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by Bruce Lee

martes, 28 de abril de 2020

Ghost airports (QUARANTINE: DAY 44)

During this Coronavirus crisis, there are ghost passengers and ghost flights, as there are no passengers to fly and sometimes planes fly just with the crew and a few passengers or no passengers at all. However, there are also ghost airports, which are not only airports that are no longer used, but also special airports with no passengers!!!!


Surprisingly, among these, you can find some of the most profitable airports in the world, like the one in the Mojave desert or the one in Teruel , which is the most profitable one in Europe. But how can this be possible? Have a look at these newspaper articles and documentaries and you'll find out: 



Can you tell me the different uses this kind of airports have and why they make so many profits?  THIS COULD BE YOUR COMMENT!!!


Mojave Air & Space Port - Commercial Space

What Happened Inside the Airplane Graveyard?


How do you call an airplane which is not allowed to fly? See the solution at the bottom of this post, just below!!!

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 Tuesday, 28th April

By the way, do you remember about the Mojave desert? Have you seen the pictures above?

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Next Tuesday we will have our next online class (we will go on correcting UNIT 6) and remember for individual tutorials you write an email to me and we arrange a day and a time.

El próximo martes tenemos la siguiente clase online  >>  seguiremos corrigiendo la unidad 6 y recuerden para tutorías individuales me tienen que escribir un email y concertamos un día y una hora.

Very good morning, ladies and gentlemen!!


I hope you are all well, safe and sound. Here's again the link to the session, just in case:


Tasks for today:

Watch this video   >>>      AS...AS... COMPARATIVES


Solutions to yesterday's translation sentences:

1. Excuse me, where is the post office? It's over there, on the left.

2. Where's the police station? I'm sorry, I'm a tourist.  I think it's straight ahead.

3. Where's the nearest supermarket? The nearest one is in Market Street, opposite the bank and next to the pet shop.


Solutions to dictation 02 and translation:

1.Tim is as old as Mike.   >>>  Tim es tan viejo como Mike

2. He is the nicest boy in the class.    >>>>   Él es el chico más amable en la clase.

3. They are brothers.    >>>>    Ellos son hermanos.

4. There aren't any pencils.   >>>  No hay lápices.

5. Janet doesn't walk to school.    >>>   Janet no va andando al instituto.

6. Look, I see him now.     >>>    Mira, yo le veo ahora.

7. Tom should go to bed now.    >>>   Tom debiera irse a la cama ahora.

8. Susan can run quickly.    >>>   Susana puede correr deprisa.  

4º ESO

Remember to send me the number of mistakes committed in yesterday's verb exam 02.

Smart Planet Digital books

Solutions to Friday's workbook pages 54-55 (Unit 6) - Review:

1.    1.g     2. d    3. h   4. a    5. i     6. j   7. c   8. b    9.f    10. e

2.   1.ridiculously     2. much too    3. quite   4. extremely    5. a bit      6. really   7. kind of   8. totally

3.   1. were developed     2. was invented    3. is sold   4. are found    5. are produced     6. won't be needed   7. will be replaced

4.   1. That's the birthday present which/that I bought for my mum last weekend.
      2. Xavi is the boy whose dad used to work with my dad years ago.
      3. Yesterday we visited the museum where Edison's first light bulbs are displayed.
      4. This is the guitar which/that he made himself at the age of 16!
      5. Is that the man who/that helped you the other day?
      6. I think that's the girl whose bag you found this morning.

5.  1.c     2. c    3. a   4. b    5. b     6. a   7. b   8. c    9.b    10. a    11. c   12. c   13. b    14. a

6.   1. Can you tell me about     2. Is it easy    3. How much memory   4. What's the sound like
      5. How long does the battery last     6. Has it got a   7. Could you show 

These are the tasks for today: 

  • Unit 8 (Smart Planet 4) , page 87


THE ENGLISH WITH SPEAK >>>> Cabin fever: an expression for lockdown (BBC Learning English)





1º Bach  >>>  Homework for today:

  • Unit 8 - pages 98-99

  • Here are two episodes that deal with the topics of sport and genetics: 

    Module 7      Unit 2A            Unit 2B         


And remember to send me the mistakes committed in the verb exam.


 Young Roger Federer Was Absolutely Insane (18 & 19 Years Old)

Coronavirus: Grounded planes and deserted airport terminals (BBC News)

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  1. Nowedays,during the coronavirus crisis,the airpoots are empty.There aren´t ant passangers.The situation has changed.A lot of countries have closed their frontiers and they don´t allow that foreigners go into their countries.with the cofinement,the movements of people have reduced by roads and air.that supposes a big crisis in the tourist sector and thereare many places in Spain that only live with the tourism.People say that "It´s a ruin".The scientist think the sudder stop in the activity is very good for the envioment,there is less pollition.but i prefer see people in the airports and take car of the eviroment slowly.ABEL MARTÍNEZ PADILLA 1ªA

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  3. I didn’t know that there are ghost airports. How amazing!
    I think that this type of airport must be located in a place where there are few people. The location is important because the planes have to arrive easily. Teruel is between Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, so it is a good place to repair big planes or jumbos. After the maintenance, planes are ready to fly again.
    Planes from all Europe can go to rest during the quarantine. People there do a lot of activities such as examine and recycle materials and parts of planes. In the future, pilots will train there too.
    The Mojave Air and Space Port in California is also a storage airport.
    I like travelling by plane and I would like to visit this ghost airport in Teruel.
    I think that it is very interesting!

    Leo Maldonado 4ºA