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miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017

Is Television helpful or harmful for our society?

Here are some articles to read about the issue:


Crossword on TELEVISION (BBC Learning English)

Vocabulary and Listening exercise to do: Language to use in research (English at work, BBC Learning English)


REPORTED SPEECH. Further practice:

Transform these sentences into Reported Speech using these verbs:    

                               apologize , deny , explain , invite , offer

1. 'I'm sorry I was rude', said Mike.
2. 'I didn't steal John's bike', said Melissa.
3. 'Can I buy you a drink?', Albert to the Austrian teacher.
4. 'Would you like to come to the cinema with me?', replied she after the drink.
5. 'I'm late because I missed the bus', said Joe.

Transform these sentences into Direct Speech:    

1. He invited her to go for lunch.
2. The judge declared that they were guilty.
3. Ari offered to help Michael with his work.
4. He apologized for handing in the composition two days later, but said that he had been ill in bed.
5. The shopkeeper ordered the three boys to leave his shop.


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  1. The television was invented in 1926, over the years the television has had great changes thanks to the technological advances.

    On the one hand television has a great utility, since we can see the news every day and know what is happening in all the world, you can also see documentaries. For children, television allows them to travel to other places, to know the oceans, the jungle, the mountains, the cosmos and other inaccessible places that not only entertain them, they also teach them.

    On the other hand a great disadvantage of having a television at home is that many people can spend all day watching TV and don't go out at all, they don't make social life, programming doesn't know schedules, it makes the senses are lazy, forget other positive habits like reading.

    From my point of view, it has good and bad things. Among the positive things is that you can see places unknown to you, you can learn languages ​​by putting the subtitles, however the TV you lose time that you can use it with your friends, doing sport ... That is why I think that television is useful but not essential.

    Paola Ruiz 1º Bach A

  2. Due to the large number of programs aimed at young children, most parents consider that a way to keep their children quiet is to watch television, without thinking that it has consequences that could harm them, watch television for hours, produce Consequences in children such as: attention problems, problems in sleep: nightmares ....
    The time spent in front of the TV is time that is subtracted from important activities, such as reading, school work, play, interaction with the family and social development. Children can also learn things on television that are inappropriate or incorrect. Many times they do not know the difference between the fantasy presented on television and reality. They are under the influence of thousands of commercial announcements they see annually, many of which are alcoholic beverages, unhealthy foods, fast food and toys
    But children are not the only ones who are affected by watching TV a lot, nowadays most people could spend hours and hours in front of the television and watching all the programs that exist; So the time spent in a group or with our friends walking around, strolling or taking something every time is less and we prefer to stay all afternoon in front of the screen lying on the sofa.

    Another thing that could be commented on the television is the amount of trash programs that emit in which we are put like personages that deserve a special dedication those whose greater merit has been to separate with controversy of its pair or to criticize to everybody; With which its only purpose is to gain profits for its company, in general, the televisions, no longer look for that which best contributes to generate a fairer or healthier society because that is not of their interest.
    Then there are the programs that become "fashionable" as Masterchef, Topchef, who only do is repeat the format and exploit certain celebrities who have no idea what they do and all they know to do is scream and shout.

    In my opinion, television only save some film that they broadcast on weekends, or some series, but I think that television is being replaced by the internet and Netflix, where you find everything you want, and in the end it ends up being television to The letter without having to see all the junk programs or the large number of ads they emit.

  3. Television became available in the 1920s, but it was just experimental, it was some years after when it was marketed to the customers. After World War II, Tv became a commonplace in homes. During these years Tv, newspapers and Radios were the only ones in inform the people of what was happening these days.In the 1960s, color broadcast was introduced in many countries, for example USA.

    But, today, there are a lot of people thinks the end of Television is coming, because of new technologies, like Netflix, maybe Youtube, and other new ways where you can see what you want and where you want, these new ways would resolve the problems about if it´s safe to let your son in front of tv, because they have an age restriction, if you want, you can activate it and all of the not recommended videos will be bloked.

