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by Bruce Lee

jueves, 30 de abril de 2020

FATAL COMBINATION: Teleworking and no sport (QUARANTINE: DAY 46)

My back aches, my hands ache, I've got sore eyes, swollen legs... and I won't say anything about my super-happy belly!!! Teleworking and no sport, or any kind of physical activity, is deteriorating our bodies, apart from our minds. This situation is literally killing us!!!


However, some good news: the plan of de-escalation in Spain sounds really well!!! and we are really looking forward to beginning to go back to our normal life and daily routines, although with restrictions. We will be able to do some sport, but at a certain time and under some conditions. For instance, social distancing.

Coronavirus: What is social distancing? - BBC News



  • Episode 200429 / 29 April 2020    >>>  Coronavirus: How to avoid back pain while working from home  -    Language related to 'our body'.  Need-to-know language: postures, aches, extremities & small of your back.




Coronavirus: Spain plans return to 'new normal' by end of June (BBC News)

Spain to begin return to work despite fears of resurgence (The Guardian)

Quarantine Scoreboard

Posts uploaded:  30

Students participating:  about 85 out of 110 (77%)

Comments written and corrected:    About 600

Emails exchanged: almost 2200

PASEN announcements & messages:   almost 2200

Things handed in and corrected: more than 1000


Visits to blog and site during quarantine: about 11,500 (Average of 250 visits per day)

Video lectures (ONLINE CLASSES):    9  (+ 6 Dictations on line, 4 verb exams and 2 online exams)



 Thursday, 30th April

Tasks for today:

  • Do exercises on page 80.
  • Do the writing exercise 12:

    Wr12: Ejercicio de producción escrita sobre el tema:  A report about an animal and comparison with your pet (informe sobre un animal y comparación con tu animal doméstico) utilizando comparativos, superlativos y el comparativo de igualdad, además de todo lo que hay en la pagina 80. Se harán 3 párrafos: 1º descripción física del animal (en el módelo llegaría hasta "...up to 113 kilograms"); 2º descripción de su características, como si fuera su personalidad, y el tipo de cosas que hacen, comen.. (en el modelo sería lo que queda del texto); y 3º comparación con un animal doméstico utilizando comparativos de superioridad, superlativos y el comparativo de igualdad.


Solutions to listening exercises on page 75 (On Monday I will give you the solutions to listening exercises on page 78):

Exercise 11

Does Ethan guess the animal in each riddle?  No, he doesn’t

Exercise 12

Lives in
Riddle 1
Black or Brown
Not as big as a dog
Riddle 2
White, Brown, black, grey
Bigger than a rat


As tomorrow is 1st May and there is no class, this is today's homework for the weekend:

  • Unit 8 (Smart Planet 4) , page 90 

See you on Monday for our online class!



Tasks for today:

  • You will just watch these episodes about genetics, elderly people and pensionists:          Modulo 7          Unit 3A            Unit 3B   

  • On Monday in our online class we will be correcting some RELATIVE CLAUSES & REPORTED SPEECH, apart from the exercises on the Passive Voice and Conditional Sentences.

Glossary about TELEWORKING proposed by Sofía Morea (1º Bach A)

sore eyes, swollen, to deteriorate, de-escalation, restrictions, lockdown, severity of the outbreak, manufacturing, some of the toughest confinement measures, before the plan kicks, gradually, to glimpse, to lurk, to forecast, to embark, to loom, a rise in contagion, countermeasures, overstretched intensive care units, prudently, to disengage

Any more proposals?? 

Here's another one by Anabel Prados:   

non-essential workers, work from home, telecommuting, distance, supportive, telework, telecommute,  workplace, workweek,  videoconferencing,   teleconferencing, workforce, mobility, productivity, absenteeism,  workday, workspace, flextime,  jobseeker, workless, interoffice, deskbound,  employers, workaholics.


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  1. The teleworking for some companies is the solution because do can't open the offices for that the government to advise teleworking in house so the companies to follow funcionation. Thanks to all the what not teleworking and the teachers connects to the students with this Sistem so we to benefit thanks to this Sistem

    Rubén Sabio Prados 1eso A

  2. teleworking is a great solution for offices. Since you can't leave, many work companies do their things from home. We are very lucky with this advanced technology.

    Dunia Arnedo Martin 1ºA

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  5. Nowadays teleworking is very important to some businesses because it makes their workers able to work while they are at home. These people work at home, and have their own timetables. But it has advantages and disadvantages.

    This way of working is more comfortable because you can work from home and you don't need to get dressed or go to work. Your office is your living room and in some cases you don't even have a timetable. This option is very hood for people who have kids and can't work in the office. Lately, releworking is also making people able to work because they can't get out of their homes.

