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miércoles, 24 de junio de 2020

RACISM: Black lives DO matter!!!


Life is not easy, but sometimes it gets even tougher for some people because of the colour of their skin, their gender, their origin... and then we have this horrible pandemic. 


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  1. Nowadays, there are still many types of discrimination between people and among them there is racism. Racism happens when someone belittles, insults, hits or even thinks he is better than someone else just because of his skin colour. Unfortunately, racism still exists.

    Moreover, recently, because of the murder of George Floyd in the USA, many people in that country, and later all over the world, have taken to the streets to protest under the slogan of "black lives matter". What happened is that this unarmed Black man was crushed by a policeman, making George unable to breathe and dying terribly on May 25. In addition, a video of Mr. Floyd saying his last words "I can't breathe" has become very famous and thanks to social networks has gone viral.

    On the other hand, talking about the manifestations, hundreds and thousands of people came out to protest in the streets. The intention was to make a kind of call to the government and especially to President Trump. After this, other countries followed this initiative. However, as we all know, we are in a complicated situation because of the coronavirus, so in this protest the social networks have been the most used means to transmit the message. Besides, during these days, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram have been filled with phrases and images such as "black lives matter".

    As a conclusion, racism still exists today and we must try to eliminate it all together. In my opinion, manifestations are a good thing as long as violence is not used.

  2. Nowadays people is still discriminating others because of their skin tone, religion or the country where they came from. Racism refers to the discrimination because of the skin tone, usually to people with dark skin.

    Recently a black man named Geoge Floyd was murdered by a police officer. The police officer put his knee on Geoge's neck. He couldn't breathe and after a few minutes he died. The video has become viral and many people had manifested against racism.

    After that we have seen on social media a lot of black photos with the phrase "black k lives matter". This movement has appeared to fight against racism and a lot of famous people has shown their support to black people.

    In my opinion racism is a huge problem. George Floyd isn't the only black person who has been murdered by white people. For example, a few days ago, a 21 year old black woman was murdered in front of her daughter. Everyone must have the right to live, no matter if they are black, poor or homosexual.


  3. In my opinion, what this policeman did to that person is unforgivable.
    And it is that the issue of racism in the USA is very serious and it is that they are no longer just offensive insults as you can see anywhere in the world, I see very normal everything that is happening in the United States, it was time for everyone to give the expensive for all those murders and racist comments,
    And it is that even President Donald Trump does not help, if he does the opposite, since after the bad recommendations against the coronavirus and some comments of his, they had already left him in a bad place.
    And now with everything that is happening, he has tried to send the army to remove the protesters by force, to which the army has refused, because it was not a diplomatic method and that if they did that they would be creating a dictatorship.
    And the movement has been so strong that thousands of companies have postponed their projects, so as not to create a smokescreen,
    I can put some close examples that I know, for example, Sony had delayed the premiere of its new PS5 console, Fortnite had delayed its new season and event, and Activision had delayed the new season and event of the MW call of duty and also had delayed the release of a new video game.

    For me this has been the drop that has filled the glass in the USA because this is not one case but thousands and it is not normal to discriminate against a person for their skin color, their country of origin or for any other reason, I believe that we are all equal and we all have the same rights and freedoms.

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  5. Although we are in the 21st century,the world is still full of discrimination. There are many types of discrimination, but racism is one of them. Racism refers to an ideology which defends the superiority of a race in front of the others and the need to keep isolated from the rest of the world.

    Recently, the need to separate a person from a community or a country just for his/her skin color, has led the police to murder to a black man called George Floyd. The act happened a few weeks ago. The police officer put his foot on the man´s neck and crushed him until he couldn't breathe. A video of the man saying his last words began to go viral through the social networks.

    Thanks to this viral video a lot of people have published black photos on social media with the hashtag #Black lives matter, an international movement originated in United States, that started in 2013 for the death of a teenager, and almost 6 years later this movement has gained importance. Moreover, hundreds of people came out to protest in the streets. All this demonstrations have appeared in the rest of the world as a way to fight against racism and to support black people.

    In conclusion, nobody should suffer discrimination just for his/her skin color and no one should fear for his life or his family life. Racism is a huge problem that is still happening and all of us should do something to stop it.