    In my opinion, Tv is currently being replaced by Youtube, Netflix and others like them

    Eduardo Pérez Muelas

  4. I think all of us know what a television is as it's very strange to find someone who hasn't got one. However, I want to give you a formal definition. A TV is a telecommunication medium which is used for trasmitting images in color and on two or three dimensions and sound. But in the latest years there have been innovations and now, most of people have a Smart Tv, which is a television set with integrated Internet and web 2.0 features. That is to say that if you have an Smart TV you can record your favourite series or a film that you wanted to watch, and watch it later. You also can watch videos in Yotube from your Tv and other interesting things.

    According to the question "Is Televisión helpful or harmfulfor our society? I don't think it's necessarily harmful or helpful to watch television. There are several points to consideer. In one hand, I think it's fine to watch TV as entertainment. You can even watch educational and cultural programmes, and it is also a very good way to relax and forget our troubles. But in the other hand, there are some negatives points, such us if we consume too much television, we'll become lazy and we won't do any exercise, so we will becoming in a sedentary society.

    All in all, I think watching TV isn't helpful but neither harmful. I have to say that I hardly ever watch television, I prefer YouTube. Currently, most of people prefer this new platform since you can watch what you want, as many times as you want and there aren't so many advertisements.

  5. To this day we have a great variety of television programs from telenovelas to thousands of cartoons. Television can be a double-edged sword since everything can have good things, but also many bad things. Obviously, not everything can be shown to children by their content, as well as by the impact it may have on them. Since in the long run spending many hours in front of the television could have very serious consequences, from problems to our brain to physical problems.

    In addition to that television can be a weapon for our society, as it is often influenced in a very direct way. We do what we see on TV, even the thought of many people is affected by what they see on television. Likewise, we can highlight the way that governments have to make people think about the issues that really matter and are watching absurd programs. So we should be careful about what we see and be more selective when it comes to watching something on television.

    Some of the programs that we could analyze, would be soap operas. Many people consider them to be rubbish or a waste of time but other people think they are something really good and worth seeing. Nothing pleases everyone. Many people think that if some have lasted so long, they should not be so bad, but time has nothing to do with the quality of the program. It is also true that many of these programs address important issues, such as gender-based violence, day-to-day problems. I'm not a big fan of soap operas because they do not call my attention but I respect people who see them.

    Finally, we could end up saying that although the television has everything negative many of these programs have the days counted as there are many new platforms that allow you to see what you want whenever you want, and I think that will start to improve television for Make the competition to these platforms.

    Ariadna Prados López 1º Bach

  6. In 1927 there was done the first television public transmission in London. Later in 1930 the second television transmission was done in The United States, and in 1950 they began the television transmissions to color.

    On one hand the television is a way of socialization, is a source of amusement and learning, It allows to relax the children and also it informs us about the news. For example when I arrive from the secondary school, I see the sports while I eat.

    On the other hand, the television increases the violence, transmits negative values for the children, there are series that are not recommended for the children, can cause problems of attention. I think that the programs for the major people should turn in the hours least harmful to the children.I think that programs harmful to children should be seen at other times, so that they do not see them.

    In my opinion the television is replaced by Netflix or Youtube. People with Netflix can see the series they want and with Youtube you can listen to music, watch videos, etc.

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  8. One of the most popular media is television, radio and newspaper, but today I´m going to talk about the first one, television.

    We can say that television is a great media. Most of us, watch TV when they are eating with their family or when you have a free time you go to the sofa and watch a film or a serie. We all know people that they don´t watch TV or people that it’s the completely opposite, they watch TV all the time. I think that watching TV is very important because we learn a lot of things that we don´t learn in other parts.

    In our hand, watching a lot of TV and not going out it a bad idea because it can affect our social life because we are in the sofa or in our bedrooms and have no communication with our parents or our friends, also If you pass all the time watching TV and you don´t study all that you need to it can affect your school grades, so in this case it can be harmful

    In the other hand, I think that TV is a great media and it is very important in our society because a lot of things are told that we don´t know in our diary life.

