measures to prevent the spread or not spread it to other people like use of face masks. But, should everyone be wearing masks?

    On the one hand, some scientists say that common face masks
    are not necessary, due to there is no protection against the coronavirus because virus particles pass through these types of masks. However, doctors and nurses who treat people with Covid-19 must use N95 masks, which can protect them againt the coronavirus. But the problem today is that there are very few high quality protective masks for healthcare workers who caring for people with coronavirus.

    On the other hand, coronavirus is transmitted by drops that remain in the air when infected people speak, cough, and sneeze. So, these drops can enter the body directly through the mouth, eyes, and nose. Therefore, this is why many people use masks when they leave home to go anywhere where it is very difficult to avoid close contact with other people like in the supermarket, on public transport or in pharmacies. Many of them think that if they wear the masks they cannot become infected with the virus, but this is not true because virus particles pass through these types of masks. However, If you are infected with the coronavirus, you should wear the mask. In this way you will protect others from getting the coronavirus. Therefore, everyone should wear masks.

    To sum up, masks should be used to protect others from Covid-19, but not for personal protection. In my opinion, everyone should go out to the streets the least possible to avoid the contagion. Besides, to avoid the contagion you must wash your hands many times for 40 seconds, disinfect your hands and your house several times a day and keep a meter away from other people.

  7. Face masks are usually used to protect us from virus and particles that are in the air. They are usually used by surgeons and other kinds of doctors. Sometimes people with diseases like cancer uses them because the treatment affects their immune system. Different allergies can cause also respiratory problems and people who have them also usually wear face masks to prevent them.

    Lately with the coronavirus many people are buying them to prevent themselves from the virus. Because of this it is very difficult for people who really need them to find them.

    First, the government only wanted people to buy face masks if they were infected or they had symptoms, but currently they are thinking about recommending them to all the people because some people don't have symptoms and they don't know If they are infected.

    In my opinion people must be responsible. Most of us don't need to wear face masks and if we buy all the masks, people who needs them won't be able to buy them. I think that if you have been with someone who is infected you should stay at home for two weeks and wear a mask only if you are infected because you can pass the virus to other people. In some countries like Iceland you can be tested to know if you have the virus and it's free so they know who need to wear masks, so people who need them can buy them.

  8. I think it is appropriate to wear marks because we can avoid getting the coronavirus and avoid infecting others. It's a way to prevent catching the virus not only for us, but also infecting others too.

    We should wear a mask especially when we go out and talk to people.

    Francisco José Prados Espinosa1ºA

  9. The first thing that both health workers and ours tell us is that we use the mask. I do not understand why there are people who do not wear it yet, these people think that they are not going to be infected or that they are not going to infect anyone, but it is not like that. Not using a mask puts the people around you at risk, like your family, like other citizens.

    The mask today is our means of security, without a mask we expose ourselves to the danger that is outside. Watching the news, as the nightlife places have to close before, the young people go to the beach to continue with the party and without wearing the mask and some even drinking from the same glass.

    Looking at social networks in the morning you only see five hundred more cases a day, seven thousand confirmed cases, Andalusia nine hundred confirmed cases, it is very sad news and in the end what you do is not see neither the social networks, nor the news, because only it's bad news.

    I hope that people think a little about themselves and their surroundings, about those grandparents who can infect and can die.