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martes, 4 de agosto de 2020

FOMO, the syndrome striking people these days

Why can't people help doing things that should not be done these days like large gatherings, going to discos, meeting loads of relatives at the same time...? FOMO could be the cau
se!!!, that is to say, the Fear Of Missing Out something (which is actually the topic of one of the options in this Selectivity exam: The extraordinary life of Nikola Tesla   &   FOMO . Do you have a fear of missing out?  )

We may have the feeling that this summer we are missing out loads of things, but the most important of all is LIFE and the wellness of our relatives, firends and all the people that surround us. So, for sure not going to parties, or to the beach, or on holiday abroad is not such a big deal!!!

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  2. Due to the lockdown we have missed a lot of things, like ferias, concerts, festivals or football matches. Pubs and bars were closed so you couldn't go there. You couldn't even go to the beach or the gym!

    Now, the situation has changed. Bars and pubs are open, but some of them have restrictions and have to close earlier. You can also go to the beach or go to a small concert, always respecting social distance and wearing a mask.

    This sudden reopening of the bars, pubs, beaches and some events has caused FOMO to many people, specially young people. FOMO means 'fear of missing out' and its caused by the too big amount of thing to do. There are too many things to do or places to go that you want to do all the things or go to all the places at the same time.We can also talk about YOMO, or ' you only live once'. Both acronyms cause the same symptoms.

    This fear of missing something can produce anxiety because you think you are doing less things than the others or that they are having more fun than you. To prevent this, we have to be happy with ourselves and our lives. If we feel sad we can spend more time on social media and look how each one is in a different event and all of them will look great to us, so we will feel worse.

    I think they should have opened bars or do some events in a more gradual way because after nearly three months in lockdown people will want to go everywhere and won't stay at home, so it's easier to have the virus or pass it if someone has it.

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  4. The coronavirus has changed our lifes in different ways for exampke job, school, go out with friends, go shopping clothes... But now this exist but in a more weak form.

    Nowadays we can do all we want but with siples rules that will save a uncontable number of people. This rules are basic and everybody meet them : use mask, wash our hands and we have got to mettres of distance between people.

    A lot of people don't respect and follow this rules, but between this people pointed teenagers because they are the biggest group of people that don't respect this rules and they meet with a lot of people. Everybody can go out but with rules but y dont understand why dont do this 3 things.

    For that i thint if we dont respeect rules to go out with people, we will be rest in our house again.

    Ivan Bustos Jiménez

  5. I have never suffered from Fomo, but I can imagine why some people can get jealous when they compare themselves with the live other people show online. Nonetheless; many people is afraid of being alone even in social media so they need to be updating their profiles with new pictures or states every moment. Some of them can update their profiles several times per hour.
    But during the lockdown, some of these people have decreased the amount of times they spend on social media due to the impossibility of open air activities. For this reason the lockdowm has been a golden opportunity to get to know themselves.
    Some articles deal with the fact of missing out, specially making reference to the opportunities you let go in the live and the choices you made in life and that proved wrong. The problem here is that some people are looking at what you can’t do instead of the things you can do and they can’t.
    With everything said what you have to do is to look at your current opportunities and don’t pay so much attention to other people’s lifes.

  6. People should try not to go out very often with friends and make numerous meetings.

    We will move to phase 2 again due to outbreaks in the provinces and cities.

    I think people should be carefull with the Covid-19 and stay more time at home during the day.

    I am Francisco Toledo López 1A

  7. When it was said that bars and other places could be opened, only a few were opened since they wanted to be more secure, now most of the bars and discos are open, although I think that the clubs should close since there young people do not respect distances Some go without masks and if we continue like this they will lock us up again because many infections are coming out, I used to go out more but for a few days I don't usually go to places where a lot of people go since many infected have come out.
    The infections that exist now are almost all young people because they get together to have parties and more things and as there are many friends because they do not put on the masks since they think that they will not have it and if someone there has it all the people who There is in the party it will be contagious, I think that we should not be many friends together or if we remain separated and with masks.

  8. Watching the news, and you see that people continue to do crazy things like partying without protection, without a safety distance.

    We still do not follow the rules, then we do not cry because they lock us up again and we are at home for a long time, because we have the that we deserve. For four or five people, the rest of us pay the duck.

    The Fomo, which is the fear of missing something, for me is an absurd thing because you have more life ahead of you, and what you have not done today you can do tomorrow, This disorder or whatever, is silly.

    I hope that people become aware and realize the problem that they can avoid, and that they pay attention to the measures they put in bars, restaurants... Because it is not the same to wear a mask that costs nothing, to wear a tube in your mouth so you can get air and do not die.

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  11. This year, we are missing out loads of things, like festivities, like Santa Ana in Molvizar. We couldn´t celebrate anything this year, but also, we are missing out something more personal, like friends' birthdays, or even meetings with relatives.

    But, nowadays we aren´t following the security measures, for example, you can watch on TV that there are a lot of people that go to concerts, or to parties without protection, like face-masks, and almost everybody that goes to the parties without protection are young people, and, in my opinion, they should think about all the people that can get infected because they decided go to a party without face-mask.

    The FOMO is a very interesting fear, and I think that it affects a lot of people that think like this, and I reckon, that they may be right, because this year we don't do the same things as other years, and it will be unpleasant to a lot of people, but we must continue like this until we can have our normal lives back.
    Francisco González López

  12. This situation that we have and are experiencing has made us lose Holy Week, the village festivals, school ...
    The bars, pubs and discos were closed since it was not possible to go.