    In conclusion, we can say that TV has a great role in our life, and we should know how to take advantage of this worldwide media

  9. The invention of the television was the work of many individuals in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Individuals and corporations competed in various parts of the world to deliver a device that superseded previous technology. Many were compelled to capitalize on the invention and make profit, while some wanted to change the world through visual and audio communication technology.

    And after this, the Tv continues evolucioning. Nowdays we have diferents Tv's with diferents tech and prices. We have Smart Tv, 3D tv's, Plasma Tv's and more.. but I'm here to talk about the content which is broadcast these days on public television.

    I think that lately the content of tv's programes goes from bad to worse, because the society don'ts have critique and values, and the society loves to watch programes like : ``Gran Hermano ´´, `` Mujeres Hombres y Viceversa´´ and more...

    Instead of worrying about their own lives they worry about the life of the famous, I think that the only programmes that are worth, are the documentals of animals and culture.

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 1 º Bach

  10. Television is definitely one of those devices all houses have, and everyone heard that watching a lot of Tv isn't good for health. Actually, it’s intuitive, but there are a lot of specific problems we don’t have into account.
    Especially in kids over 30 months it seems to be a big problem, starting with the addiction it causes and following with a decrease of language development, the length of time they can stay focused, the experience of more aggressive behaviour and a few more.But the biggest problem, according to scientists is the time it takes from our daily life and doesn't allow us to invest into other useful things that may help us to acquire real knowledge or to improve our capacities.
    It is truth that Tv can be a dangerous fact, in children who hasn’t got their cognitive abilities developed, but it's not bad at all if we give it an educational use such as watching history programmes, some good films in English (of course), the news and a lot of more stuff that can make us know a little bit more.
    In conclusion, I wouldn’t let my children see Tv until they grow enough not to be harmed by this media and after it I’d make sure they follow the schedule I put not to see them ‘’slack-jawed’’ all time.

    Cristina Victoria 1ºBach

  11. The first television was invented in 1926 by John Logie Baird. In these years the television has evolved, we can find with televisions 3D, Smart TV and more.

    For me the TV has been a great invention that helps to be more informed and entertains us. The television helps the news to reach more public and the elderly do not make them feel so alone.

    On the other hand the television hurts because when we see it we do not think, it takes away time to us to do other activities, time of study or to spend time with friends and family.

    Television is necessary for the life of today but we should not abuse it because that is what makes it harmful.

    Francisco García García 1ºBach

  12. The invention of the television was a technological advance for the humanity and a machine very important in the actuallity. The first television didn´t have any colour and you couldn´t change the channels whith a remote control, even there were televisions whith a only channel. Little by little the television is better.

    For the childrens, the television can affect to their brains. For example, they don´t developed their intelligence and they lose concentration to do something. Also, They don´t developed the ability to relate with others. They don´t live a good childhood because they lose their time, they don´t move too much so that they can have obesity.

    The television also has advantages. The television have programmes very interesting as documentaries that we can learn very things. Also, They have the notices that we can know what happens on the world.

    I think that the television can be good with precaution, we should use the television for things that can have a benefit to us. We don´t should use the televison too much time because this can affect to our brain and our health.

    Patricia Rodríguez Martín 1ºBach

  13. How much do you spend time on watching TV each day? A lot of people all over the world spend too much time on this in spite of that it is acknowledged that in general television isn't good for health. What should we do to concern people about this problem? Should there be certain hours to broadcast and fewer programmes?

    According to numerous studies, sedentary behaviours like watching television can hurt your body. A study published in JAMA Psychiatry some weeks ago tells that young adult who watches a lot of television and has a low physical activity level tended to have a worse cognitive function when they reach middle age.

    All over 350 volunteers were given 3 tests to study the impact of tv in themselves. The first test consists of evaluating processing speed and executive function (a person who has a bad executive function is likely to lose his keys). Another one was the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test, which involves remembering words or which else that involves language.

    Taking all into account, it is claimed that physical activity during adulthood can preserve executive function. As I see it, although TV is rather harmful, it has also good things. One instance could be you can get knowledge and it could be funnier than only reading, I mean, sometimes it is easier for us to study seeing images than reading.

