Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

martes, 26 de mayo de 2020

Our teacher gets so salty sometimes (Quarantine: DAY 72)

It is true that sometimes teachers get very easily angry, but the truth is that these days there are always good reasons to make them furious: fake students, fake exams, cheaters, lack of solidarity, governments that don't care at all about educational matters, ghost students....


The English We Speak:  Why are people saying 'salty'? (BBC Learning English)




Some articles for you to read about the issue:

Quarantine Scoreboard

Posts uploaded:  45

Students participating:  about 85 out of 110 (77%) at least once during the quarantine, but only 40% of them are really working!!!!

Comments written and corrected:    more than 750

Emails exchanged: more than 3800

PASEN announcements & messages:   more than 2600

Things handed in and corrected: more than 2000


Visits to blog and site during quarantine: almost 21,000 (Average of 250 visits per day)

Video lectures (ONLINE CLASSES):    21  (+ 6 Dictations on line, 4 verb exams and 7 online exams) and several individual online tutorials



 Tuesday, 26th May

1º ESO     CLASS    (<<<Click here)

Very good morning, ladies and gentlemen!!


I hope you are all well, safe and sound. Here's again the link to the session, just in case:


Solutions to yesterday's listening exercises:

Exercise 5. Because he has got a new phone number.

Exercise 6. Party for: Mike  //   When: last Saturday   //   Where: At a music club for teenagers on Main Street   //  Opinion of event:    nice excellent music, the DJ was very good, exciting, amazing, really nice    //  Who was there:  all our friends   //  Opinion of the food: very tasty

Exercise 7. 1. He was at home     2. It was chocolate cake and chocolate ice-cream

ATENCIÓN!!!! Hemos quedado hoy en clase que le doy un positivo al que me envie el audio del ejercicio 6 (pag 86). Tienen que grabarse leyendo en voz alta el ejercicio y mandármelo. Si no pudieran, quedan conmigo y nos conectamos, y lo leen. Deben leer en voz alta todos los días.


4º ESO

Smart Planet Digital books

These are the tasks for today: 

  • Unit 9 (Smart Planet 4) , page 98  >>> Exercises 1 - 2 & page 99  

Once you've done all the page 99 you can do the last writing exercise we will do this year:

Unit 9  >>>> 

Wr17: Ejercicio de producción escrita sobre el tema : "Film piracy", bajo el formato de "An online article", en el que se utilizará pasiva del tipo 'it is said that', relative clauses, conditional sentences, comparatives and reported speech, además de todo lo visto en la página 99. La redacción debe estructurarse en 4 párrafos: Introducción - Desarollo del tema en 2 párrafos - Conclusión (este último párrafo es nuevo con respecto al modelo que se ofrece)



Describing an experience/experiment at our Science Week (Writing Exercise 15). An inphograph made by Lucía Espinosa (4º ESO A) about how to make a volcano  >>>>


English in a Minute:  TALKING ABOUT PAST ABILITIES: 'could' vs 'was able to'   (BBC Learning English)


Further information about PAST ABILITIES:

Using 'can', 'could', 'be able to' and 'manage to' - 6 Minute Grammar (BBC Learning English)




  • Keep finishing all the things you still have to hand in.

  • Start revising for the final exams (For instance, you can revise the Grammmar Reference section at the end of the textbook and do the exercises proposed). Here are some more exam exercises   >>>>

158. COMPARATIVES. Fill in the gaps with the comparatives of superiority and the     superlatives of the adjectives you are given in brackets:

1. For (far) ______________ information on the passive you should revise the grammar revision.
2. Mick Malone's (old) _______________ brother came from Ireland to visit him.
3. This is (bad) _______________ football match I've ever watched.

Translate the following sentences into English:

4. Ella no llegó tan tarde como de costumbre.  
5. Cuanto más estudio, menos problemas tengo con el inglés.
6. Los exámenes se van complicando cada vez más.
/ 6
159. Insert the second sentences into the first ones by means of RELATIVE CLAUSES:

1. That is the boy. I borrowed his motorbike last Saturday.
2. Southampton is a busy sea port. It is on the south coast of England.
3. Jimmy Connors was once married to Chris Evert.He was a very famous American tennis player.
4. Apolo XI was the spaceship. It took Armstrong and Aldrin to the moon.
5. Last year I had to read the book. You are looking at it now.

