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martes, 20 de noviembre de 2018

Congratulations to our teachers and students at IES Mediterraneo (Salobreña)

We have just received a distinction of good teaching practices for our project on Computational thinking and Robotics carried out by our teachers: Mr. José Luis Fernández y Mr. Gustavo Pretel.


Here are some articles appeared in the local press and the interview carried out on Radio Salobreña to Mr Fernández:

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  1. Congratulations to our teachers and students of robotics to make a project very good

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  3. I´m in the subject Robotics, and I think it´s a very interesting subject. We live in a world full of technologies, and if we don´t know how to deal with them, searching for a work is going to be very difficult, so if we learn how to treat with an arduino board or with a programmation system from a very early age, we are going to be better with them when we are adults. I think that nowadays, subjects like this one are the ones that are important, so if we are so lucky that we have the possibility of having this subject at our school, we must take advantage of that.
    Finally, I think that more subjects should use the ITC tools and teach the students how to use them.
    Congratulations to The IES Meditterraneo, it´s a deserved distinction!

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  5. I'm not in robotics, but I think it's a very interesting topic. It's a world full of technologies, and many robots that are difficult to do but you learn a lot while trying to finish it and that's interesting because after many hours of work the results come and the joy of having achieved it for yourself.
    After a while you will feel able to do better things and one day you will be rewarded for all your efforts as this institute

  6. This year, I don’t have robotic in my subjects because there were not enough people to this subject to be able. It is a pit because even though, I must admit that, nowadays, robotic is becoming more and more important in teenegers life because in the future will be plenty of technologies.

    On the one hand, in some years time there will be a lot of robots in our lives because they will be really useful and will help us in some activities such us housework or others out of home. they will make our lives more comfortable and easier.

    On the other hand, robot will do a lot of activities which nowadays are done by humans. This will cause a big problem because as consequence, a lot of people will lose their jobs.

    To sum up, technology has its good thing and its bad ones, but it will be inevitable in the future.

    Desiree Rodríguez Arias 4ºA

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  12. Maybe I don´t know about robotics, but I think it´s interesting.

    Having a robot or building it yourself is wonderful, because in the future almost everything will be with robots and new technologies. I think that in the future this will be a problem, because if everything is going to be done by robots. The humans will lose a lot as for example: jobs, but they could also create new jobs that only the humans can make.

    The future is inaccurate and we don´t know what can prepare us.

    Gabriela Daiana Creta 4ºA

  13. I'm in the subject Robotics and I think this subject is very important because in the future we may work with many of these things.
    Our secondary school has had this subject for three years and we have done a lot of things with our teachers and we have learned a lot of interesting things like a car or like a videogame.
    In my opinion these things will offer you many possibilites to get a job and for this I think this subject is very important to our future.
    Finally, I would like to give my congratulations to our secondary school Ies Mediterráneo for the distinction.

  14. I'm not in robotics class and I do not know much about these things, but I think it's very interesting.
    One day my tutor took us to the computer room and I showed us the things they did in robotics with my other classmates and they were wonderful.
    They had managed to build a car and had won a contest.
    It is very nice to know how to do these things from this age because when you are older you will know how to do many more things and you will have more possibilities to find a job, since we live in a world surrounded by technologies and in the future technologies will evolve more and know how to manage these things. You will be offered many more possibilities to get a job.

  15. I'm in Robotics from the first year and I have the same teacher. I like the subject but sometimes I feel stressed when the things don't go as expected. But I know and as my teacher tells me, that we are in a world full of technologies, and in a future, robotics will be indispensable for jobs. I'm learning how to program with a plataform, Scratch and how to make robots. Last year I made a car, I did the infrastructure and the programming, it was a good experience. Congratulations to Ies Mediterráneo for the distinction.


  16. I spent two years on the subject of robotics, in those two years I learned a lot. I learned a car with a license plate, do it with a traffic light with LEDs ... This subject is very interesting and at the same time important because now almost everything works with machines. This is very important because now almost all are the work of information, as well as the little ones teach us to use these things when older people are easier and easier to find.

  17. Last year i was in robotics. i think it is a very important subject because in the future everything will be done by robots and only new technologies will be used. I also think that everyone should know something about robotics because in a few years when there are only robots, millions of people will lose their jobs, and knowing something about this subject they can get something new.