    But teleworking has also some disadvantages. You don't have to walk to the office so you don't talk to your partners. Some people don't do exercise and, as they don't walk to the office, they don't move at all. This lifestyle can make you have health problems If you don't do sport and have a well-balanced diet.

    In my opinion people who do teleworking must have a healthy lifestyle because if they don't have it, they will have health problems in the future. This way of working is really good if you know how to organise it and have time to do sport. In my case I don't go to school, so I am having video conferences with my teachers in the morning and I do the homework they send in the afternoon. I try not to finish very late so I can do exercise.

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  7. Nowadays there are a lot of people that are teleworking, because we aren´t able to go to our work area, for example we can´t go to the Secondary School and for this reason our teachers must teach us by video conference, or for example people that work in an office are working at home. And of course this way of work have advantages and disadvantages.

    The main advantage is that you are in your home, and you are more calmer and you are less stressed,but the main disadvantage is that you can´t go out to do anything, you only can go out to do some sport, or to go to the doctor, or to buy some things. But you can´t meet your friends in the streets, and you can enjoy talking with your friends. Another disadvantage is that you must stay a lot of hours in front of the screen, and for this reason you can feel bad and it can hurt your eyes.

    Even if there are a lot of people teleworking, there are also some works that the workers can´t work through Internet, for example waiters, cooks, shop assistants... And now these people aren´t earning money, because they aren´t working. And a lot of families that earn money from these works are now hungry.

    In my opinion, the government has to make an effort and allow them return to their works if they can´t do teleworking.
    Francisco González 4ºA

  8. teleworking is a good idea to work in house, but there are people haven,t got computers or tecnology to work in house. is a thing to job more confortable because you can work in te sofa and in pijama.

    angela rodriguez 1 eso a

  9. Today, the coronavirus is not only affecting the health of people. However, it is also affecting the country's economy because many workers can’t go to work and others have to do it from home. So, since April 13 some workers. Besides, the Prime Minister took other measures to gradually return to the new normal returned to work as manufacturing or construction.

    Sánchez reported that the provinces would progress in phases depending on infection rates, the capacity of local hospitals and how well distancing measures were carried out. In addition, the Prime Minister reported that the plan to return to the new normal would consist of four phases, each of which was expected to last about two weeks. He said that the process would take a minimum of six weeks and if the virus decreases it would not last more than eight weeks, depending of the province. Actually, some provinces are in phase 1, some are in phase 2, and some are even in phase 3.

    Firstly, from April 26 children under the age of 14 were able to leave their homes, for one hour a day, between 09:00 and 21:00. Secondly, as of May 2 the rest of the population was also able to go out, to be able to carry out outdoor exercises such as walking, running, cycling ... Besides, schools will be closed until september. From phase 1, some small companies and hotels have been able to open while respecting all security measures. Besides, displacement to second residences within the same province and the opening of bars, restaurants and places of worship like churches or mosques with limited capacity are allowed. In this way, little by little we will return to the new normality.

    In my opinion, people should be more responsible due to in many cities large gatherings of people are forming and security measures are not being respected. Therefore, if people do not change and start to respect the rules, the situation will not improve and we will be quarantined again. In this way, little by little all the workers will return to work and the country's economy will recover.

  10. Playing sports is very healthy for us and for our body. It also clears minds and sometimes relaxes like yoga.

    Before all this quarantine started, I went to athletics and then I signed up for volleyball. I like to run, but I'm embarrassed to go down the street by myself running, that's why I signed up for athletics with my sister. This is very good because it is not only running, you also do exercise sets of strong we jump, climb stairs and then we usually go to dinner.

    Then I signed up for volleyball with my friends as she insists me a lot. It also helped me to improve since I like to play volleyball and I'm not very good at it, and in secondary school we also played volleyball and it helped me a lot to improve physical education grade and now we can say that I play better than before. But now with the quarantine I have not practiced for a long time and I think I have lost experience.

    I couldn't run either since I couldn't go outside. Not doing sports does much harm to health and if we are locked up we have the habit of being itchy all the time and so many of us get fat this quarantine. When I started all this, I downloaded an application where I could play sports. Every night for half an hour I did some sport and that helped me not to hurt my body parts as much. Instead my sister did not do any exercises and is all complaining that everything hurts and also a little fat. When she went out for a walk with her friends, they walked a lot and when she returned home she had many laces and he never went out again. This is the product of not doing sports and lying all day in bed or on the couch for video conferences.

    Now we must start step by step and do some sport. Tomorrow we will go to phase two and we can go to the beach to swim.