160. CONDITIONALS. Put the vers in brackets into their correct tense and fill in the gaps (...) with     these words:  IF  /  WHEN  /  PROVIDED THAT  /  UNLESS /  AS LONG AS         

1. I am going to Rome next week. ................ I (BE) __________ there, I (SEE)______________    the Colisseum.
2. .................... we (GO) ____________ now, we (MISS) ____________ the train.
3. I (HELP) ____________ ....................... I (FINISH) _____________ first.
4. .............. she (HAVE) _____________ a ticket she (GO) _________________ to the concert.
5. Albert sr.(PLAY) ________________  with you tomorrow morning ..............  Albert jr. (NOT EAT) ______________ every three hours.

mmmEnglish  >>>>  Everyday habits to improve your English



5 comentarios:

  1. In class, we usually respect the teachers. but sometimes some students lost the respect to their teachers and start to don't pay attention in class and sometimes they cheat on exams or don't go to their classes. At this Covid-19 crisis, the teachers dont see the students and can't control them in their own class, so some of them let the class running and go away to do other things like watch tv or use the phone.
    In this times, i think teachers have more work than usually, because they have to correct everything that the students do.

    Daniel del Pozo Quesada 4º ESO A

  2. Being a teacher is very difficult, especially in secondary school because most of the students have no respect for them, nor for their classmates.

    Teachers get mad very quickly but before they have fooled a lot of nonsense.
    There are two different types of students, there are those who go to study, who do not bother, who listen and pay attention, and then there are those who go because they are forced by their parents, they do not want to study, they talk and they bother in class. It is logical that the teachers get angry, since they want to give class, move forward, and because of all the students it is possible to teach, and this affects especially the other students who if they want to study and do a career and have a future .

    The teachers want us to be something in life, that we prosper, and they get angry when they cannot give what they came to give, and above all, the students who do not respect them and speak ill to them as if they were their lifelong friends.

    Now with quarantine it is more difficult to teach, and also teachers want to trust us and give us the opportunity to pass and continue, but most students take advantage of that trust and do things that they do not have to do. We believe that teachers are stupid and do not know when you copy or do things that you have not known how to do now. One does not learn so fast and the worst thing is that we want to deceive ourselves.

    We must always go with the truth in this life, because the lies are usually discovered, and above all try not to deceive ourselves, be responsible and honest.

  3. Be a good student? Or be a bad student? What are we? Since my first year, I am trying to be a good student. But sometimes I was a bad student. I think that I am an ordinary student, I usually have good marks even though I sometimes have failed.

    When I said bad student, I didn’t mean to go against the teachers or classmates. This is rude. About be a bad student, I mean to be a fake student. You have passed the exam, you have sent the homework, bout you cheated. Let me tell you, dear friend, you are not learning anything. And in the future, you will be in serious problems.

    I think that bad student will be a master in the subject of the cheat. Sometimes I see how other students cheat even the teacher does not look at them. Also, I see how the teacher catches them, too. To err is human; to change, divine.

  4. This is the first time we live a world pandemic, so at the begining, no one knew how to act. Public health was crowded, polcemans were full of work and students had a lot of homework. Nowadays, we have learned how to control this situation, so we are calmer now.
    In my situation, I´m a students, and teachers didn´t really know how to act, so they sent a lot of homework, and we had to spend all the day working. And if for any reason you couldn´t do them or you forget them, they argued with you. With the pass of the weeks, they have learned what is our limit, and they have sent less and less homework, so we are fine now and we can relax some hours.
    Being a student in this situation is really hard, you don´t really know what is going to happen on the next school year, and you have to get used to the ways the teachers want you to do the homework, but they have to do it too, so we should be more comprehensive with them, everyone is overwhelmed with this situation, and some times, they can explode and get angry.
    Some problem teachers have noticed this weeks is that we don´t always do our homeworks alone, I mean, sometimes I asked a friend the homeworks if I was late or if i didn´t know how to do them, but I think this isn´t that bad. The problem is when you always ask others the homeworks, so when you come to an exam, you can´t do anything.
    Some teachers got mad, when some of us cheated in the exams, but I think that both attitudes are undertandable, the student wants to pass the subject, and he found a nice way to do it, and the teacher wants the student to learn, and he feels disappointed when this student cheat.
    I think cheating is bad, but in the times we are living, it´s really hard to discover this cheaters.

    David Bacas 4ºA

  5. Teachers are very easy to get angry for several simple reasons. Students often disrespect the teacher. Teachers do not have an easy job because some children misbehave in class.
    Oliver lozano Martín 1ºA