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viernes, 8 de mayo de 2020

We need to have our hair cut (QUARANTINE: DAY 54)

It's high time to go to the barber's and have your hair cut or to go to the hairdresser's to have your hair dyed, or just to have it done after nearly two months of lockdown.


  • Episode 200506 / 06 May 2020    >>>  Is your lockdown hair as bad as this? (Prickles the sheep found!)  -    Language related to 'sheep'.  Need-to-know language: a master of, condition, herd, fleece & shearer.

Here are some articles for you to read about problems you may have with your hair during this Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lockdown:

The dos and don’ts of making a dramatic change to your hair during coronavirus lockdown

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The dos and don’ts of making a dramatic change to your hair during coronavirus lockdown

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The dos and don’ts of making a dramatic change to your hair during coronavirus lockdown

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The dos and don’ts of making a dramatic change to your hair during coronavirus lockdown

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When could hairdressers re-open in the UK? (The Daily Telegraph)


HOW TO CUT SHORT HAIR | Haircut for men




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Friday, 8th May

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Football's Greatest Series Documentary  >>  Pelé 'O Rei'  

Messi vs Pelé vs Maradona ● Best Goals Battle |HD|

... And Pelé in the film Victory 1981 Ending

9 comentarios:

  1. We are already on the 54th day of quarantine and some of us have longer hair than others, at this point in the quarantine we need a good haircut, but do not go bald, we do not need a good haircut but not a bad one either. cut because since we are not going to any party.

    Oliver Lozano 1ºA

  2. We have been going to quarantine without going to any hairdresser and we need a great haircut. I think that the hairdressers that are already open have a lot of people for an appointment and for a good cut. I think I will have to go with my brother soon to finally cut our hair.

    Dunia Arnedo Martin 1ºA


  3. you are right in these days of quarantine most people need a haircut especially men because summer is approaching and temperatures begin to rise. Since the hairdressers are closed we are forced to cut our someone's hair like our father or our mother and that some people panic because they do not trust the skills of their parents when cutting hair as they think that They could cut it badly

  4. Pelé was the biggest of his time and I don’t know if of all the times because the football is changing and the players are more good and it is more difficult to stand out among so much quality, I don't know as it would be he in our time

    Pelé won a lot of titles and awards, he won a lot of titles in Brasil, with his national team, and he won a lot of titles with his equip de "Santos" here is were he won more titles, although he was in other clubs where he also won different awards. He had won titles and awards either collectively or individually, he is the second person with more goals in the history of the football (767), he is the person with more world cup in the world, this is historical in the world of the football, he won three world cups.

    I think that he is the best football player in the history of the football, but I would like playing in my time, because in my time the players are more good and it more difficult highlight.

  5. Nowadays, with the quarantine, we are not allowed to go out of our homes. But since Monday, we can go out to do some activities. One of these activities is to go to hairdressing.

    Let's admit, our body, in general, it is not the same as before. We have some kilograms more. And our hair neither. Our hair is longer, it’s life. But what can we have done badly? Some adventurers have decided to cut their hair by themselves. But the result is an incredible mess.

    I had read in a hairdressing web some publications about disasters in the hair in the quarantine, these people after the Monday they have been running for a beauty urgency, a cause of being playing with the scissors.

    Remember, always, always, always go to a professional or to a person who has done it before. Our appearance is not the most important, but to be good with ourselves and feel beautiful, also it is important.

  6. Pelé is the best football player ever. I think Pelé is faster than Maradona. Pelé was the youngest soccer player who won tree World Cup. Pelé was 17. He won tree world cups in his life. I like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi but in my opinion Pelé is humbler that them.

    Antonio Puentedura Prados de 1º ESO A.

  7. It is right , the people already need a haircut , one shave , others wait that their parents have their hair cut and they do it because they will not bear to come into phase 0 or the others phases.

  8. Pelé is remembered as a great soccer legend for his characteristics and achievements as a professional soccer player. Pelé won 3 world cups, a feat that very few players have accomplished. Pelé feared a very good dribble, because he was one of those players who took the ballon and took it away with him from the entire rival team. Pelé for me without a doubt the best player in history.

    Francisco Toledo López 1ºESO A


  9. At the beginning of the quarantine we said that we can endure without cutting our hair, but children above all cannot endure so much heat and that amount of hair, some take advantage of shaving and thus make their hair grow healthy and from scratch, but others have been holding until they can go to a hairdresser for fear that their parents cut their hair badly.

    Alicia Ortega Prados 4ºA