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by Bruce Lee

viernes, 24 de abril de 2020


Here's the history of a legend in basketball that goes far beyond the sport itself. He lived really tough times, as we do now (already 40 days confined!!!), and was able to overcome any obstacle in life successfully.


Julius 'Dr J' Erving was a key figure in the development of modern basketball, as we can see it today. Michael Jordan, Lebron James... and many others have always tried to take after him!! 


He played for various teams, but it was in the Philadelphia 76ers  where he won the NBA world championships. Why is this team called this way? Read about it here and tell me.

The Doctor / Dr J ( Basketball - When Greatness Meets Class...  )



Watch these two other videos and enjoy:


Coronavirus outbreak: Have Australia and New Zealand stopped Covid-19 in its tracks? (The Guardian)

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 Friday, 24th April

No homework for today as we have no classes on Fridays, but watch the video about Dr J - Julius Erving and make a comment telling me the differences with basketball today using comparatives and superlatives!!!!!


Smart Planet Digital books

These are the tasks for today: 

  • Using the digital book (see the link above), we are going to continue our revision of previous units    >>>  so you'll do pages 54-55 (Unit 6) in the Workbook. 

  • Remember to tell me how many mistakes you committed in Dictation 02


    Revising Unit 6  >>>>   Do you remember the Science Week? We had something in mind to do, so here it is:

    Wr15: Writing exercise: Describing an experience/experiment at our Science Week. You can do this by making a video, a digital presentation or an inphograph, or just writing a composition. It must include the description of an experiment, examples of passive voice and relative clauses.


    You've got some examples in my site and in this post:

    The Science Week at IES Mediterraneo & OUR ARTISTS 



Listening exercise for you to do:  Does crying make you feel better?   (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)





No homework for today as we have no classes on Fridays, but watching the documentary about Dr J - Julius Erving, what differences can you find between those days and the basketball that is played nowadays?


Once upon a time, 400 years ago, a writer named Cervantes...


And now a musical hint (All my loving by The Beatles):




and the version by LOS MANOLOS!!!




3 comentarios:

  1. Julius Erving is the fifth highest scorer in basketball history and was one of the pioneers of basketball mate. He played in the ABA and in the NBA. There were differences between the two. At ABA there as more show than at NBA. There were slower plays in the NBA tan in the ABA. In the ABA it was easier to win than in the NBA because there was the shot of three points.

    I didn´t know this player, but he´s almost as good as Michael Jordan

    Alejandro Venegas Mancilla 1ºA

  2. Julius Evring is an ex NBA American basketball player. He played five seasons at ABA and eleven at NBA and he got three top scorer titles at the NBA and ABA. He is the fifth highest scorer in basketball history. Erving is one of the best 50 players in NBA history. He was the most spectacular player in history. He won a award for the best of the year. He was regarded as the greatest player of his time.

    Francisco José Prados Espinosa 1A