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by Bruce Lee

martes, 2 de febrero de 2016

Beware, travellers: Zika virus, the latest public health emergency

If you have the intention to travel in the next months (what future tense would you use here?) or have already anything planned like your trip to Dublin (and here?), you must be careful with this new health alert:



World Health Organisation declares Zika virus public health emergency (The Guardian)

Anyway, travelling is so great that we shouldn't be terrified to do it. So have some fun watching these videos in French:

Travelling to USA

Travelling to Spain

And here's a playlist with other hilarious sketches!!! (I hope you'll enjoy them)


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  1. People travel to one place to another everyday, and viruses and bacterias travel with them. I have seen in the news that a new virus has apperared, the virus of Zika. This illness is transmitted by a mosquito, it is not very serios, because it´s as a cold, tou can have fever and muscular pain. It affects especially to pregnant women, their children can have several problems in the future.
    In Spain, there are some people that have that illness, burt they are recovered now. In South America, it is an epidemic, and they are trying to kill the mosquito.
    I hope that scientists can fina a cure or a vaccine for that illness, specially for pregnant women.


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  3. For a start, talking about Zika, we know that this virus has been strange for us until it appeared on the news. It is caused by a mosquito. Some symptoms are temperature, pink eye and they are of short duration. It concerns specially pregnant women, whose babies can be born with microcephaly. It was started in Brazil last year, but now it has spread around twenty-four countries. The OMS has already declared Zika as a public health emergency.

    I have heard that in June will be a vaccine for the virus. And remember, if you are going to travel to somewhere, you should look for further information about this issue.

    I got to know about Cyprien two weeks ago, when my French teacher put one of his videos in class.
    In fact, the best video is about Spain.

    Andrea Gutiérrez López 4ESO B

  4. It seems that every year there is a new virus, for example, last year appeared Ebola virus disease, and this year... Zika virus.

    Frequently, when you travel, a lot of bacterias join you and they go with you anywhere you go. Scientists have discovered that bacterias can live a lot of days.

    Firstly, I want to say what is Zika virus. It is a micro-organism in Africa and Asiaa nd it is usually transmitted by mosquitoes. In humans, this virus was first discovered in 1954, in Nigeria.

    Currently, there exists no cure for the Zika virus. Most people who has bitten by an infection-trasmitting mosquito doesn't develop any symptom. On the contrary, other people develops some symptoms as skin rash, mild fever, and muscle or join pain that begins approximately, after 2-7 days after contamination. Pregnant women transmit the virus to their baby, and it produces severe foetal birth defects and poor pregnancy outcomes.

    All in all, if you think on it, you will realise that all disasters as tsunamis, epidemics... always attack people who are poorer. If they haven't much, when the suffer all these things, they have less things than they had before.

    If you are jetting, you aren't travelling alone... there are a lot of bacterias which will join you all the road!

    María Béjar Rodríguez 4º ESO A

  5. A new virus has appeared a few weeks ago in news caused by a mosquito, called Zika virus has emerged in South American countries.

    First, this mosquito is of African origin and asiático.El virus was first isolated in 1947en Uganda and later in 1968 was first isolated in humans, from a sample obtained in Nigeria.

    Moreover, this virus lasts two to seven days after the mosquito bites you. Symptoms may include headache, fever, malaise, muscle aches ...

    In short, it hasn't found a cure for this virus and the most affected countries there are many pregnant women, some of them have this virus and cause microcephaly their children. In some European countries there have been cases of infection zika as here in Spain where two women who had gone on a trip to South America have been infected by the virus.

    Some countries are already seeking cure for this virus as it spreads rapidly. Thanks to technological advances, they can work more rápido.Espero cut the spread and cure is found quickly.

    Paola Ruiz Fernández 4º ESO A

  6. I have never listened about Zika. The first time I listened about Zika was two or three weeks ago. Zika is a virus transmitted by mosquitos that was identified the first time in Uganda, in 1947. Since then, outbreaks of Zika have registered in Africa, America, Asia and the Pacific Ocean.

