Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

The Comparatives by Mariano

Ladies and gentleman, would you like to revise the comparatives? Well, Mariano, a student in 1st of Bachillerato 2nd language sent me this song (lyrics). It's quite funny!!!! I hope you'll enjoy it. Thanks, Mariano, for helping me improving my blog.
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  1. In this song there are a lot of comparatives for example:
    good/ well --> better (irregular comparative form)
    we use -er for short words:
    great---> greater
    soft---> softer
    there are many more but I'll leave some for others to comment ... I'm not agony! xd

    Esther Valverde Muñez 2ºA BACH

  2. This is a song a bit repetitive, because it's all the time saying: Yes... No... Yes... although it is a fun song and we can look some comparatives like: softer than--soft, longer than-- long, faster than--fast.. among other. And the comparatives have a interest good enough for the students.
    Daniel Rodríguez Gallardo(2º Bach A)

  3. I can't listen the song in this link, but I found the song in Youtube.
    It's a good way to revise the comparatives. I think it's a funny song. It's amazing when Annie hold the note. There are a lot of comparatives, which my classmates have told us. I think it's funnier learn with songs and another activities, but there isn't enough time.

    Andrea Coello Gómez 1ºBach A

  4. If I am honest I hate this song. It's so bad. On the one hand I agree with Daniel Rodríguez when he said this song was so repetitive but on the other hand I agree with Esther Valverde when she said it showed good examples of comparatives because it teaches us to use them.
    Águeda Muela Martín 2ºA Bach

  5. It's a funny song. I like when the woman says: "Can you bake a pie?", the man answers that no, and the woman replies: "Neither can I". Also add that the woman looks like a man sometimes. She has movements of a man, very brutish. Well, maybe those movements are what makes the video be more funny. Also it is known that the humor sense of USA is very different than ours.

    Javier Osorio, 2ºC.

  6. Mariano has chosen a good song! Because there are expressions very interesting. You can see words such as better which is a irregular comparative that comes from the adjective good and so many others adjectives such as greater higher cheaper softer flicker. However, It´s true that the song is a bit repetitive.

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  8. Learning English with song is funnier. Here you have a link to another song which will teach you some differences between English British and American pronunciation.

    Here you have the lyrics too.

    Eva Orozco Alonso 1ºA

  9. I try to listen this song with the link for a long time but I can´t. But I search this in youtube and I can find, it. I think that it is a really repetitive song, when I have listened this I have heard "yes", "Can" and "no" everytime; and ocasionally nother words. But it was really useful to review the comparatives( as better, greater, higher, flicker, sicker, sweeter, cheaper...)
    I found some new word for me, for example: arrow, partridge, sparrow.
    I don´t kneew the mean of sparrow, yet despite it is the last name of the pirates of the caribbean´s captain.
    Esther Ortega

  10. I can't hear the song from the link on the page, but I can find. The song is very funny but the "yes, I can " and "no, you can't" are a bit heavy. Besides, I think that once again, the song shows the attitude of a man who he thinks women can't do some things because they be women, but also shows that there are some women who behave like a man in the way of thinking. Still it is an easy song to listen, understand and can help you understand the comparatives.

    Laura Cano Guirado 1ºA