    Today we can do everything we want but with minimum rules, which are the use of a mask, comply with the safety distance, disinfect your hands and we will not go to crowded places,

    The situation has changed, today the bars, pubs and discos are open as there are people who live from their business; each of them has security measures such as safety distances, disinfectant ...
    The opening of each of them has caused FOMO to many people, especially young people who are the ones who usually go the most. FOMO means 'fear of missing something' and it is caused by the large number of things to do.

    Not all young people and adolescents comply with the rules, if we continue like this they will lock us up again because many infections are coming out.Today the infections that exist now are mostly from young people and adolescents, who meet a large group of friends without masks and they do not respect safety distances and thus the virus is emitted.

    I think that since we can go out we have to respect the rules and security measures, because if we do not comply with them we put many people and families at risk, and the grandparents who are the most at risk, and if we do not comply with the rules of security and we do not do things well they will lock us up again.
    And from my point of view, I would have seen well that each town organized parties and events in each town with its rules and security measures

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  14. In such a strange situation we are living, when we don´t really know what is going to happen in some months, the only way to survive is following the government instructions. Most of us are doing this, wearing masks, not going to crowded places, keeping the security distance and many other things. In our situation, it is easy, we don´t have to make any effort or anything out of our routines, but not everyone is living this sitituaon as us.

    When we talk about cities like Mallorca, Marbella, Barcelona or Madrid, we think about turism and all the losses they are accumulating because of the pandemicg. How is this going to affect the population? Many families are having huge problems because they have a restaurant or a disco, but nobody comes or there isn´t enought space for many people, so they won´t earm enought money to survive. Knowing this, some of them must open to be able to eat, even knowing that it can cause a lot of damage to others.

    Teenagers, months ago, were locked down for months, thinking that they were going to lose the whole year, whithout going to parties, without traveling, etc. Scared by this, most of them are behaving in a selfish way, thinking only about themselves, and putting everybody in danger , going to parties that are prohibited and to discos, which are open because they need money.

    I think these people must think that going to these parties can make their families fall ill, and even, they can put their grandparents at danger, so we must think if it is worth, and avoid these crowded places.

    David Bacas Posadas

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  16. FOMO is the acronym of "Fear Of Missing Out" which is indeed a reconoced type of social anxiety. Right, so, in other words; it is the feeling of having an unsatisfactory life, when you believe that you are having less fun than everyone else and you feel like you are wasting your life.

    This fear is , in no small way, due to social media. In fact it could be argued that it could have been the origin of FOMO.
    In those social networks you see all your friends besides successful people having fun, going to parties, traveling , buying new items.. and all of that while you are staying at home. That may affect you and make you develop FOMO. However, you must keep in mind that those are the highlighted moments of that person's life and that they are not always happy and that ,as any other human, they have their flaws and bad times- as well as you do.

    Also, I believe that it is worth mentioning that it is estimated that teenagers have spent this 2020 an average of 3 hours a day in social media -greatly affected by the quarantine-. and that is a scary amount of time scrolling through the mobile; gossiping about others' life instead of living your own.

    However, there are many things you can do about FOMO, starting by getting away from your mobile.
    For instance, you ought to set goals, you can focus on things that will make you happy and help you arrive where you want to be. Furthermore, you have to realize that you don't need a lot of friends to have the life you see on the internet, what matters is having close the people who matter to you. Specially now that we are living a pandemia and we must avoid large gatherings, you should value the quality of the friendship over the quantity.

    All in all, not feeling fulfilled is a problem that many people face. It is much more complex than it seems and because of that we should strengthen our emotional intelligence. To identify our feelings and be able manage them.

  17. A few months ago we were in quarantine and we couldn´t go anywhere . Now most restaurants and shops are open , but we can´t celebrate anything , so Fomo has appeared again.

    "Fomo" is the fear of missing something. It is the feeling of missing out on life compared to others. When you believe that other people may be having more fun than you , you have the necessity of having even better experiences than them or the fear that others are having more rewarding lives is probably a symptom that you have Fomo.

    This is all due to social media, mainly. People usually like posting their life experiences on social media and we believe that their lives are perfect and they have perfect experiences ,so that creates an increasing sense of anxiety.

    You should remind yourself that no one has it all and not all the information that you read on social media is true. So , if you are feeling unsatisfied in your own life , you should avoid social media as much as possible.

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  19. ‘’FOMO’’, or fear of missing out,is a form of social anxiety produced by the idea that other people might be having more fun than you. The term “FOMO” became popular with the rise of social media, so people who experience this phenomenon are likely to be active on social media.

    During the lockdown, feelings of FOMO disappeared, but now that bars, restaurants, hotels and clubs are opened, they might be here again. If you are too busy looking at the lives of other people spending a lot of your time on social media, you are clearly a FOMO victim.

    This type of anxiety can affect your personal and professional life. In order to reduce the fears you experience about not doing what other people do, the first thing to do is taking a break from social media and give some time to yourself! Discover what makes you happy and focus only on that!

    In conclusion, having FOMO can seriously affect our life. I think it is important to get over feelings of FOMO, as it will lead us to a happier and successful life.

  20. in the lockdown we were restricted from doing a lot of activities such as going to the beach, or going to any restaurant, even going to a hotel or traveling which has made summer vacations a bit difficult to deal with.

    Currently the situation has changed a bit now if you can go out for a walk, go to a restaurant, go with your friends or even go out or go to the beach respecting social distance and wearing a mask.

    The term FOMO means 'fear of missing out' which in turn means fear of missing something on social media. with so many things to do now, people want to do them all at once and they don't have time.
    In my opinion, they should not have let people go to different places (beaches, restaurants, etc.) because people were accumulating the desire to go out when it was restricted and when they saw that it was not prohibited, people went out without a mask breacking the rules and the only thing they did was increase the number of people infected by COVID-19