    I saw on the television that the first case of Zika in Andalusia was in Cordoba. The affected is a woman who has 62 years old, because she has travelled recently to South America to visit her family. The majority of affected by Zika are women who are pregnant. The virus affect their lives and the health of the babies who can bear with microcephaly and they can die. In Brazil, one baby has died because of a microcephaly caused by this virus.

    In my opinion, In Spain we are safe about this virus, because the mosquito that transmits the Zika isn’t here. The cases of Zika in Spain are only by persons that have travelled recently to America.

  7. There is now another epidemic in the world: the Zika virus which is infected by a mosquito.
    First, the virus began in the countries of America are in tropical climates, but then has spread quickly through mosquito bites. Many countries have used ways to kill mosquitoes as spraying many areas and by monitoring the health of people who seems to have already infected.
    However, in Europe it has already reached this virus due travel to many people visiting those countries.
    The effects of this virus are microcephaly children at birth are often blind for life or mental retardation if all effects are not known yet.
    Finally, the people can´t stop traveling from the disease because diseases have always been like that in the world.

    Antonio Peregrina Martínez 2ªESO A

  8. People travel from one place to another everyday, and viruses and bacterias travel with them. I have seen on the news that a new virus has apperared, the virus of Zika. This illness is transmitted by a mosquito, it is not very serious, because it´s as a cold, you can have temperature and muscular pain. It affects especially pregnant women, whose children can have several problems in the future.

    In Spain, there are some people that have that illness, but they are recovered now. In South America, it is an epidemic, and they are trying to kill the mosquito. So, what can we do? As there is no treatment, the only option is to reduce the risk of being bitten,use insect repellents, cover up with long-sleeved clothes, and keep windows and doors closed.

    I hope that scientists can find a cure or a vaccine for that illness, specially for pregnant women.


  9. Zika, a new virus is here. I had never heard. The Zika virus it spreads through a mosquito. The most common symptoms of zika are fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis (red eyes). The disease usually has mild symptoms that can last a few days to a week after an infected mosquito bites a person.

    People with this disease not died, it is rarely die from this virus. For that reason, many people may not realize they are infected. If a people is pregnant the infection Zika virus can cause serious birth defect known as microcephaly, and other serious defects in the fetal brain. Once a person has been infected, it is very likely to be immune to future infections.
    Even so, it seems that the Zika virus is controlled in recent days.


  10. Watching Cyprien’s video about the stereotypes of Spain, I‘ve decided to write about the stereotypes of France. I’ve been to France so many times that I could say that I know more about French people than from wherever nationality I’ve met. It’s for this reason that I’m going to write about their stereotypes from a very close point of view.
    In relation with food the first stereotype that I realise when I’m in France is that all mornings, even if it rains, they go to the nearest bakery of their neighbourhood to buy a baguette for their breakfast, wearing a kind of beret and usually smoking. Another funny stereotype that I realise when I’m travelling by car in France is that every morning at 12 o’clock, especially in holidays, they all park their cars in a service area to have what they call “le midi” (a very relaxing picnic that all the family use to have). And I think that the best known stereotype of French people related with food is that in all their dinners they must eat cheese with a cup of wine before their desserts.
    Besides this type of stereotypes there others, for instance those which are related to their personality. Friends of mine say that the typical French man or woman is a really arrogant, not very sociable and even apathetic, but it’s only because when they “travel to France” they only visit one place… Paris, and I agree with them in this point, because Parisian people can be arrogant and sometimes a bit self-centred, believing be the centre of the world. However, in fact, the rest of France is extremely different from them, they use to be really helpful, polite and quite happy, however not as open-minded as Spanish people are, I find. Moreover, another aspect that I notice is that they use to idolatrise their sport players, even if they aren’t very good (fact that Spanish people don’t do),
    In conclusion, I think that I have a very different point of view from most of my friends that think they “have visited France”, but I find quite interesting what other people from other nationalities think about France when I’m in “l’Alliance française”, because they have truly visited France. And I reckon that these are the main stereotypes that I’ve confirmed during my stays in France.