Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

viernes, 30 de mayo de 2014

What a wonderful world!

Everything you need to know about climate change in The Guardian

A video

A song

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  1. Louis Armstrong first sang this song in 1966 and it's remained popular ever since. Many artists have made their own versions, but I prefer the original, because Louis Armstrong's gruff voice makes a lovely contrast with the gentle words of the song. It is truly a celebration of the many colours and variety of the natural world.

    The song goes beautifully with the video, made by the BBC, with the voice of David Attenborough. It shows the eclectic nature of the fauna and flora of our world and it encourages the viewer and listener to enjoy the natural environment that surrounds us and shows how important it is to protect it.

  2. What beautiful images! The images of the video are amazing and brilliant, as well as Louis Armstrong's song. Both of them make me feel better. This video shows the beauty of nature: we can watch plants, a great variety of flowers, animals and phenomenons.
    Louis Armstrong's song is fantastic. His voice is very original. It's an optimistic song which show us how important is to realize that life has a lot of things to enjoy, such as nature, friendship and love.
    The lyrics of the song are full of hope and confidence in the future. I would say that I live with optimism, but unluckily many times bad news are received constantly and only sometimes we can watch in all media few of good news. I wish they would give us much more positive news. By this way, I think lifes will become more interesting and happier.

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  4. This term is very hard for the 2ºBachillerato’s student because we have many exams and recently we haven’t got enough time to enjoy. However, I think that it has been well spend these four minutes watching this video and listening to this song because, nowadays, we are living bad times in Spain; our economic situation is terrible, there are fewer jobs… and our politicians don’t do anything about it and this is the best form to escape from the bad times.

    This is the reason why I’m so happy for listening to this song and especially watching this video, which show us how wonderful the world is.

    In my opinion, the humans increasingly polluting nature because we use many cars, we use some products that are so bad for the environment… And, unfortunately, it is very sad.

    Elena de la O López. 2ºA Bach

  5. What a wonderful world we are living in! The pictures which are shown in the BBC video are absolutely beautiful. I think nature is really fascinating. There are so many different animal and plant species in the earth which are a part of the thousands of landscapes all around the world. However, there are also other pictures, that aren’t shown in this video and that are not as beautiful as these ones. Nowadays pollution, illegal hunting and the global warming has changed many ecosystems in the last years, and all because of human’s action. In my view, it’s necessary to solve these problems if we want to keep on enjoying our wonderful world

  6. Maybe the images are incredible, but why not they show us the part of the world that is gonna be destroyed if we don't change our way of acting? Some images are so wonderful, the waves, mountains, birds, animals, but all is going to disappear if we continue this way. A lot of animals are endangered, some of them are especially cared, but there are other than will disappear because people continue killing him . The song is very beautiful, although I prefer rock and heavy metal music like Manowar or Bon Jovi, but forgetting the kind of music, I like more the songs with a good lyrics than the songs with good instrumental. Particularly I don't like this kind of voice, I don't find it particular, in my opinion is a very usual voice. The TV has the ability to ignore the problems and only makes us see the good things, when the only they are doing is make the people think that the world is perfect and has no problems, and they still polluting it, not caring about it, and in a future won't exist this kind of images.

  7. The first video is very beautiful, it has an amazing pictures of the world that it makes you think the world is wonderful and you forget of the all the problem there aere in the world. The second video is the a beautiful song, for me. It was singed by Louis Armstrong.
    Louis Armstrong, also know as Satchmo and Pops, was a trumpet player and singer of jazz. He sang What a Wonderful World, which it was writen by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss. This song says the world is wonderful for the little things that there are in the world. The song has been sung for many artist but Louis Armstrong's version was the most popular.
    I remember this song with much love because it remember me the good moments with my family when I was little. My mother listened it while she did the housework. For this every time that I listen the song I remember when I was little.
    In my opinion Louis Armstrong had a great voice and it make the song more beautiful. I love the hoarsely voices like Louis Armstrong's voice. He was brilliant!

    Andrea Ligero Alabarce 1º B Bachillerato

  8. The first video is fantastic! The images are beautiful. My favourite picture is the turtle. When I have seen the video I thought that we have to look after the world, because it is very important 
    Irene Ramon Arellano 2ºA

  9. The second video is about a song. The man sings and thinks that the world is fantastic. In his song says several times “what a wonderful world”
    Irene Ramón Arellano 2ºA.

  10. I think the first video is a documentary of the world. The pictures are amazzing, my favourite picture is when de human is next to the jellyfish, I don´t would not be able. The first thing that I thought when I see the video is what we are very lucky for live in this world.
    The second video is a song by Louis Amstrong, he describes the planet earth, thinks it's a wonderful world and says what he sees.

    Alberto Pineda Montoro. 2ºB

  11. The first video is a documentary about how wonderful is the earth.
    There are fantastic and amazing pictures in this documentary but my favourite is the hummenbird
    all of this pictures are amazing
    we don´t know we should be grateful to be living in this wonderful world

    The second video is a song who sings Louis Amstrong he teaches us how wonderful is the earth

  12. The video and the song show us the importance of the environment.

    On the one hand, this video shows pictures of flowers, animals and landscapes of planet Earth. The images are beautiful and very tender moments showing the life of living things in which we do not look except when we see documentaries or videos on TV or inernet. Every day we make the planet is deteriorating for many reasons and people do little to prevent it. The governments of the countries speak but not act. Global warming is growing year and the world's climate is changing.

    Moreover, the new generations want to help save the planet by recycling, keeping nature clean, saving water and energy ...

    Can we save the planet?

    Paola Ruiz Fernández 2 º ESO A.

  13. The first video is incredible because is a documentary about how wonderful is the earth. The first video has many pictures but my favourites pictures are the turtle, the bird and the big jellyfish.

    In the second video Louis Amstrong sings a song about how wonderful is the earth. For me the song of Louis Amstrong is very nice and very exciting

    Francisco Garcia Garcia 2B.

  14. In my opinion the two videos are really good. The first video has got amazing pictures of landscapes and I really the pictures of the snowy mountains. The photos are well coordinate with the lyrics of the song. I also like the photos taken from the botton of the sea, with the turtles and jellyfish.

    In the second video appears a man call Louis Amstrong singing a very good song call "What a wonderfull world" in the video there are also mens playing instruments. I think this song is one of the best I have ever heard. I also think that this song is known by almost everyone in the world, because it is very famous. I really like the chorus of the song "And I think to my self what a wonderfull world".

    BY: WILLIAM :)))

  15. Is a documentary about the wonderful world, but I can not see this, as in the video, because we have other more important issues, now look at the wonderful world that would not work without us.Since there are too many campaigns to care for the world and everything. The second video very funny to me like the face which placed.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)