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by Bruce Lee

martes, 21 de abril de 2020

The fastest cyclist ever (QUARANTINE: DAY 37)

Once upon a time, long time ago, I had the privilege of watching the fastest and best cyclist ever and he was Spanish. He won 5 consecutive Tours de France and many other races, apart from getting the gold medal in the Olympic Games and breaking the one-hour world record cycling!!! He was Miguel Indurain.

1990 Tour de France stage 16 Luz Ardiden - Lemond v Indurain

MIGUEL INDURAIN, LEYENDA DE UN CAMPEON (in Spanish) : parte 1, parte 2 & parte 3.

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 Tuesday, 21st April

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Solutions to yesterday's COMPARATIVES exercises:

newer , longer , nicer , bigger , better , fatter , more modern , friendlier , more famous

older , dirtier , brighter/lighter , more interesting , colder , sadder , more difficult , bigger , more expensive

bigger , more beautiful , better , worse , more difficult

faster ,  more interesting , warmer , more polite , more comfortable , nicer

It is more boring with the quarantine now than when we were at school.
It is harder to learn now than before.
I am not happier now than during our school days.

And now watch these two videos about the COMPARATIVES & the SUPERLATIVES (The Grammar Gameshow).

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English in a Minute:  Mixed Conditionals (Impossible+Hypothetical)   (BBC Learning English)



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By the way, next Monday we'll have our next online class and remember for individual tutorials you write an email to me and we arrange a day and a time.


Tasks to do today:

Unit 8 - page 95

Watch these New That's English episodes to revise vocabulary about MEDICINE:

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MODULE 6      Unit 1A           Unit 1B   

Learn English with Movies | Tom Hanks - “Forrest Gump”


1996 Profile of Miguel Induráin! | "Big Mig" on his Tour de France Wins! | inCycle




What I'm learning from being trapped in quarantine with my ex-fiance (The Guardian)



1 comentario:

  1. Miguel Indurain, one of the best cyclists that Spain and the world have had.

    The titles speak for themselves, this man has practically won everything, my grandfather and my father told me a lot about this man, because he is a very tall man, which means that his legs were very long, so each pedal stroke that It gave as he already took a large piece from you, the best thing about this man is that he was sitting all the time, while his rivals had to get up to be able to catch him and get next to him and follow his rhythm.

    For me this man is the best cyclist that Spain has. My grandfather told me once that in the Spanish Cycling Tour, in one of the stages, he had a very tough rival, an Italian who was competing against him, but Miguel started hitting the pedals and left and no one caught him and won the stage.

    This man has done a lot for Spain, that is why he is one of the best cyclists this country has.