Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 2 de agosto de 2017

Mixed feelings when feeling invisible

There may be people, especially famous people or even teachers, that would like to feel invisible at times, that is, they would like to go shopping, go for a drink... and that the people would not stop them or look at them. On the contrary, feeling invisible to the people around you can also be negative, especially when you want someone to pay attention to you. For instance, teachers may feel invisible to their students when they just don't care about what they are telling them. On the whole, mixed feelings.

Do you like feeling invisible to people around you or does it annoy you? Do you feel depressed?

Listening exercise to do: You think you're invisible? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

What does 'mismatch' mean? Can you give other words with the same prefix?

Let's analyse the following sentence from the programme:  

"Not only does the garment make you impossible to see, it also protects you against magic spells."


First, pay attention to the cleft sentence and the inversion "Not only does the garment...., it also....". By the way, if you want to revise what a cleft sentence was, have a look at this post. Secondly, could you tell me what 'spell' means in this context.


Interesting video about accents in English: 

The Jon Snow Accent! - Game of Thrones Accents Tutorial (Learn English with Papa Teach me)

REVISION EXERCISE for 1º Bachillerato  >>>   

91. Write suitable questions for these answers (pay attention to the underlined words).

1. __________ ? I went to the cinema with my sister.
2. __________ ? He does the gardening   twice a month.
3. __________ ? The book is about the French Revolution.
4. __________ ? I've been learning English since 1985.
5. __________ ? Tomorrow it will be sunny and warm.

92. Fill in the gaps with the comparative forms of superiority or the superlatives  of the adjectives given in brackets:

1. English exams are getting (short)_______________________, Albert must have gone bananas.
2. Sadam Hussein answered that journalists could ask the Minister of Defence for (far) ______________ information on their weapons.
3. She is (funny) ____________________ person I've ever met.
4. (polluted) _________________ our world is, (big) ______________ health problems we have.

Proposed solutions to exercises 89 & 90 in the previous post
Ex89   >>>  
1. A letter hasn't been being written.    2. All the things must be bought because the meat is going to be cooked (by her).    3. Albert was given a wonderful present.   /   A wonderful present was given to Albert.   
4. Was Rose seen by John?   

Ex90   >>>>
1. They said they had a lift, but that very often it didn't work.
2. He asked us who put/had put salt in his coffee.
3. He told her he was going fishing with her mother that afternoon.
4. She told him not to open the door.   
5. The mother asked her daughter if she could pass the exam.


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  4. Well, some of the people who are famous feel that they are under social control, therefore they would like to be invisible for doing something with their friends. Nevertheless, many famous who love drawing attention, take photos with their fans.

    Feel invisible could be negative in order to a person who feel because she can think that she doesn't mind for the rest of people. On the other hand, a person could be like me and not to worry about what people think of myself. But sometimes i would like to wear an invisible cloak because it can be too annoying when you are walking in the street and too many people not finish of look at you.

    To conclude, I think that not all of people likes that someone pays attention to them always.

  5. Famous people are all the day appearing on TV, they present programmes or they participate in famous films which most people watch. As a consequence, people recognise them when they are in their daily life, fans ask them for an autograph or take a photo with them.

    There are some in which famous react badly to their fans, for instance, they don't want to take a photo or they don't sign the autograph or even they push at journalists to take them away. In my opinion, these famous don't know how to be a famous person. In this case, they want to be invisible only when they are in their daily life but not on TV.

    I think they shouldn't try to be invisible since they can record films and appear on TV thanks to the people who spend their time watching them. If people don't support them, they won't earn so much money.

    On the contrary, most of the famous are nice and grateful to their fans and when they sign fans an autograph or take a photo they become really happy.

  6. n my opinion I don´t like being invisible. Some famous people want to be invisible. They think that they can have an ordinary life, but I think that it is impossible. They decided to be famous, and this has got great consequences. But don´t forget the biggest benefits: Money, popularity and the important event where they can go. Do they really want to be invisible? I don´t think so.

  7. A lot of people not famous, feels invisible and not by his decision, I feel that this theme is so delicate but sometimes we cannot see when a one person Has depression, we say a this person, only Tries to draw attention, but the depression is a thing very important.

    A lot of people feel that they are ignored for are diferent to other people, a lot of this persons the rest Laugh at them, Getting to cause depression sometimes Without realizing the damage they do but doing that this persons feels invisible.

    For this reason when we see people diferents, by their sexual orientation, by their race or simply by their tastes, instead of laught of this We must help as we can to these people, because a lot of they dont have friends for being diferents.

    The depressions dont being a joke, because the people with have depressions sometimes think in the suicide for finish with all the problems. For this reason we must try help a this persons.

  8. Nowadays, most famous people would agree that they are submitted to social pressure, so they would like to be invisible so as to go to shopping or for a drink without an army of paparazzi behind them. However, there are exceptions, as those famous people who love drawing attention or even more, taking photos of themselves with their fans.

    Next, I am going to write about being invisible in ordinary life. Currently, some people feel depressed because they think that they are invisible for the others. Furthermore, feeling invisible can cause self-conscious people. Although, there are others who love that people turn to stare at them for their clothes, make-up, hairstyle…

    On the contrary, people think they observe others more than others watch them. Everyone thinks they aren’t observed very much; it is almost as wearing an invisibility cloak. This might be a subject of being judgemental with yourself.

    Summing up, I believe that people sometimes love drawing attention and also that someone pays attention to them. When my friend fancies someone, she loves getting attention to the lucky guy, that is what she calls one of her flirting techniques.

    Andrea Gutiérrez López

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  10. Normal people begin to be more famous thanks to different things. Maybe they have an incredible voice or dance so weel, they appeared many times in some programmes, they may be a family member of a famous family or they are actors in some films.

    When normal people to become more famous, people begin to recognize them and people want to take a photo pf them or ask them for an autograph. They haven´t got too much privacy because their lives is shared with many people. When they go out to do something, they need to be careful because they is more danger.

    Many famous people have had problems with their fans because many fans are so crazy and they are able to do everything for their idols. For this, it´s so dangerous that they go out alone but with bodyguards.

    I think that these people would want to be invisible because they would go out quietly and nobody would disturb them. On the other hand, I think that feeling invisible when you want to atractt people´s attention is irritating and impolite.

    Patricia Rodríguez Martín 1Bach

  11. Famous people are on TV and if many people see him, they do very famous and people are the fans. The dream of a fan is to see your favourite singer or a famous people. They haven't got privacy because when they go out can be danger and they hire bodyguard or they change your image.

    I reckon in the teachers it's the same thing because under the teacher treat to the students, they think one thing or other thing. Some students do things bad, for example, they throw egg in their car. In my point of view the teacher that they demand you more are the best teacher because the teacher that they don't demand anything, you don't learn.

    In the villages always there are people that they see you when you pass. Afterwards they critizise you for something. They are "Old women of visillo". I think that famous people and teacher mustn't think in people think, they must take their like and not matter the opinion of the people

  12. I don't usually feel invisible because my parents and friends help me and listen to me when I need it. I feel invisible with my sister because she doesn't do anything I tell her and I don't like it. If I were famous, I wouldn't like to be invisible because you get many things free and enjoy the good things as trips and trendy clothes.