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by Bruce Lee

jueves, 25 de julio de 2019

Neil Armstrong: "Houston, do you copy me? I'm over the moon"

Houston: "Roger*! Neil, you mean, you're on the Moon."

Neil: "Negative! Well, both. I'm over the Moon because I'm on the Moon"


Joking aside, here are some issues to take into account to see what this conversation really means:

  1. First, 'Roger' is often used in aviation instead of 'Received', but why?    

  2. Secondly, we've got "do you copy me?" meaning "Can you hear me?", but why?  (the Phrase Finder)

  3. Thirdly, what is the difference between the idiom "over the moon" and the expression "on the Moon". The first one is a synonym of 'elated' (extreme adjective of 'happy', which we saw in the previous post), according to the Cambridge Dictionary. The second one can have a literal meaning, that is to stay, 'to be standing right on the surface of the Moon', although at an informal level it can mean almost the same as the first one, according to the Urban Dictionary. Notice also that when we refer to the Moon as the astronomical body we tend to write with capital letter at the beginning. 

We usually leave the LINGOHACK section to the end of the posts, but this time we will put it at the beginning so that you can become familiar with the vocabulary related to 'space travelling':


  • Episode 190717 / 17 July 2019    >>>  Moon Landing: Why was Neil Armstron first?:   Language related to 'the right candidate'.  Need-to-know language: qualified, a (man) of many talents, broad viewpoint, broad exposure  & representative.

And now some related articles for you to read about the moon landing by The Eagle (Apollo 11) on 20th July, 1969:

Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Special 🌝Behind the News  (ABC News)


Apollo 11 - The First Moon Walk | Things You Wanna Know


and here's another interesting video: Over (to) The Moon: Crash Course Kids #13.2  


Let's go back to Earth and to English learning. Here are some activities for you to do:

  • 'Actually', 'in fact' and 'well' - Learners' Questions


REVISION FOR 1º Bachillerato

141. READING & COMPREHENSION.  Read the text below about how liquor companies advertise their products.

Death by advertising

In many countries, young people have a more active social life than any other group in society. This means that they spend a lot of time in pubs, bars, discotheques and clubs. Therefore, young people are a natural target for advertisers, especially the advertisers who work for liquor companies. Promotions and advertising campaigns aim at introducing young people to different brands of liquor. The idea is to attract as many young people as possible into a club or a bar. In this way, they create a new generation of drinkers, who will go on drinking for the rest of their lives. Companies advertise drinks at cheaper prices together with free T-shirts, caps and posters in order to encourage teenagers to try new "tastes" in hard liquor. One vodka company actually held a competition at a university. The prize was free vodka for a whole term.
Health experts have strongly critisised this form of advertising. They argue that young people are unaware of the dangers of alcohol. The main danger, they say, is the serious risk to life when young people drink large amounts of liquor and then try to drive home. Drunken driving involving teenagers is a serious problem in many European countries, where drinking in bars is becoming more popular among teenagers. Drunken driving often leads to injury and death because young people are unaware of how drinking affects their judgement and reaction time. An unfortunate example of the effects of alcohol is the case of a young girl who collapsed in her home after drinking 17 tequilas at a liquor promotion. Later, when she was leaning out of her window to get some fresh air, she fell to her death.
Experts on alcoholism believe that the only way to prevent this disturbing trend is to teach teenagers the facts about the effects of alcohol on the body and to make them aware of the risks they take when they drink and drive.
Perhaps they should also show teenagers how they are manipulated by advertisers who are not concerned about the consequences, but only about making a profit.


1. Which two types of liquor are mentioned in the text?
2. Give two examples of free gifts the liquor companies give to teenagers.
3. Try to find the words in the text for the following definitions (one clue: they are in order) :
a. something that you want to reach; aim, objective.                    
b. a product of a particular company.                                             
c. to give active approval to.                                                 
d. to have no knowledge of.                                                 
e. to be worried about.                                                         

4. Say whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE according to the text and justify your answers.
  a. Young people spend a lot of their time in pubs and discotheques         ________
  b. Liquor companies are not interested in selling to teenagers.                  ________
  c. Free gifts are used to persuade teenagers to try new drinks.                 ________
  d. The drinks sold as promotions are very expensive.                                ________
  e. The most serious consequence of teenage drinking is drunken driving.            ________
  f. Teenagers are not aware of the effects of alcohol on the body.             ________
  g. Liquor companies only care about making a profit on alcohol.              ________       

5. Define the following words from the text:

Advertising  (l. 3)           Prize  (l. 7)                Expert   (l. 9) 

142. COMPOSITION. Write a composition about anything you have just read in the text or your personal opinion about the problem of drinking among teenagers. (120 words)

"All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl"

Mind your Language - No Flowers By Request pt1  

Tennis: 2019 Wimbledon  >>>   Best shots from Wimbledon 2019 

As we saw in the previous post about Germany and Berlin, here's The animated History of Spain 

Here's a playlist with some old Daddy's songs!!! 



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