Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

lunes, 16 de marzo de 2020


Good morning, students!! 


Are you ready for this new online experience?

For a start, this is a link to exams done in the past in the Official Language School if you intend to enter the B1 and B2 exams next June:



Tomorrow I will give you the solutions to some of the exercises.


Monday, 16th March

Students should watch these two series of episodes (los alumnos debieran ver los capítulos de estos dos módulos del Old That's English & New That's English).




Unit 5 (New English in Use 1) , page 62      ALGUNAS ACLARACIONES Y EJERCICIOS EXTRA

Exercise 1

Think about other activities or sports you can do, apart from the ones in the exercise. (Piensa en otras actividades o deportes que puedas hacer, aparte de los que hay en el ejercicio)

Exercise 3

Generally speaking, all the activities that imply the use of a ball go with the verb PLAY, all the activities in the -ING form go with the verb GO and the rest of the physical activities go with the verb DO. (En general, todas las actividades que impliquen el uso de una pelota van con el verbo PLAY, las que vayan con actividades cuyo verbo acabe en -ING van con el verbo GO y el resto con el verbo PLAY)

Exercise 4

We can add the verb 'bounce', which we have just seen. (Podemos añadir el verbo 'saltar', que acabamos de ver). 


  • Siempre que el alumno tenga alguna duda o quiere comprobar si tiene un ejercicio bien, no tiene más que contactar conmigo por correo electrónico.

  • Todo lo que se haga de la lectura Around the World in 80 Days  (actividades, traducción, comic, ficha de control...) debe hacerse a mano, se escanea o se le echa una foto y se me manda. Si alguien no ha leido y quiere mandarme un audio leyendo, lo acepto. El examen será en cuanto volvamos a clase.

  • Debe entregar todos los WRITING EXERCISES que no haya hecho (me manda foto o escaneado del documento al correo). Deben hacerse a mano. Yo le devolveré correo con las correcciones.

  • Completar los comentarios en mi blog. Recuerdo que eran 5 para el primer trimestre, 10 para el segundo y 5 de calidad para el tercer trimestre.


Students should watch these two series of episodes (los alumnos debieran ver los capítulos de estos dos módulos del Old That's English & New That's English).



Unit 5 (Smart Planet 4) , pages 56-57      ALGUNAS ACLARACIONES Y EJERCICIOS EXTRA

page 56

Apart from the structures proposed to give advice, remember: "If I were you, I would...."
You will do all the exercises and write a dialogue (Wr10), as explained below and in PASEN.

page 57

Here we are going to make a leaflet (Wr11, as explained below and in PASEN) using EXCLAMATORY SENTENCES, SO & SUCH, which we have seen in class several times. You've got exercises in my site and here are two New That's English episodes you can watch:     Unit 6A           Unit 6B 


Remember to send me both writing exercises handwritten and scanned/photographed, as we arranged to do. 


Unit 5  >>>> 

  • Wr10: Diálogo basado en lo visto en la página 56: "Persuading someone to do something" utilizando estructuras para dar consejo, hacer sugerencias...

  • Wr11: Ejercicio de producción escrita sobre el tema: "A leaflet" utilizando lo visto en la página 57 e insertando EXCLAMATORY SENTENCES.



  • Whenever you have a doubt or you want to check if you've got an exercise well, let me know by an email and I'll try to sort it out.

  • Remember to keep on reading  Rabbit-Proof Fence , as we'll be doing the exam once we are back at school. You can also send me the project, Reader Control Sheet (handwritten, scanned/photographed) and, even if you haven't read, you can send me an audio file.



Students should watch these two series of episodes (los alumnos debieran ver los capítulos de estos dos módulos del Old That's English & New That's English).



Unit 7 (Get Set 1) , pages 88-89      ALGUNAS ACLARACIONES Y EJERCICIOS EXTRA


Extra exercise on ADJECTIVES & ADVERBS (page 59). I am giving you the adjectives in brackets.

1. My brother can't throw or kick a ball ...... (hard), but he can run .... (quick)
2. Santiago plays football ..... (good), but he speaks English ..... (bad).
3. A snail moves ...... (slow), but it can go .... (far).
4. Michael Jordan could jump ..... (high) and he could throw a basketball ..... (easy) into the basket.
5. Susan can dance ..... (beautiful) and she swims ..... (nice), too.

You can also do the exercises meant to prepare you for the B2 in this post:

 How long would you like to live?



Finish the second sentence without changing the meaning.



  • Whenever you have a doubt or you want to check if you've got an exercise well, let me know by an email and I'll try to sort it out.

  • Remember to keep on reading  The Hound of the Baskervilles, as we'll be doing the exam once we are back at school. You can also send me the project and Reader Control Sheet (handwritten, scanned/photographed).

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  1. I think that quarantine is totally necessary if we want to keep everybody safe and alive. It's a bit boring staying at home for too much time, but you can have fun with other things anyway.

    Having no school is like a real dream. e don't have to wake up early and we don't have to dress up ourselves. You can wake up late and you can be on your pijama all day if you want. You can also be very quiet doing homework in your home instead of having teachers or classmates annoying you all day in class. I think is great, but I also think is a real shame that you can mee your friends. You can see them on Skype or you can chat with them if you want.

