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by Bruce Lee

viernes, 4 de agosto de 2017

Oh,no!!! My battery is flat!!

Nowadays batteries are one of our biggest concerns, if not the biggest. Expressions like these can be uttered with such a desperate feeling that we would think someone is about to die: "My battery is flat", "Your car battery is dead, I'm afraid", "The battery of my mobile phone is too low", "The TV remote control has run out! How are we change channels?"....  And now the problem becomes more and more serious with the appearance of electrical cars.

Articles related to the issue:

By the way, one of our articles was from the website TREEHUGGER. Where does this word come from? (See at the bottom of this post)


Listening exercise to do: It's good to talk (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English) 


The English we speak: Echo chamber (BBC Learning English)


REVISION EXERCISE for 1º Bachillerato  >>>   

93. EVERYDAY ENGLISH. What would you say in these situations?
1. You are in a bar. Offer to buy your friend a drink.
2. You are late for a meeting. Apologize and say why you are late.
3. You have just come home from the cinema. Suggest your friend to order a pizza.

94. Define the words: 'tape' & 'palace' :

95. Translate the following sentences into English:

1. ¡Ojala que apruebe el inglés!     
2. Hay menos ejercicios en este examen que en el anterior.
3. Voy a pelarme antes de que empiece el instituto. Y mi hermano también.
4. Cuando los ejercicios empezaron a complicarse, le pregunté a mi hermano mayor.
5. Acabo de recordar que tengo que ir al banco ahora mismo.

Proposed solutions to exercises 91 & 92 in the previous post

Ex91   >>>  
1. Who did you go to the cinema with?      2. How often does he do the gardening?
3. What is the book about?     4. How long have you been learning English?  
5. What will the weather be like tomorrow?

Ex92  >>>
1. shorter and shorter     2. further    3. the funniest    4. The more polluted, the bigger


TREEHUGGER is a person who hugs trees, that is, a person who loves nature.

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  1. Currently the people live Stuck to the mobile, computeror television getting to the point not to see more far from the screen. We live in a generation where is more important the telephone that other things for example stay with friends and if stay with friends, only see the telephone we have forgotten as living the life without technology.

    The telephones not are bad if you can control the use of this, but many people are addicted and don't been able of controlling his use.Today we can search any information in the telephone, and we can speak with any person no matter how far away live for one part the telephone is good but for other part is bad depending the use that we gave them

    A few years ago a lot of married, They started a use the television alot of time Neglecting his family and his work, i used to call the television the ``caja tonta´´ because the television is able of clean the brain and convert a the spectators in the people more silly of the world this persons only see Tv trash, when the television brings in a lot of programmes interesting

    i think that the human have the capacity To use technology for a good goal or for the contrary this technology Will dominate the human i only can say To those people That beyond the stripes of that screen the world rotates and they lose his live seeing the television or using the telephone

  2. Batteries are considerated environment friendly because of its production method. There are two ways to store energy into a battery; one is by formulating a certain chemical reaction, and two is by charging it.

    Nowadays battery is used to power, advanced machines, electric appliances and mojority of electronics that are integrated to mankind. Having fulfilled its duty to provide practicality for human to operate electronics, the battery could be titeld as one of the most important inventions ever made.

    The rapid growth of advanced technology made it inevitable for batteries to not develop more and more.

    Researches all over the world are using the battery technology to make a more environment friendly energy source.

  3. Nowadays, we are surrounded by technology, this technology must be fed with electricity so scientists must invent batteries to store the electricity. Now, let's talk about usual problems that we have with batteries.

    The small technological devices usually have a small battery, this is the case of mobile phones which have batteries with rectangle form which feed them during a period of hours or days. A normal battery usually lasts between one and two days. This is the main reason why people look at the quality of the battery when they go to buy a mobile phone. It depends on the amount of amperes it has. Another problem I want to talk about is the following: how to know if a battery is broken. If your mobile phone's battery lasts not much time it can be that the battery is broken. To check this, you must remove the battery from the mobile and see if the battery is plane or swelled by its faces. If the battery has its faces swelled, the battery will be broken.

    The last thing I'm going to talk is: Can the electricity from the humans bodies replace batteries? We generate a small electricity in our body because of the nerve impulses. However, this electricity we generate is not enough to a machine or to a small electronic system because this things need more energy.

    To sum up, batteries are a general problem we have. However scientists are developing new batteries with silicon that last more and pollute less.

    Joaquín España 2ºBACH

  4. Batteries are a device consisting of electrochemical cells with external connections provided to power electrical devices such as flashlights, smartphones, and electric cars.

    Nowadays, it is used in most electrical devices such as cars, portable radios, laptops or mobile phones, which are one of the most used in our life. I think that we can't live without batteries.

    One of the biggest problems that we have with the new mobile phones is the short duration of their batteries. Most of the batteries don't last more than one or two days and we have to charge it almost every day. However, old mobiles phones have a battery which can last for a week. I think experts should fabricate longer batteries so that we could use our electrical devices more time.

    Another problem of the batteries is the pollution that they can produce if we throw them away when they have run out. There are specific places in which we have to leave them in order to protect the environment but not all the people leave them there because they find easier to leave them in the rubbish.

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  6. Nowadays, technology is so important in our lives that people use it all the time and it essential in our lives. It makes batteries run out fasterfaster and in a very little time. For this, people need batteries that use their energymore slowly.

    Many things that are around us need batteries. This means that we are surrounded by technological devices that make our lives easier but some can also affect our intelligence and health, for example the television or phone.

    Scientists are investigating about the probability to obtain electricity from the human body so as to replace batteries. This is looks like a science fiction film but it can be real. Scientists say that they could use the energy caused by the movement of internal organs or heartbeats.

    I think that we mustn´t use the technology so much because something in excess is bad.

    Patricia Rodríguez Martín 1Bach

  7. Today we are almost as dependent on batteries as we are on electricity. We use batteries everywhere , but above all in our cars, cell phones, laptops, music players.

    Batteries were invented nearly two centuries ago but they keep getting better and better. Battery manufacturers are refining chemistries and production methods to make batteries last longer and weigh less.

    There are many things of the batteries that many people don´t know as all batteries degrade over time, the rate of self-discharge is lower at colder temperaturas, using or storing batteries in high temperatures or using them in low temperatures can affect the voltage of the battery and may reduce battery performance.

    One of the problems is that the resources required to manufacture batteries may not be sustainable. Another problem is the very high cost of batteries. From my point of view, I can say that batteries should last longer to have more independence on chargers.

    Francisco García García

  8. Nowadays most of electricity function with batteries. People use very much batteries, now cars function with batteries, I think the electrical cars aren't good because some petrol stations have to load the car and if you don't have battery, you would stay thrown. But in a few years in all petrol stations will have.

    On the one hand, batteries usually break in summer because to the hot, to take very much the mobile phone. The mobile phone that the batteries can get they don't have a problem because they can buy a new batteries, but the mobile phone that the batteries can't get they have a problem. All the new mobiles phone have the batteries encrusted.

    On the other hand, batteries is very pollutants and there are places where you can take all the batteries that don't serve but there are people that throw the batteries to the trash since the batteries take in degenerating more of 1000 years.

    I think in each house people should be more responsability since if they don't recycle, the world is more dirty and his son will have a world very changed. In my point of view Scientist should invent other forms of to get electricity and don't use a lot of batteries.