    Lucía Guirado

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  9. We live in a world where your skin color , your religion or the way you are shoudn´t matter but, some people don´t think the same and that´s we called "discrimination" or "racism". Althoungh we are in the 21st century these things still happen, but don´t you think you can change the world ?.

    Recently , a black man called George Floyd has died because a police officer put his knee on the man´s neck and crushed him until he couldn´t breathe. That happened a few weeks ago in the USA. A person recorded the act where we can see the man saying his last words, which were " I can´t breathe". Even so , the man finally died .

    This video began to be viral and consequently many people have protested on social media, supported him with the hashtag "Black lives matter". Moreover , a lot of people have also protested in the streets , holding their banners with the hashtag or the words "I can´t breathe". This movement has made that people fight against racism to support especially black people.

    In conclusion, there is no reason for discrimination, we should all respect each other no matter who or what they are like . If you want to be respected , respect other people !!.

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  11. Because a person is a different color, there is nothing wrong. We are all people who have feelings and that because some people insult those of another color they are not going to get anything. Because by saying a few simple words they dont will get nothing. But not everything ends there, the world has reached the point that being a person of a different color, I can kill you because I feel like it. It is as if those with darker skin kill those with whiter skin. We need to stop this

    Rocío Avellanedas Nocete 1°ESO A

  12. For many years, there has been existing racism around all the world. Nowadays, it is still. This means that there are people who think that they are better than other people because of their race. It can result a little bit weird that this discrimination keeps happening, but it does.

    For instance, this type of discrimination can be between people who do not belong to the same religion. Also, between people who do not have the same political ideology. This should not exist because everybody has to respect the different ideologies which each one has. We can see it

    A very recent case is that of George Floyd. This man was colored and a resident of the United States. The US police pressed his neck preventing him from breathing. We can see what happened in the published video which became viral. This caused many people wanted to demonstrate, and so it was under the motto of #Blacklivesmatter. But not only there were not only demonstrations in the USA, but there were also in many more countries around the world. Besides, on social networks we have seen many photographs and black images in honor of George.

    To sum up, there doesn’t have to be any type of discrimination, either by skin color or by different ideologies. In my opinion, in the 21st century everyone should stop picking on with someone who is not like you or who thinks differently from you

  13. These past days we have seen protests due to the recent death of George Floyd, an Afroamerican in his 40's and father of children, during a police detention when the policeman killed him by suffocation. As soon as the video of his death became viral, the first protests started in his hometown and then spread all over the USA and then to other countries.
    However, some group of violent people have been using these protests to do whatever they want, tainting the good reason why other people protest. These violents have given a reason to the people against the protest to blaming to all the people who take place there, a situation that have ended up in those violent taking up more protagonism tan the actual murder.
    More recently the anti-racism protests have gone to an anti-colonialism with people knocking down statues of historical relation with it, but unfortunatly people’s ignorance has no limits, and statues of figures with no relation with colonialism have been taken dowm because of their.
    Obviously there is no need to say that we don't have to discriminate others because of thier ethnicity, religion, sexuality or ideology. But seeing how nowadays fear is within everyone in this era when is easier to manipulate large groups it's even scarier how everything can end. Nonetheless, it is good to see other people fighting for thier rights and their own sake.

  14. Nowadays, we live in a word where your skin color shouldn't matter. However, some people don't think the same and that's called discrimination. How much do you think it would take to solve this great problem around the world?

    Although we are in the 21st century, racism still exists because some people think that there are more superior races than others, which is a lie because depending on the color of our skin we are all the same and we should have the same rights.

    A few weeks ago, a black man called George Floyd was killed by a police officer in the United States. A white police officer put his knee on the victim's neck for almost nine minutes while the victim was on the ground until he couldn't breathe.

    Fortunately, one person recorded the terrible act where we can see the man saying his last words, which were "I can't breathe". This video went viral on social media, and many people supported it with the hashtag "Black lives matter." In addition, many people from many countries have also protested on the streets, holding their banners with the hashtag or the words "I can't breathe."

    To sum up, racism should not exist because it is not fair that a person is inferior than others depending on their skin color. In my opinion, people who make any comments or racist acts should go to jail.