    María Béjar 1º Bach

  14. Now, I'm going to talk about when television was invented, what influencies it has had on the society and how have some type of programmes influenced on the way we think.

    Today, there is no house without television, it is usual that in each house there are two or three televisions. Has this invention transformed our life? In 1925, the Scottish inventor John Logie Baird made the first real experience with two discs, but it didn't work. The first public television broadcasts were made by BBC One in England in 1927 and the first transmitter was Virginia Ballesta.

    Is Television helpful or harmful for our society? According to several studies if you are young and you watch too much television you have more probality of having a worse cognitive function when you reach middle age, specially if you don't do physical exercise.

    From my point of view, the types os programmes that are on TV can change a lot the way on what we see the life. For example, I think sports programmes can make people realize that they also can do exercises and practise them. In contrast, I think soap operas are a waste of time because you are watching how the life of other people is going and you aren't enjoying your life. I personally think this has many influence on us. In my case, I only watch the news and sometimes some sport programme because I think soap operas, talent shows, quiz shows,...are a waste of time.

    Joaquín Alejandro España 2ºBach

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  16. This is a theme very complicated, all depending as use the television, if you use the television for see programmes trash for example ``salvame´´ or ``Gran hermano´´ we are using the television in a way that does not give you anything else, but if you use the television for see programmes of notices or documentaries you would be using television for cultural benefit-

    Actually the people dont use a lot of time the television, because now all people use netflix or youtube, this aplications are more comfortable because you can see what you want when you want. For example a very current and famous series as a game of thrones is only seen in hbo or netflix, which are programs that you can put on television but also in mobiles or computers

    The only good thing I see on television, are television channels that broadcast good content, such as news 24 hours, or programs in which people are informed of how the power, but on the contrary channels like telecinco should be eliminated. I have this opinion of telecinco, because I like journalism and these people who go out in telecinco say they do journalism when the only thing they do is criticize other people

    I think that in a few years no one will use the television because the new tecnology provides the same as television but much more advanced and more comfortable. Only the older people, most do not know how to use the new technologies and then use the television. But the new generations do not usually watch TV

  17. Television was a revolutionary invention when it came out. At present we have thousands of different channels that offer a great variety of programs, but is television really good?

    On the one hand, television allows us to be aware of all the news that occurs in our country and important events outside our country. In addition, it is a form of entertainment in those moments when you do not know what to do.

    On the other hand, television with the passage of time has been losing its essence and increasingly transmits more programs on gossip or simply trash programs that don´t contribute anything to our society. Television is fine as entertainment but it should instill some values ​​to the people who see it. In addition, every time children watch television more hours and they take time away from studies or healthier things like sports or interacting with people.

    From my point of view, I think that the TV as an informative method was good at the beginning but now the information is trasgiversed, so it doesn´t offer reliable information either. Neither is a good method of entertainment in excess because it does not transmit good values ​​to the youngest.

    Raisa Martín 2º BACH


  18. In 1927 there was done the first television public transmission in London. Later in 1930 the second television transmission was done in The United States, and in 1950 they began the television transmissions to color.

    On one hand the television is a way of socialization, is a source of amusement and learning, It allows to relax the children and also it informs us about the news. For example when I arrive from the secondary school, I see the sports while I eat.

    On the other hand, the television increases the violence, transmits negative values for the children, there are series that are not recommended for the children, can cause problems of attention. I think that the programs for the major people should turn in the hours least harmful to the children.I think that programs harmful to children should be seen at other times, so that they do not see them.

    In my opinion the television is replaced by Netflix or Youtube. People with Netflix can see the series they want and with Youtube you can listen to music, watch videos, etc.

  19. Nowadays most people both elderly, adults and children have a television at home. In addition, there are already many different programs on the TV so I am sure that some of them suit our interests. Television can be very good, but also has disadvantages.

    On the one hand, TV helps us to find out what happens anywhere in the world; a few years ago, it was very difficult to know what happened far from your city or town but nowadays thanks to the news it is very easy. However, there are many programs with which you can learn many things such as documentaries or cooking programs. Besides, cartoons are a good way to keep younger children entertained because they are so funny for them.