    Every teacher sends us a lot of homework that we have to do in a period of time, which is the same as in the school, but staying at home and with no exams! When I'm too bored at home and I've finished all my homework, I play video games, I watch TV and I chat with my friends and family. It's such like a holiday but staying at your home and doing a lot more homework.

    Last of all, I think quarantine can be fun ad boring at the same time, but I think's great because it isn't necessary to go to school. And remember; stay at home!

    Álvaro Martín Moliz 4º ESO A

  2. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  3. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  4. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)is a respiratory illness that can be spread from person to person. It first appeared in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. In Spain, the first case appeared at the end of January. About 375,000 people got infected around the world and more than 16,000 have died. Next, I´m going to discuss how the virus is spread, who can it affect more and what are its symptoms?

    To begin with, as I said before, the coronavirus is spreading from person to person. For example, being in close contact with an infected person, at less than one meter, who coughs or sneezes, is the easiest way to get it. What´s more, it is possible to get infected if we touch a surface or an object that has the virus on it. To prevent the virus from spreading, it is important to behave resposibly and follow medical recommandations.

    Furthermore, symptoms are usually mild and the most serious cases occur on elderly people or those who have previous heart, lung or kidney diseases or immunity problems. Elderly people don´t have such a strong immune system so they are more vulnerable to infectious diseases. The most common symptoms include cough, fever and difficulty on breathing. There are severe complications too, such as pneumonia, multi- organ failure or even death.

    At the moment, there is no vaccine or treatmeant for the COVID-19. In order to avoid the virus from spreading, we should follow some indications, such as: avoid close contact with other people, stay at home, avoid touching your face, your mouth or your nose, wash your hands with water and soap many times a day and if you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with the inside part of your arm. In addition, cleaning and desinfecting your home can help too.

    As far as I am concerned, the COVID-19 is a very dangerous virus and the best way to prevent it is taking the preventive actions we have seen above. Although the virus spreads very fast, the best way to solve it is to stay in quarantine during at least 15 days.

  5. This quarantine is so necessary for us because this could be expand and create a pandemic in all over the world, and, in that case, it would be the end of humans.

    COVID-19 is like other virus that had in the past (and now we also see cases with these virus), for example, ebola or SAS. We have more control with this virus because with the quarantine we can't get other cases and this give us more time to find the treatment for this virus, but some people say that we need to wait lots of months to get that results. We'll see.

    In this beginning of the quarantine, we start to do all the homework that teachers sent us and we begin the virtual clases with some subjects. Is very boring, of course, but is better in house than in the secondary school so in my opinion is very nice.

  6. Quarantine is necessary for us to stop people infecting each other and to protect ourselves all together. We live in a community, where we have to take care of each other and, above all, we have to take care of our grandparents, people who have a cardiovascular disease or another disease that makes them more vulnerable to this virus.

    Covid-19 is a virus very similar to the flu, but spreading much faster and it is much more dangerous. In most cases it can kill us.

    So it is important to stay at home, without going out on the street, just to go to the pharmacy or to buy food.

    Staying at home is very hard, especially for young children and teenagers. We are used to being on the street all day long, playing, walking out with our friends or just walking and so not being able to leave our houses is very hard.

    The teachers send us homeworks that we have to do by mail or by PASEN and it is different, since you do not have to get up early to go to secondary school.

    This is all very boring, but we have to stay home for this to happen very to finish soon and we have to take care of each other.

  7. Quarantine is the best solution they could find for this problem, it is more comfortable to do work from home, even if there are many, but I can finish the whole task on time and it is more comfortable not to have distracting classmates.
    The coronavirus is similar to a common flu but lately it is affecting many people, so all the indications must be followed.
    I think it is great not to be on the street for so long and to be more with family, but I also think it is a shame that you cannot go out as we normally do, that it is a very dangerous virus and that you cannot see the people you love, but is the best way to end this quickly.
    At home it is very difficult, we are going out with our friends or family all the time walking, so not being able to leave our houses makes us miss them.
    Paula González Blanco 4B

  8. Even though they say otherwise, this quarantine is necessary. We must be at home to be safe. It is a few bored and tired, but like I said it is necessary. All the decisions that they have taken are to save our lives.

    Respect school, on one side, we have more work, also we haven’t a working hour. All the hours are good to do homework and send it. And this is tired of us, the students but also for you, the teachers.

    But on the other hand, we can get up later and have a great breakfast. And for me, one of the most important, we are allowed to be without dressing. We can go naturally with the night suit to the online classes. We do not have to stay with annoying teachers and/or classmates. Bullying has dropped but violence domestic I guess will have gone up.

    Finally, I guess quarantine will be fun if we make it. All is on our mind. Remember, as our teacher says stay healthy and at home.

  9. This way of working from home has very good things, for example, there are no colleagues to disturb you and you have more time to do your homework; but on the other hand it has very bad things such as, for example, you do not interact with the teacher or with your classmates and you pay less attention in class.
    This quarantine has served us very well, more than anything to value the time we spend with our friends and family because at any time they can prohibit you from seeing them. But it has also come in handy for the betterment of the world and less pollution.