Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

lunes, 25 de mayo de 2020

Books can help us (QUARANTINE: DAY 71)

Books are always a good remedy for everything since they give you the knowledge to overcome difficulties in life and we are going to need loads of courage and knowledge in the near future!!!

Listening exercise  >>>> How can 'bibliotherapy' help us? (The soothing power of books)  (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

Good news for those taking B1 or B2 exams as freelance students at the Official Language Schools (EOI)  >>>>   I have just learned that if you fail the exams in Septemper or any part, there will be another possibility in October (this piece of news has been confirmed, although I haven't any document so far to show you, but I've been told that at the Official Language School).


Click here for further information about the Official Language School in Motril (EOI)


Here are some useful links to prepare for the exams: 


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Students participating:  about 85 out of 110 (77%) at least once during the quarantine, but only 40% of them are really working!!!!

Comments written and corrected:    more than 700

Emails exchanged: more than 3700

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 Monday, 25th May

1º ESO

Tasks for today:

  • Unit 7 (page 94) >> Do all the exercises on the page and send me the answers to exercises 5, 6 and 7.

  • Watch these New That's English episodes >>>

MODULE 2  (NOTES)        Unit 9A            Unit 9B           


4º ESO    CLASS    (<<<Click here)

Very good morning, ladies and gentlemen!!


I hope you are all well, safe and sound. Today we will be correcting the exams in our session:


Smart Planet Digital books


HOMEWORK for tomorrow and the weekend  >>>

  • Let's go on revising REPORTED SPEECH by watching some other videos:      reference words   &    changing verbs    (Anglo-Link lessons) 

  • Do exercises 1-3 on page 97 (Unit 9).



Describing an experience/experiment at our Science Week (Writing Exercise 15). An inphograph made by Francisco González (4º ESO A) about the robot EIRO >>>>


Fake news: Fact and fiction  >>>> How can 'bibliotherapy' help us? (The soothing power of books)  (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)



1º Bach     CLASS      (<<<Click here)

Very good morning, ladies and gentlemen!!


I hope you are all well, safe and sound.


Today we will start revising from 11 a.m. to 13 a.m. RELATIVE CLAUSES & REPORTED SPEECH, apart from finishing the PASSIVE VOICE & CONDITIONAL SENTENCES in our session, whose link is, just in case:


Solutions to exercises in previous post  >>>>

Answers provided by Mihail Livaditis 1ºA Bach
154. TENSES. Put the verb in brackets into their appropriate form:
1. She went to the optician and (her eyes / tested) had her eyes tested.
2. These shoes need (clean) to be cleaned, because they are rather dirty.
3. I won't know the answer until I (see) see him.
4. She (play) has been playing volleyball for two hours.
5. When he was younger he (play) used to play football, but now he doesn't play anymore.
6. When I (get) got home, smoke (come) was coming out of one of the upstairs windows.
7. My grandfather can remember (go) going to the cinema with my grandmother.
8. Would you like (come) to come to a party on Saturday evening?
9. I'm looking forward (meet) to meeting you again next summer.
10. I (not take) am not going to take that bus because I have a meeting in Granada at 14.00 and I'm afraid I (not arrive) won´t arrive in time if I take that one.
155. Put the following sentences into the PASSIVE VOICE:
1. They are cleaning your house at the moment.
Your house is being cleaned at the moment.
2. We call Lieutenant Columbus only on special occasions.
Lieutenant Columbus is called by us only on special moments.
3. Someone stole all the jewels last night.
All the jewels were stolen last night.
4. Nobody will serve refreshments until the match is over.
Refreshments won´t be served until the match is over.
5. People think they make these artificial flowers of silk.
It is thought that these artificial flowers are made of silk /// These flowers are thought to be made of silk.
156. Put the following sentences into INDIRECT SPEECH:
1. "Bring me the newspaper, please", the father to the son.
The father asked his son politely to bring him the newspaper.
2. "Who put salt in my coffee?", he asked.
He asked who had put in his coffee.
3. "I'm going fishing with my mother this afternoon", said the small boy.
The small boy said that he was going fishing with his mother that afternoon.
4. "What was she wearing when you saw her last?”, the policeman asked me.
The policeman asked me what she was wearing when I last saw her.
5. "I'll sit up till she comes in, but I hope she won't be late", said Mrs Pitt.
Mrs Pitt said that she would sit up until she came in, but Mrs Pitt hoped that she wouldn't be late.
157. Give a piece of advice to each problem:
1. I find it really difficult to get up in the mornings.
You should go to bed earlier /// How about having some hot milk before you go to bed? /// You shouldn´t stay up so late in the night.
2. My car is not going very well lately.
You should take it to the garage, so that you can have it repaired /// Why don´t you buy a new one?


INSANE Trick Shots In Tennis 


Here's the third song connected with FREEDOM I present you. This one is by Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton:

Freedom by Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton OFFICIAL LYRICS VIDEO




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  1. Books are a great way to keep you from getting bored. But this depends on each person, there are people who love to read, others not so much and others hate reading.

    I also think it depends on the book. There are books that capture more interest, and others less interesting. For example, I usually like some types of books, but the ones I like the most are adventures and powers, fantasies, such as Harry Potter or a trilogy that I read to myself that was Chronicles of the Tower by Laura Gallego Garcia, a current writer, Spanish. I also like teen books like the After saga which are 5 books very read, especially by young people. The first book was published in 2013 and two years ago they released a movie. And I also like books of love, mystery and terror.

    There are different types and each one likes a series of books and others another, but you also have to respect the tastes of people because they sometimes laugh at the books you read and you have to understand that we are all different and each one attracts us various things that may coincide with others but may also not coincide.

    I think reading books is very good because that way you learn more things, more words, expand your vocabulary and become smarter. The more you read the more knowledge we acquire and the smarter we become.

    Nowadays it is very easy to search for any book since we have access to the municipal libraries, and we can also search them on the internet since technology has advanced and it is easier to read than before. I prefer to buy it since it is more comfortable from my point of view and thus it does not affect our sight since being so much on the phone damages our eyes.

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  3. Nowadays, there are many ways to escape from reality. Many people have to do it, because they want to do something different from their jobs or from what surrounds them. It is something necessary in some situations, to avoid stress for example.

    For instance, we have mobile phones with which we can look up many things. We can surf the internet with them, or look at social networks. However, this could affect us too. Furthermore, we have television sets where we can watch series or movies. This choice is fiction, so, it can help us. During the quarantine, many people have had to do these things to think about other things that aren't connected with the virus or about home confinement.

    In addition, reading a book is another alternative. Lots of people do not read books because they are lazy and prefer to watch the movie. Nevertheless, in most cases, reading the story is better. It is true that if you have not found the right book for you and it does not hook you from the beginning, it is difficult for you to like it and read in general.

    In my opinion, I prefer reading a book than watching the film. But, it is true that I also like reading the story and then watch it on the screen. I think that if someone says that he doesn’t like reading is because he hasn’t found the perfect book for him