    On the other hand, Television is no longer merely the drug of the nation, it is the pacifier, babysitter, wallpaper and teacher for our children. Increasingly it intrudes on the very first months of their lives. In addition, according to the statistics in Australia young children spend more time watching television than any other activity. Another important TV problem is that if you spend a lot of time watching TV you may end up with problems like vision problems or headaches. And talking about young children, watching a little TV is fine but if they spend too many hours watching TV they probably don’t develop their creativity properly because children should play with toys and other people.

    All in all, television can be good for keeping us informed but we must be careful with it. In my opinion, we should watch TV as little as possible because it can create addiction; in my case, I only watch TV about half an hour a day.

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  21. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  22. Nowadays , who doesn´t have a television set at home?. Surely , we all have one or more than one but how long do we spend watching TV and how can have it a negative effect specially on children ?. As we can see , watching TV have some pros and cons.

    On the one hand , children can learn a lot when they are watching television because there are many children´s television programs that entertain and make children develop their creativity and imagination. In addition , it can help them to increase their curiosity and also to learn other languages.

    On the other hand , spending so much time watching TV can make that children have difficulties to learn. It can make they use inappropriate vocabulary and even be violent . Moreover, it can create them health problems like obesity or vision problems. It can also create distractions in studies.

    I think that television is not bad if you make a good use of it. If you abuse it ,it will have a negative effect.

  23. As we know, television is one of the most used inventions today. Most people have a television at home. But it´s important to know that television could have some positives and negatives aspects and how it can influence in the development of our brain.

    On the one hand, television has an enormous variety of programs that can be entertaining and with which you can learn many things such as documentaries and cooking programs. Moreover, television allows us to be informed about the events that happen around the world and even know what´s the weather in any part of the world. This is a privilege today, since years ago we could not know.

    On the other hand, as I said before, television gives us many programs that can be entertaining, however, there are many other "garbage programs" that all they do is damage our brain. Many studies show that more and more young children spend more time watching television than any other activity. Surely if you went to a restaurant, you would see mothers who entertain their children with cartoons on a screen.

    All in all, televisions can be good for keeping us informed about the events that happen in the world. Nevertheless, we should be careful about how many hours our children and us spend in front of a screen because it can be very bad for the development of our brain.

    Lucía Guirado Ruiz 1ºA bachillerato.

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  25. The invention of the television was very important because, apart from being a new form of entertainment, it enabled us to have a much easier access to information.
    But... is this positive?
    In a way, yes, it is; thanks to television we have more general culture because we are constantly being informed of everything that happens around the world and we can learn about new events quickly, but it also has disadvantages such as "fake news", which makes people be misinformed.
    Talking about the media, television is the most accessible one, especially for children, because all of them have one in their houses, and some of them even have their own tv in their bedroom. Furthermore, as it's a visual means of communication, it is very easy for children to get the information

    Nowadays, the media have an enormous importance in our lives, but at the same time, they can sometimes be very harmful. For example, fake advertising; actors and actresses who have an unreal body, perfectly retouched with photographic editors; machism, like in perfume advertisements... and many more examples that show that advertising is unethical.
    It´s true that most of us enjoy watching television, watching a movie or a Netflix or HBO series, reality shows, documentaries, programs, talent shows, or even watching the news, but we must be conscious of what we are watching, and not believe everything, because it is very easy to be cheated.

    Many of us watch television while we are having lunch or dinner, at night... The cinema is a great hobby and I think that we all should see the classics on a big screen at least once in our lives. That is also good to improve our English, because there are many films in English and watching them in their original version helps you.
    But being all the time watching television isn´t good for our health because it can lead to problems such as being overweight due to a sedentary life, vision problems or sleep problems. In many countries, young children spend more time watching television than doing any other activity.

    In summary, I think that everyone should watch television, with the purpose of entertaining or learning, but it shouldn´t be the only thing we do but is a complement in our daily life that can be really useful if we use it correctly. And I also think that we have to be realistic and not believe everything that appears on the media because it may or may not be true.